THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PROVINCE IN THAILAND. Why is no one talking about this place?

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PROVINCE IN THAILAND. Why is no one talking about this place?

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Hello guys Today we are going to one of the most beautiful provinces in Thailand, Phanganga. The most convenient option to get here is to fly to Phuket and rent a car. The car will allow you to leisurely visit all the interesting places in the province.

The first of them will be waiting immediately at the exit from Phuket. Now this bridge is a tourist attraction, but until 2000 it was the only land route connecting Phuket with the mainland. Here you can always meet local fishermen and tourists from all over Thailand. And as always, the locals are very friendly and smiling.

This place has a sad legend based on real events. The legend of two lovers, Thai Romeo and Juliet. A poor boy and a girl from a rich family fell in love.

But the father of the bride forbade them to see each other. And then the lovers jumped off the bridge... Phang Nga is considered the most picturesque of the 75 provinces of the Thai state.

The southern and western parts are very popular tourist destinations with excellent developed infrastructure. Nature reserves, national parks and jungles occupy the rest of the territory. A distinctive feature of this beach is the pier of the same name. Unfortunately, the pier is dilapidated and local authorities are thinking about deconstructing it.

It's wave season. Almost all beaches in western Thailand have high waves. The pier offers magnificent views of the sea and the beach. And of course this place is popular with fish. King of fruits Durian.

The pier is really in need of repair. Here you will not meet crowds of tourists even in the high season, as is usual in Phuket. Scenic spots are found everywhere.

This is a wonderful quiet place on the way to Khao Lak. Which we will visit a little later. There are a couple of food stalls. There are also free tables in the shade of casuarina trees. As on the previous beach, there are no sunbeds. If you want to eat at this place you will have to clean up after yourself or a 200 baht fine.

This hut made of bamboo and palm leaves is a local analogue of a sunbed. This endless beach with a small number of people fascinates with its atmosphere. And in the high season the sea is very calm here. In addition to the beauty in Phang Nga, there are many seafood farms.

Oxygen generators or oxygen turbines. Their main task is to enrich the water with oxygen. What Phang Nga is famous for is the stunning mountains. To the foot of one of these we are heading.

This is a cave with cave paintings made in the 1800s. The cave itself is located in a picturesque place on the bank of a small pond, and stalactites hang from its ceiling. This is the only way to the cave between the lake and the mountains. Sometimes a flock of wild monkeys can block it.

The color of this place is worth visiting this place. As in any place of cultural significance, there is an image of the Buddha here. Presumably, birds and flowers, symbolizing the sky, are depicted in these paintings. You can also see a person personifying life on earth, and, finally, images of monsters inhabiting hell. The stick is needed in case you encounter monkeys on the way back. As a rule, it is not necessary to use it for its intended purpose, it is enough just to hold it in your hands.

Mueang Phang Nga is the provincial capital. This city has all the infrastructure for everyday life. Those very picturesque mountains surround the city, so you can see them wherever you look. Here you can find everything you need. Cafes.

The shops. And of course the mountains. Laundry. We talked a lot about the mountains, it's time to take a closer look at them.

In 1981, Phang Nga received the title of the second largest national park in Thailand Most of it is located in the waters of Phang Nga Bay. The main highlight of the bay are karst deposits and 42 limestone islands of various sizes. Of course, the most stunning views of this beauty open from the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint. By the way, you can't go up to view point in your car.

There is a special transport for this, a ticket for which is bought below. Ticket price, 30 baht per person if you go on foot, nd 90 baht per person by tuk tuk. There are usually no people who want to climb on foot, and now it will become clear why. Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the world, which got its name from the village in which it's located, in the mountains away from city life.

A magnificent view of all the beauties of the national park opens from here from a height of more than 500 meters. On the western side, we see the ocean and the islands along the horizon. On the east side, we see green fields, hills and rivers that seem to stretch for miles. Until recently, almost no one knew about this viewpoint, until a local photographer accidentally discovered a wonderful photo spot and shared his pictures on social networks.

And it all started: viewpoints, cafes, photo zones, hotels, and as a result we got a cult place among tourists. Here you can also spend the night in a tent. If you are ready to sacrifice the conditions of an overnight stay for the sake of a breathtaking dawn, you are welcome. Not many restaurants in the provincial capital are open until late, this restaurant closes at 11pm. These are not all of its benefits. The main charm is that it is completely built on the lake.

Some tables are right above the water. It is worth worrying about small items in pockets. Also, the prices here are very reasonable. Watermelon smoothie 50 baht. Pineapple fried rice 120 baht (~4$). James Bond Island Monument.

Since the popularity of Koh Tapu has boosted tourism in the province, it is not surprising that the island is recreated in miniature in the middle of the city. The park is so big that people move around it by car. Here you can walk around the picturesque lake. It is also a great place to walk with children. Firstly, there lives a flock of monkeys accustomed to people. But as always, personal belongings should not be left unattended.

Secondly, here you can walk through the caves. Specifically, we will not go to this one because there is nothing to feed the monkeys. This is what the exit from the previous cave looks like. The caves don't end there. There is another one a little further on.

If you go further, the exit will be in a completely different place. Sheer cliffs inside resemble an AVATAR. And another unusual place is the road under the rock.

Behind the rock there is a small path that leads to the exit of the cave in which we were. And here he is. Wat Suwan Kuha is a surprising cave sheltering an immense reclining golden Buddha. This temple is very popular among tourists. There are always a lot of people here. At the entrance they sell food and snacks that can be fed to local birds and monkeys.

All local animals have long been accustomed to people, and they can be fed directly from hands. The entrance fee is 20 baht per person and 20 baht for a cape if you came in a short skirt or shorts. If after going to the temple you still have food left, chipmunks live outside, you can also feed them. Tham Phung Chang or Elephant Mountain. A cave called Elephant's Stomach is located inside this mountain.

It attracts tourists from all over the world. Monkeys, there is another way. This is not the Elephant's Stomach, but a small cave nearby. Entering the Elephant's Stomach is not so easy. It is completely dark here, if you are careful you can find various figurines in the walls. And that's what we're here for. Elephant Stomach.

To visit the cave you need to buy an excursion on a rubber boat. 500 baht per person The walk inside the cave will take approximately one hour. And the Elephant's Stomach holds 10,000 people.

In fact, the monkeys living nearby are harmless enough, but these bandits are constantly robbing offerings. Near this mountain looks just colossal. ATTENTION! All the faint of heart, skip to 47:02. Wat Tham Ta Pan or as it is also called the Temple of Hell and Heaven. Buddhist Hell.

A visit to Wat Tham Ta Pan can be a really scary experience, so it isn't recommended for young children. Rushing to KHAO LAK. Suddenly I felt like attending a Thai wedding.

The wedding is celebrated in a big way. Live band performing. Unfortunately, the bride and groom could not be seen. The police blocked two lanes of traffic so that the guests did not worry about anything. Khao Lak is the tourist center of Phang Nga province. But first things first. The beach is famous for its photogenic lighthouse almost right next to the shore.

There are noticeably more tourists on the beaches of Khao Lak than in the center of the province. Now the tide is low, a great time to visit the lighthouse. The singing of the cicadas is so strong that it drowns out the sound of the sea. With such strong waves, only surfers dare to get into the water. The coast of this beach suffers greatly from the waves. Hotels located on the shore of this beach reinforce the coastline with huge boulders and retaining walls.

Rock Beach is located between White Sand Beach and Pak Weep Beach. Look for The Rock Bar to find the way to it. The five-star Robinson Club Khao Lak hotel is located along the entire coast. Unexpectedly, there are more people here than on all previous beaches. Time is approaching sunset, it is worth returning to Nang Thong Beach. Many tourists and locals come for an evening beach walk when it's not so hot.

About hotels in Khao Lak. Many hotels look not bad enough. Although some hotels are less fortunate. Hotels on the first line always win. With bars, too, everything is OK, a bar or café can be found for every taste.

All tourist infrastructure is also available, tattoo, barbershop, massage... The central road passes through the whole city. On both sides there are also hotels, guesthouses, cafes, bars, shops... For sports enthusiasts, there is a huge jogging track around the lake. Phang Nga has a huge number of waterfalls. The paths to some of them are very picturesque.

Most waterfalls only look full during the rainy season. To the next waterfall. As with the previous waterfall, the depth is not deep enough to swim.

This waterfall is always full, although the flow slows down a bit during the dry season. And here is where to cool off. Although this waterfall is easily accessible from Phuket, it is not included in any tour.

Because of this, there are not many tourists here. If you return to Phuket at the end of the working day, a traffic jam is guaranteed everywhere. And the reason for this is the police post at the entrance to the island.

Therefore, I advise you to always have a valid driver's license.

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