Stay at JW Marriott Hotel Nara. Detailed information/ Nara Japan

Stay at JW Marriott Hotel Nara. Detailed information/ Nara Japan

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Thank you for watching. If this is your first time watching this video, thank you for watching this video out of the many videos available. This time, we stayed at the JW Marriott Hotel Nara in Nara, and would like to report on our stay.

I hope this video will be helpful for your next trip, I would be happy if you could enjoy the feeling of traveling even a little bit. The first "JW Marriott" in Japan in July 2020, The JW Marriott Hotel Nara is located in Nara, Japan. G.A Group, a London-based company that handles prestigious hotels, Inspired by the rich nature and culture of Nara, It seems that the space was designed to be as beautiful as a mansion. Filming took place in mid-August.

It was during the summer holidays. The lobby was a bit crowded, But check-in went smoothly. So here are the rooms this time. Wet area is on the right.

This one will be introduced later. On the left side is a large mirror. Let's look further back.

There were no upgrades this time because of the busy summer holiday season, It is spacious enough. Very nice room. The view is beautiful. In front of the city hall, but the greenery is very beautiful. Modern and warmth of wood, Lovely room.

Now let's take a look at the coffee machine. There are 4 capsules. We have two different flavors available. Take a look around the minibar.

The top drawer is, With a set of glasses and cups, Red wine available for a fee. In the bottom left drawer, Paid alcohol and snacks are available. Take a look at the refrigerator. Paid white wine and sparkling wine, beer and sake, Soft drinks are included. The wet area has a door, It can be closed like this. Of course, the other side can also be closed, It can be made into a completely private room.

Now let's take a look at the closet. On the bottom shelf there is a scale. On top of that there were room shoes. The JW logo is cool. They look very light, soft and easy to wear. This is a laundry bag and application form.

And here is the security box. Towels are provided above it. It's a large enough storage space. This is a shoe shine service. You call the desk and leave it outside the door, They will be able to polish your shoes. Here we found pajamas and bathrobes.

The pajamas look very light, soft and comfortable. The bathrobe is not the fluffy type, The fabric is very soft, smooth and comfortable, It looks very comfortable to wear. One sink, and the one in the corner, I think it is a little bit unusual.

Amenities are "AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES" in the UK The brand was "AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES". Among these were bath salts. I look forward to using them later. Here is a nice case, There were combs, toothbrushes, etc. The upper tier contained cosmetic cotton, etc.

Bath towels under the sink. On the other side there were towels and a hair dryer. The hair dryer was "SALONIA". It is matte and luxurious and fits this room very well. Let's have a look at the bathroom.

The wall colouring is also very luxurious. Ceiling with rain shower. The amenities here are also 'AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES' as well. The calm and soothing lighting is also soothing.

You will be able to relax and unwind. A message from the manager was placed. We received sweets as a welcome bonus, Other than that, Marriott Platinum members and above. We have received a 1,000 point benefit. Even though this time it's a free stay using points, I'm sorry that I even received a points award.

Thank you very much. Let's go to the Executive Lounge. It's the first end of this corridor on the second floor. Very gentle with beige tones. A lounge with a soft impression. It also has a luxurious feel.

The lounge only served drinks, but alcohol was also served after 5pm. Coffee and tea are available here. In the large fridge here, Lots of different drinks inside. No food was being served in the lounge at this time. Instead, at the restaurant on the first floor, They said they could get a light meal.

We were told that it was a bit busy, so we made an appointment for 6pm. We will relax here until then. It is now 6:00 PM.

We go to the restaurant 'Silk Road Dining' on the ground floor. As well as the rooms, We use wood everywhere, It's a very warm interior. This is the 'LOUNGE &BAR Flying Stag'.

This is a very calm and elegant space. The menu is 'Japanese starters', 'mains' and 'desserts' 'Main course', choice of fish or meat. You can have a free refill of bread. Hors d'oeuvres are of sufficient quantity and quality. It's an alternative to lounge dining, Therefore, drinks are prepared in the same way as in the lounge. It's really nice to be able to get all this for free.

When I travel these days, I enjoy local food and sake. 'Do you have any local sake from Nara? I asked the person in charge, "Do you have any local sake from Nara? I am going to buy it somewhere later. The appetizers came. It's in a small bowl, elegant and looks very tasty.

It is very tasty. I was told that they do not serve sake here, 'This time specially', the person in charge brought it to us! I was impressed by the great hospitality! Thank you very much! Thank you! Main dish. I've decided on a meat dish. It looks very tasty. Your wife has chosen a fish dish. It looks delicious too. It's amazing! It's really not at hors d'oeuvre level! The level of the course meal you pay for. Dessert and coffee.

The main course was delicious and we got a lot of bread, I'm already full at this point, but the desserts look good too, so I can eat them. It is delicious. It's very tasty and I'm full. We actually stayed here last January and we had hors d'oeuvres in the lounge.

It was very tasty and filling at the time, though, This time the grade and quality was even better and I was very satisfied. Because the feeling of the lobby at night was also nice, I would like to bring you. Reception. Quiet at night. This is a BAR, so there's a lot of alcohol on display.

This is a high-quality, calm space. I returned to my room. We had a turndown service.

We received nice messages and pillow mist. I'm going to sleep well. Good morning.

I slept well last night. I would like to go now because Marriott Platinum members and above get breakfast included. The breakfast venue is the same as last night, 'Silk Road Dining'. At this point it was buffet style, with only egg dishes to order. Now let's look at some things.

Fresh salads and cold meals. Looks delicious. Here we have fresh fruit and yoghurt. There are lots of breads on the line and they look delicious. From here it's a hot meal. There are a lot of tasty things here.

Here you can find Japanese side dishes. It looks very tasty. I was surprised this time, to Marriott Platinum members and above, Sparkling wine (including non-alcoholic) at breakfast. There were services to enjoy.

This is a service that was not performed during the last stay. I was surprised, but thank you very much. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. In the morning with a glass of sparkling wine, It's a very luxurious time when you can have a leisurely breakfast. The egg dish came at a very good time. Coffee etc. was also brought before we asked for it.

I think it is wonderful. This time I brought it like this. As usual, the main course is Western food. The egg dish is eggs Benedict. Your wife is mainly Japanese food. Then I would like to have it slowly. We've spent a relaxing time until around noon, so we want to go to the swimming pool.

The locker rooms are on the fifth floor of the hotel. A private lift takes you up from the fourth floor. There are special lockers for shoes on the right. You can leave your shoes here and move to the locker room.

The atmosphere of the swimming pool. Indirect lighting on ceiling and between deck chairs, Very nice atmosphere. Very relaxed. Very pleasant. I would like to relax here until the time. I requested a late check-out this time as a Platinum benefit.

Thanks to this, I was able to stay until 4 pm. Thank you very much. I was able to relax very much. Thank you very much. This stay was also very good.

New, clean and luxurious hotel, Everyone in charge is very kind and high hospitality. Very pleasant service. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. This is the end of this video. Thank you for watching to the end.

I hope this video will be useful to someone.

2023-04-22 05:33

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