Sydney Day 9: Breakfast, A Tour at The Markets, The Pearl Lunch , Luxury Cars, Leaving to Brisbane

Sydney Day 9: Breakfast, A Tour at The Markets, The Pearl Lunch , Luxury Cars, Leaving to Brisbane

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ People are very aware, with their kids, their dogs. The weather is nice, people are shopping. The sounds are very nice, the vibe is nice. The smells are very nice. King's Cross Market, Saturday morning, Sydney, here we come. I looked around, I searched, and I was very surprised, not by the bacon you saw a while ago, but by the toasty sandwich.

Cheese, butter, my favorite. The one I ate in London, do you remember? In the Moro Market. They are the same here, the same company, but the vibe is very nice. ♪ ♪ ♪ My favorite. Butter, bread, sourdough, crunchy, three kinds of cheese.

And crunch. ♪ Comfort food. This is between a cheese sandwich and a ham sandwich we make at home, or a cheese sandwich, you arrive in the evening, you're hungry, you want to have dinner before going to bed. And the American style of it, a lot of butter. Three kinds of cheese that have a lot of oil.

Oh, unbelievable how delicious. Unbelievable. Simple ingredients made right. Unbelievable. Great start of the day.

♪ ♪ Welcome. We have a very delicious Manakish. It's called City Manouche, we discovered it by mistake, we passed by, we entered. Very nice, we felt each other that we are both Arabs and Lebanese. Where are you from? Where are we from in Lebanon? Where are you from? From Troples, you know it right away. And in the end she told me, I am the daughter of the country. The daughter of the country, Troples, she learned Lebanese here, and after the old culture and old words.

Manoucheh, thin, we fry it with Labneh, vegetables. And it's a good one. It's a very good one. The dough is very thin and not crushed.

The thyme is delicious, the vegetables are chopped small, the Labneh is very soft and not creamy. Just done right. Wow, that's a good one. Nice? It's a great start. Music Music The story is, we are passing by the sidewalk. The smell pulled us inside.

A great smell. And it's written on the menu that there are many bowls, hidden below. Pancake.

This is the pancake. This beautiful. This big. Butterscotch pancake.

Before we start with the pancake, let me tell you about this. This is eaten, it's a biscuit wrapped in paper, it tells you how to eat it. It takes 40 minutes without melting. First, you drink it, and second, you eat it. How nice is the idea. And then, we go back to this.

Caramelized banana in half, very nice, with the black coating of the grill. Nothing is better than this. Caramel sauce, and then pancake.

This is my cup. Fluffy. Very thick, fluffy, moist pancakes. Good job.

Sweet, enjoyable, light, fresh. Very good job. They reminded me of the thyme crackers of Al Ajam.

Beautiful. Beautiful. I ate well, and I woke up in the evening to make the crumb. The crumb, I don't know what it's called in English or Arabic. It needs nothing but a banana.

Meant to be. The sugar on it, the caramel. It's a good place, unexpected. I don't know who are its owners.

I don't know what, but I know that they passed here. Good stuff. Good stuff. Good stuff. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ I came to drink coffee, I didn't know it was this important.

This is the first time I see a cafe, a coffee shop, taken to the next level. In this way. You enter and feel like you're in the airport, the sign board is rotating, the music is beautiful, the food on display is beautiful, the coffee machine is well done, with the shop's logo. And then comes the menu.

Stitch, leather, maybe. When you open it, you see things you've never seen before. Details about the food, why stitch, what does specialty coffee mean. Then the serious part starts. What is white coffee, how is the system, what is black coffee, and each of the coffee they have. Which country, what notes do you feel, when is it made, what is it made, which country, which is it, how did they think of making it, what is the name of the company. And you go around.

And you go around, in beautiful colors, in an amazing menu. And then when you think you've done, then we continue, we continue, we continue, the decor is beautiful, the design is beautiful. In the end, they tell you where they got their coffee from, what is the profile of their coffee, regional flavor profile, and if you have any question, please ask. Classy, the logo, the colors, the coloring, they follow you everywhere. The brands they have here, beautifully done.

Beautifully done. A coffee shop you learn from. I am learning, I am learning the precision, the class, the finesse, the simplicity, I am learning how a coffee shop can stop people in line all the time, all the time, all the time. We've been here for 15 minutes, and now there are 30 customers. He's amazing. Here, the setup changed. I felt like I was traveling to Europe,

I am touring all the European countries, the Christmas markets, the winter markets in Europe, they became here, with different weather, different celebrations. Wow, beautiful. We traveled from one country to another. We are in France, Sweden, Europe, people are sitting on the ground, buying stands, maybe 200 people, and we are all around. People are very happy

here. Beautiful vibe. Very nice place. What a discovery. Great way to start a Saturday morning.

The market is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Beautiful market. The crowd is amazing. All nationalities are gathered. People are wearing Sunday and Saturday clothes, going out, buying, putting things, coming from their country. All nationalities, food, small, big, clothes, and all details.

Everyone put their music, they are all in a nice way, the smell of food is great. What is this? A school. On Saturday and Sunday, it is closed. They open parking for people. In this way, the whole community is gathered. Beautiful. Today, as I told you, we are going to Brisbane. We are getting closer to the day, I start running. Unbelievable.

How? We started now. How did it become 12 a.m.? We have some appointments after each other, and we are waiting for the airport. If you are watching the video before or after the gathering, I forgot. Let's meet in Brisbane. Fred, thank you so much. Thank you.

We had a great time in Ramnad. We laughed, talked, and ate. Thank you so much. We enjoyed. The most important thing is that whenever I come here, I meet him and reconnect. Thank you so much. Thank you. Before I do the check out, let me tell you about this box that arrived yesterday.

Whenever I arrive to Australia, this box arrives. Biodo. Lebanese people invented something beautiful. Before I start and tell you what it is, let me tell you that we agreed to send more than 100 boxes of these to Lebanon to be distributed to the parents who can't give gifts to their children. Before I leave the hotel and continue my trip, let me tell you about Biodo. It is a dough. 100% natural. Safe for children. They can, if by mistake, it is not for eating, but if by mistake, put it in their mouth, they won't be affected at all. It has 9 colors.

Each color has a smell and taste. Again, not for eating. If it is dry, you put some water on it and you rub it. Everything for the child to work at home. He can make a dough, cake, or whatever, so he can start to train his hands and work, but he can also build a house, a garden, or whatever. All the news is inside. The dough, the things, the decoration,

the cake molds. You reach a box next to the other, each one with a different You open it like this, a very nice way. It doesn't have a strip, did you notice? So the kid can't get stuck in it. And inside are the colors. This is the dough. Very soft.

My kids loved it a lot last time I made it. 238 0:20:14,449 --> 0:20:03,500 color. I spent an overweight to get them here. And they deserve it. We sat and played with them.

We ate together, it was great. There is everything in the heart. This.

So the floor doesn't get wet. Or the table. There are 3 or 4 of them. The letters.

The numbers. And everything for decoration. They are called BioDough. In Australia. You can find it online.

You can order online. And I loved it. There is around 8 kilos here.

7 kilos. How will we carry it to Lebanon? That is the question. Great job. And thank you for the gift. I turned to get the camera.

I saw ice cream. What did they think? Manakish? Australian almonds. They taste these. Ice cream.

Australian almonds. Chocolate. We met David again. He couldn't live more than 5 minutes without me. He went to get ice cream and came. I am in the car.

You are driving. I am here to listen to music. How do I taste? Australian almonds. Amazing ice cream.

Amazing ice cream. And chocolate. I can't tell you. David! I want to go to Brisbane for these jeans. What is this? Is it possible to have ice cream on the back? Wow.

Chocolate. Delicious. Do you remember the chocolate of childhood? They used to put chocolate with whipped cream at Bouza Bachir. That's a great start. David! I am in the car.

I am here to listen to music. How do I taste? Australian almonds. Chocolate.

Amazing ice cream. I can't tell you. David! I want to go to Brisbane for these jeans. How do I taste? Australian almonds.

Delicious. David! I want to go to Brisbane for these jeans. How do I taste? Australian almonds. Chocolate. Delicious.

David! I want to go to Brisbane for these jeans. How do I taste? Australian almonds. Chocolate. Delicious.

David! I want to go to Brisbane for these jeans. How do I taste? Australian almonds. Delicious. Great day! Great day! Great morning! I told you that I was leaving for Brisbane and that we will meet soon. But there are still many things to do.

I will come back with I Forgive. I will remind you again and again about I Forgive. You will hear more about them. I loved them a lot. I hope that you will spread the word and that you will forgive. We will make a stop because I am very hungry.

We will have a Lebanese lunch in a restaurant next to the metro that we visited yesterday. It is called Pearl Mediterranean. I am walking in the middle of the road. A plate of hummus and some Sambousak. It is simple. I want hummus and Sambousak.

What are you eating? This is the right thing. Potatoes, Labneh, and a plate of hummus. I will eat it.

Hi, how are you? Hi, I am Andrea. Welcome to the Pearl Mediterranean. I am from Tannourine in Lebanon. Here in Sydney, we own a restaurant. We cater to all domestic areas.

We have Mediterranean food. It is a bit of wood fire pizza, Lebanese food, Greek food. A little bit of everything to cater to everyone.

Here at the Pearl, we are a family-run business with a blend of Mediterranean dishes. We are 100% halal here and also offer shisha services upstairs in our shisha lounge. We also cater to large functions and celebrations and events. Come through. Let's have a look. I don't know if this is my last stop before traveling or not. What I discovered 5 minutes ago was that my flight was at 7 a.m.

and it was delayed to 9 a.m. We took another flight to benefit from the time and be able to do another stop or two or more. The seating here is very nice. Did you see the room they have upstairs? I didn't film it all. It is big.

There is a function that can accommodate a minimum of 300-400 people. It is different from the restaurant which is a bit strange and special because there is no glass. You can see the road from here to there. This is not the Lebanese restaurant.

It is open space. There is a bar, a kitchen, a function, and a seating. The plates are nice. Modern. Sambousik with ricotta on the bottom.

Tasty. Very tasty. The saltiness is very nice and the crunch is very nice. I entered from there and I went up. I told her that I feel like having a potato. Like the guys.

Ketchup and chips. Very good quality chips. No one calls them fries.

Chips. Can you hear the crunch? They are filled and not empty. Good stuff.

There is no order for tabbouleh. It is a Mediterranean restaurant but not a Lebanese one. But we have a fattoush. The bread is tasty, sweet, crunchy, molasses, nicely done, and the pizza is coming now. It arrived faster than I dreamed of.

He is working and I felt that he understood me. His dough I felt that he understood me. What a great smell. Pepperoni, beef, sauce.

I am going to eat. That's a good one. Oh that's a good one. The lunch is really amazing. People are dancing and sitting outside.

People are drinking here. We turned down the music a bit. not philosophical they have hummus with garlic and good food I am hungry for salt marinated edamame no comment needed just clean we are going outside the weather is great I am hearing about the winter in Australia and I am wearing a shirt the weather is great I am sleeping like a baby look what I got the cheese halawet how classy how nice how neat how appetizing very interesting not close or far it has nothing to do with the cheese halawet in Tripoli but very classy upscale reinvented redefined I love it I will take another bite the girls here are doing a great job they are nice and warm they don't speak Lebanese but we let them do it Lebanon in the heart from Tannourine and now I really need to go to the airport to get a job wow ok that's my ride crazy me and me only let's start with the calmness the chair I will make it a bit more comfortable because it sleeps the chair in front is very comfortable here we have a fridge one, two bottles fridge two, two bottles the fridge is in the back in the back anyway sound charging control crazy we are going to the company to meet them Queen Street Customs they will pick me up at the airport they will tell us about the cars they have here what they do, what customs means what services they have here all these details and that car is one of them here I have wow wait I opened the other side I opened this side a pillow, did you see it? it comes as a package and a huge screen music Hi Anthony, how are you? My name is Mohamed Ibrahim I am from Australia my parents are from Tripoli I am from Queen Street Customs Queen Street Wedding and Queen Street Tiny Home I make cars I fix cars, I build cars I build small houses on the streets I also rent cars for weddings, VIP transfers celebrity transfers I do everything with cars whatever you like I build cars, I race cars whatever you want, I race cars here in Queen Street we rent cars we do weddings we do everything you need birthday, you want to take your wife to Casadena we have cars Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati Mercedes whatever you like, we can get I will take you to the hotel I will give you a room I want to do a big wedding I want 40 cars 5 helicopters I want to do a big wedding on the whole street first in Australia? the biggest wedding in Australia the biggest wedding in the world and a banana party I want to do a big wedding on the whole street I love all cars they are luxury I love luxury but I love fast cars everything should be fast this car can do 6 seconds in a water ball from 0 to 360 km in 6 seconds but my favorite is this JL I made it a wide body I put it in the bar I put it on the ground it goes up and down and we have a hotel that has 650 kW which is 800 hp it is fast on the road I don't drive it but it is built like this many people finish school and get in it this is like a business like a tool people see it and say wow very nice they get in it and make a car like it I want to know why this car it has a Lamborghini and Ferrari and all the fast cars in the world and then I asked this question I was in the car and expecting the answer and he told me this these are the cars I understand now the precision is perfect in Lebanon the car is shiny and it changes depending on the light and the reflection it is slower than the main car definitely fast I want to hear its sound I think it is fast it flies on the ground I think it is built with a lot of love choose this not this one when I was young I went to a car show I won 320 trophies from the biggest to the smallest I didn't make one I want the biggest one and 3 times 2008, 2011, 2013 I won 3 years best car in the country here is our trophies up here next door I have more as well here we make cars Nissan JDR we have a lot in America we have 150,000 and 20,000 now you can't find one J3 cars people put 200,000 to build them and they spend a lot of money but the work must be 100% the hair can't be bad a lot of work I have good metal and the paint is good I am one of the best in the country this car is being built Ford Mustang 67 models 67 the guy brought it we did a battle with him we took all the dust we will clean it if you look here you see the metal the cars of the donors they are not 100% you have to bring the metal back 100% and remove all the rust it takes a lot of time and the paint must be 100% people spend 100,000 L.L. on the paint if you look here we are doing the paint then we give it a wash and fill it 100% we do the line all of them the cars of the donors we bring them very close 100% but the work is a lot these are called tiny hands we put them on the frame I build cars and I built a lot of cars and I got bored of cars I wanted to build a house on a trailer these are not the first I made 5 of them they are hard to pay because I just started in Australia you can't dream of buying a house you can buy these very cheaply Then they buy houses and rent them. They get around 500-600 L.L. per week rent. They are very interested and I thought I will change the trend a bit.

I am building it and it is working. 670 0:40:26,000 --> 0:40:03,500 and you can save up a bit of money. This is my BMW car. It can do 6 seconds. I was telling you before that I have a car that can do 6 seconds. I have this BMW for 10 years now.

I built it like this. I change it every 2 years because the technology is better. I am trying to go from 0.6 to 0.4 seconds. It takes me 6 years to go from 0.6 to 0.4. 2000 of a second.

It might cost me 200,000 L.L. Maybe more. Cars like this, on the mileage, the wheels, the air, everything must be 100%.

It is very hard. I have a performance, George Rahim and Rocky Rahim. They are the masters on cars. He builds cars for me.

I have been racing with them for 8 years now. You can't put money on it. You can't buy this car.

It is a sign that says that you should be smart in cars. It has 1750 horsepower. Every 2 or 3 times, we burn the engine.

It costs us a lot. Everything is custom. We have nitrous, the car goes in, the automatic gearbox. Everything is done on the millimeter.

One millimeter and it is done. The motor is still bigger. 5 seconds. This will do 5 seconds on the Korma. I haven't seen this car yet. I saw it in Dubai a lot.

It is time to try it. The door opens to the back. Very classy. The leather, the trim, the color is nice. Shiny all the way. The back seat.

It is comfortable and wide. The signature starry night. I am looking for it. There is a sunshade hidden in the door. How cool is this? We tried the car.

We tried the car for the sound, to understand how fast it is, to understand how much torque and power it has. From 0 to 100, how it jumps. Do not try this at home. We didn't break the law. Don't do it.

We tried to watch it and know the feeling of a muscle car, a power car, and what torque means. We press and the car jumps. That's why you always reach the car in front of you in a split of a second. Do not try this at home.

Not necessary. Lebanon, who will go to Lebanon? My mother, may God rest her soul, loves Lebanon. When they left Lebanon, they came to the country to work, to have a family. The children, when my mother and father came to the country, they came to work and come back. But the war destroyed the country.

They stayed here and we made a family here. We all grew up and didn't go back to Lebanon. Many people come to Australia.

Australia is good but it is all work. You don't have a life, you don't go, you don't come. There are no people like the people.

All of them, how can I say, there is no one like anyone here. They say Lebanon is beautiful, they live here day by day, they say it is the best life. Sometimes life is beautiful. You don't know, you die tomorrow. You don't take anything.

Here we work like we work for money. But God willing, I want to go to Lebanon. I want to see where my parents were born. I want to see. They say Lebanon is amazing. The weather here is funny. There they say the food is good, the fruits are good.

Everything is natural. Here everything is not good. They bring milk and give it to us and it is spoiled.

God willing, next year, maybe a year after, but the situation will be better. Now I am busy with work. But God willing, we want to go to Lebanon and see the beautiful country if God wills. We met each other, we had fun, we spent 2 hours together.

We laughed, we talked, we filmed, I met Mohamed who I really liked a lot. I don't think it will be the last time we meet. Most importantly, he told us many things about Lebanon, history, Tripoli. He told me that he will come back. I told him, you come back, I will make a Manoucheh, I will tour the village, you will take care of me, and I will show you how this country, despite everything, you will be born outside it, but the blood stays Lebanese. Glory to God, no one can explain this.

I think my new mission is to find out why Lebanese people, even if their grandfather is Lebanese, despite everything, and how much they try to keep Lebanon away from them and then they get caught in it. He tells me that he is very happy to meet me. Thank you so much. Thank you for the ride. We are going to the airport and we tried 3-4 cars. I love it.

If you want to rent a car, if you want a custom made car, you can come to his shop. We will see next time. I will tell you when we will come back if you want to send me a car. I have time, 2 hours to go.

This package you see is a Mouneh package. Take Mouneh from Sydney to Brisbane to market the Lebanese Mouneh and see who will distribute them to us. It will be there. There will be 2-3 gatherings, one is big, so find us where it is. I will be there in a day and a half.

I will be there in a hurry. I reached the airport. We are going in.

I don't know if I am in the right place. I will eat something of course. We will meet in Brisbane. I hope you enjoyed our tours in Sydney. We are not done yet.

Stay tuned. See you next day at 9 p.m. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe. See you next time.

Music playing. My life is one minute, but now we will continue to talk to you and the kids. I am very hungry. We will eat a sandwich. Stay tuned.

The bread and cheese are amazing. I gave it 6 slices of cheese. The turkey is amazing. She is telling me that there is no labneh. I think I found something white but not labneh, maybe mayonnaise. Coke Zero. Did you notice that we were talking for 2 days that the airport 831 0:50:17,940 --> 0:50:02,500 cheese and turkey I think. closes at 11 a.m.?

Correct, the city of ghosts. Now it is 7 a.m. and no one is here. Half of the restaurants are closed. It is good that there is a lounge. It is very big, thank God. But no one is working, they will leave.

The new airport that you watched in the previous video, will solve this problem because it will open 24 hours. Anyway, let's go back to my sandwich. I am eating something very delicious. I am thinking about you and I miss you.

I am not talking to you, I am talking to her. She is in Daintek. And the kids. Oh my God, you can't know how much. Oh my God, a little bit of cheese. Wow, very good. The airport in this country sleeps at night.

There is no one. Taxi, car, no one. I don't know. Anyway, it is the last hour. No problem, but the box has arrived. The Mouneh has arrived. The Mazahar, the molasses, and everything is here.

We will meet tomorrow in a very long day. I said goodbye to you before, right? It is important to meet someone before we go to the hotel.

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