Scary Moment Cycling In Japan Bike Touring Across Japan #5

Scary Moment Cycling In Japan  Bike Touring Across Japan #5

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Let's go eat it Welcome to the fifth episode of the bike tour across Japan series in this video We learn about the rice riots of 1918 apparently in 1918 There's what's known as the rice riots here in Japan and it started right here. I check out 2 ,000 year old cedar trees Nick T shares with you his favorite fried chicken in Japan 7 -eleven number two Fami chicken number one. Okay disaster strikes and one of us loses our phone I was like very worried that I wouldn't be able to like find my way back home And we finished the day off by stuffing our face with chicken nanban in one of the most beautiful cities I've been to in Japan.

Oh my girl I Good morning from wezo toliyama Right now we're at a little port city This is where we called home last night. We had a beautiful place to stay just this was an amazing little park To call home for a night nice soft grass We had a public bathroom that had a couple outlets and we were able to charge up some batteries and whatnot It's looking like a nice day right now as I'm filming but the rain has been coming down on and off so Might get dumped on the day. But before we go though I want to just tell you a little bit of the historical significance of actually the park we're staying in Apparently in 1918 there's what's known as the rice riots here in Japan and it started right here. I Think there's a little monument over here that honors or memorializes the riots here and so During that time rice apparently doubled in price due to the wars due to the the growing Empire of Japan And yeah people obviously we're not happy and so the people rioted here thousands of people were arrested and i read some of them were even executed but the riots they spread throughout all of japan and uh lasted a couple years like i said and it started here in the small port port town of uezo that is wild i ain't never seen anything like this this crane in this ship is picking up huge chunks of gravel and loading it into the into the ship you can just see the boat rocking back and forth wow that's a lot of buoys those guys do that for a living i'm over here riding a bike wow It's a beautiful little museum. So Nick decided to stay out of it though because I guess a little too rich for his blood just to see some wood. You gotta thank Google Translator but basically it was just saying that this is the original spot of this tree.

This is where they excavated it and then they filled it in with water but this is where the tree was two thousand years ago. Crazy. I feel like I got this place all to myself. There ain't nobody here. Done with the museum.

Let's go find Nick. I said it was supposed to rain today. Are you kidding me? Feels good out here. Yeah, the museum. I mean if you're into science, if you're into geography, topography, that kind of stuff it might be interesting.

If not, you'll probably find it kind of boring. Oh boy. You excited? Huh? I thought the chicken is the good stuff man. So Nick is talking into the...

It's like real good. The Fami Chicken. Apparently it's the best fried chicken in Japan. Yeah.

From any convenience store I guess. Yeah, yeah. Like seven eleven, number two, Fami Chicken, number one. Okay, okay. For sure. He went with the straight up fried chicken.

and I got one wrapped in a naughty and some sort of special sauce. Peppa Mayo. Okay.

That's good. You try a bite. You try a bite. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Go for it. Damn doozy as hell. It's pretty good, huh? Wow. That could not be good. This is a tiny chicken.

Mm. Isn't this a mess, right? Wow. Yeah, nice and peppery. Super, super soft and juicy.

Wow. Let's put the camera down. I'll crack into this one. Well then the coolest part is the big ass trunk, the roots that are in the water that they build like a huge pool. You can go underneath and see it from below too. It's cool.

I'll show you the video. So basically it's the same fried chicken wrapped in rice, naughty and that pepper mayo. Mm. Tastes the nori immediately just then that chicken comes in a little later. It'd be nice if they used a fresh Fami chicken like that was right out of the fryer. Like this is a pre -packaged little bill So it's not as crispy about So before we get out of here, I also want to point out something that the museum talked a lot about and that's The mirage that you can see here.

I don't think you're gonna be able to see it today especially with this camera, but I mean I watched a whole 10 -minute video on it and there's tons of pictures inside the museum about It and basically what happens here. You have the cold air from the ocean Sitting on top the hot air from the land and it just gets cycled in and out in and out and that creates a mirage Where if you look across the buildings look like they're standing on top of looks like they're standing on top of themselves I guess that makes sense. Like you have the building and then it's inverted and so Apparently on fine clear days in the spring, which is now you should be able to see it So you check it out even the amusement park is named after the Mirage Here you have mirage land With this massive Ferris wheel Wow How would you like to have that right in your backyard look at that Looks pretty desolate though and just like everything else in Japan in the Anaka at least in the in the countryside You want to spend the day here? Ride the rides wouldn't have to wait in line Nobody in there would be maybe only us let's uh let's keep riding that's pretty cool though man that is a spell let's see what's going on what's going on? what's going on? what's going on? Stu's got the real bill he's got the huge telephoto lens right here what's going on? what's going on? maybe maybe a minute wave like a nami mita maybe not thought i saw it but then you mean you can kind of see the mirage i think like the the waves and the air can you see the air moving at all? that works oh my gosh Yeah, that's what the whole museum was about, Nick. You thought it was too much money. Yeah, it should have gone. It should have gone.

Watch the whole 10 -minute video about it. Wow. Snooz -y -loose.

But how many flows? Did I call my... You are fluffy. Let's call it it. Hey. Hey, yeah.

Hello. Don't laugh. Golden doodle. Golden doodle? Wow. A golden doodle.

Mezzerashi. Oh, my gosh. A golden doodle.

Hello, please. Yes, hello. Please, please, please, please, please.

Oh, hey. And I will On the road again. The weather has officially turned on us.

Don't keep right. Windy, cloudy, looks like it's about to dump on us any minute. Hold it.

Just hold it. Wait. Okay, that windy's strong.

Hopefully it just passes by. And maybe we'll have clear blue skies again soon. All right. Hopefully we dodged the rain. It just blew right over us. Super windy.

Passing by this place, the Cake and Bake. Mercy. Cake and Bake. I like that. Whoa. You already loaded up, man.

Yeah. I'm hungry. I'm getting some. Mmm.

It smells so good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It's fucking solid. It's pretty good. Food always stays bitter on the road, right? I had to go with this. This is something very very Japanese. This is a yakisoba pot Yakisoba is basically fried noodles and What sauce is that some sort of special sauce that they grill it in? Mixed with cabbage beef some of that red pink ginger in there Mmm, but noodles and noodles and bread super japanese Mmm That's good at all So Indonesia they do noodles and rice Japan does noodles and bread We went from a rainy day this morning to an absolute beautiful day and now just the windiest day ever. Oh my gosh.

And this, this sand hurts. We came out. We wanted to come check out this ship over here.

It looks like a shipwrecked but there's like a little bridge over there that looks like you can walk across and go to it but we're not going to do that. We're going to go check out these seagulls that are like hovering and flying over here. We are getting blasted by the sand. Got it. Got it.

I got it. Woo. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Where was it? Right here.

Yay. Yay. Yay. Yay. Yay.

Where was it? It was like in the bushes right there. This right over here? Nah, it's a little further down but yeah, it's just in the grass. You are lucky, man. Oh man. So we were cruising down this way about an hour ago maybe.

Went to the beach where that ship was and Nick swore that he took a picture of it. Let me see that picture of the ship. Yeah, it doesn't exist. Let me see that picture. That was a false memory. Oh gosh.

Woo. See, it was like I lost my phone. I lost my phone. Like what do you mean you lost your phone? Yeah, I went out there, took a picture of the ship and when I guess I was using restroom maybe. Yeah. I don't know.

And then he was like, so we scavenged the beach for like 30 minutes in the wind and then gets a hold of girlfriend and pings it and it's way over here so we backtracked and here it is yes oh wait disaster averted whoo if you would have told me what you know to Nick's set out on a journey one of them's gonna lose their phone I'd be like that's me it's me not me this time all right all right well we're cold and wet and figure out where we go from here thanks Nick how's it feel thank you sir it feels good feels good I was like very worried that I wouldn't be able to like find my way back home all right I can't believe you found it I really can't oh man the flag is looking dirty now oh no yeah hang in there oh man you all saying so yeah we are cold at work and so uh we want to just wait out the rain a little bit hopefully it hopefully it ends in an hour and a half or two hours or so but we're gonna go ah that's what we needed that's what we needed we were freezing nice soak and uh the rain has stopped shouldn't rain again hopefully from here we're gonna head down into toiyama city like down in the heart of the city hopefully get a proper dinner because last night we just did combini food combini food and uh oh shit all right and so hopefully we can find a proper place to eat tonight let's find a good place to stay so the show continues let's do it toiyama's nice look this is a beautiful park could be a potential place to stay tonight wow let's go this way all right check it out we found ourselves a little canal here in the middle of toiyama uh i like it what were you saying about this little dam system over here so like the two two parts of the room have different water levels right okay it comes in they open one part it kind of fills up and then the boat goes in there and then they open the other side and then it kind of like sinks down Okay. And then the boat can go through. You're saying, they do a lot of this in Europe? Yeah, England has a lot of canals and stuff, so like they have a lot of locks. Gotcha. I think they're called... Interesting.

I mean, they have a lot of the boat covers. There's like some... Damn, you didn't notice that earlier? Yeah, there's something coming out of that. Oh man. Uh oh.

Time to back it up. Yeah. That's not looking great.

That did break. The screen looks good. Yeah, screen's fine, but the components are coming out. You can see a chip there. Might have to get a new phone. And this is a reminder for everyone out there.

Pay the three dollars and buy the cloud. You lose your phone, if you break your phone, you don't have your stuff backed up. You lose everything.

I've done it. I've lost everything. After 10 years. Gone.

Wow, Toyama. You are friggin' beautiful. I mean, I love Guma. I love my Abashi. You are my town.

But you do not look like this. You do not have this. I mean.

It's a very, uh, picturesque city, I would say. Mmm. Alright, enough sightseeing.

It's time to go eat some dinner. I think we found a good one. I'm getting back here. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Smells like some fried chicken, too. Smells good. Smells good. Smells good.

So we came to the fanciest place in Toyama. As you can see. The fanciest place. Let's just sit over here.

Yeah. We, uh, we're getting hungry, obviously. We're looking at places to eat. And, uh, Toyama is famous for sushi. We'll kind of look at each other. We're like, nah, sushi doesn't sound good.

Especially after cycling all day in the rain and being cold. And so we started looking around and found this place. We need something hot, something heavy, something exactly. Some comfort food. And so we found this fried chicken place. They're serving up some chicken namban.

Which is basically just fried chicken, tartar sauce. a lot of rice and the the reviews are actually pretty funny that kitchen is not looking good not past too many health inspecting health inspections oh my god this is what we came for right here they got the old morning rice yeah chicken fillets look at that this is the tartar sauce I think it's gonna have some kind of egg in there got some miso soup tofu oh yeah all the reviews were freaking like yeah the portions are huge it's delicious This is exactly what we needed. I do, exactly.

100%. We don't need no sushi. We don't need no sushi right now.

Just in case you're wondering, we did it. We still got a little bit of rice left. Once you get down to just white rice, it's kind of hard to put down. Especially when you're this full. How was it? Delicious fillings.

Two words. Looks like a snack. You knock a snack right here. It's kind of like, very inconspicuous.

Very, very, very. Business looking building, just behind the door that doesn't really have much to say. But it's pretty magical. Yeah.

I am so full. So, we're doing a little bit of city camping tonight. We're not too far from the station, but we were just exhausted after we ate that chicken namban.

You can barely see me, I'm sorry. But it took us forever to set up these tents. It is so freaking windy. They kept blowing away, but we got them tied down. Hopefully we don't get bothered tonight.

We don't want to bother anybody. We just want to get a good night's sleep. It's not even 9 o 'clock right now, so hopefully get some good sleep, wake up super early, break these tents down, and get on the rope. That's the plan. Thanks for joining me on this little journey today. More to come from Japan.

With me.

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