Shocking First Impression of Algiers City (ALGERIA )

Shocking First Impression of Algiers City  (ALGERIA )

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So guys, I am with Yasmina right now. Ladies come to this market to get married. I think 90% of the people in this market are female. A lot of people are roaming around with money on the road.

When they come to know that I am Indian, they get surprised. It's a very crowded place. There is no place to walk or stand properly. She has invited me.

She is a fan of Indian movies. So, Dadi ji has given her this gift. Dara Singh. Dara Singh? They used to watch Indian movies.

From India? He is not taking money from her. This is a very popular street food of Algiers. And looking at the city center of Algiers, you will feel that you are in Europe.

Instead, you are in Africa. This is the first Indian restaurant in Algiers. Okay, this is the first Indian restaurant. Hey guys, very good morning and welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu.

I am 7,000 km away from Algeria. I am in the largest country of the African continent, Algeria. Which is located in North Africa. This country is almost unknown to the world. This is a country that does not need tourism. Very few tourists come here.

Most people come here for business and work purposes. We are in the capital of Algeria, Algiers. I am staying here with my host Yasmin and her family. We are going to leave here in a while. We are going to take a taxi to the city center of Algiers.

It will be about 20 km from here. Guys, I am with Yasmin. We have taken a taxi from her house to the city center of Algiers. It was about 25 km.

The fare for the taxi was less than $ 2. It was about 390 Dinars. Taxis are quite cheap here.

We were just walking here in the old town. We met a lady from Algiers. She had a lot of luggage. She was going home after shopping.

She had brought bread, fruits and vegetables. Yasmin said that she will help her. We are going there. She took her luggage.

She said that she wants to invite us to her house. She thought that she was an Algerian. If you don't speak, people will think that you are an Algerian. People here eat a lot of bread. She is holding the bread. This is the locality.

People have decorated their shops here. There are some old people here. There are some inhabitants here. People have come to visit this place. We are going deep into the old town.

We came from the top. Now we are going down. This is the old part of Algiers. It still exists. The locality is very beautiful.

I had no idea that Algiers is a modern city. It is very developed. There are some old parts here. The construction of houses and properties are 300-400 years old.

People are still drying clothes outside. This is their house. She is inviting us. She can't speak Arabic. She can only speak Darja language.

Local Arabic dialect. You can see the house. I didn't expect that I would find someone to invite me to their house. I have never seen such a place in North Africa. Not even in Morocco.

This is a very beautiful place. I am enjoying a lot. I feel like I have been here for 500-600 years. What a beautiful house! This is a local authentic house. You won't find it anywhere else. We will have to take off our shoes.

We are inside the house. It is very beautiful. There is a TV. We will take her to our roof.

It is very authentic. She also watches Indian movies. Yes. She watches Indian movies.

She says yes. She says, how are you? I am fine. We have found a random person. She has invited us to her house. I love it.

She says she watches Indian movies. She is a fan of Indian movies. She has given me this juice to drink.

It can be orange juice. Let's try it. France colonized Algeria for 132 years. Algeria took independence from France in 1962. 62 years ago.

When she was born, Algeria was under the colonization of France. How was life in Algeria at that time? We were good. She was an orphan.

She was an orphan. But the French government helped her with her studies. It is a very narrow road. There are narrow stairs.

Two people cannot go at a time. It is very difficult. The wall is made of mud. The roof is made of wood.

Hello. She is a cute girl. She is scared. What a beautiful view. We are at the top of Algiers.

You can see the whole city of Algiers. The house is hidden. You can't see the whole city. There are old houses. There are old houses.

There are broken houses. This is the Mediterranean Sea. You can see.

90% of the population lives on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a 10% area. The rest of the population is only 10%. There is a big difference in demographics. France is on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea.

Spain is here. You can find France and Spain on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. There is Barcelona in Spain.

There are many islands of Spain and France. What is she asking me? She is asking you if you like it. She is inviting you to come and live here. Live in her house. She is saying that if you like it, you can come and live here.

People have made a hole in the wall and put their shoes in it. How many children does she have? 10 9 of them are married. They live in their own house. She has 10 children. The parrot is making a lot of noise here. Grandma gave her a gift.

This is a chain. It looks old. This is an old chain. She is giving her something. But she is refusing to take it.

She is arguing. She gave her something. There are many channels in Algeria. There are many Indian and Bollywood movies.

New movies, old movies, and latest movies are dubbed in their local language. There are many channels on their TV. They are saying that when they were young, Bollywood movies used to come on their national television. People here are very fond of Bollywood movies. Especially the old people.

She wants me to wear shoes. She has put my shoes inside. How do you say Bislama? Bislama They call each other Bislama here. I said Bislama and she was happy. We are leaving their house. You can come to our house again.

I will tell you some important things about this country to explore Algeria. So that you can understand Algeria very well. About 75% to 85% of the people in Algeria are Arab. About 15% to 25% of the people in Algeria are Berbers or Amazigh. Amazigh people are the original inhabitants of North Africa.

They are the original people of this country. Their history is before the arrival of the Arabs. Amazigh people are found in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and some other countries.

At one time, almost all the people in this region were Amazigh. But today, only 15% to 25% of the people in this region are Amazigh. The family with which I am staying in Algeria is Amazigh. Until the 7th century, about 1400 years ago, Islam did not come to this region.

Before that, Amazigh people had their own religion. That's why there were two officials in Algeria. All the locals are living here, authentic locals. In the 70s, he used to watch Indian movies in cinemas. I met two people, they said they are very happy from India. They took a lot of selfies and photos with me.

They are very happy to meet me. Nice to meet you. This town is also called Medina. When I showed you Morocco, it was Medina in almost all the cities. Medina means town, old city.

This town was built between the 16th and 18th century. This area was built 300 to 500 years ago. If you come to this town, you will see the true culture of Algeria. Real people, real culture, real houses. France colonized Algeria for 132 years.

From 1830 to 1962, Algeria was under French colonization. Algeria got independence from France in 1962. That's why French is spoken in Algeria. There are colorful walls, paintings and graffiti on the walls.

There are Algerian flags everywhere. What is this? And all these are freedom fighters? Freedom fighters of Algeria. Freedom fighters and martyrs. There is a group tour. They look like school kids to me.

Hello. There was an 8-year war between Algeria and France. Algeria got independence from France from 1954 to 1962. All these are Algerian freedom fighters.

We are walking down the street. There is a market area and some roads. You can see many cars. The road has become very wide. These are old houses of Algeria. There is a market, a shop and many shops.

There are many bakeries. This is a very colorful area. There are many bees flying around. I will show you something sweet.

This is a sweet made from almonds. This is from India. Do you know Jadi Jadi? Hurry up.

This is from India. This is a sweet. He told me to taste it. I told him to give me a little. He gave me a lot.

I will pay him. He gave me a lot. This is a lot.

He is not taking money. He gave me a lot to taste. This is one of the most popular food. Taste it. He told me to taste it in front of him. How do you say tasty? Benin.

Benin. Sahtek. Do you know the meaning of Sahtek? Enjoy your food. Bon Appetit. Benin. Benin is tasty.

Benin is tasty. This is very tasty. How do you ask someone's name? Wismak. Wismak. Not Wismak. Wismak.

My name is Tor Vashu. What is your name? Mariam. Nice to meet you. How did you find Algeria? Amazing. Good.

Thank you so much. Namaste. Namaste.

He is saying Namaste. Thank you. The local dialect of Algerian Arabic is very different from Standard Arabic.

People say that people who know Standard Arabic cannot understand Algerian Arabic. People who know only Algerian Arabic will not understand Standard Arabic. The local dialect of Algerian Arabic is called Darja.

In Morocco, it is called Darija or Darja. Look at this. This is a city. There are many shops inside the city. There are many types of shops. There is an electronics shop.

There are thousands of electronics here. It is imported from China. What is this area? I thought it would be a normal area. There are many shops here. There is a road here.

I think it is a busy road. There are many cars. Many people are walking here. The bride comes here.

After marriage? No, before marriage. To get ready. The market where the girls get married. Girls come to this market in Algeria. To buy clothes, jewelry, and other things related to marriage. In this market, you will see more women and less men.

99% of the population in Algeria follows Islam. 1% of the population follows Christianity. There are many Jews here.

Before independence, there were more than 13 million Christians in Algeria. But now, the population of Christians is only 20,000 to 200,000. Look at this area. It looks very beautiful. Old buildings. The architecture is very different.

The architecture is mixed. French, Algerian, North African, Ottoman, Arab, Roman, and Spanish. The architecture is a mixture of everything. You will get a combination of all the architecture in this city.

The road is not very wide. The road is full of people, especially women. A car has come there. The car is not able to move forward. The car is moving very slowly.

There is a lot of problem in driving. I don't know how the car drivers will drive. The car drivers are driving with a tortoise.

The market is full of people. Wow! Many people are surprised to see me from India. How did I come here from India? Many people are surprised to see an Indian tourist.

He is holding my hand. He is pulling my hand. It is not safe to walk in this area as a non-Algerian.

The population of Algeria is about 45 million. About 450 million people live in this country. Algeria is the largest country in the African continent.

The population of Algeria is the 10th largest country in the African continent. 10% of this country's population is Algerian. We have come down.

There is a main road. There is the Mediterranean Sea behind it. We had breakfast in the morning. We couldn't show you what we had for breakfast. It is afternoon now.

The market is full of clothes and food. I don't know why I am seeing a lot of women's clothes. I think these are traditional Algerian clothes. You can buy shoes here.

Clothes are being sold here. There is a shop here. I think 90% of the people in this market are women and 10% are men. This is a dry fruit shop. There are many dry fruits shops here. You can buy dry fruits of all types here.

It's a very crowded place. There is no proper place to walk or stand. It's very crowded. So this is a very popular street food of Algiers. Let me show you. We are going to try.

What is the name? Frite Omelette. Yes, Frite Omelette. So this is called Frite Omelette.

This is a mixture of potatoes and omelette. They are making it. This is French fries. They are making it here. They are adding onions.

They have added onions to the potatoes. Now they will add eggs. They are taking out the eggs.

It's a very popular street food here. Now they have added eggs. With bread or without bread? With bread. It will be very heavy. It will be very heavy.

They are making the food. They have put the ingredients in the bread. They are adding spices.

They have added chutney, salt, black pepper. This is the flip side. Almost everyone is telling me to use the camera carefully.

I have not found any place where I feel unsafe. I have not found any place where I feel unsafe. Everyone is telling me to use the camera carefully. Don't go alone. Go with people. Yasmin, what is the name of this area? Sehat Shuhada.

Now we are going to eat the Frite Omelette. We have just bought it. Normally, they put it in the bread. They stuff it in the bread.

This is French bread. It's a French footlong bread. They have put it in the bread. It's with bread.

I have taken it without bread. They have put it in the plate. It's for 150 Dinar. It's for 150 Dinar. It's very big and heavy.

They have put chutney in it. They have put chutney in it. They are eating it with bread. They have broken it.

It's very big. How is it? I told you that there are two rates of currency exchange in Algeria. The official rate and the black market rate. The official rate is 50% more. I can't show you directly behind me. Many people are roaming on the road with money.

To exchange foreign currencies. Even the police is not saying anything. They are calling us from far away. But we are showing our money to them. It's 2 pm. It's very sunny.

The police was coming. I couldn't use my camera. They understood that I am from India. They were greeting me. They were talking to me very nicely.

What else did they say? They said that there are very few tourists in this country. There is no one else from India. People are very surprised. They are very happy to see me. The police is also saying hello.

Say hello. I am very happy to see the city center of Algeria. And the French colonial architecture of Algeria. I feel like I am not in Africa. I am in a European city.

Or I am in a city of France. I think that Algeria is the most French looking city in the African continent. Guys, we are in a cafe in Algiers. It's a cafe. It looks very popular. It's full.

There are people sitting outside. It's full. What do you call orange juice? Aserchina. Aserchina.

Aserchina. We have ordered orange juice. And we have ordered a cheesecake. It's a chocolate flavored cheesecake.

It's something like this. We had it before. It's a small breakfast. It's a main road. The economy of Algeria is very dependent on natural gas and oil reserves. Algeria has the 9th or 10th largest natural gas reserve in the world.

And Algeria has the 16th largest oil reserve in the world. So hydrocarbons are the backbone of the Algerian economy. And this country is at the 6th position in the world for exporting the most gas. Algeria mostly supplies natural gas to Europe.

And it is said that Algeria is struggling to develop the industry outside of hydrocarbons. They have so many natural gas and oil reserves that they don't need tourism. So that's why there is no tourism infrastructure in this country. After this, I went to the Matis Memorial in Algiers. Which is called the most popular and recognizable landmark of the entire city of Algiers.

Which is dedicated to the Algerian war against France. And those Algerians who lost their lives to make Algeria independent from France. According to the Algerians, about 1.5 million people lost their lives in the Algerian war. Which lasted for about 8 years.

From 1954 to 1962. You can spot this Matis Memorial from almost all parts of Algiers. After this, I went to the largest mosque in the entire African continent. Which is called Jammah Al-Dazer. And it is also called the Great Mosque of Algiers.

This mosque has the longest minaret in the world. Which is 265 meters tall. This mosque was designed by German architects.

And it was built by the China State Construction Engineering Company. It took about 7 years to build this mosque. And it was completed in 2019. This mosque can be visited by more than 1 lakh worshippers at a time.

So guys, it's 9 in the night in Algiers. So we wanted to eat something. Then I searched on Google. Indian restaurant in Algiers.

There were a lot of options. I think I have seen 10 to 15 Indian restaurants in Algiers. There are some other names too. And if we add all these, then maybe 15 to 20 Indian restaurants will be in Algiers. So I didn't know where to go. There were so many options.

So I saw two options. Both had the same name. Taj Mahal. And the rating was very good.

So I thought, let's go to Taj Mahal restaurant. Let's see how the Indian food is in Algiers. It's written in French. Restaurant Indienne.

It's written in English. It's written in Darja. In Algerian Arabic. There is a photo of Taj Mahal. So let's go inside the Taj Mahal restaurant.

Let's see how it is inside. I have already come inside. I am making a video again. Hello sir. Namaste.

How are you? Good sir. You have two Indian restaurants in Taj Mahal. With the same name. Yes. Taj Mahal is in Benakanon. Taj Mahal is in Siraga.

Dali Bram. It's 6 km from here. You were saying that it's more traditional. Yes, it's very traditional.

Okay. It's on the 4th floor. It's a very big Indian restaurant. It's very big. Yes.

It was near us. You came here. How are you? I am the main chef. What's your name? Gulab Singh.

Gulab Singh. Where are you from? I am from Uttarakhand. I am from Uttarakhand too. What's your name? Chandan. Chandan Singh. You are from Uttarakhand too.

Yes. The whole staff is from Uttarakhand and Himachal. Okay. So how old is this restaurant? This is the first Indian restaurant. The first Indian restaurant. The first Indian restaurant.

Do Algerians come here to eat? Do they like it? They like it a lot. They like it a lot. They like it a lot. Indian movie, Indian actors, Indian song, Indian food.

They like it a lot. Okay. Algerians. And what do Algerians think about India and Indians? What are their thoughts? They think good.

First, our traditional, like our traditional makeup, getup, and our food, different, different things. Like local street food. They think it's good. They ask us to start it. And like Indian movies, old, old actors, like Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor.

The songs here are very famous. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I know. Sounds good. They're very respectful, when people ask them about movies.

Okay, okay. The actors, like Saaroo Khan, old men, Amitabh Bachchan, respect Indians a lot here. Respect. A lot. The clients are good too, the locals are good.

Also, look at the flag. Algerian and Indian flags here. Algeria is number one.

Algeria is number one. This is a very good setup. Many Algerians are eating here. The kitchen is even bigger.

This is the kitchen. There is an Indian staff here. All of them are from Uttarakhand. There are many people here.

They are all cooking together. This is also a big kitchen. There are many different sections. Many Algerians are eating here.

This is almost full. This is a very big kitchen. Hindi music is being played here.

You can see that. There is a lady sitting here. She is talking to someone. People here are very friendly. Especially for Indians. She is very friendly for Indians.

She is back from work. Where were you? So guys our Indian food is here. I have already eaten a little bit. It's very tasty.

The taste is almost like Indian food. And this is also a vegetarian dish. So guys, I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this.

I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this.

I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this.

I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this. I am going to eat this.

This is Indian food. Yasmina is also eating. Yasmina, did you like it? Yes, it's very... It's very... A little bit spicy.

I didn't make it spicy at all. It's almost 0% spicy. It's not spicy at all compared to us. But still, it's a little spicy.

Because they don't eat spicy food. Did you like Dal Makhani more or Sabzi? Dal Makhani. Dal Makhani.

Dal Makhani, okay. You like it? Yeah. My father's mother is our relative. She is our relative.

She is our relative. She is our relative. She is our relative. She is our relative. She is our relative. She is our relative.

She is our relative. She is our relative. Our relatives, my father's mother, they watch videos. They watch every video I make Then I watch your videos as well and then my father's comments. I watch all the comments.

So guys, we just left the Indian Restaurant. We paid 3000 Dinar, this is around 12 to 1500 Indian Rupee.

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