This African City will Blow Your Mind (ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST )

This African City will Blow Your Mind (ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST )

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Hey guys very good morning, My name is Tourvashu. Now, I am in Yamoussoukro, which is the capital of Ivory coast. I am going from the political capital to the biggest city of the country. Economic capital of Ivory coast is Abidjan. I have to purchase ticket from here. For 200km the price is 4000 CFA.

Passengers are waiting here. This bus goes to Abidjan. I gave them 5000 CFA, but they did not accept it. Then I gave 7000. Then also they did not accept, I gave 6000 then they returned 2000 change. I don't know why they did not take 5000 CFA at the first. People have started to board the bus.

Usually this is not seen in West Africa. I did not see like this in India. People are boarding the bus in a line. Everything is very disciplined. This is a very luxurious bus.

The distance to Abidjan is 250 km and the price is 500 INR. This is a complete air conditioner bus and there is also a TV. There are reclining seats and there is sufficient space for keeping luggage's. The bus has stopped now. This is a roasted banana, I am seeing this for the first time in my life.

The price for one banana is 100 CFA which is 12 INR. The bus is about to go and I am eating this roasted Banana for the first time in my life. I don't know whether we have to peel it or not. We should not peel it, we should eat it directly like this. The co-passenger did not allow me to pay for this. but, I paid the amount for this. After travelling for 250 km, now we have reached the economic capital of Ivory coast which is Abidjan. I am going out of the bus. This is a Volvo bus, Marco Polo.

This bus is operated even in India. but there is a different model. I can see only Volvo buses. Abidjan is the second largest city in West Africa after Lagos in Nigeria. This is the world 3rd largest French speaking city After Paris in France and Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This is cake and that is a local bread. This area is the business hub of Abidjan. People are telling me not to record, because this is a black market. Yamoussoukro was a very well developed area but this is not developed. I guess if we go to the other area, it might be developed. I am waiting for someone, till then I will drink this coffee. The people whom I have met is asking for coffee.

I have paid money for all the coffees. He gave the coffee but he had not added the Powder. When I told him that the taste is not good, he told that I have forgotten to add the Powder. This is the street food. People are running after seeing the camera, it's very difficult to vlog here. He is my friend.

I am staying at his friend's place. I don't have any idea what he will say. I will stay in Abidjan for two days and explore the local places.,

After this, I have to go to Ghana, Togo and Benin. I am facing one more problem after coming here! Ivory coast land border is closed with all the neighboring countries and not only Liberia. I have to go to Ghana after 2 days and the land border is officially closed. It is very difficult, but I hope I find some solution in the embassy.

Ladies are telling 'Bonsua' means good evening in French. We are still in a neighborhood and the time is 6:15pm. Abidjan is the former capital of ivory coast, From 1933 to 1983 Abidjan was the capital of Ivory coast, Monkeys are there on the roads. Peanut and eggs are sold here. There is street food here, this is meet.

I think it's chicken or fish. There is boiled egg and rice. There is raw chicken sold here.

I guess he is grilling the chicken. Woods have been placed at the bottom. Very less people know English and it is very difficult to communicate here. The market is very crowded and it is very chaotic. People are standing in line for boarding the bus.

Civic sense of these people is very good. People are standing in long lines for boarding the bus. I am really impressed with this. No matter this country is developed or not but people's Civic sense is very good. We are taking local bus which will go inside the city. There is a very big line and we are standing behind.

It's already 6:30 pm, let's see when we will board the bus. The line is moving very fast. When we came near the bus, the bus was full. Only we 2 did not get the seat. Now, we are in front of the line.

We have to wait for the another bus. An another bus has come. The lights of this bus is very colorful.

It is looking like a party bus. It is already night and the clarity of the video might have dropped. This is the first impression in Paris of West Africa. There is traffic on the other lane of the road.

There is no traffic on this Lane, we might get it soon. I have come to his friends street and I feel like this is a European city. Civil war happened here. Before that in 1980's the city was very well developed compared to other West African cities. That is the reason why this is called as Paris of West Africa.

I feel this is a very well developed cities in all the cities where I have travelled. There are high rise buildings and skyscrapers in the City. There are flyovers, Stadium, Complexes in the city.

This is the industrial hub of Ivory coast. There are many industries and many products are made and exported throughout Africa. I was waiting for my friend outside his house. I was walking outside and then I saw an Indian restaurant.

After coming inside, I met him. -What is your name? My name is Venkat Narayan. Food Republic Indian restaurant is the name of the restaurant. What is the name of this area? This is a very well modern developed area. This is a very safe area.

Where do you stay in India? -I am from Visakhapatnam. Yeah, I have been here for 4 years. It's more than 4 and half years but I have started the restaurant for 4 years back. I was going out to eat local food but he is forcing me to eat here.

Then he offered me to drink milk or tea. He told me that he watches my videos and as soon as I came inside, he noticed me. Yes, I recognized you.

This is an Indian restaurant. Are there many Indians in Abidjan? Yes, there might be 5 or 6 thousand Indians. Since this is a French country, people don't adjust here quickly. I guess, Ghana is a English speaking country.

Yes Ghana is a English speaking country, there are many Indians in Ghana. This is Hara Bhara Kabab and Indian tea. After very long time, I am drinking this tea. Hara Bhara Kebab is very tasty. Is the chef from India or a local -He is an Indian, he is from Uttarakhand.

I thought all the materials to West Africa will come through air. If we import products through air the cost will be very high. So all the products come through water. It will take more than 2 months.

Will it take more than 2 months to receive products which are exported from India? It will take more than 2 months of time when we receive the products. So, we keep our products prior to 3 months. The prices will be five times more than Indian prices. If it comes through air, it will be more expensive.

We cannot import products through air because it is very expensive and the volume will be very less. Only container ship comes here from India. It will pass through the South Africa and then come to West Africa. Thank you so much, we will meet again.

Like any other West African country, there are many Lebanese restaurants. There are many Lebanese restaurants. I can see only Lebanese restaurants in this area.

Other than that, there are many Korean and Chinese restaurants. Tomorrow, I am going to explore Abidjan and also go to the embassy. After Indian and Chinese restaurant there is Korean and Japanese restaurant. The name of this restaurant is 'Nushi shushi'.

There is a Tata showroom here. It is night so the shop is closed. But there are big boards here. I guess Tata 4 wheeler is sold here. This is soya milk, I drink this a lot. This is 1000 CFA. This drink doesn't contain any flavors but you get it in many flavors like chocolate or banana flavor. I have come inside my friends room.

His friend will come in morning or he might not come. He works in the restaurant. So when it's late in the night, he will stay there only. There is an AC and TV in this room. This is the bed.

I am going to explore Abidjan tomorrow. If you like this video, please do live a like and share it with your friends. Many of you watch my videos but you have not subscribed to my channel. Do subscribe to my channel, I will meet you tomorrow morning. Hey guys very good morning, I am continuing this video from yesterday's video. It is morning and it's raining.

Now, I am going to Ghana Embassy. I will ask him whether the border is open or not. If the border is closed, I will ask an solution for it.

Since it is raining we cannot take public transport. So we have ordered Uber to reach the embassy. Uber works in Abidjan. Ghana Embassy is 10 km from my location.

The cab is Suzuki Auto car. There is a toll plaza after the bridge. Passenger has to give the toll tax and here the price is 500 CFA.

I am standing behind the Ghana Embassy. You can see the Ghana flag on top of the embassy. I have talked with them but still there is problem. I will tell you after sitting inside the car. The first Uber costed me 2500 CFA which is 330 INR.

When I went to Ghana Embassy they told the border is open from Ghana but it is officially closed from the Ivory coast. They have given a written letter. I have to go to the Ivory Coast and take the official permission. I am going with my friend, let's see whether I can get the permission or not.

After Ghana, I have to go to Togo and Benin. But I have not taken the visa. I am not sure about crossing the border. I will apply for the visa for all these three countries after crossing the border. The name of this country in English is Ivory coast. I used to read it as Cote D Ivor. When I tell the country name in English, many people will not even understand.

You might know Cocoa, chocolate is made from it. West Africa produces the highest number of cocoa. Ivory coast is the largest producer of cocoa in the world. The second largest producer of cocoa is Ghana which is the neighboring country. When we were walking yesterday, I got the chocolate smell. When I asked him, he told there are many chocolate Industries here. There are chances that the chocolate you eat are made in Ghana or Ivory coast.

Some areas of Abidjan are very well developed. There are broad roads and high skyscrapers. I feel like I am in East Europe, like Serbia or Albania. There are many government offices and many diplomat stay in this area.

Ivory coast is a Christian dominated country and more than 45 percent of people follow Christianity. I have reached the ministry of external affairs building. I cannot record the video.

I will meet you guys after the process is done. The minister of external affairs address is changed, so we are going to the new building. We cannot find the address, we are asking people.

Ministry of affairs is inside this building. New bridge is being constructed. I feel the city is developed, but still the city is developing. After visiting the ministry, they told me to bring a computer typed the letter. After that they will start the process.

We have come to the cyber cafe, we will take the print out and then go to the external affairs again. We have come to a bakery and this is the pastry stop. I have taken this croissant, this is a French product. It is for 300 CFA.

There are chocolate cakes and plain cakes. After typing the request letter, I have taken the print out. One printout is 500 CFA which is 60 INR. I have taken 2 printouts. I have got the permission from the ministry.

To cross the Ivory coast land border. Because the Ivory coast land border is closed officially. When I went to Liberia, this process is known as 'Laissez passer' this is a French word but this is used throughout the country. Liberia had charged me $20.

I will tell you after crossing the road. But Ivory coast did not take any charges. I am not applying visa after the Ghana. I have got the permission, but I am not sure whether I can go or not.

So, I will apply the visa after reaching Ghana. We have come to a local restaurant. We have come here to eat 'Jollof rice' It is very common in all the west African countries.

It comes in both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. You can customize it with fish or without fish, with meat or without meat. This is a local restaurant and people are eating food here. Our order has been served, this is plain Jollof rice.

This is meat Jollof rice. Jollof rice is common throughout the West Africa but there are different versions of each country. The taste differ from country to country. They have also given this chutney. I guess this is spinach. Now, we are going to the Abidjan local market.

This city is very big, so we have to take an Uber or taxi to travel. In Yamoussoukro, there were no cars, we could not see many people. The population of Yamoussoukro was only 4 lakhs. Roads were very broad. The population of Abidjan is 60 Lakhs.

Can you imagine the difference between 4 and 60 lakhs. We have come to the local market in Abidjan. Some parts are open and some parts are closed.

You get almost every items in this market. There are many rows and there are many products. Market is not only there on ground floor, this is a multi level market. This is a artistic market. There are many souvenirs being sold here.

There are many type of souvenirs and show pieces. Traditional clothes are also being sold here. Usually these products are not sold in Africa, but here there are two type of magnets. One is made of glass and one is made of wood. I have taken these 2 wooden magnets.

They asked 2000 CFA for each, I am giving 1000 CFA for each. This is a wooden map of Africa. They asked for 4000 CFA but I am giving 3000 CFA. Total cost is 5000 CFA. For two magnets and this wooden Africa. He is packing it, I will put it inside my bag.

This is local butter. If you have noticed in West Africa, women carry lot of weight on their head. This is the fate of these people. We cannot keep it for a while but they keep it for the very long and roam through the market and streets. Even small people balance it on their head.

This is a shoe and clothes market. He is selling Nescafe coffee, We will drink this. I don't drink black coffee, I only drink milk coffee. He did not have milk coffee. Only my friend took the coffee, is for 100 CFA.

Without milk, the coffee is 100 CFA and with milk, the coffee is 200 CFA. This is guava fruit. This is in the shape of a pier. Fruit sold in Ahmedabad and Goa is much more tastier. Starting of this trip in Mauritania, Mali and Senegal, When people did not know names, they used to call like this che, che... But when I have come to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory coast, People call like this, phu phu...

Pineapple is being sold for 500 CFA. He will cut and give it to me. He has given the pineapple.

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