They Were Surprised S06 EP.103 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

They Were Surprised S06 EP.103 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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The building is simply awesome. Every time I pass by, I can't help appreciating the beauty. He persuaded his father to contact me. And here we are... We've just been served this handi.

This is Hyderabad style biryani. That's the way it's cooked. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Dubai. I've been here for about two and a half weeks. I haven't spent this much time in any other tourist city before.

Especially ever since I started traveling on my motorcycle. Normally I just spend a couple of days to explore the city and then leave. But it's Dubai... You just can't leave when you are here.

That's how it has been for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay but it's now time to move on to the next destinations. It's not gonna be a very long ride today. We'll ride from Dubai to Sharjah; Hardly an hour long ride. But I plan to take stops along the way. Because I haven't taken any picture with my motorcycle in Dubai.

So, we'll take few breaks as we ride to get some pictures. And then we'll reach Sharjah. As I said... it's not a long ride. The hotel behind me has some really nice people. Let's say our goodbyes before we leave.

This is small restaurant near Rose Plaza Hotel and the people here served me well. The owners are Pakistani and Indian; standing back there. Let's go and see them and then we'll set off. Thank you so much. It was pleasure meeting you. Thank you very much. Bye Bye.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* Praying for a safe and trouble free ride. Lets hope this much awaited motorcycle ride, along with all our gear, is a smooth one.

Right now I'm going through Jumeirah. Actually my hotel was in Al Barsha. And that's where I started the recording.

However, GoPro couldn't record any audio. It's a little sad as I have already quite some distance and saw some interesting thing too. But there wasn't any audio.

What can we do... Such problems do arise. The only thing you can do later is... As a matter of fact it's good that I found out about it. If I found out about this after reaching the hotel, that would have wasted the whole day. Anyways... A lot of people asked me why I stayed in Al Barsha. Mainly because Metro was really close by and I also liked that area.

It was very convenient for me. There are numerous hotels and restaurants. No matter the time of the day, you have so many options to eat out.

With a wide price range. There are both, expensive and economical restaurants, as per your choice. You can easily get Indian, Pakistani or Arab food. That's what made my two and a half week long stay enjoyable.

I can recommend you to stay in this area. You are gonna like it. Besides, I didn't stay anywhere else, so I can't say much about any other place. We are on the famous Sheikh Zayed road now.

Is that a Mclaren? Looked like that. I've a feeling that I'm gonna face the real Dubai traffic today. The traffic has been quite dense throughout my ride today.

The roads are jam packed. On the positive side, you guys will find out what traffic in Dubai is normally like. Before today, I've mostly found the roads to be almost empty.

So the previous vlogs may have given you the idea that traffic in Dubai is not a problem. And that people complain, without reason, about being stuck in traffic for hours. Today we are riding towards Sharjah during peak hours. A lot of people come to Dubai for work everyday from Sharjah and Ajman to Dubai. And then go back in the evening. Many people do use metro as well. The track runs along this road.

Let's see what the road has in store for us today. The map is showing only yellow and red colors. It could take more time than expected. Here you can see the victory sign statue of the Khalifa.

We better park at some distance so that we can take a good picture. We may find a suitable spot here. There are some cafes here. That's the Salt Burger. The view is quite nice from here. Let me see what's the best location to park. They make a lot of fuss about taking pictures here.

We've parked the motorcycle at the right spot, though. But they were like... 'You can't take a picture here with the motorcycle'. Still looking for a suitable spot for the motorcycle. It's not unexpected in Dubai ... to be stopped from taking random pictures; especially if you are using a camera.

They are security guys. They just forbid you to take pictures. Next tour will be of Oman, Musa. Okay then. Allah Hafiz.

It was nice meeting you. So... we were eventually able to get some pictures. Lets hope they turn out to be good ones.

I was quite cautious... hoping not to be stopped by security again. Although to get done with it quickly. They didn't allow me to take pictures here. I was told that these towers are the property of Emaar. Normally, you have to be very careful while traveling in Middle East. Regarding where you can use a camera or a mobile phone to take pictures.

But I didn't expect that in Dubai due to the sheer number of tourists here. These places are highly promoted on social media. But getting stopped from taking pictures is beyond me.

I mean, a better approach would be to confiscate cameras from tourists as soon as they land here. And simply forbid it to use a camera ... or may be ... take special permission to use it. Otherwise, nobody should be stopped from taking pictures.

And we spend so much money on our cameras to come here. Why not simply use the mobile phone camera for that matter...? Taking pictures with a camera won't damage the building.

Anyways, there may be some reason for that... Still, I can't get that. Anyways... We are gradually moving towards Sharjah. We can see Dubai Frame now. We are not taking pictures with it.

The traffic is gonna be really worse now. The navigation is telling that the distance is just 32 km. And it's gonna take 1 hour to cover that.

That means the whole area is jam packed. Let's see if we can use the motorcycle to sneak our way through. I think we have reached Sharjah.

I didn't realize when we got here. That's how close the two cities are. We are now going to a restaurant that is about 5 km from here.

I'm afraid the rest of our ride is gonna be like this; with all this traffic. I wanted to tell you about a message that I got on Instagram from a follower named Asman. He told me that they have a restaurant here, in case I wanted to visit.

Hats off to the brave people who commute from Dubai to Sharjah or Ajman in this traffic everyday. Especially when the people here seriously lack patience. For instance, the person behind you knows how the traffic is, even then he'll be up your tail. I mean, only if the road in front was clear and you could have gone on swiftly.

What's the point of over taking, if you are gonna have to stop afterwards...? Since petrol is quite cheap here, people don't really get bothered by traffic. Anyways...

Man... I don't know how far he can go... Don't know why he's in such a hurry. This behavior often results in road accidents. I can't even imagine what these roads would be like after an accident. It's already almost capacity traffic.

That would block the entire traffic. Let's see if we can meet Asman there. It's better if he's not there. We can simply sit and eat... And then get some videos and leave. In case he's there... Since his family asked him to contact me, he may not have seen my videos at all.

He may not know me at all. That's ... a small restaurant. I hope it's not closed. I can see the open sign. It's a small restaurant. Can we go from here? I guess not. Have to come back from all the way up.

So, this is the place. Let's park here. Right in front of the restaurant. The pictures look nice. Let's hope the food is also good. I hope they have the dinner option.

Otherwise, we'll have to get the take away. We are finally here... after making our way through the crazy traffic from Dubai to Sharjah. I was just passing by, when I saw Asman standing here. I hadn't seen Asman before. I think he saw me from inside and ran after me. And has brought us here.

Did you say your name was Hanzla? His wife forced him to text me. We'll talk to her soon. I didn't reply you because... Honestly, I didn't know if I was gonna have enough time for that.

Secondly, I just randomly wanted to come here and eat. And tell people about your delicious food. I don't think I would have been this happy, if you had texted before coming.

You know that's what a random visit looks like. People often say that they get way happier when they meet someone they like, randomly. They are unaware that they are gonna meet someone.

Shall we? Sure. I noticed it from outside that you guys had watched me. We just need a tiny space. This is mainly a take away restaurant. So we'll just sit at whatever space we get.

What's your name? Ziyad. He persuaded his father to text me. And here we are, today ... She's your younger daughter? Yeah.

All their family is here to meet us. We have been served a handi... that's sealed by a roti (bread). Like our naan.

I can't remember the place but I have already tried this type of biryani before. Let's place it at a side. The actual meal is inside the pot. Looks great... I hope it will taste great as well.

This is mutton biryani. Biryani is in our plate now. Lets ask Asman about its origin. That's a rather unique way to make it.

This is Hyderabad style biryani. It is cooked in steam inside the clay pot. So the clay pot also adds to the flavor. It's left with steam for about 14 to 15 minutes. Where do you get these clay pots? From here? They are made here. Do you break them after use? Actually that's how we sell it. We give to the customer. No reuse.

Like, after you've eaten, we'll throw this one away. These are a part of the delivery package. Can they use these in their houses? Yes.

But avoid placing them on direct flame. Because it can explode. Ours are really thick. And we have special stands for these pots. So, shall we begin? Actually I'm really hungry. That's why I'm interrupting you. I feared that it would be really spicy but it's not.

There are many spices in it. It won't make your mouth dry. Have you tried Karachi biryani? Yes, I have. That's the best one in Pakistan. No doubt. I mean... that's the same thing. All your cooks are from India? Yes, they are. You were saying one of them is from Nepal. Yes, one of them is from Nepal.

We have mixed community. Our staff is Bangladeshi, Nepali and Indian. And the cashier is Pakistani. Yes, he's a Pakistani. He's a great guy. He handles all the accounts. I can be carefree after giving him some task. Let me show you Mr. Cashier.

Hi. How are you? The biryani is delicious. Our cameraman is finally getting a chance to eat some biryani.

How's the biryani, Salman? Awesome. Authentic Hyderabadi taste. I haven't tried Hyderabadi biryani before. So I can't say if it's authentic or not. It's delicious... And that's what matters. Doesn't matter if it's from Hyderabad or Karachi or Bombay. It just has to taste good. And this is tasty.

There's one more thing... Chicken... Thread... Chicken Thread. Is that right? Chicken Thread Roll. It's sort of a roll with bread on it. Lets try this one.

Very crispy... and delicious. I've eaten a lot of biryani. That's why you can't eat more. Otherwise, this is really delicious. Well, then. Asman. It was really nice to meet you. Thank you very much.

Allah Hafiz. Allah Hafiz. Thank you so much. Okay... Allah Hafiz. That was a totally random meeting. They were really delighted.

And so was I, after seeing their love. I do this whenever I have time. I can't respond to every message. But I try my best. The food I just had was undoubtedly delicious.

Right now we are almost 20 km away from Cornish. That's where our hotel is. It may take about 25 minutes or so, to get there. Let's hope to find less traffic on the road. We took the early break just so to avoid the traffic. There it is. Al Corniche Hotel.

I'm at our Sharjah Meetup. Just see how many people have come. Way more than what I expected. Thank you all for coming here. You can film them as well.

There are some kids here who couldn't get in the video. That's Ayyan. And that's my daughter Aizah.

Thank you so much guys. Thank you all for coming. That's Aizah. Thank you very much Aizah. There's Ayyan. Our meetup went rather well. A lot of people showed up.

I tried to give everyone some time. Many people are standing back there. Just a second... They are here as well. Many have already left. There are many of you whom I could not meet due to shortage of time.

Sorry for that... But I tried as much as I could. Didn't I? Thank you Abrar. I'm in my room now. So time for a quick room tour. It's spacious, clean and nice.

Seems very comfortable. I paid 330 AED for this room. That's almost 90 US dollars. And that means, it's slightly on the expensive side. But I paid about 220 to 240 AED for my room in Dubai. Don't remember the exact amount though.

But it was way better in terms of quality. I mean it's okay. It will work. So, in terms of value for money, this hotel is a little expensive. Let's spend this night here. You'll see Sharjah through our upcoming vlogs.

That's all for today. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz

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