The Toured: The Other Side of Tourism in Barbados

The Toured:  The Other Side of Tourism in Barbados

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They tell us to play our part to a rhythm is our business, play our part and make a friend for part of this today. All know this is what I'm doing. Well, everybody has to play a role in the island because everybody wants their dealing with tourists. You have to play a role because your voice has to change. Your attitude towards tourists have to change. Your way of being have to change. Well, of course, we all know that tourism is our main industry in Barbados. So, therefore, we must keep the tourist coming.

Now, for one thing, you must be polite at all times. In this always we are smiling. The outward expansion of European colonialism reached the Caribbean Sea in the 15th century.

The Spanish, Portuguese, British, French and Dutch fought bitterly in the race to exploit the island's resources. By the mid-17th century, Sugarcane agriculture was the major industry in the Caribbean. Some 15 million West Africans had been enslaved and shipped to the islands to work the cane fields to provide sugar for the tea tables of Europe. During the 1800s, slavery became less profitable and an island after island slaves won their freedom. However, much of their own African tribal cultures had already been lost. In the small English colony of Barbados, many of the white plant or family stayed on after emancipation.

They owned nearly all the arable land and freed slaves had little alternative to the cane fields. Colonial patterns of social and economic exploitation continued. In the 1950s, Barbados and other Caribbean countries began to develop tourism as an alternative to sugarcane agriculture. Like sugar, tourism was controlled by a wealthy few, and the lives of most Barbadians must accommodate more and more to the tourism industry. I hope you enjoyed this video! It's very hard making a living on the beach and my friend.

Nowadays, you know, just like how you have a normal day and think I come on the beach and try to get customer, you know, with the people, introduce myself, my jewelry, which is all locally made by Marvellous Marvin. Yeah, and then I come and I try to sell you as much as I can, you know, if possible, the whole company, you know. Or if you don't want to buy the company, you can buy at least a piece of it, you know. So that means you have something invested in Marvellous. So anytime you want to come back to Marvellous, and enjoy yourself, you know, you have a little investment down here with Marvellous Marvin, beach mark.

I mean, like, no things with all that much right, as how we would like it to be. It is good, but you know, we would like it to be a little bit better. Business is slow, but, you know, you try to meet the worst of the best. When it's good, you make it when it's bad.

We make it because it cannot always be good, not it cannot always be bad. You understand? I enjoy it a lot because, you know, you meet different people. But, you know, like, wherever you go, you meet people, good, you meet somebody. You know, wherever you go. No, we were here last year, but we didn't like our hotel as much last year.

So we came here. It's nice here. Yeah, I think this is the nice hotel on the island.

So elegant. And the people are nice. I'm going to go look at it and have it in the middle.

See how I look. Is that nice on it? Yeah, I think it does. I make it. You do it? Yeah. I want to be remain my own boss. Self-employee.

If I'm not here at home, self-employee. My own boss. Don't understand? How about go up to your room and get some money? No problem? Okay, you can take it with you. No problem? Okay.

All right. The husband likes to hurt you, but I need to stop. Okay. I'll be right back.

Okay, there. Oh, my God. You got to say it. Sure.

Too happy? Yes. Whether it was or not, always happy. Always.

Always. Yeah. Even if I'm not happy, I won't show you it. I won't show my customers. You get one of me. I always give you the impression.

I'm happy, even if I'm not. I don't show it. I'll always show it. I'll always show it.

It's better. You've been hard work to do that? Not really. Because you don't know what you're saying. I won't show you what you're saying.

I'm a range of warden. I'm a range of on the beach. And I'm a warden when I work in the parks and public gardens. But on the beach, my job, specifically, is dealing with vendors. Supervision and a regulation of vendors.

And making sure like, there's no harassment. There's no soliciting, that kind of stuff. That's basically my job. I feel the little man on the beach needs to be consulted more. Or what is to be done on the beach.

I feel laws are being made and being passed. Regulations and all kinds of standards are being made without the consult. But the small man, or what we like to call the beach bar, must be me, should be some kind of technified phrase, because these guys make a lot of money.

They earn a lot of foreign exchange. They help in this country. And they earn this work in me. And you'll proceed towards all of reality in a little rum shop, drinking, and socializing with bad billions. And being of what we call the cohesion persuasion, you kind of like to persuade your influences on the average bar billion. And you find bar billion is a dot in these styles of living.

What you call monkey sea monkey do. You understand? It is a strong influence because this country is becoming more marginalized, more commercialized. They go a lot for pop music or just kind of thing.

So you find these habits are picked up. And you find a slow, but steady deterioration in the social or call the average morals of the people. So I find that this fast over turn of thing, and I've got some great diverse side effects. You know, it's all in the interest of making money. So you got to be at and see. I will call myself a barman, a professional barman.

How long have you been here? 20 or 20 years. What's your day life? The first day I'd do a second Mara, then I'd already stop, and I'd get ready to serve. Come on. Hang on. You said a book about a book I've never considered.

And it will look to the public over there, or the world. That the bar billion has done well in hotels. But I know this. It's only the owners of the hotel. I'm certain management. But the average staff, I think, is tougher now than to say 20 years ago.

Some hotels have charged as much as 700 US dollars a day. I mean, to compare this barman only gets about 210 dollars per week. I mean, which is crazy. I mean, it makes us feel very bad about that. So that's why I say things is very bad for the future, for bar billion, the average bar billion worker.

But I could advise most of the youngsters not to put their mind on it. But I get to learn what will be for everyone. Why is that? I guess I know people, and I won't say no to them. What? I act to suit them. You know, the hardest thing to know people. And once you know people, you should be able to work with them, according to this type of job that I'm good.

Excuse me, you want to go down the cave? It's a total of the person. I give you a guide. When you go down the way. If you have to live your head, you probably won't. First of all, okay? You don't need your sunglasses. All right? Okay.

Enjoy yourself. Be good. Can't be good, be bad and enjoy. Myself, my other two brothers, they're the business orientated types. I'm more like the cave man, you know? I look after, make sure people don't get out of the line, that kind of stuff.

If they do, I throw them over the cliff. Enjoy that. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Sometimes you get some real obnoxious people coming up here. They know better than you do, although you live in the island and although you know the people, you know the cave, and you also have people coming up here trying to disrupt, like with the animals. Try to grab the animals, scared the animals.

I don't like that. I don't like how people carry themselves in some respects. Excuse me. Please don't do that.

Because they would know, mother would smell you and reject her. Go back there. Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Yeah. I know. They're wonders. Hey, you.

Go back there. Thank you. It's mommy. Yeah, you know. I'm trying to persuade it. Not so.

Yes, sir. Okay. This was started 15 years ago, my father. He just decided to start in.

Since then, we've been collecting carrots, check, money, credit cards, business cards, ID cards, rent abroad carrots. I know that. Pictures.

All right. We got two boxes coming up. Usually, some Lawrence Williams store company.

He's the only one that really comes up to us. And has been doing so for the last 20 years. We also get once in a while. Some tour buses from sunset crests with a German people coming up.

But apart from that, the tour buses do not like to come up to us. They say it's too far. And they have to spend a little bit more money on the ass. And that. So we're trying to invent something to get them down here. But who knows? We'll just have to wait and see what happens next year.

I was seven to three years. Thirty to three years. I come and I'm happy with my mother.

So that's what I think I'm going to happen here. So I'm going to stand with you. I think I might step after. You know, we have a lot of family around here with you. Hmm? Yes.

Of course, I'm going to have four dollars. Did you take care of them yourself? Did you raise them? No, I raise all of my staff. Yes, I raise all of my kids to my staff. I have no person to help my raise.

I raise all of my husband. Yeah. He's dead now. This is five years ago. Let me try the movie one. Okay.

You're not going to show my time. Okay. I think that's better.

That's better. Yeah. Tie it off.

No, no, no, no, no. Let me show you. Just a little bit more. I think that's better. Please show him.

Oh, I see. So like that means, right, tie it. I'll walk away with it.

That's all. May I leave it? Yeah. I just, well, I was looking for something to cover me up. I'm just a little tighter. Okay. You do your tie.

Right? You hold this. You do your tie. I can do your tie.

Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you. Well, those people that walks up and on the beach, they don't have no license.

They don't pay any taxes. They don't pay any taxes every year. What do you think about that? I think that's not fair. By the way, I see that we pay taxes. And then it's not paying nine. Some days we can't start a shirt.

We can't sell a dress. We have to pay taxes. That looks nice. I don't believe he's doing this.

Why aren't we going to be leaving a seal? I don't believe I see it. How does it look? It doesn't look, we just go around. Oh, you've got about it. She went around. Thank you so much.

She won't cook that. You have to hurry up ahead. What are you doing here? Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Do you know those people too? Some of them, most of them. You must come to the best of us. You must come to the best of us.

In the worst? You're quite the English man, but you're not good enough. Again, the same side. Yes, I'll go to the same side. No, I'm gonna drive that flat on here.

Well, then I thought that's not... Well, then I, you know, that's not the same amount. Let me give you $12, and you give me... Then we won't die. And we'll be 15.

Wrap it up, but this is worth more than that. No, but this is for this end. This end.

This is all about 50. And by the way, I mean, about 50, your money is just 12 dollars. This is 10. It's 20, I can count. 20, 20, 24. What am I gonna do with this? What am I gonna do with this? What am I gonna do with this? This is this spade, this went on the pool.

This is going on the pool. This went on the pool. This went on the pool. 344 00:19:46,630 --> 00:19:46,566 This went on the pool.

This went on the pool. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Bashibe is very quiet. It's beautiful. It's beautiful.

And most of the tourists think also that it is beautiful. Because it's so natural, right? There's not many buildings that the development is going up. Perfect. For my kid, I always love water.

So, and then some dice turned me onto a surfboard, and from then I was into surfing, right? Then I thought, this guy, Mickey. When he was a kid, I gave him my board, 10 left. Coming going to water. Now he's one of top surfers. On that, the rest course is built up with so many hotels.

And hotels here, hotels there. On that side, you find it, it's so much competition. Not only with the hotels, but with the water, the water skis operate, everything. It's so much competition that the tourists don't really have room. And even, like, if somebody comes into a hotel tonight, everything is already booked up for them. You know, like, they might want to come down and go around on their own, but the hotel has all their schedules, like tomorrow, we're going to island tour, the next day we're going to Jolly Rogers.

I can find that there's some tourists who don't like to be with tourists. Because they'll find that if they come here and they hang with tourists, it's like they're not on holiday. I go to them and they said, excuse me, would you like to try some surfing? Have you ever been surfing before, right? They might go, no, no, I never served before. But, you know, some guys go, yeah, I like to try it. So, I take them out. Yeah, sometimes I send them beside them.

And I go out and they send them off, you know, like, don't only board for us, that'll get a feel of the board. And then I explain to them what they have to do. Every day is not really that, that I'd get for surfing, or, you know, people only beach. So what we do, like, something we think, I'm a painter. In houses, I do construction work.

I do a bit of landscaping, whatever. But I enjoy being on the beach mostly. Across the country. It's an even the break we're head to in the sun. Brandon, Brandon, it's a careful. Yeah, that's the left way.

It's a left. Yeah, it's the left. It's a long way. It's a long way. No, I regret it.

So if you want that, you can go down. Good. It's good. But, you know, you've got to learn to live with everybody. That's why I do myself.

You know, I try to live with everybody. You know, because it's really, because I find that I'm really tourists. It's a lot of help to the island. So I always try my best to do, to help them out.

If they need anything, or they need some, you know, if they need any instructions on anything, I give it to them. Come right over and have a look. There's no charge for looking. Do I do me? So long right over.

Check out the light stuff. That's especially nice to talk to you for you. Count the bad boyly boy. You get the bad boy here.

Yeah, you're going to hold the way you choose from. Check out the radiation corral. Beautiful, I think.

Yeah. I mean, not too expensive. Ask the flower corral. You buy one. You get the other one cheap. I'll give you three.

Give me three. Give me three dollars. Can I give you back? Three. Well, I'm a car vendor. I deal with the tourists.

I normally walk from one point from the hotel to hotel. And I ask the children to like to have a look at this stuff. And you know, it's really smile. You say, okay, well, hello. How are you today? And you're going to choose to start the tour.

So when you get into a conversation with you before, you even show them your stuff. Then it's the conversation goes on. You know, you say, well, I have some corral or necklaces or whatever you're selling. The most important thing is to get a little piece of money in your pocket. Because you must eat. You know, and you must, well, I personally like to have a little drink.

You know, it's just something to support your habits. If you're not a licensed one, let me see if you don't have a license to sell on the beach. You know, you get houses from the police, you know, the guards and the certain areas that you can go into. No, that's bad. I mean, if you were harassing the tours or, you know, making a fuss around the place or, you know, argument with someone around the place and the tours of the room, I could understand that.

But it felt like you're trying to make an honest dollar. Is that what you call that man? It's bad. Most of the people that works at the hotels are black people.

You know, because they're good cups and friendly people. I mean, the government, the government gets mostly the money anyway. I mean, it's just, it's just a job. Right, the people that have to do.

I mean, because I mean, on employment in Barbados, it's raising. They say, it's either the tours or the show. And most of the people don't want to go back to the fields. Oh, you're good. You're good. You're good.

You're good. You're good. You're good. You're pretty good. You're a hero, pal. You're a usual.

You're nice. You're nice. And Santa's first. I'm over there. You're nice, pal.

The people I get to meet, and I have quite a few repeat. And they're, all my friends and they make it really easy to work here. All right. Yeah. Do they tip you or you just get the service tax? Well, sometimes they do, but a smile is making people happy, is work more, more than a smile than a tip to me.

So whether they do it monetarily, why is I really doing mine? I guess like to make people happy and I found out that many people happy, I'm not doing good job. Sometimes teaching can get so hectic. So many questions all at once. But all these children want is information and it's my duty to give them, just like sometimes visitors have all sorts of questions. Don't get flustered. They're only asking because they don't know, are they not clear? And it will only take you a few minutes to answer.

These children are important to me and so is tourism. It should be for you too. Tourism is our business. Let's play our part. Well, the government, they say that tourism is our main industry.

Sugar can is making a big lot of money. We depend on the tourist a lot. So obviously they're going to try to make the people, you know, like that was the tourist. Right? When they come, always be nice, polite.

Did you know that when they sell Barbados as a destination, they say that we've got the warmest welcome in the Caribbean? Well, they do. And you know what? We ought to help them keep that promise. Let's show how warm we are as the people to ourselves and to our people. Tourism is our business. Let's play our part. But there's a belief that black people or black men that have bigger organs, sex organs than white men.

And seeing that the girls, the metropolis cities are more sexually liberal, are more sexually active than car bingers to the lack of personality in the myth. You find that a lot of them in do come here for personal satisfaction. There are exhibitions where even rainiers were axed by girls to find them that are the rest of the man. They come to have a good time. And there's a surface provided here, really, by the beach funds. And Benjamin do pride themselves.

I don't know if it's just a promise. But most of the beach spreads there into hustling. They like the white girls a lot. You know, you might go up to a nice lady and you might like her and you might say, well, so what are you doing tonight? Or you're married or do you have a boyfriend? You know, and she might say, no, or she might say yes. You know, most of the beach bars doesn't take no for answer.

If the athletes have a good day going to get it. So the beach boys that go out with the tourist girls, what do they expect from the girls? Well, mostly, most of them. They look for a nice, comfortable room just leaving for one. For the girls to take them out the nice fancy places.

Maybe the sad table business by a boat. Most of the guys are in beach like this or anything. I heard this is the situation. This guy this is, well, I know personally.

He met this girl this morning. Now, after this was the Beijing girl, there wouldn't be so far as yet there wouldn't be hugging. And kissing her, what we call, smoothing her ready. Now, in a situation like this, she'd be probably, what I would say. I want to use a good word.

She'd be probably satisfied by tonight. You find this situation that tourist girls are easier to seduce than local girls. And the guys who are trying to prove their mind, they will come on the beach and they will find tourist girls. The guys will be nice to them. They will be very romantic.

And we're very loving and pleasing. But in the long run, there's a little respect. You find that after the girls leaves, the guys talk about them. They use phrases like rap, fake. And when we call it a court chart, a medicite, these kinds of phrases towards these girls, and they talk about it. They will come, you will find a guy who might be like in a girl in this particular hotel.

She will feel that she will trust him. Where should I find something where you're all alone? Where you tourist, you're very trusting. And when she is gone, she will discuss everything.

Every detail I watched, she did and watched, she haven't done. But the guys, best to me is very, very, very, very distressed for me. The thing is about the whole thing.

You've got to have a heart. You've got to think for yourself. And these guys, some of these guys just don't do that. All you think is, okay, give me your money. Then you grab it. Some girls come looking exactly for a mission.

No, a big dick. And that's for me, it's disgusting. That's the reason.

Some of the thing here are studs. You're open services. But too bad. But I can't, I personally can't hold that.

That's the way I see it. I'm not really sure who's taking advantage of whom. Whether it's tourist taking advantage of the locals who are performing certain services or the other way around. But of course those of us who visit here come out ahead because we get to go home to a good job. And we don't have to stay here. The Italian word is jiggleau.

It's not always that, but I think often it is. How much effects do you think it's actually involved in this? Well, I don't think there's too much because most of these tourist girls that come to Barbados, all women as I would say. They're just coming here to have a good time. You know, go home a little bit of fun.

And they go back to their work. If one is performing services for a fee, it is very important not to get to a knee-breathing. On a regular basis. There's one may find that the service cannot be rendered. This woman is the one that works. You can't do a leverage on that.

Well, I think it's fairly common knowledge that alcoholism leads to impotence. And if one is expecting fee for service and is unable to deliver, then it puts a person in an awkward position of just being a beggar. Definitely not disappointed at all because everything I wanted to be, that's pretty true. Oh, it's been delightful. This is paradise.

Get away from it all. No telephones, no TV. And just reset back and relax and do what you want to. Absolutely so good. People, the food, the sun, the swimming, the way I live, no telephones, the run.

And the run. Yeah. Yeah.

Thank you.

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