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foreign [Music] you feel right [Music] good morning everyone here from the island of fernandoji noranya in Brazil widely regarded as the most beautiful island in Brazil and also the most expensive place to travel in Brazil if you look on the map of Brazil you won't even be able to see the island because it's so small but I'll be able to show you the location right now so to get here we flew from Rio to a city called hesifi and then from there we got on a quick flight to the island so the main reason that it's so expensive to travel here is because you have to pay a lot of fees so I have some of them here on my phone and there's a national park fee that's 179 hey eyes for Brazilians and 358 AIS for foreigners and there's another fee that you have to pay which is a environmental preservation fee and that's 92 Hayes and 89 centavos per day but you have to pay that every day so yeah the longer you stay in the more you're going to be spending and the apartment that we're staying in is 415 hairs which is actually a great price Carol got a really good deal a lot of the other places that she was looking at that are like this were way more expensive so we got this nice kitchen area we're also with Carol's brother so yeah splitting the cost with him so he's sleeping in this bed and then this is our bedroom nice big bed got the AC it's absolutely roasting got a TV too and yeah we've only got one bathroom so we all have to share this bathroom so this food that you see here we actually brought it from Rio we didn't get it on the island and that's because the food in the supermarkets are all really expensive because nothing's produced on this island so yeah it's probably best to bring your own food that's a lot cheaper from the mainland if you want to save money and we're going to be heading out now we're going to do a boat trip first but we're going to be here for multiple days so yeah we're going to be exploring the entire Island [Music] thank you [Music] so this is I guess this is the main port on the island all the boats are here how much is the store 200 Hayes per person per person yeah and it's a few hours isn't it yeah four hours oh really overall the water is looking extra nice on the on this beach oh yeah Stingray I don't know if you can see it on the camera you're gonna see a lot of stingrays around here [Music] thank you [Music] so the tour's been really good so far we even got to see a whale just now it's kind of far away but we could still see it clearly saw some Dolphins too so that's cool and now we're at a part of the island that's completely natural so there's no constructions at all there thank you Cliffs massive Cliffs everywhere that's why this island looks different to any Island that we've been to in Brazil before you usually don't get all these big Cliffs and the boat isn't too busy the guy told us on like busy days there's over 100 people there but today there's only like 40 people [Music] so we're now at the only stop that we're going to be doing to swim here it's at a place called prayer dos Sancho which is supposed to be the nicest beach on the island I think yeah yeah the next videos we'll go over there you can only access it by land you're gonna do some snorkeling yes I think this area here is very nice foreign [Music] it's free [Music] [Music] so we ended up getting on that bus there back to the main village where we're at right now it's actually my first time seeing it so yeah there's loads of restaurants is this the main road yes still very very quiet I was expecting it to be more lively but it's a very laid back place over here you got the taxi stand we actually went to the port beach with a taxi it was 25 a ice and the bus is just five pairs so a lot cheaper people get around in these little buggies have those in Rio too in some regions got another nice restaurant over there that's where we're heading now we're gonna head to a restaurant that's down here you can see the road to cobbled at this but like the old roads the first flight some sort of historic building not sure what it is though all right check out this cannon foreign [Music] says that it was constructed in 17 37. illustration of how it looked back then can certainly tell that it's all from the inside too so this island was actually uninhabited when the Portuguese came here probably because it's so far away from the coast didn't have an indigenous population like the majority of Brazil church right here bodies and it's so I think I think every Sunday after the people leave the meth they go to the samba oh really yeah go and party straight after church yeah right now nothing going on in there [Music] so we've come to this bar and restaurant called the dog's bar and it's overlooking a beach called the dog's Beach so probably head down there after we eat so I think me and Carol are gonna share the fish dish since I'm not that hungry because I'm not feeling well that comes with rice Peter what is Purell it's a Brazilian thing okay we'll see when it comes and far offer also a Brazilian thing so 120 for one person vegetarian yeah so this place is really expensive from Brazil not this bad the whole island because everything's imported here so you can see the beer is here it's like 22 hey guys Heineken yeah the cheapest one is a hamster even a soda though that's 14 too water 12. so this is the theater that we mentioned before it's pretty thick I thought it was like more water and there's a far offer that I liked the portions are not that big though these videos [Music] [Music] so we decided not to go to that beach near the bar we're going to add to another one called paraya that can't say itself and we just passed another Beach here called parallel which means the middle Beach so that was the beach that we could see before near the bar really beautiful beach though all the beaches seem beautiful on this island girl that's got to be one of the best backdrops we've ever seen yeah it's so soapy that's why this is one of the most famous Beach really amazing yeah that view I mean it's so unusual as well the shape so apparently in the past people used to go all the way to the top of that but I think one tourist did some graffiti and then they bend it can no longer do it so we ended up getting a umbrella yes to the Epic Brazil flag what have you got there okay beating it it's a different one though isn't it the way they've done it um that they they used it it's called pitu ah so that is still kashasa yeah I thought it was something else no it's just a different type of I prefer with cincuente but I I think the brand yeah only the P2 one which is stronger so strong drink how much was that 35 years okay the Heineken 20 her eyes right funny though like a coconut is more expensive than all the alcohol 25 years I guess they don't have that many coconuts on this island or something it must be important to be that right yeah probably yeah if it's more expensive than ever foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] watch out so even here there's a mini Stingray swimming around us gotta watch out where you're standing here people say to walk like doing a shuffle it's like a shuffle I don't know like spin your feet should uh wait we have to wear the like water shoes we actually bought it for the first time so we have water shoes but we forgot at the hotel tomorrow but tomorrow we're gonna wear the water shoes so I mentioned on the boat tour that it was a big section that looked untouched with no buildings and actually 70 of this island is a protected area like a national park so 70 of the island is untouched overall only a small part the people live on so it's expensive the fees but everything looks pretty much like spotless yes like yeah making it look beautiful and not with big buildings and big hotels so that's nice [Music] universe [Music] I feel like [Music] you feel like [Music] so we're just going on a quick walk before the sun goes down to the end of the beach mainly just to get close to the Big Rock Mountain thing the people that used to climb that must have got some amazing panoramic views of the Island from up there and back on the hillside there there's a hotel and the guy on the boat says that it's like 6 000 hey eyes per night so stay there in that hotel looks like we might get a pretty good sunset today so we might stick around on this beach until the sun goes down trampled too long right now foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] [Laughter] [Music] information [Music] [Music] so that's gonna be it for the first video we do plan on making two more videos here on the island because there's a lot more to see and just to mention some other transport costs if you rent one of those bulgaris the beach buggies it's around 400 Hayes per day so I think that's around 80 so also for Brazil that is quite expensive because when we were looking at car rentals in Rio it was like 15 a day and uh yeah that's like eighty dollars for the beach buggy or you can get like a motorbike and I think that's a 180 so that is cheaper but obviously only two people so we're probably gonna rent a beach buggy in one of the videos and crew is around the island that way and we have seen a lot of Europeans there saw a lot of French and Italians so for them it won't be expensive compared to their countries but compared to the costs of other places in Brazil it's definitely the most expensive one that we've been so far but yeah it just looks like a really amazing Island so stick around for the next videos from here if you want to see more from Fernando junoraya drop a like to support us subscribe to see more videos and we'll see in the next ones [Music] thank you [Music]

2023-09-03 23:56

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