Solo Winter Bike Tour to KASHMIR | First Snowfall in Arang Kel Kashmir | EP.1 | Ammar Biker

Solo Winter Bike Tour to KASHMIR | First Snowfall in Arang Kel Kashmir | EP.1 | Ammar Biker

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Music When we know that one day everyone has to go then how can someone stay in our life forever? Now if someone wants to go, let him go because we have to move ahead in life Music We have to find new ways and new destinations Music Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all? I hope you are all well. If you are planning a winter tour, then let me tell you that it is the first snowfall of the season in Jannat Nazir, Wadi-e-Kashmir. And in today's vlog, I will take you to the most beautiful village of Wadi-e-Neelam, Arangkel, where we will enjoy live snowfall. And along with that, I will also give you a complete tour guide.

How are the road conditions and how much travel time it takes. You will know all this in today's vlog. So do watch the video till the end. And if you liked this video, then don't forget to press the like and share button.

So let's start today's journey without any delay. Music Music The road from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad is amazing. Enjoy the traditional breakfast of Kashmir And after filling the fuel tank of your car, leave for Wadi-e-Neelam. Arangkel is located at a distance of 160 km from Muzaffarabad. The road conditions are not so good in Kashmir, due to which this road is fixed in about 6 hours.

And while traveling along with India-Pakistan Line of Control, you will reach Arangkel. Well, it's 3.30 pm and finally I have parked my bike. And it has a charge of 200 rupees. If you want to come back on the same day, it is 100 rupees.

But if you want to stay overnight, and if you want to come the next day, it is 200 rupees. I have left the extra luggage. I have to wear a backpack, which has my camera and so on.

And I have just started the trekking towards Arangkel. First, this is all downhill. Then at the end, there is an army checkpoint. There is a bridge from there. I will cross the bridge. Then you can see the road.

From that road, I will go up. Let's see how much time it takes. I am starting from 6791 feet.

Let's see how much elevation we gain. That is right in front. Arangkel is up there.

And the weather has started to get bad. Let's hope that we will get a good scene up there. Let's start the trekking from here. It was a 4.4

km trek, from the top to here. 4.41 km. Half of the trek was for trekking, hiking, and the other half we came on horseback. It is almost 5 pm. It is going to be sunset.

Let's hope that tonight there will be some snow. Music Assalamualaikum. Good morning from Arangkel. It is 10 am and the weather was extremely cold at night. It was so cold that I had taken 3 blankets. There was one blanket and two blankets.

And as soon as my hand came out of the blanket, it started to freeze. And I expected that there will be snowfall, but it was cloudy at night. It is still cloudy, but the weather is getting clear. So I think the snowfall thing that we came for, being excited, will not happen. But in today's episode, I will show you in detail how the houses are, how people live, how people talk to each other, and different things that we will explore.

How the electricity system is here, how people live in the snow, and how they keep their houses warm. I will give you all this information in this vlog. It is a very beautiful area. Although it is a place to come in summer, but we always explore northern areas and Kashmir in summer, but we have never seen winter life here. So in this series, as I told you, I am showing you unexplored Kashmir.

So this place was not explored as we will do it now. It is pre-winter now. There is snow in the mountains, but in this area also, there is about 6-8 feet of snow. Now I will go inside the village, see things, explore, and also show you.

Check this out. There is a dish antenna here. And like this, it is on the roof of almost every house.

As people watch TV, and I have heard that when India-Pakistan match happens, at that time, people are very excited and during the day, they turn on the electricity, especially to watch the match. This is a water canal, which melts snow from the mountains. And on top of this, they have made a bridge through the big branches from where people pass and cars also pass.

There are only two cars here. There is a tractor and a truck here. I will show you that too. As I told you, there are only two things here.

There is a tractor and a truck here. Through the tractor, they take care of the crops and make them better. And there is also a tractor which is used for transportation.

They bring wood from the forest and take the goods here and there. So they use it for that purpose. I have taken information about this tractor. It was brought up here in parts. And this is the cumulative property of the villagers here.

All these people, which is said to be a combined thing, everyone has invested in it, so it belongs to everyone. The expenses of this are all taken care of. It starts from one side and ends with this.

The land of the village is taken care of in this way. The water stream is running. It is a very beautiful track. I am walking in the middle.

Sometimes it is sunny, sometimes it is cloudy. The snowfall is also predicted for today. Let's see how long that happens. Oh my God! It is so cold. This place is so amazing. I am getting the feeling of horror movies. I am walking in the middle of the tall trees.

I am going down. We will find a pond where they grind their corn. They make flour. Along with that, they have a hydro plant here. They have a hydro plant in the water which provides them electricity day and night. Everyone comes to Arangkel, but I think you have never seen this forest is so beautiful.

I am a fan of horror movies so I am getting a good vibe from these horror movies. Let's open it and check what's inside. There is a turbine inside. Let's see See, all the tools are inside it.

See, it's slowing down slowly. Because the caretakers who run it, they have also stopped the water. See, it's running with water. And then this generator is generating electricity.

Okay, I have Mushtaq with me, who is the caretaker of this motor. How are you, Mushtaq? I'm fine. Is this all water? Yes, it is. So, the electricity in the whole village is enough? Yes.

It has two idle powers. One is here and the other one is below. Okay, there is one more below. So, do you maintain it yourself? Yes, we have two people who do it themselves. They call us whenever there is an issue. So, what do you do in winters? The water must be reduced in winter due to snow.

In winters, we collect some water from here and there. This is the tap. This is the tap. This is the tap. We turn its head this way. Okay.

And how much do you collect per month? We collect around Rs.200-300 per month. So, you collect around Rs.200-300 per month. Yes, we collect more than the hotel owners. Around Rs.500

per month. Okay, Rs.500 per month for the hotel and Rs.200-300 per month for the house. So, this is the electricity system of Arangkel. First, we opened the water from this side.

The water started going down. And they closed this water. A wooden door was made. They attached it.

Right now, I am in the middle of the village. You can see the mosque behind me. I am going to Shakeel Bhai's house to have lunch.

I will show you his local house. After that, we will wait. It was raining a bit so I was excited that it will snow. But it is snowing on the mountains. There are no scenes at the moment.

This house is made from a room. There is a lot of grass and leaves. I don't know what it is exactly. There is a lot of wood here. Assalamu Alaikum.

This is corn. We plant this in winter. And this is grass. We plant this in winter.

When there is a lot of snow in winter, the animals don't come out. So we plant grass and corn in winter. What are these stones? This is a small house for the animals.

It is special for the animals. They keep the animals in it. And they keep a bed for them. Thank you. I have come to the other side of the village.

You can see behind me that it is forbidden to go further. I will go around the village from that side. So that the whole village can be visited. Life is totally changing here and there.

Winter arrangements are almost complete. 95% of the people have arranged it. They have dumped their things like rations, animal fodder and wood.

They have dumped everything. Because it will be so snowy in winter that they won't be able to come out of the houses. They will sit inside. There are animals in the lower part of the house. They live in the upper part.

They also burn fire and cook food inside. So they dump everything and keep it for winter. Once again, the rain has started. The clouds have started to come down. And I think it is going to snow now.

There is a lot of snow in the mountains. And there is going to be a scene here as well. It is 4.32 pm. It will be half an hour west as well.

But it looks like it is going to be night. Because the clouds have covered it. And it can start snowing anytime.

Although the season is off here, things are very expensive here. The reason is that you have to buy a tomato from KL. So the transportation charges are very high. That is why things are very expensive here. There are so many rates in off season.

If you come here in the season, there are good rates. Rooms, food and everything is very expensive here. So if you are planning to come here, then you should make a good budget for it. Check this out.

Finally, what I was waiting for, the snow has started to fall. And this is the balcony of my room. Look at this. I can't show you below because it is dark. And if you look a little bit from here, you can't see the light.

You can see it here. Assalam o Alaikum. Good morning from Arangkel. It's 8 am in the morning. Check this out. Oh my goodness.

It was a very dry season until yesterday. There were autumn vibes as you can see. Check this out. What happened this morning? Autumn has turned into winter. Winter has come completely. Look, there is snow everywhere.

And there is a lot of snow. Oh my goodness. Finally, what I was waiting for, what I was excited for when I came to Arangkel, Alhamdulillah, Allah has shown us. It is a very amazing scene. Very beautiful. Slowly, snow is falling down.

The problem is that the camera is not able to capture it properly. But the scenes are so beautiful. And one more thing, it was very cold in the dry season. It was very cold until yesterday evening.

It was very cold. Even I had food in the bed. Even I had food in the bed. And now, as it is snowing, it has become very cold.

Where are you going to take mirror selfie? Check our mirror selfie. Look at the view from the background. People stand in the bathroom and take selfies. Check our selfie. This is the view from behind.

Look at this. Okay, this is Shakeel. He made breakfast from home in the morning in the snow.

And he was very interested in tea. Shakeel, you are wearing a white jacket according to the snow. So that no one can know if you are going in the snow or not. Hot tea is coming.

I was waiting for this tea. And the view of snow. It's 11am in the morning.

Snowfall is about to stop. But the weather is extremely cold. I am fully packed for myself. and from here it is very difficult to go back to the kel because there is a steep descent and there is hiking on it and the track will be very slippery so let's see how we can do it and let's pray that the lift is also open so that we can track halfway and if we sit on the lift halfway then we can reach the cave and even after reaching the cave the big problem is that it has snowed to Sharda the road will be full of snow it is very cold too I don't t know how I can take the bike there so let's go finally we have started our journey in the name of Allah the snow is very thick we are going through the whole pond and it is difficult to walk and it is difficult to breathe and let's pray that we reach safely and the lift is also open so that our journey is easy and there are going to be very exciting vlogs so we will meet you in the next episode of this series till then Allah Hafiz this is the cable car we have finally reached Alhamdulillah and before us some women are present here the car will take them then it will come back and then it will be our turn in the meantime let's check the scenes

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