She invited me to Show the Secret Society of Sierra Leone

She invited me to Show the Secret Society of Sierra Leone

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She is holding my hand from a very long time. Look here! This is the skin of the animal. This market is very crowded.

This market is located on the ocean coast. Hey guys very good morning, welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu. In the previous video, you have seen I went to a beach house to do party. Now I have come back to the house.

It is 10:00 in the morning. Now, I am going to explore the Sierra Leone country capital, Freetown. As you can see, this city is completely located on the hills. This is a hill station, I had shown you that is the US Embassy which is there on the top. Now, I have to go in this direction. Tomorrow I am going from Freetown to my next destination.

Then I will go to my next country, Liberia. Freetown is a place where you can find mountains, hill stations, the ocean and also a Harbour. It is a very unique city. We don't find many cities like this.

This is the main road in Freetown. Almost all the tuk-tuks and bikes here are of TVS and Bajaj company. Similar to Guinea more than 90% of two-wheelers here are TVS company. You might remember when I was coming to Sierra Leone from Guinea, I met a girl in car who was from Sierra Leone and her name was Salamata.

She was coming with me to Sierra Leone. I got a message from her stating she is from Freetown and she likes to help me in exploring Freetown. She has come near my home, I am going to meet her and I will explore Freetown today with her. I have met Salamata. I don't know where she will take me in Freetown today.

We are going to take a tuk-tuk to reach the destination. Majority of the bikes here are TVS Star bikes. Tuk-tuk is also of TVS company. We have taken tuk-tuk for 30,000 leone which is 150 INR. Some more passengers have boarded the tuk-tuk. We have come to the interior of Freetown from the main road. The roads are very small.

I usually don't go to museums. But I have come to this National Museum of Sierra Leone. Because many people had given good feedback on this museum. There are many interesting artefacts inside this museum. This country got independence in 1961 from the Britishers.

But this Museum was opened in 1957. When this Museum was opened, even the officers were from the Colonial Era. There are many photos here. There are photos of local people and tribes as well.

There are photos from different ethnic groups and people. Clothes, utensils and weapons have been showcased here. Very less people know about this fact in Sierra Leone and also in many other African countries. There are many secret societies, people are not allowed to come here.

People tell, even government officials are very scared to talk with them. They have powers. They will have powers and they can do black magic. There are many secret societies in Africa which work, but you won't find them in the cities.

You have to go to the interior of the cities or villages to find them. Usually, they don't allow outsiders inside the city. They have made very scary statues. Human body statue with crocodile face. It is very scary to see. This has been built by the secret society people of Sierra leone.

I cannot show you in real life but these are the paintings of secret society people. People look like this and they do a lot of ceremonies. It is a very unique and rare thing.

This is old Sierra Leone currency, which is not operating now. It has been written 'British West Africa'. In French African countries, French West Africa was used.

Similarly, British West Africa was the currency used here before the independence. This is the view of Freetown city. There is the ocean and Port. Freetown is located on the hills. The entry for locals here is just 5 leones which is 30 INR. But I paid $5 which is 400 INR. They told her that she is not from Freetown.

Officials told her that she is not from Freetown. So they asked her to pay more money. Then, she told 'I am a local here, I am Sierra Leone. We have come to the main road and people are selling biscuits and chips. This is a very old and big cotton tree. We don't know the exact age of this tree but it is said that this tree is more than 250 years. This tree is also a landmark for the whole of Freetown.

This is a potato biscuit from Bangladesh. Near this cotton tree, there is a museum on one side and on the other side, there is a Court. This is a colonial-era building this is the highest court of Sierra Leone. There are many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers as you can see.

This is the centre of Freetown. She is telling to be very careful. Anybody can snatch the phone and run away.

Snatching crimes are very common here. Sierra Leone faced civil war for more than 11 years. From 1991 to 2002. More than 50 thousand people lost their lives in the Civil War. More than 25 lakhs people left Freetown. We find police in every part of the city.

She is pulling my hand. 85 00:10:18,417 --> 00:10:22,688 It is not very dangerous but it's okay. Look how she is pulling my hand. I can find tuk-tuk and luxury cars here. There is no vehicle in between these two vehicles.

Many places here is named after the town which is present in the UK. She is making me scared again and again. She is telling me, I am afraid for you. This is the local area of Sierra Leone.

This is the Atlantic ocean and ships. This is the local market. This place is very crowded. People are staying here. There are small houses inside the market.

This is the biggest market in Freetown called the 'Big market'. You get almost all types of items in this market. Clothes, dairy products, animal items, vegetables, fruits and everything. You get everything here. Many fishes are being sold here.

This is cucumber. This is so big. I don't know whether it's mango or not. They are telling this is mango it has a very weird shape. Many things are sold here. This is 70 INR which is being sold. I don't know what is this.

I think this is the skin of some animal. This is oats. Many fruits are being sold here. You get all types of vegetables and fruits.

There are different types of fish being sold here. This is 70 INR banana. Look at the condition of this banana. This is a very weird type of market which is located on the Atlantic ocean coast. There are many vegetables which are sold here, I don't know the name of some vegetables. This is ladies' finger.

This vegetable is very big if this was grown in India, nobody would eat this. It is called Okura. This is 70 INR per kilo. The population of Sierra Leone is 8 million. The population of Freetown is 1 million.

1/8th population of the whole country lives in Freetown. There are many crabs which are being sold here. They are still alive. This is just brought from the ocean. Crabs are sold here. Look at the condition of the ground. You will not have seen this type of ground anywhere.

This is the ocean. This is the market which is set up near the ocean. This market is like a maze. I don't know where to go, she is taking me. This market is very chaotic. These are 30 INR per kilo.

I will drink this coconut water, which is around 25 to 30 INR. People are drinking this without a straw. My t-shirt will become wet today by drinking this, because they don't have straw. She drank the whole thing in one sip. Sierra Leone's economy was destroyed in the Civil war which happened from 1991 to 2002. After the Civil War, the country started to regain its economy.

Agriculture is the biggest employer in this country. More than 80% of people work in the agriculture sector in Sierra Leone. This country is based on agriculture and some portions are based on mining as well. We have come to this dusty road in Freetown. We are in William Street, She has brought me to someone's house. Children are taking bath.

My name is Tourvashu. What is your name? Your name is Aminata? Salamat was late, so she went back to her house. Sierra Leone has a very big community of Lebanese. And after that, there is the Indian community as well. There are many Lebanese Restaurants in Freetown. I have come to a Lebanese Restaurant and we get Lebanese food here.

I have ordered pizza. Half of it is cheese and half of this is rusky. I tasted this in Aman, Jordan. I don't know what is this. He recommended me so I have taken this. He is the owner and he is a Lebanon. This is Lebanese bread. This cost me 70,000 leones, which is 400 INR.

I have come back to the house. This is my last day in Freetown, tomorrow I am going to the second-largest city in Sierra Leone. Diamond and Gold mining are common in that place.

If I get an opportunity, I will show you mining. Then, I will go to my next country which is Liberia.

2022-12-16 16:46

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