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[Music] thank you [Music] good morning everyone today we are on the east coast of Taiwan we just arrived here a few hours ago so we came from Taipei we got a train from Taipei to a place called hualin not sure if that's how you pronounce it that was around 14 and we also got this rental car here which is 45 US Dollars we just got that now so that's for two days and we're in taroko National Park look at this already super beautiful the color of the water here I think that's called the Liu River so we're going to be here for two days overall we're gonna visit some easier locations today and then tomorrow we're gonna do a pretty hardcore hike so it's gonna be awesome and the park is actually free to enter so you don't have to pay anything at all to be here [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] so there's multiple different points where you can stop it's pretty much just one road and yeah just loads of different areas viewpoints this seems to be like the old bridge I guess closed off there for vehicles that's the new big modern one the tunnels are cool though you're just constantly going through these tunnels everywhere another viewing Decker how beautiful I bet that's freezing cold right now in the winter man it's so freezing today the wind is very cold like an icy cold wind yeah the coldest day in Taiwan so far so this is interesting here it's saying that all this is marble now but it says that it used to be Coral millions of years ago which eventually turned into limestone and then over time with the effects of the movement of the South China tectonic plate it metamorphosed into marble right now so I think this area has a lot of like earthquake activity yeah [Music] yeah at an earthquake yeah we left our building yeah we left our building and I think it was a minor one but the center of it was here in this region so that's why it wasn't so so yeah apparently it's pretty common around here and that's how this was formed in the first place foreign [Music] bridges that are in this park I think there's usually a waterfall here there was a photo back there showing a waterfall it's completely dry right now but when we drove around in the car we could see some other waterfalls coming down the mountain so hopefully we'll be able to see one in this video I got a really nice open view of the River from this one you can see that it says here to not enter without a permit so there are some trails around here where you have to apply for a permit so the one that we're doing tomorrow we had to get a permit it's said to apply months earlier so we didn't think we were going to have time we only applied two days before but yeah they approved it like yesterday so we're gonna be able to do it certainly uh awesome National Park so the moment you enter it already looks like this everywhere [Music] thank you so we've now come to the little village that's inside the park I think it's called Chiang Xiang a little doggo nice and fairy that is warm and we're looking for some food to get warm some soup would go down nice right now so just like many of the places in Taiwan you got this kind of menu where you just mark on what you want to eat I think I'm gonna get beef soup noodles 130 and I'll probably get some dumplings as well for a hundred and they got vegetarian options for Carol yeah so they didn't have the dumplings but the soup is really big so I'm happy and beef noodle soup is one of the main dishes in Taiwan and college has got vegetable noodles you know how much that one was no not sure it's too hungry to think about the price yeah the the beef piece is a huge big chunky beef yep once again absolutely delicious very good so we ended up stopping at this other place because I'm gonna get two of these sausages here junky sausages there we go I think that's mine thank you so this was a hundred for two overall still a bit hot to eat though and we just noticed that there seems to be a temple up on that Hill there you can see the Pagoda so I think we're gonna go out there and check it out man I had to hide my sausages but they were about to attack you and everybody was shouting something Chinese food I think they can smell my sausages so these monkeys are attacking everybody that's one angry monkey so there were literally people trying to pass the bridge and they were grabbing on them angry monkeys [Music] thank you [Music] so that's the big statue that we could see from the bottom which I think is guanyin the Chinese goddess get some great reviews from up here too of the village so really it's just a tiny little village just those set of buildings right there and we only just noticed now that there's a hotel there where the rooftop seems to have a tennis court too I think you were checking some places here within the park to stay yeah so I think I saw two different hotels but they were very expensive fancy hotels yeah I think more than 200 per day yeah I bet that one is I mean rooftop pool get all this is your view it's probably worth it though I think the pagodas must be on the top I can't see them from here well we've been walking up a lot of steps lately here in Taiwan every single day all right there it is huge Pagoda I don't think you can climb to the top of it by the looks of it nobody here at all so the rest you're just not allowed to go up I don't think both sides are closed off [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] so it's the next morning and now we're doing the main trail that we really wanted to do here it's called The jaelu Historic Trail Old Trail and I think it's around three kilometers overall apparently the first two kilometers is just constantly uphill and for this one we had to pay a bit extra so the ticket office was back there and it's 200 per person for adults I think it's a hundred for children and once again we're going across another one of the suspension bridges and still looks extra beautiful here there's also another Bridge all the way up there I don't know if we're going across that Carol's got a nice style going on so we'll let you know how long it's going to take we saw that people did it in four hours some other six hours I guess it just depends on the person it's about 8 A.M right now so yeah we'll see and this is the trail that you need a permit for so you have to apply online they only let 96 people in here a day I think on the weekends they let 156 people but today will only be 96 because we're on a weekday foreign [Music] one kilometer it is just constantly uphill like it said online it's just loads of steps the nature is absolutely amazing these kind of plants are everywhere Trail based unsteady proceed carefully the Trail's actually been pretty fine though I mean there's a few rocks scattered around but yeah no problem at all so some amazing for views already top of this rock here check it out I've actually come higher than that that suspension bridge the high one so I don't think we are crossing it still in the clouds today still not a sunny day a bit clearer than yesterday though so even up here on the Mountainside we have the cherry blossoms just to make it even more beautiful oh we saw loads of in Taipei so this part with the cherry blossoms was actually an old taroko tribe Village called badagang so we did notice we went through like some big Gateway there some pillars you can actually see the base here of where some buildings would have been up there as well you can see some walls here too this would have probably been uh building there's actually a photo here so you can see that there was a proper building where we stood that was during the Japanese Colonial period a police station up here oh foreign [Music] so we're now at 2.4 kilometers and I think this is the part where the trail gets exciting yeah more dangerous how about both yeah so this is the part that you see in the pictures now while you're really on the cliff Edge so yeah you don't want to be falling down there I think it gets even more sketchier later on oh cool check out the little tunnel too didn't know that there would be tunnels around here even up here not only on the roads so regarding this Historic Trail it was actually originally made by the indigenous people here I think they were called the turoku the people that would live around here in the early 1800s and they use it for uh hunting like a hunting pathway I guess there'd be some other kind of animals at this altitude for them to come all the way up here whoa and we just look wet now look at that crazy oh yeah there so probably in the rain season you'll see water coming down here in loads of different places and then back there I mentioned the little Japanese police station so during the colonial period the Japanese needed a road to carry around artillery things like that and they found out about this road so that's why they started using it and that's why they had a police station man look at this though this is absolutely nuts the river all the way down there so how long did it take to get here well now we're in 20 minutes one hour 20 minutes okay I'll probably take us about four hours if we take it easy maybe only three hours it'll be a quicker going down [Music] thank you [Music] so apparently During the period where the tribes would use this as a pathway there was many parts that were just 30 centimeters wide which I guess they won't let you track on it right now if it was only that wide but according to what we read the this area is 90 centimeters which still isn't a lot no yeah but it's better than 30 centimeters look at the width here yeah this might be the 90 centimeter part oh man so so high yeah think of this thinner part I'm gonna start holding on now stay closer to the rocks oh look at that ledge there [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay go thank you [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah it is but what I don't know it's a lot that's a lot of poop over there too oh yeah maybe because of the shelter this rock it's almost like a little cave I don't know what animal that is though it's not that small it's a lot though Jesus it has um food poisoning yeah so the long thin area is a lot longer than I thought I thought it was just like a quick part that was that thin there was even signs there saying watch out for the snakes imagine you see a snake and you're on this Cliff Edge Jesus Christ yeah you gotta stay close to the Rocks but at the same time be watch out for the the snakes or the other animals is this the end yes I think this is the end what's it saying here this should be uh now to post the Japanese Colonial period oh like a military Outpost area here for the hikers to rest [Music] foreign [Music] so that trail took us three and a half hours overall to get back so yeah a lot less time than what we were planning and expecting we weren't doing it in a rush either we even stopped to fly the Drone take pictures and stuff but yeah it just took us that long and a lot of people consider that to be the best Cliff Trail in East Asia and you'll see the signs there saying that so I think it's definitely probably one of the best and now we come to an amazing spot which is one of like the iconic images of taroko the shrine over there and it's also a temple up there that you can visit but I think we'll walk over to that Shrine so here it says the Eternal Spring train 1960. yeah mountains and temples really go together so nicely and especially with a river and a waterfall so can't wait to see it up close and apparently it's rain is dedicated to the oh the the highway here so once again another tunnel to enter this place so we didn't even know that all those people died building this place I suppose looking at the terrain that they had to build on and yeah all those years back with the working conditions and the equipment you can kind of imagine it now I guess so here's one of the waterfalls that we could see it's actually coming through the tunnel though that is clearly man-made right I don't know what's going on there maybe they divert at The Water Somewhere back there and here's the main waterfall that we could see loads of water all the other waterfalls that we've seen so far look so dried up we're not here what an amazing Shrine so I guess going other times of the year when it's raining more not the dry season this will be all full of water but right now it's only a little bit obviously foreign [Music] so we've now come to the coast I don't know if this is still part of taroko national park or if it's outside of it but the scenery still looks the same so still these massive mountains and look at this Coastline almost looks like Kawaii how I'd imagine Hawaii the Hawaii of Asia yeah this place is awesome we're just it just keeps getting better we are very surprised Taiwan overall Taiwan yeah everything is for organized and super beautiful we love it yeah a big variety of different cool things to see too so we saw these steps coming down we thought that we were going to be able to go on the beach on the sand but it comes down to another view deck even lower although it looks like the coastal views they're even better from here wow really nice Beach though all right it stretches all the way down there I thought it was just a little thought but so it's all the way down probably access it from over there then and what this part and we're actually staying on the beach around here our accommodation so after we finish up here on the coast I'll show you that [Music] foreign [Music] so we come a bit further down the coast now there's multiple places where you can stop so that's good and over here we have the train line so that's the same line that we actually came here on so we got some amazing views on the way here too although I didn't realize we came through this huge Mountainside here yeah the gorge was protecting us from all this wind wasn't it yeah now it's getting very cold because of the wind the wind is very strong probably like this all day we just didn't realize in there we're in the middle of the big mountains but we wanted to fly the Drone here but yeah it's not a good idea at all it's too strong some more awesome view decks well so way better of you man that blue really is intense I can't believe it's that color with no sun at all kind of crazy that the National Park is for free too you don't pay anything only if you're doing that Trek that we did so you get all this for free [Music] so this is the accommodation that we've been staying in it's called flour and green collection pretty interesting place I really like it though look at all the trees and plants everywhere even from here you can see the huge mountains in the background interesting style though it's like these wooden buildings scattered around we're in the one in the corner over there and I'll write down the price because I don't remember how much it is I think it was around 50 overall so this part here is just a shared area because there are other rooms in here so this is an all private it's not really like a proper kitchen you can't cook or anything yeah but they do have hot water here so being able to make tea or a coffee and the room is just a very simple one don't even have a TV or anything in here and the AC doesn't heat up either and it does get quite cold here at night but the blankets were pretty thick so it wasn't too bad to sleep and that's about it really the bathroom here Alicia have nice boiling hot water in the shower so that's good and right in front of our accommodation we just had this tiny little Trail here and this is where you come for the beach so this is called manbo Beach same color as the beach that we could see from the viewpoints it's like a gray color I guess not black well it's pretty big isn't it wide almost like those beaches in Iceland oh the huge ones yeah yeah I don't think I've seen this mixer of colors on uh any beach before gray sand turquoise water I bet it'd be pretty awesome here in the summer it does get super hot in Taiwan and I really thought about coming here for a Beach vacation but yeah it does look like there's some good beaches around here I think down the South there are more like tropical looking than around here and back there you got a big group on the ATVs you can do ATV tours around here our place has kayaks too obviously don't want to do that right now in the winter but be another cool thing to do when it's a bit hotter things as usual see them everywhere so the Viewpoint that we went to before was all the way down there about 20 minutes that way but as you can see here even going this way it's still the huge mountains everywhere [Music] foreign yeah you could actually swim in that I'm surprised how warm it is yeah somehow it's warm These Boots are waterproof by the way so it doesn't really matter oh that is nice and warm no way so that's it for this video we're just gonna head back to our accommodation now have a nice warm shower to warm up and then the next video we're going to be in another destination we're going to head to a place called calcium down south and yeah see how the south of Taiwan is as Carol mentioned we've just been really surprised overall by Taiwan it's definitely one of the most underrated countries that we've ever been to already if you watched our previous videos You'll see all the awesome places that we've been to so it's been a really nice surprise if you like this video just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe to see more videos like this follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we'll see in the next one [Music] thank you [Music]

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