The Ultimate Beach Vacation in Bangladesh ️

The Ultimate Beach Vacation in Bangladesh ️

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All right, see you bro. See you in a couple of days. Have fun in Dhaka. Good morning. Good afternoon.

It's around midday, and I'm here in Dhaka. I just flew here from Sylhet, but I've got my beach attire on, and we're heading down for a little vacation down in Cox's Bazar. So it is one of the biggest beaches in the world.

And there's tons of activities that you can do down there. Kind of like Clifton Beach in Pakistan. So I'm going to go for some horse rides, going to go for some parasailing, quad biking along the beach. But we're going to be spending the next couple of days down there enjoying beach life here in Bangladesh. So I got to check in and not get run over by this car here. But let's catch the flight down to Cox's Bazar.

Let's do it. All right. So a bucket load of domestic area here in Dhaka. But these is like the check-in areas, kind of like the security area.

But it's pretty efficient, actually. Lots of like check-in counters. And we were here a few days ago when we fly to Sylhet and you just kind of head that way and luckily they have like a lounge here that I have access to. So we'll go and chill and get a bite to eat and wait for a flight. So this one check-in luggage? Yeah, one. Yes, correct.

Do you like window seat? Window, please. 13 kilograms. First time are you traveling Cox's, right? Yeah, first time. Nice place? It's good? You have been before? Yeah. Yeah.

How was your experience in Sylhet? Oh, amazing place. Okay. Very lots of nature. Yeah. People are friendly. The tea gardens are nice. You visit tea garden? Yeah.

Which hotel did you stay? Grand Sylhet. You have been to Sylhet before? Yeah, I have been. There is another one that is called Palace. I was deciding between those two. All good? All right, perfect. Gate number 3, you go inside, go straight and left. Okay.

Thank you very much. Nice to talk to you. Nice to see you. And if you need any kind of help in Dhaka. If you're traveling Dhaka just give me a call. Thank you so much. I will be helping you. Lovely to meet you.

People are so friendly here on the way. All right, let's go through security. I'll put the camera away and. Yeah, All right.

So I'm pretty sure we have access to air lounge or the Imperial Lounge. Just through lounge K. Which is very helpful. Like, if you have priority pass or lounge key, you can get into most lounges at airports. And this on here, it's pretty good for domestic terminal a lot of the time it's only the international ones that actually have- the air lounges. Like that's the international so it's got those ones I have access to and domestic so the air lounge MTB an oasis of peace.

Let's hope that is the case. I've already been in as well. I was here with Nadir couple of days ago, so I'm excited to go to Cox's Bazar. As you can really tell by my voice, I'm a little bit under the weather.

Had a very exciting time so far in Bangladesh, exploring all the places, so not getting much sleep, but seeing plenty of places here in this amazing country. But let's go in. Hello. Do you have reception? Yes, sir.

Excellent This is the area out of the chaos in the airport. So? Salaam alaikum. Oh, thank you very much.

That's some water, but it's currently 10:22 and please, 11:15. So probably got like 30 minutes here before we head down on board the flight should only be like 40 minutes or 50 minutes in air and we're down in Cox's Bazar, I think 12, ten or something when we get there. Let's grab by to eat. And we will enjoy the chillax vibes here. Okay. Thank you very much. Cox's Bazar.

Yes, 147. What gate is it on? Yes. Downstairs? Okay. Gate number 3, sir.

Three? Thank you very much. All right, guys. Nice little break in the lounge, but we are boarding. So the good thing is they come in and tell you each flight that is boarding because it's a little bit chaotic down there doesn't really tell you on the boards actually what get you up.

But they were kind enough to let me know. Gate number three. So wait this little elevator we are all my goodness. Seat number one F, so we're literally row number one on the window seat. So I think we got it checked been sorted me out. Got me a good seat.

It's definitely not like business class. I don't think there's any business classes on these, like small domestic flights. I'm already a first one thinking that we're on G, but we're going to go down to G, but all that should get a little bit of extra legroom, which is nice. How good? There we are. So 1BS47. Excuse me, sir. Thank you.

147. Hello. This is off. Yes, sir. Left side? This one. All right, all right.

This one, I guess. We get a bus out to the airplane. 147. All right. We've made it, everybody. I was hoping that we were going to be able to get on there quickly, but there was another bus in front of us because we have to walk down the whole plane.

You kind of enter through the back end because we're a number one all the way, the front. But everybody loves getting their photos in front of the plane. And why not? If you're heading down on your beach vacation. To Cox's Bazar. Thank you. Up we go into the plane.

Hello, sir! How are you, sir? I'm number one. Number one all the way at the front. It's very good. This might take a while, but everyone's going to get their bags up the similar kind of domestic flight, the one that we had in Sylhet two two formation. One F. One F. The left side.

Left side. No one F, right side. So I'm now getting given the wrong directions. And we got the window seat, guys. All right. Hello.

One F. All right. Lost my hat. This is right of the emergency exit. We'll probably going to get a couple of instructions on how to use this in case of the emergency.

Hello. How are you? Good. How are you? I'm fine.

Two days? Yeah, that will be enough. Awesome. Maybe I'll extend. I haven't got a flight back yet. All right, so maybe I'll extend my stay. What are you going for? My duty station is in Cox's Bazar. Oh, you're duty station? We need your help.

Yes. Okay. And please read it carefully. And if you won't read it, please ask me. Don't touch the zone without permission. Yeah. Hopefully we don't actually have to bring this into action.

But this is how you do it. You pull it out, you check the door for the window, and then you're free. Hopefully that is not the case with this flight to Cox's Bazar. [announcement] [speaking local language announcement] All right, guys. Unfortunately the pilot just came on. The speaker told us that a 30 minute delay waiting for other flights to kind of take off.

So I don't think the air quality is actually that good and that causes a lot of flight flights to be circling around the airport and obviously, hopefully like hitting each other. So I gets like ten flights ahead of us to take off and just cause the massive backlog. So we've got like 30 minutes just sitting here in the plane and then after that should be an hour to Cox's Bazar. So time time is 11:45. So we went to leave at 11:15, but unfortunately, this 30 minute delay, we're not going to be able to depart for 30 minutes.

So an hour behind schedule. But we'll get down there and to Cox's Bazar in the afternoon. And enjoy a nice evening. At least it's still I used to. Be down there by 1 p.m., like 20 minutes to the main area. So 2 p.m. my measure.

To be able to explore Cox's Bazar, but All right guys, 30 minutes later, it's just chilling here on the plane. And we'll finally on the position. To take off. Can we get a countdown? Three, two, one, three, two, one, ten, nine, three, two, one. Cox's Bazar, here we come! Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Just make sure your carry on bag is in the overhead locker. Our attendant is sit in front of you.

Oh your office? Oh the bright, the bright blue one. Welcome to Cox's Bazar, everybody. It's super loud so I'll talk inside, all right? All right, guys. It's super loud out there. Just there's a couple of planes taking off. We've kind of just been shuffled into this area.

It's an interesting airport. I don't know where the bags are brought out from. All right, guys trying to come across now. But yeah, we made it. I saw on the beach that with so many people surfing, so many people in the water, when we were flying past and I could actually see the hotel that I'm staying on. So as I said, this is like a very last minute booking.

And also it was almost impossible to get a hotel. So my friend Harry Jaggard, stayed at the Sayeman. I can't actually remember the name, but he stayed there and he suggested that. So I had like the last room available.

So I booked up the twin room. Unfortunately, nothing else was available, not even one with a double bed. So I've got a twin room there, which is right on the water, right on the beach so I can maximize our opportunity fun. So once we get our bags here, we'll be able to head on out and get down to kind of the main part of town and explore the areas. So, I don't know where the bags come from, maybe all over the place. This what everyone's waiting for, this Trolleys.

Trolleys. Just there. I don't know.

Definitely an interesting way of getting bags. I see my bag just on the back of there. Looks different here in Bangladesh. Everyone's just going to run. It's going to be an absolute chaos. But luckily ours is right here.

Here we go. Perfect. Let's go get a rickshaw everybody. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, we're definitely asked to bargain for a rickshaw or tuk-tuk. Well, let's see what happens. See who gives the best price. I will say it's very fishy smelling. Smells like fish.

But also, someone took a big $**t item on the plane and it was stinking out the place that to go around with a spray bottle trying to disinfect the smell of the plane. It was reeking through everywhere. All right. They seem to be all tuk-tuk drivers.

Bhai, CNG? Sayeman. How much? How much? 1,000. No, no, no, no.

How much? Sayeman, how much? To Sayeman. Yes, Sayeman. New Sayeman? Yeah. 700. No, no. 500.

Okay, come. That's how you halve the price in about 30 seconds. Your name? My name is Lejan. Lejan? Lejan bhai. Your name? Luke. Luke.

Nice to meet you. You from. Australia. Australia? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, look at a different kind of CNGs they got. Those ones are a lot bigger and they're like the size of the car. Okay, thank you. All right. Thank you very much.

It's our first look of Cox's Bazar, everybody. All right, guys. So we're going through the streets of Cox's Bazar here. And it's really interesting. So when I'm speaking to the guy next to me on the plane, he works at he works at UNESCO's or UNICEF, it was I think that's like an age group that helps.

Like it's like an international organization. But Nadir was also saying this region is very interesting because we're very close to Myanmar and Burma. So there's a lot of conflict going on in Burma. I don't actually know much about the political situation there, but he was saying as a little like UN people, a lot of like foreign people that work in the UN. So there's a lot of faces around. So that was interesting to hear.

And and also the guy that I sat next to, he was working for UNICEF and he showed me his building is the big blue building when you're flying into Cox's Bazar. So it seems like it's going to be busy here over the next couple of days. We visit literally when I was flying in. There were like. So many people on surfboards and swimming in the ocean.

I was actually amazed at how many people there were. But I guess Cox's Bazar is a very popular spot for local tourists and that will be fun. It'll be good seeing all the all the different sites and stuff, so. It should be good fun.

Is that right? There was a World Health Organization car. I don't even know what they do. There's so many of these like international groups and international organizations that I have no no idea what they do. But as I was saying, it's a massive thing here because of the border of Myanmar. It'll be interesting. Like I've seen UNICEF, I've seen the UN cars, I've seen WHO, they seem to all have bases around this area.

And whether it's giving aid to people in the border and in Myanmar or maybe people in Bangladesh, I'm not entirely sure, but it seems like it's very popular for these international organizations to be here. But they're a little bit of a a bizarre over there, A couple of shops. Selling Ray-Bans. Selling caps, selling coconuts.

Wow. A lot of people. A lot of like domestic tourists, local tourists coming down here to Cox's Bazar. You can see them all in their boardshorts and their flip flops. Like, I don't think I've seen anybody in shorts here in Bangladesh, in Dhaka and Sylhet, everyone was wearing long jeans, but obviously being a beach town, more people are soaking up the summer rise, the summer sun and making the most of their beach vacation.

Look at those guys. All four of them. It's interesting seeing the differences between the cities. There's a, what sign? WFP. That car was the World Food Program. I don't even know that was a thing, but I guess it's giving food to people here or at the border.

I'm not sure. It'll be interesting to ask around and learn a little bit about the all the politics and the geography and why all these organizations are here. Nice beach. Nice beach? This side. This side? Good beach.

Yeah. This side. Yeah. Sayeman. Bangladesh police. So busy. I'm just filled with nervous.

As I was saying at the very start of this video, everybody, this is one of the longest beaches in the world. It's actually the longest natural beach in the world. I don't know what makes a beach natural or not, but it's number four on the longest beach. There's one in Brazil that's a lot longer, around 200 miles. And in my home country, Australia takes up two and three on the list with some beaches in South Australia and Western Australia. And then we've got this beach.

But here it is, I think with the hotel I'm staying at. Sayeman. Okay. Thank you very much, sir Thank you.

Yeah. All right. Thank you very much. Have a great day. Let's go in. You have reservation? Yes. So please come with me.

This way. You have one luggage? Yeah, just one bag, this. Hello. Good afternoon. Yeah, I have a reservation for Luke Damant.

Welcome drink in. Two days, different breakfast. Ah buffet, right? Yes. Our breakfast time is start from 7:30 minute in the morning. Breakfast floor is second floor. Okay, second floor. And you will get a business swimming pool as well.

Swimming clothes for this photo. You have to wear the synthetic during some swimming time. Swimming time start from a seven until seven in evening. Okay. If you need any assistance zero is our cellphone number. Other outlet number will be given in the evening.

Thank you. And my suitcase? Okay. Thank you very much. Are you Luke Damant? Yes, that is me. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Your name? Farhan. Farhan? Good to see you here. I watch your videos regularly.

Oh, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you. You're staying here? Yes. Oh, very good. I'll see you around. Got fans, everywhere. Oh, what kind spacious is elevators? Okay, level six.

Hello. How are you, sir? Good, thank you. Oh, all right, so we're on level six. They said that they'll put the two twin beds together. Hello.

So we get a double bed, basically. And we'll see what it's like. My friend Harry, he stayed here and he had the King suite, so I'm not actually going to be able to one up him with this one today. Unfortunately, literally everything was booked out.

I booked at 12 hours ago, but. All right, let's do this. He's fixing? Very good. Okay. Hello, sir! Hello.

How are you? I'm fine. Oh, looking very good. Okay. Thank you, for you.

Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. Your breakfast menu and Wi-Fi password. Okay, excellent. Thank you. If you need have anything just call zero,

Okay, zero. Excellent. Thank you, sir. All right, it's a lost twin big bed. Oh, nice. Look at this, everybody.

Let's open this up. Nice little area out here. We got a little bit of a view of the beach, so nothing exciting, but I think my friend Harry was staying maybe on the corner one, he was living absolute luxury out here in Cox's Bazar. And he did recommend this hotel. He enjoyed his stay here.

But as I was saying, I paid 258 AUD for this around 10,000 Taka a night. So 100 US a night roughly to to get this room. But I wanted to choose this one because it's right by the beach.

You can just board one out and have a little bit of a dip in the ocean and kind of mess around with the horses, all the exciting activities that are out here. But while I can see in the distance, you won't be able to see with the GoPro, but there are so many people of the end of the beach surfing and playing around in the in the water. But uh. Flip flops. Excellent.

Okay. All finished? Yes, finished. Okay thank you very much. Have a nice day! You too have a great day. So here's the room everybody.

Got this nice little purple couch here. That's kinda cute, look very comfy. Oh, watch it looks can be deceiving. Let's put the bag down, and have a nice little seat. Oh, that's even better than it looks, but it's kind of like an older hotel, I think you can just tell by the, like, old build quality.

But this is what you expect on these places. Have had tourism for a fair while. These buildings must have been developed and built decades ago.

But this is it. We got the nice twin bed arrangement just kind of put together. Unfortunately, I couldn't book a double bed. The most important thing for a room here on the Luke Damant channel is, of course, the bathrooms. So how do you turn this on? Is it here? There we go.

Let's get all the lights on. On Off. Yep. There we go. Let's see how the bum gun. How do I turn the lights on? I thought I did it. There we go.

There we go. All right. Spacious shower. Nice little area in here. Even got your own light and towels and all that. And of course, you've got the toilet with the square bum gun.

Let's see how the power is on this. Oh my goodness. Listen to that! Look at all the bubbles coming out. It might caused them serious damage.

If you put that in the wrong areas of your body. Oh, my goodness. Even like there's like recoil, look at that. Oh, my goodness.

That is crazy. All right. Well, I'm going to chill out for a little bit and then we'll explore the beach just over the 20 meters way.

How good is that? So let's do that. I cannot believe I've done this atrocity, everybody. But I didn't do a bed test. I was just about to sit down. I went like this.

I'm like, wait a minute, I haven't even touched the bed yet. So we do a bed test here. Forget the name. What is it, Sayeman? Sayeman Beach Resort. Oh, look at this pool at the top. It's like an infinity pool. Let's check it out shortly.

Oh, here's the prices. So I looked. I'm paying like, exactly like 10,000 Bangladesh taka. So it's around, like 100 USD for this the junior suite.

I think my friend Harry was staying in the the Ocean Suite $578. And I was crazy, but I was too. Which side of the bed do we go? This one or that one? Let's go. This one looks nicer, so we'll do it here. But test in 3, 2, 1. All right.

First impressions of the bed. You can definitely tell it's been used. It's a little bit springy, but it still has some nice cushioning on it. Let's try out the pillows.

No one ever likes this. Well, that's actually pretty soft. These pillows are usually, like, super hard. But let's get this pillow. This one. Oh, that one's. That one's a soft one. Let's get rid of this.

I'm fighting the pillow, everybody. Let's try the pillow. Oh, all right. Pillows. All right.

They're okay. Maybe like an overall bed test. Six out of ten. I've definitely had better, but it is good to relax After a long day of travel from Sylhet to Dhaka, from Dhaka to here. But we finally made it to Cox's Bazar.

So let's head on out to to the beach area. Let's do it. Hi. I'm good.

How are you? Yeah, yeah, that. Oh, you're from Sri Lanka? Yeah. Yeah, I'm here for two days Save here? Okay. Just give me 10 minutes.

Yeah. Okay. Thank you so much.

All right, guys, I was just having a little rest. Honestly, I'm exhausted with the amount of places that we've been in in Bangladesh so far, but I've got a call, and the guy said, oh, you're friends with Harry Jaggard? I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah. He's he's my good friend. And they mentioned Ali Machan and that guy I he passed me on to another guy and he said that he's from Sri Lanka. He's like.

And I was like, well, I was kind of like cut off at the first because didn't expect anybody to be speaking that language to me here. But he said that in 10 minutes he's going to send somebody up to my room and we're going to get an upgrade. So I don't know, maybe we will get the good room that Harry had. It'll be interesting, but worth it. Let's see what happens. It'll be it'll be fun.

I thought it was just like a routine call. You know, a lot of hotels, once you've checked in and you've kind of got all your stuff ready, that is call up from reception is asking if everything is okay, if everything is good. But that was better than a checkup. So fingers crossed we get a nice suite.

I thought it wasn't available. Like this was literally the only room that I could book on. What was it? I couldn't even book it on, which I usually use, which isn't the sponsor, by the way. That is a very convenient booking platform, but I think I booked this one on to use like Expedia as a partner. I don't know. So many like travel companies that use each other to book hotels, but yeah, I was really struggling to find hotels here on

So I download hotels and create an account for the very first time and and use them. But as you guys know like I never do sponsored videos or sponsored hotels or anything. So whenever, wherever I stay I always am paying like normal full price just so I can give a honest review of the place. But it's nice when they take care of you because obviously this will get shown to a couple of 100,000 people that are watching and maybe they might get a few bookings.

So hopefully, please get a good room just overlooking the ocean. Harry's room when he stayed here was it was crazy. It was insane. It was like a a full house. It's on the top floor.

So any minute I should get a knock and I've got my things ready. I didn't really unpack anything. I was only here for like 20 minutes.

Um, but we had on off to the next room. Hello. Hello. Hi. Nice to meet you.

So you're working here? Yeah, I'm in the gym. Oh, very good. All all right, I'll grab my uh, everything's packed up.

So you're from Sri Lanka? Yeah, actually, I haven't seen, like, I'm here for, like, ten years. I'm working here. Wow. So before opening ceremony, I did. Wow. So, do you have any hotels in Sri Lanka? Yeah, no, actually, I was working in the last two hotels that you went. I was there as the gym. Oh, so I'm the. I'm running the hotel manager.

Oh, my goodness. And so I say, and it came like they are asking. Where's the other guys? Yeah. Yeah, Ali and Harry.

So how do you like Cox's Bazar? You enjoyed it? I like. I like how fun. So you can speak Bangla? I can understand that nicely. Yeah. You know, in Cox's hotels, especially even if I tried to speak in Bangla they reply- Oh, really? Yeah, because it's a lot of, like, domestic tourists, right? So by that I'm like Bangladesh.

This is my card and just call me. You have Bangla number, right? No, I have WhatsApp. Oh yeah, no worries. Thank you.

This morning. And I was just wondering, is it that that's how you do. But yeah, I'm like, what's his name? And they said, Luke. Yeah. All right. Good afternoon.

Oh, wow. Oh, my goodness. Yeah, this is awesome.

Thank you so much. Oh, yeah. Wow. This is amazing. Thank you so much.

No worries. So I can stay here for the two days? Yeah, two days, you stay. Yeah. Amazing.

Wow. All right, guys, I have to show the room in a second. So, what is this room called? This called Junior suite. Junior suite. This is Junior suite and there's one more category, Sabrina. Yeah I think that was the one Harry here was staying on? The moment that room is booked. This is the only room that we had for you.

Yeah. Junior suite. Oh, thank you. So I know I really appreciate. This is amazing. Okay no worries, if there's anything just send a WhatsApp note And the beach there's many tourist surfing on.

Yeah. Yeah. The swimming pool is in the fourth floor. Then. I mean, I'm sure. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

So enjoy this. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Have a great day. Whoa, guys, we got an upgrade. What a great guy, he's super kind who is actually showing up, And he said, well, you heard the conversation, but he's been here for ten years, so he's basically a half Bengali.

But wow. So this is the view that we have from the living room, everybody. I'll show you quickly. Look how cool is this.

Look at this. Welcome Luke. A. nice little cake, some biscuits, some fruit. Oh, my goodness.

Even got some pistachios. We got Poppers, Detos. And these, like the Bangla version of Doritos.

Yokozona. And what are these, like, wafers? Wow, lots of water. Even got a sink over there. And the aircon nice and nice and cool as well, but wow, this is incredible. This is awesome.

We out of bed. And then again, we have another incredible view out to the ocean. Wow, this is a lot better here. I want to film. Maybe I'll film a little bit of the pool, but obviously it's been a pretty conservative country, you know, meant to. But that's the pool area.

Lots of people swimming around in there. But look at this. Wow. You can see people quad bike in around, look how long. Like literally look how long the beach is. You cannot see the end of it.

It just goes on for kilometers and kilometers. It is really remarkable, but- here's a couple of pals down there as well. It's absolutely gorgeous here. Well, let's go check the bum gun and see if it's up to the standards that I like.

But absolutely incredible. Here's one bathroom with a nice little bathtub. Oh, my God. We got the shower. All our towels, got the toilet in there.

And then let's see. Oh, yeah. It's more of a manageable. Speed in which it's coming out of the nozzle there.

Even got a a telephone just to a contact reception. Have you got diarrhea or food poisoning? And you passed out with like, I was a couple of days ago in Dhaka. But wow, this is awesome. How cool is this? Like, just like a living area here and then, like, the full kind of bedroom there.

But we even have a second toilet. How's the, uh? Let's turn on the light there. Oh, that's all I was blinding. Look at this. Look at that. Look at all the bubbles in there.

That's incredible. That's a little tiny thing that absolutely legends here. Sayeman, how good is that? So do a quick little bed test and it's good. We don't have to have a twin bed put together. Instead, we got a full double bed.

Bed test here in the junior suite, not the other panel, and someone else is above us. They got to book that out. But here we go In three, two, one.

Oh. That's much more comfortable than the two beds. This is a soft at all.

So this is the pillows that you kind of want, the soft ones. You can just tell, like with all the hard ones, that they're going to be like kind of uncomfortable. This is just really like soft and malleable.

But oh, look at these pillows here. Oh Oh, perfect. This is luxury. Well, it would be rude not to have a taste of the cake. It's actually, like, incredibly frosted and decorated. It's the color magenta kind of a light purple.

You got, like, jelly? Yeah, it's like jelly. What does that taste like? Hmm. A lot of sugar, but here we go. That's a a get a nice. Oh, look at that. Just, it absolutely dissolves.

Oh, it's even got cream in the middle. Let's get a big bite with lots of frosting. Oh, now, good. Let's try it out.

Yum. Vanilla cake in the middle. We got the cream. The frosting is so soft and sugary. Look at that.

Just break away. Ho, ho, ho! That's amazing. Wow. This is good. Have a little bit more of the cake, and then we'll go out and explore the beach area. In front of you. In front of the salmon.

There's a red color umbrellas. Uh huh. Those are, those are from Sayeman. Oh, so I can use them for free. You didn't have to pay on this. Okay, so, red. All right.

Thank you again. Salaam alaikum. All right, guys. Got my sunglasses on. It's time for a beach vacation here in Bangladesh. Let's check out the area.

Hello. So I think we might head down this way, check out, like, the center of town, and then Salaam alaikum. Hello.

No, I'm just going for a walking. Look at these guys. They've got, like, a Japanese umbrella, but a little bit windy down here, but I'm ready for a nice vacation down here on the beach. Let's go and explore the area. So this is like kind of, I guess, the main center of town.

There's a lot of like shops selling the beach kind of stuff like beach balls and buckets for the kids to play in. But it's a totally different vibe down here. Everyone's just in vacation mode.

Man selling pineapple, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for right now. I'm just going for a stroll around the beach and we'll see what we come across. Hey, brother. Basically this whole part of the shop front is all transport, like busses that you can catch.

Hey bro. You can catch to the other cities of Bangladesh. Look at these shops here in the middle of the road.

The beach is that way bro you went to go. You won't be swimming in Cox's Bazar Beach. All right. Well, there's no real reason to be on the road when you have the longest natural beach in the world. So let's go check out the beach, everybody.

Oh, actually, there's kind of watches and jewelry and stuff. Let's go check out the beach. We'll get on a quad bike. We'll go for a ride, or maybe we'll come across some horses. Let's see what it's like. Oh, no, everybody. My worst nightmare is up ahead.

Look at these guys. Three Tarzan, three Tarzan. There's another one. Where's the other one? Over there.

We got one. Hopefully those ones aren't like darling and rob me of my three Tarzan's Hey, bro! Hello. How are you guys? All right? Yeah, Yeah.

YouTube, Australia. Yeah. Yeah. Where are you from? From Bangladesh. Yeah? What city? Dhaka. So, you're here on vacation? Yes. Yeah.

How many days? Oh, first day. Are you liking? Obviously. It's good. You go. Yeah. Have you gone swimming yet? Yeah. Could be so salty. Oh, all right. Too much. Too much?

All right, I'll go check it out. Yeah, I'm going now. First time. Thank you.

Have a good day. All kinds of things here. Look at all the. The fishes here. It's smell so potent, but it's all just like dried fish.

They're so big. There's a lot of, like, signs here for the tourist police and, like, help on my first impressions is that it's a better version of Clifton Beach. Like, a lot more developed and a lot more touristy. I know a lot of people went to Clifton Beach in Karachi, uh, from like domestic places in Pakistan to go on like vacation, but there were only like a few hotels. They're right on the beach. But this is like a proper beach town. There's markets everywhere.

The facilities are here for tourists, which is good people selling all kinds of things. And so far apart from like the rickshaw. So I'm going to get so much sand in my socks. But apart from the the rickshaw drivers and the sand, jeez, I haven't been hassled too much.

Hello. The tourist police. Hello. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm fine. You are tourist police? Very good.

So you'll save me from getting scammed. And the horses. Very good. Wow. It's so busy. It's ridiculous.

Look at all the the cafes that are nearby. All the restaurants on the beach. All right, let's go down to the water.

I do want to get on a quad bike or get on a quad bike shortly. Hello, bro! Hey, bro. Salaam alaikum. What's up? You're from? Australia. Australia? Your name is? My name is Jifad. Jifad? Very good. What's your name? Luke. Oh, yeah?

Ah, just tourists travel. What are you doing? All right, What are you doing? You're working? Yeah, Very good. If you're ready.

Yeah. How much? Long ride. This is their small, right? Longer. 2000 to like 1000. Yeah. Oh, that's expensive. $10. How, how, how many minutes? Only. Yeah, yeah.

25 minutes. For a long ride? What about short ride? Not long. Long ride. Big ride today. We need all. No. How about 5 minutes? 5 minutes. How much for five. Five minute.

600?. 600. Oh, it's expensive. I go for a walk and then I come back, okay? Maybe like 200 or 300. 200? Just. Just quick ride. 400. 200. Okay.

3 Tarzan. All right. I'm a little bit scared of you. Salaam alaikum. How much? Brother? Five minute, three, 5 minutes. 300. That's fair. You're coming with me? Yeah. All right.

So 300 for 5 minutes? Yeah. Hey, up here. All right, This is the accelerator. Accelerator? All right, let's go. Oh, yeah.

All right. Very good. This is the way to get around town on the beach here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, you're always getting always good. You always see the vibe.

Wow. So this seems to be the track that they go along right next to. The airport, right? Okay. Okay. Uh huh. So 300.

That's around like, $3. Yeah. I really wanted a short ride just to get the experience and. Oh, on the way.

If you don't want to drive away one one. 150 taka. Oh one liter, the price for fuel is expensive. Can I drive? Yeah, yeah.

Okay. Slow? Oh, slow. All right. All right.

This is enjoyable. Just driving. One handed. Wow. Look at this, everybody. People are just chillin.

Look at this, guys. Clapping. No sure why. Why? I am. I'm expert. Yeah. Okay. Now slowly I slowly and faster and faster.

Oh, this is big ride. One thousand taka only, okay? Oh, no, no, no. Let's only 300. To 500.

No 300. 300. Let's go back/]. A couple of minutes of a ride.

All right. You're from Australia? Yeah, from Sydney. Are you from Cox's Bazar? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, I think that's hotel in there. Huh? Are you travelling? Yeah, just. Just solo.

Yeah. Oh, okay. You always got to pull run over. That's Sayeman Resort. Ah, Sayeman. Yeah. I think my room is on one of those. There's just so many things to do here.

Like people have coconuts. They're people just chilling on the beach. How much? How much? Little kid always has gone over on the beach. One hour. One hour? Yeah. 30 taka. 30?

Wow. $0.30 for one hour. That's a really good price. Your two brands one hour, 65 taka. 60, 60.

Yeah. Okay. Very enjoyable ride. Finish. Next ride? No, no, that's enough for me.

All right. Oh, I don't have uh. You have change? Change? [speaking local language] Oh. Well, I need change. I need change.

I don't. I don't have. Change? I should have been better prepared. I wanted to actually come out to.

To an ATM. Oh, you have. 100 give me, okay? What's up? 600. 500. 600. Yeah. 100 going.

Now you have? Give me 100, okay? Okay? Uh, all right, that's fine. That's okay. Thank you very much. You. Where are you from? From Australia. Thank you. Honestly, it's not even was worth the hassle.

No, thank you. How much? Maybe another day for the jet ski. Small ride is 1,000. Big ride is 2,000. Oh, okay. Maybe later. Not today. Thank you.

So, $4. I am not paying for that ride there. But look at this. Hey, bros. Oh. Huh? I have a camera. It's okay. No, thank you.

No, no, no. All right, I reckon we'll just keep walking. We got a horse. Three Tarzan. How much? That might end up as three tarzan.

No, thank you. No, no, no, no. No, thank you. Look at these guys.

They're all yelling. They must have come down here on a a big group. Let's see if we can get some commotion out of them. Hello. You can just wave and everyone says hello back.

I think I'm walking the wrong way. Everyone seems to be walking up that way of the beach. Hello. Similar to Clifton Beach. It's kind of like a darker sand at this part, but all these people are just out there on the inflatable tubes Hey bro.

Salaam alaikum. [speaking] My name. Your name? What is your name? Luke, Luke. Luke.

Good Name. Thank you. Okay. See you. I thought he was trying to sell me something, but it was just a kind guy. You're channel name? Yeah. What's the name? Yeah. YouTube.

You're from? From where? Dhaka? Cox's Bazar? Very good. English Oh swipe to swipe this spacebar. Luke. Damant. That's me. Okay.

Nice to meet you. Have a great day. So we have two options here, ladies and gentlemen.

We can chill around this area. Or this is kind of interesting. It seems to be, like, segregated into, like, little chunks of communities.

So here are the two people that are going around in the cubes. Then over there, I think is another big part where there's a lot of beach tents and umbrellas. So I think maybe just chill around this area, but there's so many exciting things to do. I'm spoiled for choice, everybody. I really am.

How much is your jet ski? How much? Taka? Big, 2000. 2000? Oh, no, thank you. Maybe later, later. Okay? No, thank you. So it seems like you can do jet skis, you can do horse rides, you can do quad biking. I know you can do surfing as well.

I can hear the jet skiing in the background. You can play with the tubes. That was the kid that is whipping the other horse. They're kind of small horses that like little ponies. Oh, look. This one looks like a bigger horse. These ones look a lot more friendly.

Kind of like a little show ponies compared to the ones that scammed in Pakistan. Oh, like, oh, lifeguards. Salaam alaikum.

How are you? I'm good. You're doing good? Yeah. So you guys are keeping everybody safe? Yeah. Very nice to meet you. Has anybody drowned today? No. Because you saved them. Yeah. Nice to meet you guys.

Keep keeping. Keep people safe. Okay? Hey, boss. Salaam alaikum. Australia? Oh. Yeah.

My country name Gazipur Bangladesh. Oh, you're from what's what city? City?. Gazipur Oh, near near Dhaka? Sylhet or up in the mountains? Chattogram. Ah, Chattogram. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, like, 2 hours away? Oh, no, no. I'm from Sydney, Australia. Yeah. So you guys all together? Yeah. Why? Why are you here?

For chill. Yeah. This holiday vacation? Oh, college. Oh, what are you studying? Foreign study.

Foreign study? After a long time in Australia, we will join here. So what are you studying? They are an intern. Intern? Also, he is in.

Pakistan bhai. So they are. Some of them are younger than you? This is the English, my brother. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Hey, what's up? Salaam alaikum. Is he the cool, guy? Yeah, cool guy.

TikTok? Yeah. How many followers do you have? How many? 5 million. 1 million? Yeah. So you're famous? Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, he's dancing all night. Where are you from? Australia. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, thank you.

Are you all alone? No, I'm just by myself. Okay. Yeah. You're channel name? Luke Damant. Luke Damant. Yeah. Yeah. How much follower you have?

Like 1 million. 1 million? Yeah. He's really famous, right? I don't have 5 million. No, no, no, no. Yeah. Nice to meet you, all! Oh, we've got one more with the famous Tik tok.

You will do some dancing. Okay? 1 million. All right, I'll continue walking. I see you. See you good bye, everybody. I'm staying at.

Yeah, Sayeman. Just me. No, girlfriend is. They are interesting. Oh, no. Salaam alaikum. Hello.

I'm scared of horses now. What was I saying now that were friendly? A group of chaps to speak to, I guess, if you like, on the. On the beach huts here and the umbrellas. A lot of people come up and try to sell you jewelry. Where was it? There was a guy somewhere selling something.

Where was it? I just saw him before. Oh, they're right there in the red shop. It's really nice with the breeze. It's not too hot, actually, like being now I know I'm going to get sunburn. Faint, but with the nice ocean breeze. It's beautiful.

Oh, three Tarzan, three Tarzan. We're going to the ocean. The water here.

This guy in yellow. I think he's going to approach me and ask me for something or try and get me to hop on a jetski. I'm not sure. Hey, bro!

Jet ski? Oh, Jet Ski. You're driving, one ride? That's you? Thank you. How much is Jet Ski? Oh, big? That 1,000, okay? Big ride. 1000. The big one. What about small ride? Small ride? It's only 500, okay? 500. One one 1000.

Let's, let's do small ride, okay? How many minutes? Minutes? Minute more like it's just like. Okay. All right, let's do it Where is the jet ski? Oh, Oh, So somebody is. Oh, he's coming back now. Well, let's get on a jet ski.

Just one minute. Okay. And go for a ride. I don't think I'll be able to control it like I was able to in the Philippines. I think they have to have, like, instructors.

Oh, here we go. Look. Oh, it's coming in hot Life jacket. Good. Okay. Are you. Are you coming with me?

Oh, I. What about my shoes? I leave them here. Get one off get my socks.

I'll leave them near this bike. Hopefully he doesn't pick them up. All right. So 500? All right. Oh, this is refreshing.

Wow. Well, the kids were saying that it's very, like salty. Salaam alaikum. How are you? I'm fine. I'm coming for a jet ski. Are you a driver? I'm driver. All right.

Yeah. You Indian going to? Yeah, right. Yeah. Oh, I'm into, like, Pakistan Indian. Sri Lanka. You have watch the videos? You're video is my like video.

Thank you, bhai. Thank you so much. Thank you. So this is a jet ski and yes, it's Yamaha. Yamaha. Oh, good. Japanese quality.

Yeah, well, I'll get out of the way. No, thank you. Oh they get they're getting, oh they're getting. Some. Diesel or petrol. Okay. Oil. Oil.

All right. We're getting refill so we can go maximum speed. But look at the waves here. They're actually decently big. It'll be interesting how we get over them. Maybe we shoot up on that side and go where they're not breaking.

All right, look at this guy. He's going all around the place. Yeah. All right, Jump, jump, jump, jump up.

Are we going to do that? All right, so they're putting fuel in. Salaam alaikum. Did you went to Pakistan? Yes. I saw your video. Thank you very much.

Our families, watch Nadir On The Go. Yeah, I was with him today. We went, we, we, we went to Sylhet. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm from Cox's, brother.

Oh, you're from. Very nice place. Thank you. What do you just.

I saw your video in Pakistan. Very nice. I love it. Thank you very much. Yeah, I appreciate the support.

I am very confused. You are not here, huh? I am confused. Yeah, I have one actual camera.

Yeah. Oh, action. You are vlogging? No, my friend.

Oh, your friend sometimes. Yeah. Thank you. Hey, bro. Nice to meet you.

Thank you for watching. Salaam alaikum. I know you. Yeah. Yeah, I. I saw you in Pakistan, horse riding. Yeah. Yeah.

This is the longest beach in the world. Wow. Yeah. It's like how. How long? 136 km.

Wow. Are you from Cox's Bazar? No. We're from [_].

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. GoPro. So, how long are you here for? How many days? Two days? Yeah. Just vacation.

Yes, yes, yes. Holiday time. Are you saying that sea crown? I hop in my jet ski. Nice to meet you guys.

Thank you. 500. Yeah, it's good price. Yes. All right, well, one minute? No, it's more like no driving. Okay. You are driving?

You drive at. Okay. I'll leave diving. Oh, okay. I'll try to convince him. No, no short ride.

No short ride. Short ride. Oh, Oh, you guys. You guys chucked it in the ocean? Oh, probably the.

The Cox's Bazar dustbin, apparently. All right, so for the long ride, you got to drive yourself but. Okay. Always talking about the pollution.

No, it's okay. Yeah. Yes. Small ride, small. Okay. Okay, let's go. I hop on? Okay, okay.

Okay. Oh, it's a little bit lopsided. Oh, yeah. Thank you. You here, you hand. Oh, my God! This is crazy! All right, we have to hold on.

Okay, let's go. Turn off. Yeah. Okay. You want to film? Okay, good? Oh, yeah we go to the people. All right, you driving.

You driving. This guy's crazy. Oh, my goodness. Thank you.

Wow. Thank you, sir. That was an incredible experience.

I hope I'll have you have to get away for the way. Okay. Oh, yeah. Thank you. Do I pay you? I pay money. 500. Yeah. Oh here life.

Life vest. Okay. Okay. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. That's for you. No change.

You keep, okay? You keep tip, okay? Change, change. No, no change. No change. This for you.That was really good. Thank you. Thank You so much. All right, I've got to go get my shoes. He was a crazy driver, but he's a. nice guy. He didn't even try to, like, get any more money out of me.

He's a good guy, man. We got some air. I don't know how it turns out on the camera, but we got some air on those are. Hey, we got some air on those those waves. He is crazy, but he's experienced.

So nice little adrenaline rush. All right, guys. Bye bye.

But he had my shoes on somewhere. But that was interesting. That was fun. Always nice to get a little bit of adrenaline flowing back through the body. I feel like when you're not in control of the jet ski, it's even more scary because you don't know what on earth is actually going to happen.

But everybody, I think I'm going to head back to my hotel, chill out for a bit, and we'll explore more of Cox's Bazar later on tonight or tomorrow morning. So, I'm going to finish up the view here, everybody. Here in Cox's Bazar, finally, everybody.

The world's longest natural sea beach and the fourth longest beach in the entire world. So thank you so much for watching the video. As always, chase your dreams and we'll see you all in the next one.


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