Shocking Experience in Most Remote City from any Sea in the World (URUMQI )

Shocking Experience in Most Remote City from any Sea in the World (URUMQI )

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I have got the train but I don't have the seat number. I am being enquired so much! Feels like I have come to a war zone because I can see big tanks. Uyghur songs are being played and some people are dancing.

She has come in the Uyghur attire. This is a lottery shop. Hey guys, good afternoon, and welcome back to the new vlog. Currently, I am in Turpan and the time is 12:00 pm. Today I am going to the capital of Xinjiang autonomous region which is Urümqi.

I am going to eat my brunch and I have not yet booked my train ticket. The capital city is 200 km from here and it will take two hours. Bus also operates, but it is very hectic. We have to get off the bus 5-6 times and all other documents will be checked multiple times.

It is very difficult to go by bus, so I am going by train. You will be checked only once while going on train. We come to a restaurant in Turpan to eat something. All the shops will get crowded in the evening.

I have Jeminy and you have met him. These are two more guests and they are also from the same hostel. As I have told you before, whenever you come to a restaurant you will be served tea first.

They will give before and after having food. This is the menu there are a lot of options but it is written in Chinese and Uyghur. You can understand by looking at the photos. Everybody has ordered different items and I will show you mine once it's served. All three members have ordered the same food and I ordered different food. This is the noodles.

The Aroma is very good and looks like it is spicy. Other parts of China don't have spicy food but here it is more. Girls have started to take the photo of the food. I am going to the kitchen after taking permission from the staff. The noodles which you saw outside are done by hand throughout China.

This is how the noodles is done. Majority of the time, the noodles will be prepared freshly. I think this is Maida. They are making it separate and I think they will boil it in the water. It has been boiled.

This is the same noodles which was done inside and it is very thick. My food has been served. This is food and it has Tofu, egg, onion, capsicum and tomato. They've also added some spices.

This is Xinjiang's naan. It is very big and you can't eat more than half of it. Let me eat this. The white thing which you are seeing is tofu.

The brown thing which you are seeing is an omelet. There are many vegetables in this. The food which I ordered costed Me 12 Yuan which is 5$. The taste was also very good. When you eat the gravy, it is very tasty and it feels like Indian food. Yesterday there was a big precession in the place where I am going now.

I talked with many hostels and nobody is accepting a foreigner. Has talked with the hostel so I am going to stay in the hostel. They also were not allowing foreigners but they allowed me after talking with them. He has booked the hostel from a Chinese app and I have paid him. I am drinking these two drinks a lot since coming to China.

This is milk tea and you get it everywhere in China. This is the local brand of milk tea. This is for 4 Yuan which is 0.80$. This is another brand which is a Costa and this costs 10 Yuan 2$. This is an international brand and that is why this is expensive. The railway station is 17 km from here and it will take half an hour.

I have not yet booked the train because there is a train after every hour. If the train is available, I will book immediately. Otherwise, I will have to wait for an hour. I have got a taxi and I hope he will drop me. It's time to leave here. She is the hostel owner and let me tell bye to her.

Taxi has come. I told bye a lot of times. This is a very beautiful town of Turpan.

It is very peaceful and life is very calm. There is no pollution or traffic here. Most of the roads are empty and many people use electric vehicles.

I liked Turpan because this is different from other cities in China. I met many lovely people in the hostel and I enjoyed a lot. In Southern Xinjiang, the local people look very different from the Chinese. In Northern Xinjiang is very similar to the Chinese. Many people cannot understand whether they are Chinese or Uyghurs.

After half an hour, we have come to the northern railway station the same railway station from where I arrived. For 17 km the fare was $6. I think he loves Indian films.

His Looks are very similar to old Indian characters. When I came to the railway station, there were two trains. One after half an hour and another after one and a half hours. Half an hour is enough to board a train but everybody's bag was checked. It took me 20 minutes in the checking area.

I gave my passport and I brought a ticket which is after for one and a half hours. I have a train after one hour, so I have to wait here. It was my mistake because I was not aware of it. I have got the train but I don't have a seat number, which means the train is full.

The time is 3:15 and the train is at 3:30 and the train has not yet arrived. I am on the platform. The train has not yet arrived and there are many people on the platform. This is the ticket without a seat and not sure whether I can sit it cannot. Otherwise, I will have to stand and go. The cost is the same for a seat or without a seat ticket.

The ticket is for 25 Yuan which is 4$. Many people are traveling with tickets but they don't have seats. You cannot come inside without a ticket.

All these people don't have a ticket. I have reached the autonomous region of Xinjiang capital which is Urümqi. It is written 'Urümqi' but it is pronounced 'Urümchi' Q is read as 'Chi' in Chinese.

The checking was very hard, It looked like I am crossing a new country. Security asked me to show my return flight ticket and my hotel booking etc... I told him everything and he noted down my details. Now I have come to the center of the city from the station. This girl is saying 'Hello' to me. It is drizzling.

He is selling cigarettes. This is my last video of Xinjiang. This comes in Central Asia. This city is the most populated in Central Asia The population of the city is 4 million. Urümqi is very developed, modern and very neatly maintained.

When I came out of the train station, It looked like I have come to a very newly developed capital city. It was looking just like Singapore or Beijing. You might know the specialty of this area. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Urümqi city is the most remote City from any main water body. The nearest coastline is 2500 km from here. Now we have come to the remotest city in the world.

Foreigners are not allowed in all the hotels there are very limited options for us. This is exactly in the center. I had taken bus while coming from the train station, which is for 1 Yuan. I am just 600 meters away from the hostel. Urümqi is also known as the heart of Asia. According to many researchers, Urümqi is the center in the geographical area of Asia.

There is also a monument that shows the same. I am very tired after the security. They are asking me a lot of questions! There is my hostel somewhere here, I think this is the one.

I think this is the one, I am not sure. This is the center in Urümqi City. There are residential houses everywhere. I think the hotel is at the top. This is the right place, the Chinese map showed me the right way.

This is a coffee shop and a bar. There is also a coffee shop here. There is also a reception in the same area. She is doing my check-in procedure. 'Vicky' is a common name for girls because there are many girls named 'Vicky' The hostel price is 55 Yuan which is 8$. This is the room and there are four beds in the single room.

1,2,3,4. We are the only two people and I have got the down bed. The AC has also been installed, I am not sure whether it's working or not. This is the washroom and this is also very neat and clean.

In all the hostels, I saw that this geyser has been installed. Everything is digital and it also has a digital display. This is Wi-Fi operated and it can be easily operated from Wi-Fi. This is the washroom. He is Chinese and he is from Xinjiang from Korla. He asked me 'May I help you' a lot of times and I said 'No' I was putting my bed and pillow cover and he was helping.

I have met Colin. He is the friend of Jeminy whom you saw in this and the last video. He is from the city he was born and brought up in this.

He is from Han Chinese. He is from the Shaanxi province. His grandfather was shifted from Shaanxi to Urümqi. He wants to go back to Mainland China.

He told that many Chinese have studied or studying computer software and mathematics in India. The time is 8:30 pm and it is very bright outside. It will get dark in an hour.

This is the capital of Xinjiang and it is very beautiful. This is very modern and it also has a metro I have taken the Metro card for one journey which is 2 Yuan. The entire metro is empty. I can only see two people and the entire metro is empty. Though this is the capital city of Xinjiang, the ethnicity here is mixed. There are some Uyghur people but not many.

There are many people like Han Chinese, central Asia, Tazik, and Usbek. Colin has brought me to a very beautiful place. Just look at the entrance, it is very beautiful. It is very beautiful, let's go inside.

We have come to the biggest market in Urümqi. You can call it Grand Bazaar, Walking Street, or also the market. This is a Uyghur market. There is more security here and you can't even imagine. I cannot show it on the camera.

It feels like I have come to a war zone and there are big tankers outside this market. There are many people with big guns. This is very surprising. This area is so developed but still, there are a lot of securities. This is a very sensitive area because many riots have been done here.

Many bomb blasts have also been done in this area. There are many Souvenir shops here. There are many fridge magnets here I want a magnet that has China written on it. But they don't have a magnet with China on it.

This is the magnet that has been written in Xinjiang. Not many people know this area. I am buying this magnet for 15 Yuan that is 3$, this is a metal magnet. This is a Turpan magnet, so there are many grapes here. I was about to pay for this in cash but he did not allow me.

He told that 'You are my friend, I want to give this as a gift from my side' I tried a lot and he did not let me pay. This is a gift from him. I just met the police and he told me not to record any police-related things.

So, I cannot show you anything. I have come out of the hostel without my passport. I hope nobody stops me and asks for my passport. The security officer thought I am Uyghur and he was talking to me in Uyghur language. This is a Kavas local drink that is non-alcoholic but tastes like alcohol. I have taken this drink.

The name of this is Kavas and its tastes like alcohol but it is not alcohol. I think this is made from bear, I am not sure about it. The taste is very good. Uyghur songs are being played and people are dancing. This music is very similar to our music.

Sometimes I think that Bollywood music is being played here. The music is very similar to Indian music. It's raining outside, so many people are sitting here. This is the food street and you can call it a food court. People having their food and there are many food shops which you have seen in my previous videos.

All the shops are the same and you know what are things you get here. This is the fish and it is getting barbecued. Uzbekistan pulao is cooked here. She has come in Uyghur attire. There are different types of eggs and I don't know what they have quoted it.

There are some small and big eggs. This is the chicken. This is the pigeon. Chicken is getting barbequed here. These are the different parts of the chicken. This is a Uzbekistan dish and there is Mutton inside this.

Uzbekistan is stuffing inside this. But the variety is very less. He is preparing Samsa. He is roasting Samsa in tandoor. He is applying water to this. He is sticking inside this from his hands.

We are crossing the road on this pedestrian Bridge. The footbridge, road, the pedestrian Bridge and everything is very neat and clean. This is a lottery shop. Many people are playing the lottery here. There are many people here and everybody is playing with lottery. She asked whether I also want to play the lottery.

I don't have any interest and I also don't know how to play it.

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