Sri Lanka Tour Guide | Sri Lanka Tourist Places | Sri Lanka Visa | Colombo Sri Lanka Trip | Srilanka

Sri Lanka Tour Guide | Sri Lanka Tourist Places | Sri Lanka Visa | Colombo Sri Lanka Trip | Srilanka

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Hi guys welcome back to distance between, I am Shubham and currently I am in Sri Lanka. This video is going to be helpful for everyone whether it is a budget traveller, solo traveler or you want to travel in luxury. In Sri Lanka you will also find mountains and beaches. You will also find such beautiful valleys, you will also find lakes, you can also do boating, you can also do adventure activities, everything is here and I will show you every city here where you can go to visit, I will tell you about the itinerary here, I will tell you the budget here. I will give you every information from visa to SIM card, so that you will be able to travel here easily, so for complete information, you must watch this series of Sri Lanka, don't forget to subscribe the channel, like and share the video. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

So come explore with extremely beautiful Sri Lanka. To travel Sri Lanks, I have arrived at Hyderabad airport and my passport boarding pass is ready. If you want to go to Sri Lanka then you should take a flight to Colombo and the flight and 90% flights which goes from India only goes to Colombo which is the capital of Sri Lanka. Where will you get Sri Lanka flights? Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad. You get direct flights from all these places and the time taken is 2 to 3 hours.

It lands you in Colombo. What is the fare in Colombo? The fare is available to you from eight to It may cost you anywhere from ₹ 8000 to ₹ 15000 for a one way ticket. That means for a round trip it can cost about ₹ 20000 to ₹ 30000 or even less. Many times there are tickets in the offer, so I have told this completely for your information.

Now after this, when I reach there, I will give you further information about the visa which will be very important. Very few people would know that Sri Lanka has two capitals, the first is Colombo while the second is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte which is the legislative capital here, although both of them are very close to each other. I have already come to Sri Lanka and as soon as I came here, to Colombo, I am feeling hot because right now it is quite cold in India but in comparison here it is hot throughout the year. I will also tell you in the video what will be the best time to visit.

Let us first know what is the procedure for visa at present. There is no need of visa for Indians to go to Sri Lanka till 31st March 2024 and there is free entry but if you are planning after 31st March 2024 then you may have to take a visa. Now let us know the most important thing about visa in Sri Lanka. What is the procedure for visa?

You will have to go to, you will go to this website and here you will fill all your basic details and then after that you will have to make a payment, how much do you have to pay, $20 you will have to pay per person i.e. around Rs 1600 to 1700 you will have to pay the visa fee and immediately the visa comes in your hand.

You should have a passport and the second thing is that you have a return flight ticket. If you have both these things then you can get a visa by sitting at home. This visa is valid for 30 days, so all this information was very important for you, it is very easy to get, there is not much problem and as soon as you come here at the immigration counter, you will have to fill this arrival card, so now I am going to fill it at the counter and then get the stamp of Sri Lanka.

However, if you are going after 31 March 2024, then definitely check the news of Sri Lankan visa because It is possible that the date of Visa exemption may be extended. Sri Lanka Airport is known as Bandara Nai International Airport and at the airport itself you get a SIM of 15GB data with a validity of one week for around Rs. 400 and while exiting Many currency exchange counters are also available, however, I was going to take both SIM and currency from the market because both of them are costly at the airport And let us go outside. You are going to get the entire tour of Sri Lanka. From the airport, the distance to main Colombo city is about 30 km and by taxi to the city you may have to pay Rs 1000 to 1200 while by bus you can reach for less than Rs 100 but for this you will have to come out of the airport a little and to reach the city it may take one to two hours. I am going out for a walk in Colombo and today I will show you the tourist places here.

I am going by car and there is a very cheap option by car. I will tell you the rates. For now let's go inside. This car is very luxurious but you will get it very cheap.

How? I will tell you everything? Today I started my trip in Colombo from the most popular place here. The religion which has the maximum number of people in Sri Lanka is of Buddha religion. After that come Christians and Hindus etc. and Muslims also come.

So here is the most famous temple of Colombo and its name is Ganga Ramaya Temple. This temple looks something like this from outside and many tourists who come here in Colombo definitely come to this place. I have also brought you here and am showing it to you and it is very beautiful from outside and if you look here, you will see Buddhists here, you will see mixed statues of both Buddhist and Hindu religions etc. because earlier there were too many Hindus here.

As you know in history, Sri Lanka is made up of Lanka, so let's go inside and see how this temple is. Ganga Ramaya Temple is one of the oldest temples of Sri Lanka, which was later converted into a Buddhist Institute. Here you will get to see many statues along with a tree which people worship and you will definitely like this place in Colombo.

Recently, some part of Sri Lanka has come under China and after coming to the port city here I reached China while living in Sri Lanka. What I am about to tell you is very interesting. Do listen it. You must have heard what happened. About a year, two years and three years ago. It was also mentioned in the news a lot that Sri Lanka has been in a crisis, there has been a huge recession, there have been a lot of problems, they have come into debt, things have become very expensive, so what happened at that time, the debt was so much on them from China that they had to sell a piece of their land to get rid of the debt.

To repay that debt, they gave that place. This is the whole place that you are seeing. Over here is Galle Face Green, over there is this whole ocean and this is you must be seeing sand, sand has been poured on it and it is being developed by China, China is slowly seeing it, it is still in the developing phase, things are still being built a little, this bridge etc. and this is called the Port City and now the interesting thing will come here, to come here you will need a passport to enter inside, even the people of Sri Lanka cannot come here, so all these things are here and it is being fully developed in a very large area which was once a sea, is being developed into such a city. A similar place has also been built in Dubai and here also something like this is being done by China. All this has happened to repay the loan.

However, from the point of view of the tourist spot, some artificial beaches have also been prepared here and there are options for some water sports activities. Along with this, many restaurants are also being built here which also have the option of Indian food . Let me show you the hotel room, here is that room and here I will also tell you the location. Let me show you a little bit of the views. You can see the towers etc. in front, It is a very premium location.

This is the Colombo one area and you should rent hotels etc. in this area. Because there are all the places within a radius of about 5 km, which are the places to visit in Colombo, there is a casino here, all the tourist places are here, they will be covered, The range you get in this area, you get from around Rs 1500 per night for two adults to rest, no matter how much you go up, Let me tell you the rate of this room, it is around Rs 4000 per night for 2 adults in which breakfast is included, but if I talk about suggestions, then this room is not that special, there is nothing like the price range in which it is available, but you should do a little research, look at the reviews etc., look at the photos etc. carefully and then make the booking.

There are many hostels in Colombo which are priced between Rs 300-400. And for hostel or hotel booking here you can use Air BnB or If you are searching for a market in Colombo then do not forget to visit Peta Market here. In Colombo I have come to the main market, there is a lot of hustle and bustle and noise here and this is Peta Market here and if you are looking for shopping etc.

then you will have to come here, it is in main Colombo only. And you can come here by taking a walk, there is something like this here and all the facilities and crowd of people, look at this, the feeling of being in a market will be seen here completely, you will not feel that you are in a foreign country. But Sri Lanka itself is foreign to us but it will feel as if you are in India because the market is similar.

Look at the streets, everything is set up in the same way and the shops are also similar, even the name Bombay Sweet is similar. So this is what we see in the market. Look, the stalls etc. here is like this. If you want to do some clothes shopping etc. then you can come to this market, rest let's find out what is the rate etc. Are you from India or from here? Okay Sri Lanka.

You know Hindi? Yes. Good. It is an export from India only.

For my size? Okay. 600 So you will get these shirts of your size, mine are almost the same around Rs 150 to 200. In this market itself you get to see a colorful mosque. And right nearby, there is also a Hindu temple. In the evening, wherever you are, move your steps here towards Galle Phase Green. At this place in Colombo, you get the beach and here you will feel something like the one on Marine Drive in Mumbai.

Tall buildings can also be seen here. Be it tourists or locals, they reach here in the evening because the best time to visit any beach area or sea area is in the evening time and come here as soon as it is 4:00 or 5:00 and enjoy the wonderful views. You will definitely get some food options around Galle Face Green but they will not be vegetarian and if you are a pure vegetarian then there is no need to be sad.

Just turn on the map here and search for pure veg restaurants, then you will easily get the options of many pure veg restaurants all over Colombo. If, like me, you are also a pure vegetarian and are looking for an Indian pure veg restaurant in Colombo, then you can come here, it is written that this is a restaurant which is situated right next to Murgan Temple in the market and the rates are also very genuine. If you see the idli here, it will be Rs. 120, that is, almost the Indian price. And that means you get all the things. Most of the things that are available are South Indian things, rest also see tea etc.

Price of tea is 140, around 30 to 40 you also get tea and vada etc. You will see this price here is the complete price list and see this vada, idiyappam all this things are available here. In Colombo if you are looking for night life then there is nothing like adult night life but clean and entertaining night life, you can definitely try your luck in Balley's Casino here. Like India, Sri Lanka has also seen many bad days in its history and it is not very old. It was the day of 2019 and this is the place where there was a blast in this church and according to the locals, about 300 people had died in it. Let me tell you the name of the church, it is St. Anthony's Shrine Church and

the Gold Market which is here , you go a little further from there then you get to see it, people also light candles etc. inside to pay homage and the church is also big, you can come here to know the history of Sri Lanka, it is not very old, 2019 is 5 years old, so you You will see that all these incidents have also happened here and you should come to these places. The tourist places of Colombo are right here in front of you and you can see them, so I will not be able to cover all these places but I will show you a lot of places still and you see this, Old Parliament Light House, GalleFace Green, this is the main place here, I had taken a Dialog SIM from the market and in only 80 Indian rupees, I got 7GB data for 7 days SIM from this market itself, which was available at the airport for more than Rs. 400. When you go out for a walk in Colombo, you will not need to travel very far. Whatever places are available here, they are places nearby and the city here is built like this - Colombo One, Colombo Two, three this is how the names of the areas are and in all these areas you can find here, in the place where I am standing, there are two places to be covered together.

First of all, this is the town hall here which has now been converted into a government office and although the British have done a lot of development here, you will see the structure of the same building and on the other side you will come to it. There is this park right in front and it is a very famous park. Locals come here a lot and tourists also come here.

You will also see a lot of foreigners here and its name is Vihara Mahadevi Park. Here you will also find a huge statue of Lord Buddha and the park is also very beautiful. It rains lightly here. At any time here you will see the weather changing in Colombo and the weather remains like this throughout the year, if we talk about Colombo.

It means a temperature of 30 to 35 degrees is always there then traveling by car is considered best for you and The heat does not seem to be unbearable because if you come outside, you will have to face the heat a little. One day is enough for the Colombo city tour and you can get a private car here for around 22000 Indian rupees. However, you can also roam around in Colombo by auto. Which is available for ₹ 100 only for 3 to 4 km, but in this you will have to face the heat and if you want to do the entire Colombo tour by auto, then it will be done for ₹ 800 to 1000.

Just like the British ruled on our India, there has been rule here too and Sri Lanka also fought for freedom and they also got independence almost 6 months after India's independence. Sri Lanka got independence on 4 February 1948, and in its memory this hall has been built as a memorial. This is what happened, you are seeing the whole history in front of you here and this is the Independence Memorial Hall. The next morning of Colombo I left from here for Galle.

Today early morning I am leaving for Galle which is the beach destination of Sri Lanka and I am going through the bus, which is available from the Colombo Fort Bus Station here and the ticket booked is 432 Sri Lankan Rupees, that is, if you count in Indian, in just ₹ 115 the journey of about 130 km will be done and it will take three hours. 20 km before Galle there is a place called Hikka Dua and it is the best place for scuba and water sports activities. We left Colombo at 7:00 in the morning and reached here in Galle at 10 in the morning and this is where we were dropped at this place. Galle looks something like this, and you are dropped at the station, the railway station is in front of you and if you want, you can also come here through train, the time and money will cost almost the same, meaning if you come by third class then you can save means then you will reach in 70-80 rupees. Otherwise you will have to pay around the same ₹115 for third class My recommendation for you is to come by bus It is the best option because it is available regularly and in this we are bound that it will go at the fixed time only. I will show you in the time table when the train starts from Galle to Colombo.

So I have come to the Galle Cricket Stadium and here you see that it is closed today but you can come. You can also have good food here, this whole is the pavilion cricket club, you see this pavilion on the other side , you can also see the Mahindar Raj Pakse Pavilion and this whole ground in front of you, how wonderful it looks, many matches have taken place here. India's matches have also taken place but this is a very small ground, not very big and at present there are no lights etc. in the stadium, so it is something like this stadium and if you look here, there is a score board etc. also installed here. So now I think there are no matches played here but the ground is awesome, I am enjoying watching it. because I have seen it on TV only, you can do sight seeing in Galle by auto for only Rs 800, which may take you almost three hours.

There are not many places to visit in Galle and there are two main places, the first one is this one, the second one I will take you to after some time, this is the clock tower here, the good thing is that there is no entry fee here. and you can roam here without paying any entry fees. This place is very historical and it is not just a clock tower, it is a complete fort and it is called Galle Fort. Let's go a little higher and then see the drone view of this place. Due to shortage of time, I was not going to stay in Galle, but you must stay here for a night.

If you are looking for a beach destination in Sri Lanka, then you will find it in Galle and in Mirissa. You can come at these two places and right now the place where I am standing is Una Watuna Beach of Galle. Here you will see a lot of foreigners. If you want those foreign vibes then you will get them here.

By paying only 35 Indian Rupees from Galle Beach you reach here by bus. It is only 6 kilometers away and here you will find a huge crowd, everyone is absolutely chilling here. In the upcoming parts, I will take you to Ravana's Lanka in Sri Lanka and also take you to the beautiful city of Kandy and apart from this, we will take a train journey here and also visit the most beautiful hill station of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya. I will also take you to the casino and will also tell about the itinerary and budget of the entire Sri Lanka Trip. So subscribe to the channel to see the upcoming parts and don't forget to like and share the video.

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