Short Trip ke Geopark Ciletuh pake Ducati Panigale! (ENG SUB)

Short Trip ke Geopark Ciletuh pake Ducati Panigale!  (ENG SUB)

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Hi guys! my name is jodie and this time we are doing a short trip to ciletuh with my cool motovlogger friends there is The Jakarta Roads Mr. Novembeer and finally here it is! there is Akang MV yes, you can say that This is our first time traveling together so then go ahead guys Enjoy watching! now for the route itself to geopark ciletuh We choose to take an alternative route so we made an appointment in Bogor to be exact, at a gas station shell which is on Jalan Padjadjaran, Bogor and why did we take the alternative route because yes, I hope that it won't get stuck to miss cibadak path to the cikidang path then the rest is already through the general route if for example people want to ciletuh so yeah, just follow the road well for the route more or less like that so yes without lingering enjoy the video Good morning all hahaha early mornings are amazing there is mr Fauzi mr novembeer mr akang mr TJR and the gang! how many hours is this trip? two days 4 hour dog day two days 2 days? hahaha shut up Hehehe intend to go at 5 am ends up going at 5:49 am ha ha ha bit drag us a' yah! drag an hour yo! its oke the important thing is we are already go now there should be Oness join our trip but he overslept seems like it's gone here he is the first time riding we end up go for short trip yoii! Does that mean we're going home tonight? yes, this is it for now usually after maghrib or watch out jod! Yes after maghrib or after Isya maybe so many people that request like... Bro, do a vlog with Akang MV oh yes yes let me in the frame for you Jodie wow Akang MV's luggage is so simple guys like doing morning ride that's true? ehehe so this I know a Jodie 5 years already but first we ride today yes wow crazy huh Me too I'm also the audience a Jodie hahaha wow~ 5 years ago does Jodie use R6 or not? Yes yes oh yes yes yes are you still using R6? oh yes in riding this time it happened to me still connecting with Mr. Novembeer and akang MV I'm so sorry the Jakarta roads can't connect because Our intercom is different guys so yes, if for example you are wondering "How come you don't connect with TJR too?" that's right yes, I'm sorry different server guys! Jod by the way I bought R25 because of you you know Why? yes I use R25 I bought R25 because of you, R25 oh yes yes yes I know Mr. November when the R25 is gone if Mr. Novembeer

I know you from Gus Ali if you kang, I know you it's from the YT homepage from the YouTube timeline suddenly appeared who are you? wow really cool it means it's really so much views whew~ damn~ Cool! i heard that yout story were great huh to be able to buy the motorbike see post what the podcast is Who's the podcast, Dendim, the podcast? kang bobby I once entered the podcast by a dendimas Same with Bobby Yes but how dare you crazy I can't stop thinking buy this motobike oh yes borrow money from the bank like that wow crazy yeah thats true instead it's me I bought the motobike when I resigned from work yes, when you already resigned from work, damn Yes,but back then you are already have a Ninja, right? The red ninja but when I resign from work I want to focus more on YouTube so I forced myself to buy a motorbike yes, the result is ok but do you really have to gamble or not? yes, yes, take a risk yes, that's what comes alive because if his life is peaceful just like that yes, it's over there uh what do i call you? what's the name bro? call me Akang just Akang? yes bro Akang MV (music video) right? I know that haha You're an old school person too huh Jod? haha Anjir MV used to be called a music video Jod, your Exhaust very friendly, Jod the sound What? your exhaust friendly voice Yes, I'm already sick of the noise what do you use? termignoni oh yes, the sound is really good really cool the problem is if you're riding for a long time Noisy exhaust can damage your ears really? yes what will it be like? when we finish riding our ears there will be sound like ssstttt~ you know yes just in case this is the long term so unhealthy Okay Because we have ears also have a decibel limit Sound too Kang, but do you ride the R6 more often? yess~ Coincidentally, the R1 seems unhealthy Oh I see always leaking the liquid from radiator Yes, what year is the R1? 2011 oh yeah Is it really normal if it's like overheating? yess yeah thats normal no wonder it likes to overheat what year is the R6? it's 2013 oh yeah okay safe but there is a difference is not why 2014 20... i guess no The R6 from 2008 to early 2017 was the same only difference it only cutting the horse power the horse power? Yes, so if the R6 is in 2010, for example it has more horse power than the younger ones weew i just found out Yes, because it must pass the Euro 3 emissions, right? so you just imagine r6 a year old with same model as Akang That's equivalent to a 636 anjir Yes just because there's a catalyst if standard exhaust That's a pretty good cut but if you already use exhaust full system aftermarket yes back again but only power a little setting settings so far off track alternative that we are passing Yes, you can see this for yourself just smooth until finally when we've passed the main route ouch this this is bad what is this oh factory huh really really yes factory here at work yeah AllahAkbar what is this? damn.... the traffic is so magic guys ha ha ha ha ha ha really exciting critical wow when are you going to see streets like this, right? not an everyday sight look at this...

How do you even go... hehe these three directions this goes 3 ways hahaha well... what do you think? like Akang MV said there are 3 lanes guys isn't that great? the right lane is used for all motorbikes because it turns out these are the people who want to turn right, guys and here it is street turning right this is the point where the road we pass is fully jammed damn...

but thank God finally we've passed stuck point so we immediately gas going to ciletuh~ so goood! stable derivative here later well here it is this is it wow this is it woohooo! wow... oh exciting! wow crazy, lots of blind spots hahaha where is others? weeh it's been fixed there woooh! crazy Yes, yes, yes Yes yes yes yes come on where are you going hahaha really exciting ouch Diana Diana is the most fun motorbike wow! Finally... yes it is guys Cikidang road I'm using Diana wow crazy apparently i was enjoy very much ride a sportbike on the streets of Cikidang although there are a lot of bumpy bumpy the blind spot of the course of the waves so many twiesties but yeah, i'm very enjoy it and yes after from there we decided to look for breakfast because yes starting to get hungry It's all started to wind, here's the stomach breakfast! want to eat here or overthere? it looks like it's just ahead yes, just wait for the others I thought what is the name of this path like it's going to be really bumpy bumpy apparently not apparently not this either ah still nice I said You were right on this one very badass Wow, it's crazy to have been wheelie-in like that good morning yoi guys finally we arrived in-actually this going to the Pelabuhan Ratu haven't reached the port of the queen yet we just got off the trail as usual yes let's find a place to eat first so most of here we will go straight to ciletuh out of ciletuh yeah, we don't know what we want stop stop or what it's clear what we want ha ha hi hi that's the point, yeah yes for today, we out of responsibility hehehe because we have been working since yesterday and now is our time take a break for a while yes short trips like this so after that, we will continue and we want to eat first eat, guys, eat So this is Soto Pelabuhan Ratu its perfect to stop here very fitting yes yeah this is the spot it's good because if we stop there (cikidang road) Wow feel like...

when will it arrive? yes while having breakfast we enjoy time is there to relax relax because the clock also still shows it's still 9 in the morning so it's good while chatting This is the only thing that is focusing on itself how are you kag? good? good good, let me finish the edit first edit first yeah still exporting this this is crazy man before we go for short trip, he's been out of Bandung yes haha i know you using car but men... are you not tired? Just an hour break, right? yeah only an hour because we manage something else first Too bad it's not healthy oh baby yeah that's it guys Akang MV really everytime there is free time he immediately opened the phone not browse through Instagram or YouTube yes but more directly edit like that and edit so that he can upload videos every day for all my friends who are waiting for the video from the newest Akang MV new content so thats why he did get 2,000,000 subscribers so fast in a fairly short time so yeah, that's how it should be, guys consistency and really workhard really, Nice! out of here immediately we continue the trip to ciletuh guys, we want to go again guys ok, let's go right away~ Come on! go! another hour huh? yes, this area but this is the first time anyway Me and Diana too finally ride in here Will you see the beach right away? not yet but later we will motorbike by the sea wiiiiih yo ciletuh when it's sunny feels like very hot oh yeah it's wednesday right? Yes not weekend bro hahaha no yes You guys are really content creators who cannot tell the days already forgot our day guys usually after making videos then we edit tomorrow do it again finished editing again after that do it again just like that until the adsense is 1 billion ameeeeeen later if it's already one billion, give me some okee! ha ha ha really on point right right here right right watch out slowly sir driver slowly sir driver anjay mabar gaming let's go ciletuh! it's really nice to turn MasyaAllah it's going to be delicious, guys okay guys we're about to arrive Not yet, still far, still far still far haha still far huh? not that far tho but but it's getting close already close So yes, so in Ciletuh there is a lot of waterfall (curug) slowly sir driver the street here is so good i think we can do a race suitable huh? of course not! so dangerous oh dangerous huh? fell into the fields isle of man tt that's in UK We are in total are 9 motorbikes, right? Yes 9 motobikes did you know this can be said This is the first short trip, touring first tour warmup because Jodie does more touring, right? my hobby is touringyes nicee hobby run away look that, bro, the sea is really nice Wanjay it's like from Pandawa hahaha I think the Major is different, ciletuh and cikidang hahaha the streets are different very delicious when you take a turn effortless delicious because the road not so bumpy yes okay finally we arrived too it's arrived yet not yet still straight is it still straight? Wow, this is for thumbnails make thumbnails right too ok guys so here we are where are this? We are at Ciletuh street what's the name of your R6? Gea, what's its name? Gea Gea Gea Gea Gea why is her name Gea? I want to be a girl named, bro Finally, guys, we arrived at Ciletuh Geopark uh, really great, the air is right when it's sunny we also continue to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach and we are the real reason why we want to come here yes more to yes already use one day of our free time to do fun activities relax and talk at the same time just talk together content friends, that's it because yes, at the same time, I haven't been for a long time hang out with the Jakarta roads sharing with friends knowing each other with Mr. Novembeer and Akang MV along with other friends yeah mostly we are killing time at the stalls in this ciletuh geopark the place also turns out to be cozy, you know until finally we don't feel it we arrived at this place around 11 o'clock and we talk talk eat play sleep it's already late, guys so yes, we have taken advantage of this afternoon for vlogging vlog a bit enjoy guys! it's late, just vloged in because since earlier when we got here all we do is eat playing cards talk talk and now I want to prepare these photos prewedding yo Do you want a photo of Diana? chatter here guys the seconds are already in the afternoon, right? now it's also 5.5 in the afternoon but it's still hot yes, the point is today is exciting short gateways short escapes short trip with friends and this is also my first time riding eh, short trips like this are the same uh on Jakarta roads then there's MV brother oh yes the motorbike will be in the middle huh Yes, because he's the only one with 2,000,000 subscribers, guys but no daddy if i catch it it's not about how many followers we have more who is that? but more to yes already solidarity with fellow creators because from earlier I see brother the others eat him edit like that then after that it immediately uploads the video uh anyway preparations for him touring Yes, with the Gea Yamaha motorbike The R6, salute same crazy brother anyway, don't forget to always support akang MV the Jakarta roads with this channel JodiemotovlogHD yoii yes, keep going bro yes I pray awesome wih crazy the motor is very hedon ugh two two Japanese one European one Italian super sports touring anjay anjay ok at least that's it for this short trip vlog oness where oness yes a oness yah weak he is weak man he is at first please let's join the spirit don't wake up already have an appointment too Ouch, how are people, huh? if the promise is fulfilled even this is too late try to comment Mr. Abang, the comment is weak

bro let's see that the sun is really round yes, it's really round, dude according to the boss' shirt, wisp let's try where are we? oh yeah oh this sunset isn't it dusk? yes, but it's the same twilight guys, thank you for watching don't forget to like it comment share and subscribe to the channel tjr MV's channel anyway success for you two success for all of us yo next trip, are you going to make it again or not? write in the comments column below If so, let's go tomorrow! not tomorrow either... u think i think yes already bye bye peace!

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