Super Friendly Girls of the City Which Administer Aksai Chin

Super Friendly Girls of the City Which Administer Aksai Chin

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They are saying, do you wanna marry? Marry me! So this is Chauraha, and this is the hotel where I am staying After a lot of hard work, I got to stay here A city where non-Chinese are not allowed to stay in hotels. She's saying, do you wanna marry? They are saying that they are meeting an Indian for the first time here. So, let me tell you, after a lot of inquiry and a lot of waiting, finally... She has given me a room, he said it's okay for a day. I'll go, let's not stay here for long. This is what a hotel looks like.

This is such a nice hotel. They have brought me to the third floor. I think it's more than one floor. It's a tall building with at least 10 floors and a lot of rooms. It's a very big hotel. They have allotted the room, but the room is not cleaned.

Maybe she will change the room now. She is giving the front room. I have finally come to my hotel room and my check-in is done First let me show you my hotel room in Hotan. Then I will tell you what happened. Looking quite good room, there are a lot of facilities here And all the buttons are of digital type you can see here, The light is on as soon as I touch it the light is on, the light is off. This is a washroom.

You can see. This is the shower room. TV is also on, there are a lot of movies and their channels are all there, but everything is in Chinese. And here are two water bottles, two cups and an electric kettle. There is a hair dryer here.

This hotel room cost me 210 yuan, which is about 31$. There is also a window in front, where will it be removed, it is removed, see this. So there is a view of the outside from the hotel, There is a road in front. or And everywhere you can see buildings, apartments, etc. It's 5.15 pm now. I came here at 3.30 pm. It's been 2 hours since I came here.

At least it will be day till 9 pm. It will get dark around 10-11 pm. When I reached Kashgar Railway Station this morning to board the train, I was asked a lot of questions. At least 8-10 times my passport must have been checked before reaching here.

All the officers have taken photos of my passports. Almost all the officers are not able to identify which is the Chinese visa. They are randomly opening any visa that is similar to the Chinese visa.

I am explaining to them that this is not the Chinese visa. 'There is another country visa and Chinese visa is somewhere else' If I don't tell them, they will note down the wrong information and take a photo of the visa. They took my photo. My phone number is being taken everywhere. My program is being asked 'When I came here, for how many days, when I will leave from here' 'Where I was befor Hotan and where will I go after Hotan' I have cleared a lot of questions. 'I have come here for sightseeing' In the end, everyone was convinced after asking a lot of questions. They were not giving me a hotel.

One of their officers heard that there is a foreigner here and refused to give me a hotel. 'No, no, the hotel is not allowed. It is only for the mainland Chinese' Although I have entered the room, they still have my passport. I don't know when they will give it to me. Maybe when I check out from here or when I leave from here, they will give it to me. Maybe they will give it to me in the evening.

Maybe they will do my registration here with my passport and visa. It's around 6.30 in the evening It's around 6.30 in the evening And I have left to explore Hotan. The place I am going to is not too far but madam told me to take a Taxi. So she is going to get me a Taxi.

I have to tell you about Hotan as well, show you as much as I can. Look at this, people hanged Chinese lanterns on the trees all over the road. Maybe it's been hanging since the New Year or there must have been an event. So, look at this, there are three cameras in this taxi. One camera, two cameras. And this camera is for outside Total 3 cameras, maybe they are at the back It's not just this, you can sit in any taxi in China, Beijing or any city.

There are cameras everywhere, in every taxi. We have come to the destination. The receptionist said it will take 8 Yuan, but it's 13 Yuan. I don't know where he has brought us.

Anyway, no problem. I have given him a 20 note. At least he has change. Right now, I have to go inside this gate, this is the entrance gate.

Before that, Let's explore this area and see what are the streets, roads, shops and cities like here. After 15-20 minutes, let's go inside. Just like Kashgar's Chinese name is Kashi, Hotan has many other names in Chinese and in their original language. Apart from Hotan, this town is also called Khotan or Hetian. The name of this city, Hotan, is derived from the Sanskrit word Godan or Gausthan. Hotan was historically known as Godan or Gausthan.

In Sanskrit, it was translated as Land of Cows and in Chinese, it was translated as Hetian. Even today, Chinese call this city as Hetian. Even today, Tibetan and Buddhist call this city as Godan or Gausthan.

This is a very historical place in Aksai Chin. In China, Han Chinese don't wear gold, silver or jewellery. But in Xinjiang, Uyghur women wear gold and jewellery a lot. In Kashgar and Hotan, there are many jewellery and gold shops. If they don't allow me inside, then you can see from outside. There are gold shops, ornaments and many more like this.

Hotan is a smaller town than Kashgar. I thought it would be the same as Kashgar, that nothing will be there here. It would be a small town, maybe a village type, nothing would be developed, but I am surprised.

The city is very developed, all the roads are very broad. Somewhere 4 lanes, somewhere 6 lanes, it is a neat and clean, I am surprised. A lot of people have developed the city. People say that things change all the time in China. In a week, a city is created and developed here.

This is how it is here. Maybe you can see the police going after me from a distance. Again, the police caught me here. It's took almost half an hour.

It feels like they have never seen any tourist in the city. So, they questioned a lot. They made me talk to someone on the phone.

Hindi or Urdu, whatever they knew. I talked to them. I explained them, they saw my passports. Photo, video, checked everything.

Checked all the passport pages. Look at these houses, streets, roads, everything looks so beautiful. These are the local women of Hutan.

Uyghur women. There are a lot of shops here. This is not a bazaar, it's just a shop outside the city There are a lot of carpets here. Carpets are very famous here This is a very big shop The carpets are very well designed. Carpets are exported to China and many other countries.

Carpets are a big part of the economy here. There are so many carpets, Central Asia, Kashmir region, and this is also a kind of neighborhood. So there is a lot of carpet work in the whole region. The carpets are so colourful. Small, big and different designs.

There's a picture of the Chinese president on it. Maybe he's been here before. Maybe, not sure. You don't get a good design like this anywhere else. There is so much variation, so many colourful prints on the carpet. These people have even made a photo on the carpet.

From a distance, it looks like a real photo, but it's made of carpet. You must have only heard about Aksai Chin till now. Today you are seeing, I am seeing, Aksai Chin, which controls and administration is done, and its largest city. There are actually two markets in Hothan. A grand market, which is open during the day, and a night market. The night market here is very famous in the entire Xinjiang region.

And it starts at 9 o'clock at night. So now we are going to a grand market first, you can see a big gate in front of us, look at it. They have made two gates, one is here, and the other one is further ahead. Both are of the same size. So let's go here first.

Let's see how the bazaar market is. There are a lot of electric two wheelers in this area. We have to cross from here. Okay, let's cross the zebra crossing from here. If people are crossing like this, I'll do it too.

No one is stopping me. Fruits, vegetables and fruits are being sold here. These are mangoes.

As you can see, all these people are Uyghurs. In this town, 95% of the population is Uyghur. This is a Uyghur majority town. Uyghurs live here. I am getting checked to go in to the market. The police are here. Let me turn off the camera.

So now we have come to the Grand Bazaar of Hotan. There are policemen behind me, but they are all female officers. Shahrukh Khan is famous everywhere, but these people are taking the names of two things a lot.

One is Ram Charan and Bahubali. Bahubali and Ram Charan are very famous here. It was not expected at all. So this is the largest market in Hottan, or maybe the second largest if the night market is bigger than this one.

These two markets are the biggest. I am the most excited to go to the night market. And along with the Grand Bazaar, there is also a shopping mall. Look, I think they have made this Grand Bazaar inside the shopping mall. It's a pretty big shopping mall.

So this is a clothing market on both sides. Clothes are being sold everywhere. Look, it's a clothing market for all the gents. Let's go inside a shop. Let's see inside the shop Look, there is a t-shirt. Here are all the clothes of big brands, I don't know.

They won't be original, they are all copies. Let me ask for the price of this 150 yuan into 12. He's saying 22$ I think you'll get it at half the price. Because it's not the final price You can bargain here.

It's not too expensive. You'll get a pant for 12$ You'll get a shirt and t-shirt for around 6$. China is the largest exporter of clothes in the world. China is the only exporter of 1/3 of the world's clothes. All the people I'm telling here that 'I've come from India' No one believes that I've come here as an Indian. They're saying that they've seen an Indian for the first time here.

I've found a shop to eat here. I've eaten this twice in Kashgar. I don't know what they call it, but it's pretty good.

You can customize it. I'll eat something else today. Ever since I've come to Xinjiang, I've been eating a lot. I'm getting a lot of food here.

This is their Chinese Dosa. I eat it like this. She said 'She has already made 5-6, I will have to make a new one' So I didn't buy it. I found another Chinese Dosa shop. So I am getting it made. I forgot its name So this is their batter Dosa batter, look at this She has put eggs in it, after that she will put some spices and vegetables. I think this sauce is the spicy sauce, it is very spicy.

She is adding different vegetables These are Chinese Mushrooms. They have added a lot of sesame seeds and other powders to it. 'Jianbing' I just remembered the name So now she is folding it in the dosa style. In different parts, the way of making it is different and the way of serving it is also different.

So guys, this is ready. Let me eat it. I didn't ask how much it costs. I will ask after eating it. These people add some spices to it and it tastes like maggie masala. This is for 1.2$

As you can see, everything is written in two languages. Mandarin Chinese and Uyghur language. There is a whole Uyghur town here. It opens at 9 in the night. I think it runs till midnight. Till 2, 3 or 4 in the morning.

This market is called the lifeline of Hotan. It's not a weekend today. I was in Kashgar on the weekend. But people say that if you come here on the weekend, you won't even get a place to stand in this market. Like Friday, Saturday or even a little on Sunday. So guys, you get so many items to eat and drink here. Every item from all over China.

There is a very diverse cuisine here. I had eaten there before when I went to the market. The quantity was too much.

I thought I would come here and eat something. But guys, there is no place in my stomach to eat anything. And guys, look at this pastry of Hotan.

They have made different types of pastries and sweets. These are very colorful and decorated sweets. Let me show you what all items are available here. This can be goat, lamb or maybe some other meat.

I don't know exactly. There are many more items available here. See, this is tofu. All the BBQ items are available here. There are a lot of... this is seafood and they are frying fish here.

I can hear a lot of noise and smell too. This whole shop is of seafood. There are a lot of seafood here. I don't even know the name of a lot of seafood here. What is this? Oyster? I am not sure.

There are many varieties of fish available here. Crab is available here. It's a very big size crab. There are lobsters, prawns. But there is no sea far from here, still there are so many seafood items here. What do you call this? I forgot the name. Don't tell me the name of so many items. I don't remember the name at all.

Whatever you want to eat, you will get everything in this market. Take a look at the octopus. There is a different way to fry fish here.

They are not frying it, they are making it. There is a lot of dry fruit and spices on top of the fish. See how much spices and dry fruit is there. Look at this, I think this is chicken, but it's very thin. Look, we are getting kebabs here. Kebabs are being roasted here, the chicken is being barbecued.

I don't know why it looks like a duck! It's a very small chicken. It's very hot, very hot! This isn't it chicken its something else. What's he saying? He looks like a small chicken, right? I just scanned this on the translator. What do you call it? This is a pigeon. This is a pigeon.

This is pigeon meat, they are roasting the pigeon. There are a lot of items here that you have seen in other markets. In Beijing, Xi'an, Kashgar, there is a lot of repetition. So I am not showing you. There are a lot of Chinese items in the shop, all varieties.

Oh, the police lady is eating, I guess a security watchman, I don't know. Oh, she ate from this, by taking it out. Here you can see the head of a goat or sheep. I have seen this in Morocco.

Here you can see the head of a goat or sheep. They eat it in every possible way. They are cutting it into small pieces and taking out the meat.

Now she will add this spicy Chinese spice on top of it. This Hotan region used to be the center of the Buddhist. And it used to be the most important town on the southern silk route. Out of all the Buddhist states in the beginning, Hotan was one of them. Earlier, this place used to be called the Ancient Kingdom of Hotan. Which used to be one of the first Buddhist states.

And through Hotan, Buddhist culture and learning used to go to China through India. Around the 10th century, the Turks invaded Hotan. And around 1000 years ago, the population of Hotan converted to Islam. Almost all the people converted to Islam. There are a lot of food items here, but I don't feel like eating anything. There are some fruits here.

They will make a dish out of this. Let's try it. She is giving me a mix for 15 yuan. She is saying that you can take whatever you want from this. She is saying that you can take whatever you want from this. There are 12-15 types of fruits.

Let's try it. In China, there is a huge variety of fruits. Oh man, they are adding yogurt on top of this. I don't think they will add yogurt. I think they have filled 2-3rd with fruits and added yogurt on top of it. They are adding dry fruits and oats on top of it and I don't know what else.

Look at this. Look at this. It looks good.

It's yummy and healthy. Look at this Chinese cuisine. It's very popular in all the cities of China. Someone told me that this is an animal's stomach. The stomach of an animal is boiled and eaten in spices. I can't show you so many policemen in front of me.

Randomly, by chance, it's a different. I have come out of the night market. I am going back to my hotel by walking. There is a lot of lightening all over the city, as you can see.

China has so much electricity, so much lightening in the whole country. So much lightening, you can't even imagine how much lightening there is in so many places. They have so much electricity, a lot. All the tall buildings here, the whole building is lightening there is in so many places. These people sound drunk. He's holding my hand. I can't leave him.

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It's written below. Tomorrow we are going to a very amazing place.

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