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Assalam Alekum How can I reach Khasab Hotel? O my God... Where are these stones coming from? There are so many of them in water. Wow... This view is worth all the effort. Just check out how amazing this view is. Let's start this vlog not just with the view but also the weather.

Looks like it's gonna rain soon. It's cloudy as well as windy. You can see that in the waves. The water is splashing against the rocks.

Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Khasab. The start of our second day here is as beautiful as the first one. We'll do something different today. I've been in the hotel for two days now. However, these amazing views are making me go for camping. After some internet research, I've found a nice camping spot.

There is a small fishermen village near Khasab city by the name of Khor Najd. That's where we'll do camping. But before that, we've to do our breakfast. Here's the breakfast. I've got a cup of karak tea. We'll have some coffee later. There's bread and fried egg.

Some corn flakes and yogurt. It's gonna be a healthy breakfast. Bismillah...

You can see that our luggage is ready. We were about to leave. But... take a look at this weather. It's raining like crazy. A part of me feels like staying here for another night. But I'm like...

Going out will be a good adventure. We may not be able to go to the mountains in this rain. As you know more rain brings more water...

This place is known for flash floods. We'll try to stay clear of those roads. I'll try to gather some local information. We don't want our adventure to turn into problematic. I don't even know if camping here is recommended in this season. We need to ask some locals about this.

I'll ask my tour operator from yesterday. We'll leave once we have all this information. Anyways, we don't have any plans of staying here for the night.

I guess two nights are enough. Time to leave. I'm certain that this weather was waiting for me to come out with my luggage. Now that I'm, it's pouring with full force.

As you can see that I'm in full gear and I've brought all my stuff down here. The rain had almost stopped except for a very light drizzle. I didn't think much of the rain and the visibility had improved. But it has gotten much worse now; especially in mountains. The guys at reception strictly forbade me from going to mountains.

We'll wait here for some time. What else can we do in this weather. Let's pray for the weather to get better. We can at least go to the city since we are all set to leave. Let's try to make the most of this day if we get an opportunity.

Nevertheless, we'll have to wait for some time anyway. The rain doesn't look like stopping any time soon. The hotel guy told me that it doesn't rain much here.

But now when it's raining, it's not stopping. They even called my arrival a blessing as I brought rain. And I was like...yeah I did bring blessings but now it's getting out of hand. So much so that I'm not able to leave this amazing place.

It's almost been a couple of hours that I'm waiting here. It's 1:30 pm now. Let's wait some more for the weather to get better. Otherwise we'll have to figure something out. Lets wait till 3 pm before we decide anything.

Because it starts to get dark here around 5 pm. At the moment, it's raining with thundering and everything. Finally the weather has gotten better. We can start our ride now. It's still drizzling though. I don't think camping is possible today.

But at least we'll leave from here and go to the city. We can also look for some hotel in the city if we had to. I did consider the option of extending my stay here. But if we are in the city, we can explore that area in the evening as well.

So you'll also get to see things other than the hotel in this vlog. It's also possible that we leave our stuff at the hotel and go to the mountains. If we are not camping, we won't need any luggage. And in case of bad weather, we can come back comfortably.

Anyways, let's go to the city. It has started to rain again. Before it gets any heavier, we better get going. So, we are all geared up.

The luggage has been setup. Let's start with the name of Allah. Otherwise we'll get stuck here. Bismillah... In the name of Allah...

*Prayer for the journey* May Allah make our ride a problem free and memorable one. I pray for all my viewers to have a good day ahead. It's quite possible that your day may already have passed by now. It's almost evening here. We'll go slow in the beginning. I don't know about the road grip here.

It's been some time since I rode my motorcycle in the rain. We don't want to slip off this road while trying to go fast. Apparently the rain won't slow down.

I think it's best if we leave our luggage at the hotel. And then we can get on with any plans that we make. It has started to rain again.

This hotel was great but it was a bit too expensive. It's important to decide what amount you can pay for a night. I thought it's enough to spend two nights at a luxurious place. It's not wise to dwell on luxury. We hope to find a more economical place in the city.

Like yesterday, the cruise ship can be seen on the shore again. Or it could be a different one. Yesterday it was a TOI ship whereas today it's an MSC Opera. There's a lot of traffic here during summer. OI mean during winter. Because the winter here is like summer for Europeans.

Normally, it doesn't rain much here. But when it does, you see water everywhere. Then valleys become so full of water and in turn result in flash flood. That's why it is advisable to avoid going to valleys during rain. It's been almost a year since I came to the Middle East. This is the first instance when I'm riding in a proper rainy situation.

Previously there were a few instances of light rain in Iran and Iraq. It once rained in Saudi Arabia as well. But it rained for a very short duration. Once I faced heavy rain in Saudi Arabia, near Yemen border.

But that was hardly for half an hour. And I waited it out by standing aside. We have now reached Khasab city. Oops... They have closed the road.

What's the way to get there now? Looks like... Looks like the whole city is flooding. Assalam Alekum How can I reach Khasab Hotel? Well that wasn't helpful.

Oh okay. OK Well... that's the situation and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid we might have to go back to our hotel. So this road is closed now. The cars coming back are also warning us. Just look at the amount of water on the other side.

So we can't go to the mountains for sure now. All the roads are closed. Let's go ahead and assess the situation.

A lot of water is coming down this road. What should we do now when all the roads are closed...! Closed from this side as well. 'Water ... Water ... Everywhere ...'

The whole situation is in front of you. As I said before... rain brings water... With rains like this... comes flood... We can only circle around this round about now. This section is also getting gradually flooded now.

Look at the water on the road. Let's go back to our hotel now. Apparently we don't have any other option now. We can wait some more and roam around in the meantime. And have an assessment of the circumstances. Someone like me, who is coming here from Europe or even Pakistan, doesn't have much idea about the conditions here.

We don't know how a few hours of rain can result in flooding. And how does the whole valley starts overflowing... It was quite reassuring to see Police on the roads. I consider myself lucky that I could not go up the mountains today. It would have been much worse, had I gotten up there. Our tour guide is here and we can also get Yemeni food here.

At least we can find a good meal here. We are gonna try and make another round of the city. I've waited for about 45 minutes here.

Had a small burger and milk shake as well. Tomorrow's forecast shows a full day of raining. Let's see if we can see police here or not.

One lane of the road is completely submerged. Since this road is open now, we can actually go from here. There's mud on the road that's making things slightly slippery for my tires. Need to be steady here.

There's a lot of water on the road. And even more water is still coming. We'll keep going slowly. And try not to stop or use brakes here. Oh my God... Where did these stones come from? Looks like the water has brought a lot of stones along with it.

Was coming here a mistake?? That would be quite a scene if I fell down here, Abrar. You need to get through really carefully, man. Actually one of the sides is slightly higher than the other. So all the water has flowed down to the lower side. Apparently, the guy in the car behind me is in a hurry.

He can see that there's no way ahead and trying to go fast won't help. How many more kilometers to go now?? Another 2.1 km to go. An adventure motorcycle can help you get through any road, to say the least. I thought it would just be a small village. But it's quite big. I mean if you have to ride for about 3 to 4 km through the city...

That tells you about the size of the area. I was told that the total population here in Musandam is about 30 thousand. There have built quite a few buildings here. It could be some government organization.

I can see a beautiful mosque here. The building on the right side has a lot of cameras installed on it. Could be a ministry building. The architecture in Oman is different from that of other GCC countries. Very different from the mosques that we saw in this tour. This is Khasab Police Station.

This is Khasab Hotel. We have already made a reservation here. We should park the motorcycle here and get some of our luggage to our room.

Looks quite beautiful. The front if especially designed in a very traditional style. In fact, that's the restaurant of Khasab Hotel. We need to go a little further. That's the hotel.

No one at the reception. Let's see if someone comes. So, this is our room in Khasab Hotel. You cannot compare it with Atana in any way.

The view there was superb. Here, we have a small window in the room but you can't open it. And there's no special view either. Also this room cost almost 50% of the room in Atana. That was around 155 but this is for 75. And I've been given a further discount and so had to pay only about 55 to 60 dollars a night.

That means I'm saving almost a 100 dollars. It included breakfast as well. The room is quite tidy and spacious. We just have to spend a night here.

It's not raining now and we still have light for another couple of hours. Let's make good use of that. And try and capture this area.

We are now going out of Khasab city. We'd like to visit some nice view point on the mountains in that direction. Can we get through this patch? I think it shouldn't be a problem. Let's say the name of Allah and start.

I'm glad I'm wearing water proof shoes otherwise it would have been a mess. It's like a mini adventure. Water proof shoes actually saved my feet from getting wet. Apparently someone else is touring the place as well.

We can see some villages here and there, outside the city. A 15 - 20 house village here... Another 12 - 15 house village there... We have been seeing such settlements continuously for some time now.

Another thing that I noticed is that these houses are built quite far apart from each other. You see one house and then there's a considerable gap before the next one. There's no wall to wall connectivity.

You still call it a village but that's just how they build them here. You can see very few houses by the road over there... where you can see wall to wall connectivity. We've to do this off road section to go to Khor Najd.

That's where I wanted to spend the night in camping. But rain had other plans for us. Didn't realize that I was moving a little too fast. I almost slipped off the road... That was close.

So... we are finally there. Look at the beautiful view there. What an awesome place this is.

That's 'I Love Oman'. Lets park Rangeeli (motorcycle) in front of this sign. We still have light for another hour.

That should give us enough time to get some drone shots. It's not the best light but still it will work. Wow... This view is worth all the effort. Just see how amazing this view is.

Ma Sha Allah Back in the city now. Let's look for some nice place to eat. I saw a Pakistani restaurant here, last night when I was roaming around. Let's go there.

This small section is sort of a restaurant area here. You can see many grocery shops and similar things here. That's the place. And they have outdoor sitting as well.

We can park here. Our food has been served but before that... We have some guests here... Yaseen... Nadeem... And Mehboob. Nadeem recognized me as he has been watching my videos. Are you a construction worker here? Yes.

How are things going? Good. Are there many other Pakistanis here as well? Not too many but still more than people of other nationalities. There are Bangladeshis and Indians as well but Pakistanis are more. Most of them are in construction work? Yes. And you were saying some good things about Omanis? Yes. They are very nice people. Well mannered. Let me give you a glimpse of our meal here.

This is chicken karrahi. There's not much light here. Here we have some roti. It has started to drizzle now.

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