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foreign [Music] hello everyone here from the south of Taiwan in the city of Carl Xiang this is going to be our final video from Taiwan we've made five videos overall and done some great things so we're just going to be exploring more of cow shung in this video we saw a bit of it yesterday and right now we're at the side of the river that's in front of our apartment this is actually called The Love River I just saw the name on Google Maps that's a nice name and we're going to be walking all the way down to the seafront I think it takes about 20 minutes there are bolts here and I see the bolts going up and down so possibly if we went on that side we could get a boat down but we're just gonna walk it anyway beautiful weather once again yeah it's lovely today we have the Sun and it's not too cold it's just perfect it feels like 22 degrees perfect weather in the winter [Music] [Music] so we're now passing a pretty cool modern area got this nice modern Bridge crossing the river seems to be some sort of Museum back there and right now we're in front of a music venue this is where they play like live music you'll see it better from down there but everything looks pretty modern here I did read that about cow shung that it's like an old Port City but there's lots of new modern buildings there's loads of museums that you can visit around here and uh art galleries we might check out one of the art galleries because it's on the way right now yeah pretty futuristic looking isn't it many Dubai angle here of the futuristic design of the building looks really cool there's some more over there as well we can see in the distance kind of against the sun right now yeah but there's lots of futuristic looking buildings [Music] [Music] so even here on the boardwalk you get loads of pieces of unusual that so this one here looks very Rusty we passed another one over there but it seems like it's like that all the way down you can see another one and that's a very futuristic looking bridge too so we didn't know that it was going to be all futuristic like this we just read that it was a modern place but modern doesn't exactly mean that there's going to be a futuristic looking structures suppose how calm it is right for such a big city yeah because usually big cities are very chaotic lots of traffic yeah this one is not at least not the area that we're that we stay it's very calm it's like a golf City oh sometimes you'll come yeah this one looks pretty cool looks like a big bike chain or something snake all right cool yes I guess this is already one of the art areas these bunch of old buildings here check out this kid so it seems like a really nice area you have some restaurants here I think some of the places are only going to open in about 15 minutes but there are some some spots that are open I think this is a cafe looks like some sort of historic building doesn't it that they've renovated it's kind of run down but it makes it like look nice yeah vintage looking [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's one of those aliens that's been flying around the U.S oh yeah that they've been shooting down so the place that we were looking for is called the art center at Pier 2 we thought it was going to be like a building but I'm thinking that it's all this area since we are on like a old Pier area and these are absolutely everywhere look at the buildings there got the murals sculptures and stuff cool Street are everywhere here even on these containers [Music] [Music] [Music] open [Music] here comes the bullet train hello that's cooler than the bullet train yeah yeah but I'm not a child well he's not a child either you can do it so these are all old warehouses that have been converted into different things now this is actually a cinema pretty cool cinema right so that is also a cinema there too yeah this must have been the old train track here that ends and that's the old train I always like seeing all trains kind of faded it's all in Chinese anyway just like the rest of Taiwan we barely see any foreigners do Western Forest I haven't seen any today today yeah I don't think I've seen any not even today I don't even think the other days that we've been here no you're right I think housing is not as famous as Taipei so maybe that's why too also all this is train tracks isn't it yeah it must have just been the big old train station here oh [Music] thank you so we're gonna head to a Lookout Point now there are lots of hikes that you can do in the mountains around here but we've done so many hikes these past few days that we're not really in the mood to do a big hike but there is one here that's about 15 minutes and supposed to be a pretty good view and we couldn't find a trail so we're just taking a normal Road here seems like a little quiet neighborhood less modern looking than the area that we're in all the houses and look at this house here so I didn't know that there'd be monkeys around here trying to steal a helmet [Music] moral of the story don't run towards monkeys everybody was laughing at him even including his dad that was nice kids dramatized so this is the lookout the love Lookout that's what it's called I got some pretty nice views there so just a quick easy hike really 15 minutes I think we're staying in that area over there this sign here has some of the sights that you can see Sky Tower so that's the tallest one there usually you can go up there but Carol saw that it was closed so I can't do that now but we are gonna head over there so that's a separate Island that can see and I think you can get a ferry across we've got to work out where to get the ferry that's going to be our next stop after this viewpoint [Music] foreign [Music] just like everywhere in Asia if there's a hill there's usually some sort of shrine or Temple so this one is called Marty's Shrine the same back there said it was originally a Japanese Temple but now it's being reconstructed into a Chinese style didn't say what the date is though huge doorway oh wow really nice didn't even know this was up here so there's a few pictures around the shrine it's mainly talking about the resistance against the Japanese this is the Japanese surrendering in 1945 the Marco Polo Bridge incident July 7 1937 triggered the war of resistance against Japan [Music] thank you [Music] so we try coming down some stairs instead of the road we don't even know if this is the right way down a lot of abandoned looking buildings yeah a lot of the buildings have fallen to pieces this is someone's house or is it is it still the stairs I know I think we can continue on I don't know if people still live here maybe they do yeah they do [Applause] it's probably the first time we've seen a area like this in Taiwan because everywhere that we've been so far is quite modern and developed can we get through here yep I guess so tiny little other way is everywhere uncle so we found the area where you get the ferry we're in the queue and then for some reason the lady said that we all had to go to a completely different area so we're just following everyone now hopefully they know where they're going I guess we're gonna get the ferry in a different location on this side got loads of little fishing boats around here saw some people fishing back there too the local fishermen area it seems like man it looks like everybody is going to this island so I think we can use the easy card again that we got in Taiwan for the Metro I think you can use it for hair too [Music] just got in yeah the last one yeah she was closing it on us luckily there's only a two of us thank you [Music] foreign [Music] so our first stop is gonna be the famous old street it's super fat because it's a Sunday so that's why it's so busy we chose to come on a Sunday though because usually when we come during the week to places in Taiwan there's just literally nobody around so it actually is a bit more interesting with more people around what are we going to eat Carol I don't know but everything is smelling so good yeah it's making me extra hungry yeah we'll find something nice yeah pretty much everything here is food stalls what is that oh bubble tea yeah yeah I might get some bubble tea again too it's like Carnival Carol yeah super effect nice Towers temples [Music] foreign although a bit too chaotic to ride around in one of those like these guys are stuck so I'm gonna have some sausage here I just got three original sausages just normal pork sausages I also got this one flying fish egg sausage so they're just cooking it now so the six sausages were 175 and Carol's just getting some swordfish here spicy I think other things are shrimp how much is that 28 28 how many are you getting three three so I've never had a fish egg sausage before I don't know if it's this one I can see loads of little balls I guess those are the fish eggs yeah yeah I think I think this is the fish egg one yeah it is you can see the fish eggs there pork but still with pork yeah really tasty once again though whenever I have sausage here they always put some sort of sauce on it and it seems to be the same sauce everywhere I go and that's what's making everything extra delicious how's your tempura it's weird what's in there I don't know what the hell I thought it was just a battered fish yeah some yellow thing inside maybe that was egg egg yolk Buttercup I can taste the fishy the fishy taste it's very strong you can't taste the egg yolk no and it's a bit spicy because she put some pepper on top of it so Carol ended up getting a famous dessert here that we don't even know the name do we no it's strawberry some kind of cereal a lot of syrup okay it's very very sweet but those aren't strawberries the last two are they no I don't know what they are I hope it's not Tomatoes like little ones because I I would hate it yeah we'll find out oh country the best part about the syrup the unhealthiest spot is the best part yeah and I also got a milk cruelty so that was 50. how much was that four or five forty five a cool thing about this island is you also have a beach here really huge beach too the sand is pretty much identical to taroko isn't it the color yeah very dark gray yeah it is like a dark gray sand taroko is exactly like that this beach seems to be even wider though than the one that we saw in taruko it is extra windy right now pretty chilly wind we saw some surfboard rentals there so you can surf here actually see some waves right now but I don't think it's any good for a surfing I bet in the summer months like around June July August there must be loads of people around here but still pretty busy on a Winter's day [Music] relax [Music] foreign [Music] no way there's actually some kids swimming oh yeah maybe the water is not cold like in taroto it's not that cold outside just the wind but yeah it is doable just not that many people here right now in the water [Music] thank you foreign [Music] probably does we've just been around this area though and right now we're on this hill at the end of the beach there's like a lighthouse and a fort on top and there's also this tunnel from the Japanese era I think they build it it's called tunnel of the Stars so I guess this is why they call it the tunnel of the Stars all the nice lights it looks really cool on this side of the tunnel with the big Cliffs and this also appears to be like a military bunker I guess built by the Japanese too that's why they built the tunnel to get to this coaster another Beach on this side with the nice Cliffs but I don't think you can go down there all right this beach looks even nicer than the other one I think the views back there that's around the area that we did the hike before I think the love love Viewpoint or whatever it's called yeah on the right side so I think all that's the national park another cool thing on this side is look at all this it's all cactus cactus everywhere I don't think we had seen any cactus in Taiwan yet so in general I think the south of Taiwan is much drier when we're in the north It Would Rain a bit and the weather forecast was always showing rain and it was more like a lush green Landscapes up there but here is quite dry even in the winter so pretty much every day that we've been here it's just been completely Eclipse guys hasn't it yeah no clouds at all very different from the other parts of Taiwan that we went to yeah and it's only a few hours away it completely changes you can see here that it's dry too look it's not green is it all dried up so even around here looks like there's other bunkers Maybe pretty sure this is a bunker I think the the doors on this side yeah check that out put some barbed wire probably not really supposed to go in maybe that's from the Japanese too [Music] thank you [Music] we've arrived at the top of the hill now where you got the lighthouse up there which we'll check out soon they also have a nice little coffee place here you just got a latte yeah I'm waiting for it that's nice there's some live music going on up here too oh [Music] um I like the music yeah it is very good [Music] thank you [Music] thank you so next to the lighthouse up on the hill is also the old four remains of the old thought you can already see some bits of it here this old building in Ruins over there too I think there is another part where it's more complete wow it sure is cool up here this is the best part when we were on the beach before we could see all the people stood on the wall so this was the place get some Beach views around this side the beach that we passed before yeah it's a really big Fort that they built here no signs or anything from what I can see so not sure what the history is the wind yeah not good for my hair it's super windy up here yeah that's the best view of the beach yeah you can see it goes far away very far away yeah it kind of bends around and again down there I think it just goes all the way down the coast of the island that's a lot of people though just crammed into the little thin strip okay [Music] thank you [Music] so that's going to be it here from Taiwan it's the end of our trip now absolutely loved our stay here and we even think that it could be a place that we could even live it seems just really good like a really good place to live we also like the climate that the winters are kind of mild a bit cold but yeah just nice how it's been during this trip and the summers are still warm you have beaches mountains everything's organized just uh extremely underrated country it's kind of weird that there's not more Western foreigners here although I don't really know if they need the Western foreigners because it seems like domestic tourism and tourism from other Asian countries around is pretty high I mean the places are still pretty busy so yeah they probably don't even need it and it will be definitely a country that we'll come back to and we'll revisit because there's way more more stuff to do but we were able to do some awesome stuff either way just a bit complicated for Carol because she has a Brazilian passport so she has to apply for a Visa so yeah we had to go back to Bangkok before for a week for her to get the visa for me with my UK passport I don't need a visa at all so yeah that's just something we have to think about next time if you like this video just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe see more videos like this follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we'll see in the next one [Music] thank you

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