The Best African Market Comedy Tour vA 88

The Best African Market Comedy Tour  vA 88

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Nakuru, Kenya - Morning, my friends, from Nakuru. Still waiting to receive my rack from AZUB. My journey through Kenya is a waiting game basically. So, as I am forced to stay a long time in Nakuru to get my parts, let's go explore the market now.

Let's go explore the market of Nakuru, which is quite busy. It's quite a busy town. A very interesting city actually. Let's explore the market and, also, let's try to find some street food, because there is quite a lot of street food here in Nakuru. Hi. Yeah, I'm taking photos.

Hello, hello, hello. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - I'm good. I'm good. - Good, good. - Yeah. What is this for? - This is a camera. - This is a camera. - Yes, a video camera. - Is it recording me? - It is recording you. Yes.

- Come, come. You take a picture of me. Take a photo of me. - Take a photo of you? - Yeah, yeah. And then... - And then... - This way? - Very good. This way. - Or this way? - Very good. - Whichever way.

I know this is an insult to the British people. - This way? - This way. This way is better. - This one? - This is better. Yeah. Yeah, very good. - How about these? - Very good.

Tomatoes. - You know... Do you know Bruno Fernandes? - Bruno Fernandes? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yes, I know Bruno Fernandes. - Then hashtag him. - Hashtag. - I'm a Manchester United fan. - You're a Manchester... - Who are you a fan of? - I'm a fan of Monaco. Monaco. - Monaco? - Monaco. Yes.

- Ah, I hate Monaco. - You hate Monaco. - I hate Arsenal. Yeah. - You hate Arsenal. - Oh, I hate Arsenal with all my heart. - You hate... Hey, I'm a Manchester United fan. Hey, Manchester! - Manchester United. - Hey. United. - So you like Cristiano Ronaldo. - Yeah, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes... - Bruno Fernandes.

- But Onana always takes us to the shop. Onana. - Okay. - Onana, Onana, Onana. - Okay. Okay. Okay. - Yeah, okay. - Onana is a problem. Okay. - No, no. Onana always takes us to the shop. - So good luck with Manchester United, man. Yeah. - Yeah, United. Yeah. - Yes.

Very good. Hi. - Hi. - So we found a very overexcited fan of Manchester United. That was absolutely hilarious.

I just have a quick story to tell you. Actually, I had to extend my visa because of all the issues that I have. Well, of course, I stayed more than three months.

But it's quite funny to extend a visa here in Kenya. You have to do it online, basically. But the website just doesn't work. You have to create an account on a certain website; and what is funny is that you never get the email... The email to activate your account, you just never get it.

So basically, I had to go back to Nairobi, to the head office of immigration, just so that they can give me my password, basically, so that they could reset my account and give me my password, so I could connect to my account - so it's, so... So if you extend the visa in Kenya... Because Kenya is really nice, very, very enjoyable. So I guess many tourists do extend their visas here, but just do it when you are in Nairobi.

Don't do it from anywhere else, because, otherwise, you might have to go to Nairobi, just to reset the freaking password. - Hello. - Hello. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - Yes. - Good. What are you selling? - We are selling this. - This is for what? - This is for fire. - For fire? - Yeah. - Ah, okay, nice. - Yeah. - Carrots. But I don't need anything. - Buy. - But this you don't need. - Onions I don't need. You sell the onions, also. - Yes. - But sorry.

I don't need them. - Okay, thank you. - But thank you very much. - Yeah, welcome to Kenya. - Thank you. - Bye. - You see? Very friendly people always in Kenya.

- Hi. - Hi. How are you? This is the watermelons. - Hey, mzungu. - Yes. How are you? - Very good, very good. - Hey, my name is Steven. - Your name. What's your name? - My name is Steven. - Steven? - Yeah. - Nice to meet you.

- My name is Steven. - Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. It's okay. It's okay. - I need to... - Yeah, yeah, but... (he grabs my hand and won't let me go) It's okay. Just... - Mzungu. - Yeah. - Hello.

Okay, I go this way. Just... - Come with me. - Leave me alone, please. Just leave me alone. Okay, so what am I gonna do? I have this guy following me now, who, I guess, has mental problems, so...

Let's just... Okay, I'll just run away from him without the camera, and I'll come back to the vlog. No, I can't beat him. I mean, he has a problem in the head. - No, no, no. Beat him. - Beat him? No, no, I don't beat people. I escaped. The guy would just not let go of my hand basically. - Hi. - Hi, how are you? - Welcome. - Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Very strange. Did you see this woman had a yellow skin? - Mzungu, how are you? - Good, good. How are you? - I'm fine. - Fine, fine. So let's go to see... I don't know if there is street food in the market, because today's market day, basically. So I don't know if they have only stalls or maybe street food. Or maybe, the street food is just in the streets there. Let's see how it is.

Maybe, I can buy a bit of fruit. - Hey, how are you? - Let's try to participate. Good, good. How are you? Good, good. - Are you okay? - Yes, I'm okay. I'm okay. Yeah. Let's try to participate a bit in the local economy, by buying something. How are you? Avocados. - Avocados are fresh. - They look nice.

They look nice. - Nice, nice, very nice. - Yes. How much for them? - 30 Shillings per piece ($0.2). - 30 for one. For one piece. - Yeah. - How many do you need? - Can I get two? - Two. - Or? - Just the two then.

Ripe ones? - Ripe... Maybe, for after two days, for after one or two days. Yes. Okay. It's okay. You can keep the change. Can you just put them... - Just put these ones. - my bag, please? - Yeah.

- Come, papaya. Papaya. Come. - Okay, thank you. - And... - It's okay, it's okay. - Oh, it's okay. - Thank you. - Thanks. - You're welcome. - Papaya. - Papaya? - Come, come. Come, come. - No, it's okay. I don't need papaya. So I got some avocados. Let's keep exploring.

Let's try to find the street food section. So here it's... Oh, wow. Interesting. That's the banana section.

And this way is going out. Let's go this way. Sorry. Thank you. There are a lot of mangoes around here, but... Oh, wow.

A lot of avocados as well. The famous Kenyan avocados. So this is the mango section. Omena. - Omena. Good. - Omena. Yes. - You can have it. - It looks good. Yeah. - Yeah? 70. - 70... Oh, you... - 70. - This is for 70. - This is for 70. - And how long can you keep it?

- One month, two months. - One month, two months. - Yeah. - Okay, I'll buy some. I'll buy a bit from you. Just give me 70. - I'll just... - 70. - I'll give you 100. - Do you know how to eat it?

- How do you eat it? I don't know. I will... How do you eat it? - Not eat. How to cook. - How to cook? - Yeah. - How do I cook it? I don't know. I will find out. You put tomatoes and... - And onions. - And onions. - Yeah. - Okay. Can you put it in my bag, please? Just like this.

Great. Thank you. It's okay. It's okay. No change. - Thank you. - Thank you very much. - And tomatoes? - We got some omena; let's see if I can cook it later somehow, or otherwise just give it to someone. - How are you, sir? - Good, good. How are you? - Good morning. My name is Philim.

- Your name is Philim. - Yeah. - Nice to meet you. - And I'm born again. - You're born again. - I love Jesus. - Oh, wow. That's fantastic. - I like that. So welcome. - Thank you. - This is my grocery. - This is your grocery.

- Yeah. - So you have... Oh, that's... - And these are zucchinis. - Zucchinis. Yeah. - Baby marrow. We have two different varieties. - Okay. - This is a baby marrow. This is a normal courgette. - Okay. - Yeah. - Oh, "courgette" you call it. - This - courgette. Yeah.

- Oh, wow. In which language? In English? - Ah, that's English. - Okay. It's funny because it's the same word as the French one. We call this one "courgette". - Okay. - In French, but... - So, welcome. - Thank you. I'll buy a little bit. Yeah. For how much do you sell it? - A kilo is 100 Shillings ($0.7). - A kilo is 100 Shillings.

- Yeah, can I give you a kg? - Yes, give me a kg, please. - Wow. It's good to have a friend like you. - Yes. - Yeah. There's a kilo. - That's a kilo. - And this is your discount. - This is a discount. - It's a discount. - Awesome. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. There you go. - Wow, I'm grateful. So you're also born again? - I was born again, also. Yes. No, I don't know. I was born only once for me.

You are very lucky. Yeah. - Let me tell you something. - Yes. Can you put it inside? - Yeah, to know Jesus is to have eternal life. - It's to have the...? - Eternal life. - Eternal life. - The common mind cannot understand this. - Yes.

- But it's the real thing. My friend, it's not science. - It's not science. Okay. - If you want to live, if you want to live another day... - Yeah. - ...another life, you have to accept Jesus... - You have to believe in God. Yeah, yeah. - It's true and nothing but the truth. - Okay. - You've heard of this. For God's... - I know. I know religion. Yeah, yeah.

I know. - I'm not talking about religion. I'm talking about life. - Yes. - When you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, you receive life... - Eternal life. Yeah. - ...inside of you. - Yes. - Not religion.

Religion is people... - Yes. - ...making up things. - Yes. - But Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. When you accept Jesus... - You're born again. Yes. - Number one, he forgives all your sins. - That's great. Yeah. - The sins that you never committed. - Yeah. - Adam and Eve's sins... - Okay. - ...are upon us. But Jesus came to take it away. - Okay.

- If you accept Him, you have a free life. - Okay. - My friend, it's really good. Try Jesus. - It's really good. I will try it. Okay. - You'll be very happy. - Okay. - Do you see this lady? - Yes. Come, come here. Come. - This is my friend. - She's your friend. - Yeah. She's a referee. - She's a referee. - A referee. - For what? - Nakuru County. - Ah, okay. For sports or for...? - Sports. Yeah.

Football. - Football. - Yeah. - Okay, nice. - And she's a good friend of mine. - Okay, good. - Good to see you. - Hello. - Hello, how are you? - She's a friend of mine. - Oh, okay. - Yeah.

- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too. Yeah. - Thank you for passing by! - All right. - So what is your station now? - What is the situation? I'm gonna go around a little bit more, and then I'm gonna go look for street food. Do you know where I can find good street food? - Street food? - Something that is already cooked... - Yeah. - the streets. - We have so many hotels around. - Like some cheap... I don't want to go to the hotel. I want some people cooking in the street.

- My goodness. Along the highway here. - Along the highway here. - You can't fail to see that. - I should find. Okay. - Yeah, you'll get some. - Okay, great. - God bless you. - Thank you very much. God bless you too. - Once again... - Okay.

- know Jesus is to have eternal life. - Okay, great. - Thank you. I'll be happy to see you next time. - Okay. Thank you very much. I'll be happy to see you again. - My name is Phillip. - Phillip? - Phillip. - Phillip. - Yes. - Yes. - And I'm born again. - Very good. Thank you. - Choose to come again. - Okay. - Thank you. - Have a good day, man. You see, a very friendly Christian man here.

And cutting... This is cassava, no? - No, this is cassava. - Ah, this is cassava. - Cassava. - This is what? - Arrowroot. Arrowroot. - Oh, this is arrowroot. - Yes. - Ah, okay. I heard about it, but I've never seen it before. So this is arrowroot. - And this is a sweet potato. - And this is a sweet potato. - Yes. - Okay, great. Thank you very much.

- Welcome. - Thank you. Yeah, so my bag is full of food. I don't know what I'm gonna do with this food. But that's what... Hello, hello. How are you? - I'm fine. Thank you. What about you? - Good, good, good. - I have my sister here. - You have your sister here. - Yeah. - Yes, selling her for 10 bucks.

- Selling her for 10 bucks. - And she's single. - No, no. - She's single. - She's single as well. - Yeah, she's single. Looking for a white man. - So she...

Ah, she's looking for a white man. Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah. - You. - Can you connect her? - Can you connect her? - Can I connect her? - Yeah. - I don't know. My friends are all married now, but I'm getting old.

So my friends are all married. - What about you? - Me? I'm not married yet. No. - But she has two kids. - She has two kids. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Single looking for... - Ah, okay. - ...a white man. - Looking for a white man. - Yeah. - I will think about it. - Okay.

- What's your name? - Elizabeth. - Elizabeth. - Yes. - Nice to meet you. - Single. Single, very single. - Single. - And you too. - Yeah. - But not desperate. - Not... Okay. - But with a lot of experience. - Ah, with a lot of experience. - Of life. - Okay. - Yeah. - That's good. - Exactly. - Okay, have a good day. - You too. - Thank you, you too.

- So, I found my first wife of the day. I guess, in every street video in Kenya, I have at least... I have one to two wives. It depends. And look at this beautiful... Wow, well-organized piles and...

Well, I really like this market. It's really, really, really nice actually. - Hey, how are you? Good morning. - Good. How are you? - I'm fine. - Fine, fine. Very good. - What is your name? - My name is Yves. - Yves? - Yes. - And what are you doing in Kenya? - What...? I'm a tourist. - You're a tourist. - Yes, I'm a tourist. Yeah. - But you are not a local.

- I'm not a local. No, no. - Foreign. - No, no. Yeah. - Thank you. Welcome to Nakuru Market Wholesalers. - Thank you very much. - Yeah. - Thank you very much. - Thank you. - What's your name? - My name is Rabanachuka. - Is? - Rabanachuka. - Rabanachuka? - Raban. - Nice to meet you. Raban. - Raban. - Nice to meet you, Raban. I'll go out of the market to try to look for some food.

- To pick some food? - Yeah, I'll try to find some food in the street there. Have a good day, man. Thank you. - Welcome. - By the way, how are you? - Good, good. Good. Very good.

- Yeah, yeah. - I really like so friendly people here. It's just a fantastic country to visit. Kenya is really a fantastic country to visit. Hi. Hi. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - Taking on a video? - Yes.

What do I do? Okay. - Mister, greet Bruno Fernandes for me. - Bruno... Yes. - Yeah, Bruno Fernandes. - I will greet him for you. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - Yes. - Yeah. And you say you are from Monaco. - Yes. - Yeah? But me, I'm from Naks Vegas here. - Las Vegas? - Naks Vegas.

- Oh, Naks Vegas. - Yes, which means Nakuru Vegas. - Ah, okay. That's nice. Okay. - Yeah. - So you are from Naks Vegas. Yeah. - I'm from Naks Vegas. - Very cool. - Can you buy from me tomatoes? You don't need tomatoes. - I don't...

- I sell these for $100. - $100? - Yeah. - But that's so expensive, man. - Not expensive. $100. 100 bob ($0.7). - Ah, 100 bob. - A 100 dollars-bobs. - A 100 dollars-bobs. Okay, I'll buy from you some tomatoes. - Yeah, yeah, buy me some time. - Yes. - Yeah. - Because you are very entertaining. Can you put them in my bag?

- Yeah, I will put them in your bag. - Please. - Yeah. Yeah, see, see, see, see, see? - See? Yes. Yes, yes. He does put the tomatoes. - Yeah, yeah. - He does put the tomatoes. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Very good. So I'm full of food I don't need now, but... - Welcome to Naks Vegas! - Welcome to Naks Vegas! - I'm a Manchester United fan. Yeah.

- Welcome to Naks Vegas, guys! - Yeah, welcome. - Awesome. And in Naks Vegas, people like Manchester United. - Manchester, Manchester United. - Okay, great. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you. Very good. - Thank you. - Very good, very good. That's awesome here, man.

I love it. Oh, my bag is so full now. It's so funny. I need to rest a little bit to cool down the battery, I guess. Hello. - T-shirts. - Very... Ah, T-shirts. No, it's okay. Okay, now let's go looking for street food. Now it's gonna be street food time.

But corn. I'm not a big fan of corn. - Man, you, you, you, you, you. - What do they have here? That's samosa. Samosa. Yeah. Let's find... I don't know. Some places I've seen do chicken around here. Let's try something we've not tried yet in terms of street food. Hi, how are you?

No, it's okay, it's okay. Thank you. And here we have the religious music coming from the church behind. And all the earrings and all that for the women. Oh, look at that. Awesome. - Hi, man. - Hello. - I don't understand. Just a bit of Swahili. - Oh, you don't understand anything. - Just a little bit. - Ashen?

- Ashen? - Yeah. - I don't get. I don't understand. - Don't understand. - No, just very little. Yeah, yeah. - You just want a language you can understand. - Yes. - I am saying. - But English for us... - I am saying. - What are you saying? Yeah. - My name is Bolitofashions. - Golitofashions. - Bolitofashions.

- Bolitofashions. Okay. - Yes. - So you sell jeans. - Yeah, I sell jeans. You see, this is my company, man. - Nice. This is Philipp Plein. - Yeah. - Yeah, okay. - So I get cameras from Philipp Plein. - Ah, okay. - Yeah. - Nice. That's good. But I'm not looking for this. - Now I want to eat this.

- You want to eat this. - At my bill. - Chicken? - Yeah. - Yeah, but... - Do you eat it? - Yeah, I will have some. Yeah. But it's okay. Can I...? I'll pay for it. - You'll pay for it? - Yeah. - All right. For yours or for mine? - Let's get it for you as well. Yeah. - That's fine. - You and me. - Yeah. Okay, it's fine. - How much is it? - It's 100 Shillings. - For one piece? - Yeah, for one piece, it's 100 Shillings.

- So I'll get one piece for me, one piece for you. - One piece for me, one piece for you. - What about me? - I cannot pay for everyone. - You cannot pay for everyone, but we are two.

- Yes, but there are many people because if I say... - Buy for him. Buy for him. - Yes, I'll buy it only for him. - Let him just buy for me, I'll... - So 100... So the leg is... - That's fine. - How much is the leg? - 100.

- 100. Okay. So can I get two legs? One for me, one for him. - That's good. So you come from which country? - Huragi. Yes. - Huradi. - When we say this, we say "huragi". - Huragi? Okay.

- Huragi is... It's "well". - It's "well". - Yeah. - Okay, good. - It's good. It's good. - Okay, good. Oh, nice. Look at that. He put some sauce on top of it. - That's what we call... - Very nice... - ...marinating oil. - Marinating oil. Okay. - Yeah. - Okay, good. Nice. - Mapochopocho. - Mapochopocho?

- Yeah. - Okay, I don't know what it means. - Mapochopocho. - How are you? Good. I don't understand. I don't understand. Just a bit of Swahili. You want a good... - Yeah.

- You want a good woman. Yeah, yeah. Boom-boom-boom. - Over here. - Oh, over here. - Yeah. - Like a big one. - Over there, a big one. Yeah. - Big one. Yeah.

- Yay, my friend. - You're a funny guy. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But nice one. Nice. Yes. - Sambusa. - Sambusa. - Sambusa here. - Oh, the sambusa. - Yeah. - You are bad. - Let's stop with the dirty talking.

Have a good day, man. - Give me 500. Give me... - No, no, it's okay, it's okay. - Give me 500. - No, no, no. - Yeah. Yeah. - Hello. - He doesn't have it. - Yes, I don't have it. Exactly. I have my protection. - Yeah. You said it yourself. - He does now. - You're Kikuyu? - Not me. - Your? - Luo, Luo. - Luo. Ah, you're Luo. Okay. - Luo.

- On the sixth day, the God created Luo. - Yeah. - That's why they speak English. - Okay. - Yeah. - Okay. - They add English. - Okay. - This way... - Good. - Where do you come from? - I come from France. - France?

- Yes. - Exactly. Zidane, Zidane. - Zidane, Zidane. - Yeah. - Zin├ędine Zidane. - Exactly. - Zin├ędine Zidane. - Zidane, Zidane. - Zidane and Mbappe. -This man. Yeah. - But he was adopted. - My father, biological father... - Yeah. - ...came from Brazil. - Ah, from Brazil?

- Yeah. - Okay, nice. - Yeah. - And me... My mother came here from garden. - Ah, okay. - Yeah. You know? - Good. - I was aborted, but God said, "No, this boss is not here." - Okay, very good. Very good.

Is it ready? - Yeah. - Yeah. - He was aborted, but God said "no". - Buy me one. - No, no, I bought one for him already. - Buy me. - Okay. This is for me? - Yeah. - This is the two? - One. - Ah, one. Okay. We are sorted, the meal is sorted.

- Yeah. - Yeah. - For me and for him. - Yeah, sure. - Okay, okay. - Well, I get it. - You eat it with this. - Yeah? - Ah, with this. - This is... - Ah, okay. - Chili. - Chili. - You know. Tomatoes. - I can put it on top of it. - Yes. - Is it possible to eat around here? - Yes. - Just a... - Chili. - ...bit, a bit. - All right, all right. - Yes, yes, yes. On this, on this. Yeah.

- Oh, sorry, sorry. - Hey, you. Yes, come here. You. - It's just... It's okay, it's okay. - Okay. - Wow. - So buy me one. Yeah? - Yeah. - Very good. - Wow. - Oh, nice. - It's ready good actually.

- Hey, man. Some more? - A little bit. Yeah. - Yeah? - Good with kachumbari. - Yeah, yeah. - Very nice. - On this one, put the kachumbari. - You, can it be one, one, one, one, one? - No, no, I don't need it, I don't need it. Oh, this chicken is awesome. Awesome. - So I'm being hugged while eating.

- My guy, thank you. Tell them in France we are live from Kenya. - Okay. - Yes. Guys, we are live from Kenya. - Kenya, enjoying good chicken. - Nakuru Country. - Very good. - We are having a bite of... - Of chicken. - Chicken.

- You are eating TikTok. - Nakuru Country. Eating TikTok. - Nakuru County. Yeah. - Wajose, Wajose. Okay. - Yeah, yeah. Wajose. - Are they viewing you? Are they viewing you? They are viewing. - Yes. - Right now. - No. Right now, no.

- It's on YouTube. - Okay, later. - Later. - Okay. - I need to edit after. - Okay. - Yes. - Hi, guys. - Hi. - Hi, guys. - Awesome. We are taking care of this guy. The brothers of yours. - Good. - We take care of you. - Very good. Thank you very much. What an intense chicken! - Very sweet. - It's very sweet. Yeah. - Very sweet.

- It's really good. - What about this one? Sukumawiki. - No, it's okay, it's okay. - I also have a YouTube channel. - You also have a YouTube channel. - Yeah, Edel 001 TV. - So what's your name on YouTube? - Edel 001 TV. Edel 001 TV. - Okay, okay. - My content is kind of more to Christianity. - Ah, okay. - Yeah. And subscribe to my channel. - Kino Yves.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hi. - Yeah, welcome, welcome. - How are you? - Hey, Kino. - I always follow you. - Sorry, my hand is dirty. - I watch your videos. - I always follow you. - Oh, yeah. It's good. Yeah. - I always watch your videos.

- Yeah. I always follow you. - Very good, very good. Yeah. Okay. - Yeah. I love your videos. - Thank you very much. - Yeah. - Kino Yves. - Kino Yves. Yeah. - Yeah. - Okay, I... - So you're continuing to the... - Yeah, I'm going around a little bit in the market. Yeah, yeah.

- We are together. - Yes, we are together. - Save that for the next hard time. - Yes. - All right. - Have a good day, man. Thank you. - See you in the next episode. - See you in the next episode. Yeah. - We are to see ourselves...

- Great. - the next episode. - Good. - I love you. - It can happen. - Great. Yeah. - I'm also on Twitter. I'm on Twitter too. - Twitter. - I'm on Twitter too. - Very good. - Yeah. - I need to keep going around. - Have a great time. - Have a good time. Yeah. - Yeah. - Nice meeting you, man.

So, I need to move away. Hey, great. I need to move a little bit away from the music because... The interaction was all messed up by the music there. - Hello, hello, hello. - Hello, hello, hello. Yeah. - Hello. - Yeah, the interaction might have been messed up by the music there. Let's look for more street food. I have one hand, which is completely dirty now.

How are you? Good, good. Interesting. So that's a quieter area. I think just behind... It's very busy because just behind is the bus station. Let's see if we can find some more street food with less music around.

Hey, how are you? - You. - Good, good, good. - You're good? - I'm good. Very good. Yeah. - Yeah, we're good. We are just working. We are selling these ones. - Working... I don't need clothes. It's okay. - You don't need sweatpants. - But have... Good luck to you, man. - You too.

- Thank you. So what do they sell here? Some spices. - Spices. - Hello. I have more and more people who recognize me now. - Hi, hi. - Good, good, good.

So my vlogs are becoming different because... Yeah, more and more people recognize me, which is funny. But people are super friendly here. And you have some kind of Masai person selling some things here.

That's the delicious pineapples. The pineapples are absolutely... The avocados and the pineapples are fantastic in Kenya. You see, that's the minibus station behind there. I have a boda-boda behind me. Hello.

What kind of street food can I show you, guys? - Hi. - Hi, hello. How are you? No, it's okay. Thank you very much. Yeah. Thank you very much. It's okay. - No, no, you want to recommend some food. Eat food. - Eat? No, no. It's... - Take food. - I need to take your food. Okay. - Take my food.

Take some more. - Take some more. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Very interesting. That's very... I don't know. That never happened to me before in my life.

This man just absolutely wanted me to eat his food. This... Look at that. The nice spoons. Oh, that's a fancier market actually. That's less busy. Hello. How are you? - Very nice. I'm fine. - Very nice, very nice. - How are you?

- Very nice, very nice. Yeah. - Yeah. So put your boot... Put a... Shoe shine. Shoe shine, my friend. - Shoe shine. Yeah, but it's... - Yeah. - How can you shoe shine this? It's... - This one. - This one? - ...polish for this one. - You cannot polish it, I think. No. Sorry. If I had shoes, I would come, but I don't have proper shoes. Yeah, sorry. - Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Good luck, man. Yeah. - Okay.

- Thank you very much. - Thank you. - Very friendly. A very friendly man. Oh, there is a nice narrow street that I want to show you. Hello, hello. How are you? Good, good, good. Man, Nakuru is absolutely unbelievable. I've rarely seen such a friendly city with the camera. Hello. - What are you doing? - I'm filming.

- You go. - You go away. - So that's the... Go away. So it has to be noticed. No, it's okay. I don't need the... Thank you very much. It was the first... I mean, everyone else was friendly.

Well, except the first guy who was holding my hand a bit too strongly. But like everyone is super friendly with the camera here. And here you have a Masai man, I think. Hello, how are you? No, it's okay, it's okay. I don't need sandals. Thank you. Let's dive into this narrow street full of M-Pesa signs.

And something very funny actually. I discovered that recently, apparently, you know, usually in countries that are not that wealthy, locals try to get married to foreigners, to get a passport or something like that. Not all, but some try to get married to foreigners to get a better passport or something like that.

But what's funny is here it's the opposite actually. Here it apparently is... Many foreigners come to marry Kenyan women so that they can have Kenyan citizenship, so they can stay and live in Kenya. - Yeah? - Hello. How are you? Dimbwila. I don't know. - Dimbwila. - Just a bit of Swahili. No, it's okay, it's okay. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. It's okay. Camera, camera. Okay, have a... Have a good day. Thank you very much. Yes. How are you? - Thank you. - You're welcome. You're welcome. - Thank you. Thank you. - Thank you. Thank... Thank... Thanks to you too. You see, incredibly friendly. That's why actually what I was explaining...

That's why foreigners try to get Kenyan citizenship to end up living here, because Kenya is just so pleasant. I have to say it might even be one of the best countries I've ever been to, if not the best. It's honestly just so pleasant, just so enjoyable to live here, to be here. Let's continue in the narrow street. Hi. So that's the street of the fundis, I think.

So people who repair things, basically. - Hello. - Here everything is possible, basically. Anything that you have broken, you think you can't repair it - actually you can. So let's go through another narrow street and then I think... Ah, there is some food trying to get prepared here, but...

But the food is not here yet. It's sad. Mzungu. I hear "mzungu, mzungu" behind me. They're probably wondering, "What is the mzungu doing?" Anyway, I guess let's just maybe try to go to...

There's a very good restaurant that I know with Swahili food. Let's go there to show you a very good Swahili food, to finish this video, guys. Where is the mosque actually? Because often, near the mosques, you have very good food. Let's go through this street. Interesting. Very interesting.

So here, basically, in Nakuru, the city center... Or in Naks Vegas, the city center is quite small, but it's very dense and you have so many things actually. Let's go into this very narrow street.

Look at that. Sorry. Thank you. And actually, there's... Oh, we can't see it well. But there is something very funny with the dummies here.

It's like they're really different from the ones you have in the Western world, because, basically, they reproduce the typical shape. The common shape of women basically here, of the hips, is quite different from the hips of Western women. And they reproduce it on the dummies. You have the dummies with a very big... - Hi. - Hello. Yes, and... So you have the dummies with very big booties here basically,

which I find quite, quite funny actually. The dummies for women basically. Look, like here. Like you can see the this shape is quite different from the shape of the similar dummy in the Western world. - Come on. - Hello, mzungu. - Hello. I don't... - How are you? - Good, good, good. - Oh, nice. Good. - Very nice. Yeah. - Yeah. - Very good. And how are you?

- I'm fine. - Fine. - Yeah. - Very good. Very good. - Welcome. - Have a nice day. Thank you very much. Yeah. Have a nice day, man. - You too, man. - Great. - Okay. - You see, always friendly, friendly, friendly.

That's why foreigners love Kenya so much. Okay, so let's go. Hi.

So here is the mosque, guys. So that's the place to eat here, one of my favorite places to eat actually. It's this hotel.

I'd better get used to saying "hotel" for a restaurant. That's the way you say in Kenya. Oh, there is a bus to Juba. Nice. Oh, wow.

So you see, Jamia Hotel. It's actually really, really good. Let's see if they're okay with the camera. Hi. - Come in. - Hi. The camera is okay? Can I sit here to eat? - Yeah, no problem. - Yes. It's okay if I film? - Yeah. - Okay, thank you. Can I have the liver, please? - Yeah. - With white rice, please.

- Okay. - And... - Have a seat. - Thank you very much. Thank you very much. - Welcome. You know a bit of Swahili. - Just a bit, just a bit. Oh, you have the broth. Awesome. - Okay. - I love this one. Thank you very much. So I added... - I'll bring you some more.

- Some more? Ah, okay. I added passion fruit juice, which is awesome, and look at that, guys. So this restaurant is absolutely mind-blowing.

Oh, great. - Some more sauce. - Oh, that's the sauce. - And chili. - Oh, fantastic. Awesome. Thank you very much. So you see, that's what I love. You have a lot of dishes.

So this is the chili, which is really good. This broth is unbelievable. This sauce is good. The liver is really good. And the white rice. Let's enjoy the wonders of Swahili food. So Swahili, if you don't know, is a culture... It is a mix of Arab culture and native African cultures basically. Oh, great. Thank you very much.

And I even have kachumbari. Look at that. This restaurant is fantastic. Sometimes, I don't understand actually why, in some restaurants, they don't want you to film, because it's just free advertisement basically. This broth is something else. Very good. So you have the sauce. This is a kind of tomato sauce that you can put on the rice.

And I'll put a bit of chili, also, you see? We have this wonderful chili. Oh my god. Some liver with chili, onion. The chili is so good.

Really good. I love the... The chili is fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Hi. - Hi. - So, so good. This is the best meal you can have in Nakuru.

And the best thing is this broth. Chili. - You are showing them what you're eating. - Exactly. - In real time. - Not in real time. I will edit afterwards, but... But I have to... Yeah. To make it lively. - Yeah. It's nice. You are enjoying the African meal. - Oh yes, this is awesome.

I love it. Yeah. This is fantastic. So good, guys. Excuse me. - Yes? - How much is it for all this? - It should be 650 Shillings ($4.4). They didn't bring the receipt? - Yeah. No, I don't have the receipt yet. I guess I'll wait for the receipt maybe. - No problem. Just pay. - Okay.

Thank you very much. - Yeah. Thank you very much. - Thank you very much. - Yeah. - Oh, I did not finish the broth actually. Very good. - Very good. - Thank you very much. - You are very welcome. - Yes.

Thank you very much. - Thank you. - So let's go out. I think the prayer time is finished. How are you? - I want food. - Yeah, but no. - Uncle, I want food. Uncle, I want food. - It's always sad. I mean, you can't do anything, they are just... these kids who inhale glue.

They're just gone. I mean, it just destroys the brain, so it's too late. It's very sad to see, but that's the way it is. Yes.

- Bump. - It's a bump. But the thing is, they are not signaled. - But you see them. - I saw them last minute. Oh, guards. Oh, okay. - Hello. - Hello. - Yes, hello, hello. - Hello, hello. Guards training themselves. So, to finish the video, let's discover the wonders of Lake Nakuru National Park.

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