Singapore Travel Vlog coffee, hotel tour, fan meeting

Singapore Travel Vlog   coffee, hotel tour, fan meeting

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The terrace we're currently on is Forest Terrace which is their main lobby Wow this is one of the suites in this hotel It has its own small living room area If you walk over here from the living room, there's a small balcony This balcony overlooks the swimming pool Wow this is the room we're staying in this time When you walk out of the room you'll see the swimming pool right here Before heading out I'd like to share my outfit of the day with everyone Today, I'm wearing a tube top from Zara paired with high-waisted pants from Uniqlo For shoes, I'm matching these Y2K sneakers that I absolutely love and have been wearing a lot lately They're not only great for sports but also look stylish for going out I've accessorized with a YSL bucket bag Today, I have a friend from Singapore who said they'll take me to some really special restaurants so I'm excited about that Without further ado let's get going! My friend is taking me somewhere, and I have no idea where. (We're heading out for an activity.) (Then, I'll take her to eat some authentic cuisine.) (In the evening, we'll go to some fun places.)

(She doesn't know where she's going either) ( so I haven't told her anything) (She'll find out soon enough) (so I won't spoil the surprise for you either) (As for the authentic cuisine, I'll mention a few options) (but you won't know which one I'll take you to until later) (Stay tuned) If it doesn't bite, I'm not afraid. (It won't bite you.) (But they're still very small.) Taking bus I'm getting ready now because I'm going out to dinner with my friend tonight. I'm all set now.

I'm going to take everyone to the hotel's lounge because this hotel has a club member lounge. From 6 to 8 in the evening, they offer free-flow red wine and champagne. I'd take everyone to enjoy some champagne with me. After that, I'll go out to dinner with my friend tonight.

Thanks (You're guessing all the rooms.) Wow! (123 Open) Now, I'm going to remove my makeup and then have a short night talk with everyone. I mainly want to share with you all about the restaurant we went to today, which I think is quite worth experiencing. It's a restaurant that seems to be quite popular recently.

It has different rooms, and for dinner tonight, they allocated us to different rooms, each with its own unique design. It feels like fine dining, but I don't think the food was exceptionally delicious. However, the overall experience was really good.

Especially seeing the professionalism of the waiters who seemed to be performing as they served us food. Tonight's dinner was quite worth trying, especially for couples celebrating anniversaries or special occasions. Tomorrow, I'm organizing a small fan meetup I don't know if anyone will show up, so I'm feeling a little nervous. Tonight, I want to sleep early.

If no one comes, I'll just hang out there, drink coffee, and maybe film a vlog. But if my Singaporean audience does show up tomorrow, I'll be really happy. I'll... I'm really nervous. Just thinking about it makes me anxious. But it's the kind of nervousness mixed with excitement because this will be my first time meeting my Singaporean fans.

I only told my friends today that I'll be meeting fans tomorrow, and I'm really nervous about it. I've talked to my photographer and editor about it. Anyway, I think I shouldn't overthink it. I'll just go with the flow.

Tomorrow, I'll be happy as long as even just one fan shows up. Each one of you is unique and special. Now, I'm going to shower and go to bed. Singaporean friends, see you tomorrow. Bye bye. OK it's about time to head out Today's plan is to go for coffee.

The café we're going to is known for its delicious coffee, and they've apparently won some world championships. I'm going to meet my online friends dressed like this today. I'm wearing a light blue crop top with a pearl necklace and a white maxi skirt.

As for shoes, I'm sticking with the same ones. They're really comfortable. Honestly, I'm quite nervous. I'm about to meet my audience. Okay, enough talking, let's go! Now we're heading to another coffee shop. It's located in a residential area.

(The fan meetup is starting in 15 minutes.) (What are your thoughts on this?) I'm quite nervous. (How many people do you think will come?) Maybe 5? (Would you be happy with 5?) Not really, maybe 10 then.

10 would be okay because I feel like my audience... I don't know... I don't know what to say. I'm really nervous right now. (Alright, let's go then.)

Looking forward to meeting you all later. (See you in 15 minutes.) (How long have you liked Jovane?) (Don't ask official questions like that.) (Just enjoy watching her vlogs and YouTube.) (Okay, what you want to say?) (Keep going.) (Keep improving.)

Thank you all for coming to this mini fan meetup. I'm truly happy and touched. I never imagined that as a small content creator, I would get to know so many wonderful audience members. I'm incredibly grateful and very happy. Now I'm recording the ending of this vlog.

I spontaneously organized a fan meetup. I really didn't expect so many people to come. It's amazing and magical. I'm grateful to my audience, to the people around me, and to my team. I'm very grateful.

I feel like if there's something I want to try, But I didn't expect that what I tried it can bring joy and inspiration to others. Today, I received a lot of love I received a lot of love from my audience. I feel like... This love gives me the drive to keep making better videos for everyone. Today, I received a lot of gifts I'm really happy about it, but I also feel a bit embarrassed that my audience spent money to buy gifts for me.

I feel happy I'm still trying to process everything that happened because I really didn't expect so many people to come Having ten or twenty people come made me really happy, but I didn't expect so many in the end. And some of the things my audience said to me really touched me Today, in 2024 has been the day I've received the most love so far.

2024-04-24 06:20

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