The Beauty of the Hard Way vA 91

The Beauty of the Hard Way  vA 91

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Kabarnet, Kenya - Morning, my friends, from Kabarnet! Thank you. - Welcome. - Hopefully, the road will be okay. Oh f***. Oh, p****. Oh, f***. Oh my god, it's so hard not to go upside down. Okay, so today from. We are in Kabarnet.

And let's go to Iten, guys. So it's about 52 kilometers today. So a short day, but a very deep valley on the way. So down the valley, and then 1,000... - How are you, sir? - Hello, how are you? - I'm fine, I am a subscriber. - Good, good, good. - Can I meet you?

- Yes, but it's hard for me to stop here. - Mister Yves. - Hello. How are you? - I've been seeing your video... - Good, good, good. - ...from Isiolo. - Yes. Hi, how are you? - Hi. - You are going to South Africa.

- Yes, I'm going to South Africa. Yes. - Which route will you go? - I will see. I will see which route I'm gonna take. - Good to see you. - Good to see you. - I'm very happy. - Very good. Yeah.

- I've been following you from Serbia. - Great. - Yeah. - Yes. - I'm your biggest fan. - Good, good. Very good. Benjamin. Nice to meet you, Benjamin. - Good to see you.

You are going to Eldoret now. - Iten. Yes. Okay. Have a good day. - Good journey. - Thank you. So, I meet people who know me every two minutes. Hello, hello.

Yeah, so down the deep valley and then 1,000... The way to Iten: down the deep valley and then 1,400 meters of elevation gain for the climb to Iten, which is the famous city of Kenyan runners, where most of the Kenyan runners come from. Let's go to Iten, guys.

And for the downhill, I put on my helmet. Iten, 50 kilometers. Hello. - Hi. Hi, how are you? How are you, Kino? - Hi, how are you? - How are you? - Good, good. - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too.

- I've been following you. - Oh, good. - Yeah. Would you mind if we could take a picture? - At the viewpoint if you want. Yes. - Yeah. Come and follow me. - Yeah, but I need... Yeah. Look at this. Look at this beautiful view, guys. The beautiful Rift Valley. - Good to see you, Kino.

- What's your name? - Yeah. I'm Limo. - Limo? - Yeah. - Nice to meet you. - Yeah. Okay. - Good. - Bye. Have a good time. - Bye. Safe journey, safe journey. - Thank you, thank you. - Travel safely. - Good luck to you, man. - Yeah, yeah, good to meet you. - Nice to meet you, also. Yeah.

- Let me see, let me see, let me see. - Yeah, yeah, but no, I need to continue. I cannot stop every five minutes. The beautiful African rift. Hello. Hello.

Hello. I think I skipped the attraction on my way. There is one attraction on my way today. Let's look at it.

Let's park in the shade. We're done with the downhill. So I can remove my helmet. Oh nice. And now it's gonna be climbing all day. Hi, I just came to see the gorge. Let's go to see this.

- Do you want to buy mangoes? Oranges? - No, it's okay. Thank you. Look at this beautiful gorge. - What is this? - This is an electric bicycle. Yes. - It can climb hills. - It can climb steeps. Yeah, slowly, slowly.

- Even that place up there? - Yes, but slowly, slowly. - Slowly. - Look at that, guys. Wow, beautiful. Oh, there is the viewpoint. Oh, there is a tourist there.

Look at these beautiful gorges. Kabarnet was 2,000 meters high. We are now at 1,100 meters high. Up to Iten, it's gonna be 2,400 meters high. So it's quite a deep valley. And the rift, the great African Rift, of course. It starts...

When I was in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, it was already the great African Rift. The Beqaa Valley, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea are all part of the great African Rift. How are you? - Buy from me... - I don't need mangoes. I don't need them. I have... - You're from which country? - From France. - France? - Yes. - Okay. You have not seen the gorge there. - Not seen the what? - Gorge, gorge. - What's the gorge? - Yeah.

- Where the divers. - Divers, divers. - Oh, divers. Yeah, I know. - There is another one there. - Ah, there is another viewpoint there. - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - The best... - The best viewpoint is there. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Okay. So let's... - Very deep. - Very deep? - You came from Kabarnet. - Kabarnet, yeah, this morning. Yes. - Okay. - You're going to Iten. - I'm going to Iten. Yes. - Okay.

- Yes. Let's go to see the other viewpoint then. - Yeah. - Okay. - What's this? - This is honey. - Honey? - Yeah. - Oh, it's very... - Underground. - Underground honey. - Ah? - Underground honey. - Because it's very brown. - Yeah. - Yeah. It's used for medicine only.

- Oh, for medicine. - Yeah. - Okay. - What is this? - Electric bicycle. What is this? Hello. - Cool, cool.

- What is the name of this vehicle? - This is a trike. - Drike? - Trike. Bike for two wheels. "Tri" for three wheels. Trike. Trike. Like bike? No, not bike. Trike because I have three wheels. - Yeah. - Okay. Can you buy from us? - No, no.

I don't need mangoes. It's okay. I have many... - What about lemons? - I have a lot of food already. - Can I take you to the gorge? - You'll take me to the gorge. - Yeah. - The what? - Lemons, lemons.

- Lemons? I don't need lemons. Wait, I need to take my bag. Wait. Oh my god, the other one is saying it's a wheelchair there. - We thought it was a wheelchair. - Hi. - We're very impressed. - You're very impressed. Yeah. - We're gonna be more impressed if you get up to the top.

Are you going...? - I'm going to Iten. Yeah. - You're going to Iten. - Yeah, it's gonna take the whole day. - It's gonna take you all day. - Yeah. - Yeah, I know this road well. And I think, oh my God, he's got a lot of work... - It's gonna be a long day. Yeah, yeah. I'll think about it later. - Yeah. Where are you from? Belgium? - France. - France? - Yes. - And you? - I've got you. - We live here, but he's from Dubai.

I live here, but... - Okay, okay. - I used to work up there. - Okay, great. - I know this road well, and I felt so sorry. Oh my god, it's easy to come down. - Ah, the way down is nice. Yeah, but...

- You are going to Iten today. - Today. Yeah, yeah. I'm going to Iten. Yeah. - Where the runners are. - Right, yeah, yeah. - Well, good luck to you anyway. - Thank you very much! Yeah. Have a good time. Have a good day. So let's go to see the view there. Let's go to see the view. - Yes. - This is the... - Gorge. - The gorge. Oh, wow. It's very... Oh my god. It's very narrow. - Yeah. - That's impressive. Wow. - It's very...

- And they jump from here. - Yeah, from here. - From here? - Yeah. - Oh my god. - Yeah, yeah. I'm one of the divers. - You're one of the divers. - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah, yeah, but that's... - From up there. - You dive from up there, also. - Yes, yes. - Oh my god. How high is it? How many meters? - 20 meters, 60 feet. - 60 feet. So that's like 20-22 meters. 20 meters. - 20 meters. - 20 meters.

- Oh my god. - If you want to see, you promote us with something. - How much is it...? - For diving, it's 2,000 ($13) to see... - 2,000? Ah, no, it's okay. - Four divers. - Yeah, yeah. - And when you want to see two divers, it's only 1,000.

One from here, another one will jump from up there. - Ah, okay. Yeah. And how deep is the river? - 20 meters. - 20... - From the surface of the water. - No, but from the surface of the water to the bottom...

- Yes. - How deep is it? - 20 meters. - 20 meters. - No. From the surface of the water to the bottom of the river. - It’s 20 meters. - 20, 20. - No. From the water... - From the water down. - Down. - 20. - Down. - 20 meters.

- From the water, not from here. - Yeah, yeah. - Yes, not from here. - From the water, it's 20 meters deep. - Yes, yes. - So it's 20 meters from here to the water and then there are 20 meters of water. - From the surface of the water. - Yeah, all of them are 60 feet. - 120 feet. - 120. - It's really impressive actually. It's very narrow.

Look, so that's the spot for diving, I guess. Oh my god, it's so narrow. Wow, guys. That's scary. So I will put you the name of the gorge because it has a name, but I don't remember it. - 500 Shillings ($3.3). - 500. - Yeah. Yeah. Then you take a picture there. You stand there. I'll jump from here.

- And you jump now. Yeah. - Like soon. - Yeah, yeah. There you go. - Thank you. - I already have vertigo. Look at that, guys. That's beautiful.

And he's gonna dive. - Yeah. - Okay. Yes. - Okay, ready. - Oh my god. Where is he? Oh, he's there. He swims all the way there and then walks back. Thank you.

Okay. - So if you want to do another one... - No, no, it's okay. Ah, no, no. No, no, it's okay. It's okay. I saw one. I just... I need to continue now. Okay. Have a good day. Thank you.

Oh, another one was getting ready to jump from the big bridge. - Promote us. - How are you? - Fine. - So, what will you give us? Give us something. - No, it's okay. Why should I give you something? Okay. - So you just leave like that. - Yes, I leave like that. I already promoted the divers. So I did something a little bit. - I want to buy this one. It's how much? - It's expensive. - In Kenyan Shillings.

- It's very expensive. - In Kenyan Shillings. - I don't know in Kenyan Shillings. - You brought it from France. - I brought it from France. Yeah. - How much? How much? - Yes, it's very expensive. - So you're going back where? - I'm going to Iten. - You are going to Iten. - Okay. Have a good time. Yeah.

Let's go. That was a nice stop. Let's go to Iten, guys. I'm motivated now. Hello.

Hello. - Very cool. - Hello. Hello. - Cool, cool. - Hello. - Hey, hello. How are you? - Cool, cool. Good, good. How are you? - Fine, fine. - Hello. Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Cool. - Cool. - You, you ! - Yeah. Yeah. - Cool. Hi. - Hello. Hi, hi, hi. - How are you? - Hi. - Hi, hi. - Hi, hi, hi. - How are you? - Good, good, good. The joy. Hello.

Hello. Hello. - Hello, hello. - Hello. I like how they indicate the... This vehicle stopped on the road. With the branches. It's very smart. Hello. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - Hey, you. - Hi.

- Cool, cool. - Yeah. - So, so far, it's hard, but it's not too steep. So it's reasonably hard. And you see the waterfall, guys. Beautiful. And I'm reaching a viewpoint, guys. Hello, hello. - Hey. - Let's go up there. - Hi. - Hi. - You are coming very quickly. - How are you? - Fine. - Very quickly? - Yeah. - Slowly, slowly, no? - Yeah.

- Not quick. Ah, yes. Oh man, beautiful. Oh, I am half-dead. They come. They have mangoes and papayas. If they had avocados, I would probably buy some avocados.

Look, where I came from, guys. Down the valley. And up there is Kabarnet. How are you? - We are fine. Welcome! - You're fine. Thank you, thank you. - Yeah, yeah. Welcome! Where are you coming from? Improved bicycle. - France. Ah? - Improved bicycle. - Improve? - Yeah. - What do you mean?

- It looks like a bicycle. - Yeah, it's a bicycle. Yeah. It's an improved bicycle. Yeah. - Yeah. - I got you. Yeah. - Yeah. Promote me. - Promote you? - Mangoes. - You're so tired, yeah? - Yes, I'm so tired. - Oh, thank you. - This one is another type. And then this one is another type. - Okay. - But all of them are mangoes.

- They're all mangoes. Yeah. - Yeah. 200. - But... - 200 ($1.3). - Yeah, but I don't... Do you make juices? - Yeah. - Yeah, this one. - No, but can you make it here? - No, no, no. - Ah, you can't make it. - Yeah. - What about papayas?

- No, papayas - no. - And I have oranges and lemons. - No, it's okay. If you made juice, I could take it, but... - Even this one. - Yeah, but can you make the juice? - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah, but I... - Yeah. - I have food already, so... - Okay. - Okay, can I put it in the bag? - No, no, no, it's... No, no. I'll buy it only if you can make juice.

I buy juice, but not fruit, because I already have food. - And what is this? Is it a bicycle? - It's an electric bicycle. Yes. - Electric? - Electric. Yes. - Wow.

This is the engine up there. - Okay. - Bust still, I have to... As you can see from my face, I have to pedal. - Okay. Wow! Where are you coming from now? - Kabarnet. - Kabarnet? - Yes. - Wow! - Wow! - And where are you heading to? - Iten.

- Wow! But it's almost. - Almost? - Not so far. - Not so far. - Yeah. - I think it's still far. - Yeah. - Still 15 kilometers. - But... Yeah, yeah. - Look at this amazing view over the... It's Kericho Valley, no? The valley is called Kericho Valley, no? - Yeah. - Here the people are Kericho, no?

- Kericho? - Yeah. - No. - Tungen then. - We are in Elgeyo-Marakwet. - Elgeyo-Marakwet. - Marakwet? - Elgeyo-Marakwet. - Marakwet? - Yeah. - So you are Marakwet. - Yeah. - Kerio. We are Kerio. - You are "Keyo". - Yeah. - Oh, "Keyo". - Yeah. - Kerio. - Kerio. - Kerio? - Yeah. - Kerio. So you are all Kerio. - Yeah. - It's a subgroup of Kalenjin, no? - Yeah. - You are Kalenjin.

- Yeah. - And Kerio. Okay. - What is this now? - Camera. - Okay. - Beautiful. Beautiful valley. - You are coming from which country? - France. Yes. - Ready to eat now? - No, no, but... Avocados. I like avocados. - And oranges? What about these oranges? - Oranges, no. - And lemons? - No.

But avocado... How much do you sell avocados for? - 100 all. - Ah? - 100 all. - 100 for all? - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah, but that's too much. Can I take just two? - Two? Yes. - For 50, okay? - Yeah. - What about oranges? - This is good to eat now. - Yeah. - It's good to eat now. - Really good. - Yes, give me two. Which one? - Take this one. Discount. - Let's take this one. You. For you. - For you.

- No, oranges are... - Can I exchange this one? - Yeah, this one is better to eat now? Okay, thank you. - I want to give you one orange, one lemon for free. - You want to give me one lemon for free. - Yeah. - Why? Oh my god. - You want to go. - I'll just rest a little bit. And I will go. Yes. - I'll take this.

- Whose hair is this? Very long. It's funny with the hair: people are always worried about leaving their hair on you or their hair somewhere, because they're very afraid that you will do black magic then, and you will curse them thanks to their hair. - But you are then leaving Iten. - I'm going to Cape Town. - Cape Town? - Yes. - We shall go with you. - With this one? - Yes. You come with me? Yes. - You're going with this? - Yes, I came from France with this. - No, no. - Yeah? With this one? - No, no, no.

- What I love here is most of the time, people don't believe me... - No. - ...when I say... You don't believe me. - You are lying. - I love it. - How will you come with this from France to Kenya?

- Slowly. Slowly, slowly. - It's impossible. Slowly, yeah. - Impossible. I have a YouTube channel. You can check. It's possible. You just go slowly. - From France? - Very impossible. - Very impossible. Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm very sure. You came with an airplane. - No, no, no. I've come with this all the way. - With this? No. - No. Oh my god. I love it. - You are lying. - I'm not lying. - You are lying.

- You can check my YouTube channel. - Yeah? - I have a YouTube channel that shows the whole journey. I just wanted to... - Your years are going. - Ah? - Your years are going. Oh, my years are going. Yes. - Yeah. - But... - You don't have children. - No, no children. - I would say come out to feel. - Ah?

- Go hard and feel. - Go hard and feel. - Yeah. - I can make it later. It's okay. - Later? - There is no rush to make children. No rush. There is no need to make children very early.

- In your country? - Yes, in my country. Do you have children? - Yeah. - Yes. - You have children, also. - Me? Yes, I have my children. - How many? - Three. - Three? - Yeah. - But you're very young.

You have three children already. - Yeah, I have three children. - Oh my god. You all have children, I guess, no? - Yeah. - Yes. How many? - Four. - Four? - And you? - Six. - Six? Oh my god. And you? Two. - Three. - Three. - Wow. Me - zero. - Zero. - But we are praying for me. - Ah? - We are praying for you.

- Ah, you're praying for me that I have children? - Yeah, yes. - Yeah, yeah. - Thank you. - Thank you. Okay. - Thank you. Bye! - Bye-bye. - Safe journey! - Bye-bye. Safe journey! - Thank you. - Bye. - Bye. - Have a good day. - Okay. - Bye-bye. Kwaheri. It's still 19k to go to Iten. - Bye-bye. - Bye. - Bye-bye, bye-bye. Kwaheri. - Thank you. - Bye-bye. - Bye.

- Bye-bye, I'm on the wrong side. - Bye-bye. - Okay, let's see if I can stop here for my lunch break. Hopefully, no puncture because the issue here is there are acacia trees everywhere, and acacia trees have thorns. There's a bit of shade there. Let's go to eat, guys. Look at this beautiful place, guys, the beautiful hills.

And there is a house up there actually. So, I have avocados. I don't have a proper meal, but I have a lot of snacks. Snack bar. I have some chips. I have Bounty. I have a lot of tangerines and a lot of chocolate still. I learned my lesson from last time. I have a lot of chocolate, so I can just... I have easily 2,000 calories in my bag, which is probably approximately what I use during a day like this.

Probably, I use even more than 2,000 calories. Look at this guy. Maybe it's not very ripe, but it doesn't matter. Oh, putain. A good avocado, guys. Fantastic. I love it.

With the olive oil and salt, amazing. And I found these also, guys. Look at that. Sesame, simsim, sesame sweets. Fantastic.

You live there? - Yes. - Okay. And what's lovely about riding a bicycle is that I can have junk food. As much junk food as I want when I ride. Let's have a couple of tangerines, which is the local name for the mandarines basically.

Very sweet. Hi. - Hi. You're relaxing. - Yes. How are you? - Very cool. - You live here. - Yeah, yeah. - Okay. - Up there. - Up there. Okay. So this is the road leading to a...

There is a village there or... - Yeah. - Ah, okay. - Toward my home. - Oh, your home, because I see a house there. Yeah. - Ah, no, no. - This one. Not this one. - Far, those ones are far from here. About seven kilometers away from here. - Seven kilometers? - Yeah.

- By this road? - Yeah. - Oh my god. That's far. - Yeah, it's far. How is the weather in France right now? - Ah? - Weather in France? - Weather... Now it's getting cold. Now it's 10 degrees Celsius. 10-15. And you, where are you going? You're going to work. - Yeah. - Down the valley? - Yeah. - Okay, so you wait for a minibus to pass and...? - No, no, no.

I'm going through this shortcut. - Ah, you you go walking. - Yeah. - Okay. - Yeah. - You go... - I have my colleagues that work here. - Will you sleep there, also? - No, I'm going back. - Ah, you're going back after. - Yeah, daily. - Daily? - Yeah. - And how many kilometers do you do to go to work? 30 kilometers. - Yeah, yeah. - Walking. - Yeah. - Every day. - Yeah. - Oh my god.

- It's far. - It's a lot. - Or maybe more. - Yeah. - Rough road. - The rough road is not good. It's difficult because you see it's very low. - Yeah.

- So I need asphalt. The rough road I can do a little bit, but not too much. So let's go for the dessert. Let's try this snack. I need some sweetness. Let's try the sesame...

Let's try the sesame biscuits. Very good. Full of sesame. That's what I love. Like in the Middle East. Good, how are you? - Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. - Good, good. - Yeah. - How are you? - We are fine.

- Yeah. - Mzungu. - Yes? - What is that? - This? - Yeah. - It's a camera. - Oh, it's a camera. And what about this one? - This is for the speed, how many kilometers you...

Speedometer. - Oh, speedometer. - Yes, exactly. And you, what's your name? - My name's Alfred. - Ah? - Alfred, Alfred. - Alfred. Nice to meet you, Alfred. - Yeah, thank you. - Okay. - Yeah. - Let's see if I...

- You see I've been surprised with this thing. I've never seen a bicycle... - Yeah, yeah, it's not common. Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah, it's not common. So where are you going now? - Iten. - Iten. From? - Kabarnet. - To Iten.

Have you traveled all the way with this one ? - Yes, this morning. - Ah, you are very tough. - Yeah, tough. Yeah. Good. Have a good day, guys. Yeah. - See you. - Enjoy. Bye-bye.

- Bye-bye. - Okay, I am on the road. I'm good now. Bye-bye. - Bye. - Let's go to Iten, guys. Hello.

Hello. - Hey. - Hello. - Cool. - Hello. Iten, Iten.

Look at this wonder, guys. So I'm way above 2,000 meters high already. Still, a few hundred meters to climb to reach the city of champions. Hello. - Hello. Hello. - Hi. - Hi. - Hi.

It's funny it's the end of the climb. And somehow, I'm just starting to feel strong now. I'm starting to be able to push. That's good. I'm getting back in shape even though I'm still a little bit fat. Kenya has made me so fat. - Hello, sir. How are you? - Good, good. How are you?

So I was looking for a guest house on the side of the road. I think I found one, which is just basically up there. - Sharp point. - Sharp point. Okay. And I'm training a future champion. You like to run. - Yes. - It's a bit flatter. Let's see what we can do. I have to train him a little bit. You're back. - Yes. - And I am arriving in Iten, guys. Oh my god.

I think it should be my last brutal climb for quite a while. There's a viewpoint. Let's see. And let's get a tea somewhere here. Do you have to pay to come here? - Yeah. - 50 Shillings ($0.3)? - Yes, this is called what? - A tricycle, a trike. - A tri? - Trike, trike. - Trike. Oh, this one is nice. - There is a drink or juice here or something like that? - Yeah. - There's juice? - Yeah. - Okay. - But the 50 Bob - you redeem it also.

You can use it to pay for... - Oh, I can use it to pay for the drink. - Yeah. - Oh, 50 Bob. - Now the trike - you'll park it where? - I don't know. Close to the chairs there. - No, they don't allow there. - They don't allow there. - Park over here. I'll bring you the 50. - Okay. - Let me... - Hi, how are you? - Fine, fine. What is this called? - A trike.

I go to South Africa. I go to Uganda first. - To Uganda? You are going to South Africa. - Yes. - So how long have you been on the way from... Where? Nairobi or...? - From France. - Ah? - From France. - Oh, from France? - With this, yes. - With this one, from France? - Yes. - My goodness. - Two years.

- Two years now? - Yes. - Did you design this or...? - No, no. I bought it like this. Yeah. - So what compelled you? Okay, the driving force for you to do this? - I like to travel.

So I just like to see the world. - Yeah, you see the world. - And see how people are. - The sceneries. - Exactly, and the people. - The people.

- So it's mostly this that drives me. - Yeah. - Curiosity. - Yeah. - It doesn't have gears. - Thank you. Ah? - Here. - The gears. - Ah, the gears. Yes, it has many gears. Yeah. - Two years now on the road? - Yes, yes. - My goodness. Two years now from France. - To Kenya? - Yes. - On the road. - Yes, and he's heading to Uganda, to South Africa.

So interesting. - Keep going, keep going. - Yeah. - Two years. - It's funny... Two years. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, if you go slow, you can go far. - Yeah, so let me ask you. Do you think you've lost touch with your people? - Yeah, I'm different now. Of course, yeah. - Yeah. - In many ways, I'm different. - In many ways, different cultures. - It makes your change. Yeah.

So I am not the same person I would be in France. - Yeah. - I behave differently. - Yeah, you behave... - It's been a year since I have been in Africa, for example. So slowly, slowly, you change, you become like the people you live with. So I became less French and became a little bit African. - Yeah, like... - But if I go back to France, I'll become French again completely.

But then you change like this. Yeah. - Yeah, and what about driving? Have you tried driving the car? - Yeah, I can, but I like this one because... I prefer this because it creates more contact with the locals. - Yeah. - If I came by car... - Yeah, yeah. - would not come to talk to me. - Yes, I know that. - But because I came with this, you came to talk to me. So it's more interesting. - Yeah. - I think.

This creates a link between me and the people in the country. - What do you want to achieve in the world? - I just want to see the world. I don't know what I want to achieve. I want to see how it is, just show how the world is. That's what's interesting for me. Just show and... I don't know.

What's the outcome of this? I don't know. I will see. Just the people make the outcome. I don't choose the outcome of this. - Okay. Okay, fine. - See you. Yeah. - See you. - Thank you. - Hey. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello, so what do you have for drinking? Can I have a Coke, a fresh Coke? I go sit there. - It's okay. - Okay.

Look at this view, guys. The Kerio Hills. That's the Tugen Hills on the other side, and that's the Kerio Hills, and that's the Great African Rift. Oh my god. That's what life is about. A beautiful day. Life is good. It's... Ah, it's fresh. Great.

Thank you. - Welcome. - I have goosebumps. Those hard days on the road are the most beautiful ones.

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