The MONSTER of Loch Ness & Inverness City [UK Travel Vlog 9]

The MONSTER of Loch Ness & Inverness City  [UK Travel Vlog 9]

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We have reached Inverness The view from my room in Inverness is this There is a river in front It's a very beautiful city Our plan is to stay here for 2 days There is a cruise tomorrow and then I will stay here The problem is that it was raining a lot So I thought if I go to Edinburgh then I will get drenched in the rain There is less rain here The cruise activity was already booked So I thought let's go to Inverness The train journey was so beautiful It was a very fun train journey That's why I came in the day So that I can see the views from the night It's 3.30 pm now It's dark outside It's evening here I will check out from this hostel in the morning And we will go on a cruise The lake here is called Loch L-O-C-H There is Loch Ness here There is a separate story about it There is a story about a demon I will tell you tomorrow I just wanted to update you We did not go to Edinburgh from Glasgow We came to Inverness from Glasgow After a 3-4 hour train journey I will show you Inverness tomorrow It's 9 am now And there is no sign of the sun It stays like this all day And it gets dark at 3 pm Now we are going to catch a bus For our tour There is a bus stand nearby Let's go there and start the rest of the video So this is their bus stop It's small And this is the bus Loch Ness Cruise So Let me tell you the story About Loch Ness About the devil It's a kind of witch It's called Ness Let's check in Made up of little mosaic tiles Various different genres of books The owner is slightly eccentric So don't annoy him Or he will tell you where to go He is an interesting character Used to also be So we got off the bus And now we feel like we are in Scotland This misty weather Loch Ness is right in front of us So Let's go on the boat And the whole lake will be covered with mist It will be fun This is our cruise So Let's see if it's allowed to stand up Or we have to sit inside Then it won't be fun Coming up is allowed But these chairs are so wet That we won't be able to sit here Let's see what to do But There is a vibe So Our boat is here I cleaned the seat with a wet paper And sat here Because the view is good here It's a one hour ride Then we will reach the castle But there are some interesting things in the ride Because it is believed that There is a monster in this lake His name is Nessie I will tell you his story When the lake becomes a little wide Then I will tell you So Our lake has become a little wide So We have reached the lake Earlier it was like a passage And now we have reached the lake It's such a beautiful lake The weather is also good It's not sunny but still The weather is good So let's talk about the story About Nessie Let me show you the views You will see my face So what was the scene here Many years ago Someone saw something big And then it became a story That there is a monster in the lake Because What is he saying The castle is in the middle Ok ok Shut up It's looking so beautiful So we were telling the story Shut up Finally he shut up So here it was said that there is a monster in the lake And then his story started That there is a monster in the lake And then he saw And then his name was Nessie This story was going on for a long time And then someone clicked a photo You can google it It's nothing like that It's all lies There is no Nessie But then it became famous So that's why I think it has come in many shows Big Bang Theory Scooby-Doo It's very famous It's called Nessie So let's find it Let's see if we can find Nessie The sun has come out Colors have become beautiful The view is so beautiful It's an hour's ride Then we will reach the castle We will see the castle And then we will return This tour is provided by Tourism Board They have done it Let's go Let's find Nessie I don't know if you can see it Let me know Comment if you can see I saw Nessie at this time Beautiful What a beautiful village We had seen it in Norway If you come up Stay in nature In Himalayas That's why I don't like cities Stay like this In open mountains That's the fun of life This company is called Jacobite One of its trains runs Fort William to Malag The Harry Potter steam train Runs by Jacobite But it is closed in winters From November to March I won't be able to show you that But I will show you the same route The bridge I will show you that in upcoming vlogs This cruise is for 1 hour Then castle And then return I will show you the city after Inverness But Harry Potter And other places Scotland is very beautiful There are a lot of places To see That will come in next videos The view from the water We have reached the castle I think Our boat will dock there And then we will tour it For half an hour The sun will go down And it will get cold So this will be it Bye Bye We are going to see the castle And then return by bus I don't know how the grass is so green In winters Like in India It turns brown I don't know how it is green This is the castle I was waiting There are only a few people I thought there would be 10 I will roam alone There is still time They are moving ahead Let's wait for 2-3 minutes Then it will be empty Then we will roam This is a group They stand everywhere I have been waiting for 10 minutes They are not moving I will go ahead Oh, all of you? Yes. Yes.

They caught me. Take a picture of us. Okay, let's take a picture. Drone not allowed. It's written. Thank you for watching.

This castle is called Urquhart, it's a bit of history written here. There was a man named Macdonald who attacked this castle, so there's a bit of sarcasm here. The vibe is amazing here, if you want to get the GOT vibe.

It's the vibe of Scotland. So much green grass, cool weather, cloudy. So the vibe is amazing. My nose is going to turn red again. I'm wearing a cap today, I haven't caught a cold in 4 days.

So I thought I'll wear a cap today. After seeing the castle, you can come here by road. There's nothing to worry about, they just put a cruise in between. These trees are so beautiful.

There are 2-3 eyed ravens sitting on it, if you've seen GOT. Let's go back, let's have some coffee, it's too cold. So we didn't see Nessie, but I just spoke to someone. She was telling me stories, because she's going to stay here. She said, I've heard from a lot of people that Nessie

exists. And there are a lot of other stories, like it has a portal. Obviously, there are a lot of things like that. You can call it superstition, but we don't know everything.

We don't know everything about the multiverse. There must be a lot of other universes, whatever it is. So maybe Nessie is real, right? I didn't see her.

It's time to go back, the bus is waiting for us. Let's go back and show you the city. It's beautiful, it's a small city. I would say better than Glasgow, I think.

I'll show you the rest in the video, stay tuned. So we would have had wolves, bears, lynx, these that they've rescued. And I very stupidly asked him... So we're back in the city. And this was our hotel, my room was somewhere up there. I mean, this was the same view from there.

Now we have to shift to a hostel. Let's go. You don't want to eat? Do you want to eat? I've kept it here, I'll give it to you now. Okay, happy birthday.

Bye bye. You don't want more? The bus is over. Go to your home. The bus is over.

Go to your home. So we're back to backpacker lifestyle. We're in the hostel. This is my bed. The location is very good, it's right on the main road.

And I've read that it's around 2600. There's no breakfast either. There's another hostel here, it's around 2800. I think it'll be a little better.

So I'll check, I've booked one or two. If I don't like it. I mean, I don't like the atmosphere. There are no people in the hostel. So let's see. Let's stay here today.

Maybe I'll change tomorrow. Because I have to roam around a little in Inverness. So I have to stay here. Inverness is called the base. There are a lot of things like Isle of Skye.

So let's see how it goes. Of course, let's go around the city now. Because it's 2 o'clock.

It's a one-hour daylight. It's going to be sunset tomorrow. Let's see the city quickly. So it's 2.30 pm. And look, it's almost dark.

There's a church over there. Look at this. I'll show you an interesting thing. I thought I had come too far.

Look at this, one Indian restaurant. There it is. Ness Mahal.

It's like this. There are two more in this lane. You can see the red one in front. That's the Indian restaurant at the end of the lane. I'll show you one more. This is Raja.

Raja Indian Restaurant. It's written here that it's been running since 1982. That's Sam's Indian Restaurant. Three Indian restaurants in one lane.

They have done a lot. And yesterday when I went to eat, it was Pakistani. So that means our people have captured the whole UK. There's a reverse colonization going on right now.

So this is the center of the city. There's a little traffic, but it's not as big as Glasgow or London. There's the Coop. Supermarket. I went here to buy something.

There's a hotel next to it. I saw this building from the hotel window last night. It's like a cathedral. There's a river in front. The one I showed you from the hotel room.

It's a nice view. So we're on this side of the road. The river in front is called River Ness. River Ness, Inverness, the name of the city, Lok Ness, the name of the lake. Everything is Ness Ness. And there's a beautiful bridge in front.

Let's go to the other side of the city. Sometimes I get scared. I've seen people driving like this.

Look, it's green now. Now it's going to stop. What a peaceful bridge, isn't it? Nice. So let's cross this too. It's not even 3 o'clock yet.

It's cold and dark. This is life here. That's why people miss the sun so much.

When they come here, I meet them in Bali or India. Europeans. That's why they feel bad. Because they miss the sun so much. This city is beautiful.

I like small cities like this. In big cities, you die in the metro. In London, I used to sleep in the metro for 2 hours. 1 hour to go and 1 hour to come.

Actually, we have to check a hostel. I think it's in that direction. I don't like this hostel. It's empty.

Let's go from here. Then we'll cross the bridge and go back. And then we have to go there. To find a new hostel. The bridge is moving. You must be knowing.

Lakshman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Rishi Keshman. The way it moves. I'm so happy to see them.

They look so nice. Old buildings. This is also a church. St. Mary's Catholic Church. Before it gets dark. I mean this is the city.

Let's find our hostel. If there is something else, I'll show it later in the video. If not, I'll tell you when the video is over. That's my hotel.

I stayed there last night. This is such a big hotel. And my room. There is a privileged room.

The pillar in the middle. That's a big room. There is a big room on every floor. This was my room. On the 4th floor.

So this is the room they gave me yesterday and I was able to see all this from that room Today we are back at the hostel I am done with what I had to do yesterday Now I am on my own So this is the second hostel It's a little expensive, not more than that, around 1-2 pounds But the vibe is a little better, I mean there are no people here as well But the common area is a little better And... I mean one problem is that I have to walk here, it's a little far from the bus stop Let's see what I have to do once I reach

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