Sambalpur Tourist Places | Sambalpur Top 10 Tourist Places | Odisha Tourism Video |Sightseeing Vlog

Sambalpur Tourist Places |  Sambalpur Top 10 Tourist Places | Odisha Tourism Video |Sightseeing Vlog

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Hello Friends! Welcome back to my channel Travellers Lens Sambalpur city situated on the banks of river Mahanadi is a beautiful city of Odisha state There are many tourist places to visit in Sambalpur city and its surroundings In today's video I will share with you a lot of information about these tourist places To get complete details, you must watch the video till the end if you find this video helpful then don't forget to LIKE the video I upload informative travel videos every week on my channel so if you are interested in travel content then please SUBSCRIBE my channel you can cover the tourist places of Sambalpur in 2 days Let's start with our first tourist place Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary Here you can hire a jungle safari vehicle and enjoy spotting the wild animals roaming in the jungle If you take an early morning slot for this jungle safari, then you will get almost a full day to cover the remaining sight seeing. A detailed informative video about this jungle safari is already available on my channel. In that video I have explained how to book this safari what are the changes, what are the timings etc If you are thinking of enjoying this jungle safari then do checkout that video While visiting Debirgarh Wildlife Sanctuary you will travel over Hirakud Dam which is our second sightseeing place Hirakud Dam is the longest earthen dam in the world Just behind the Hirakud Dam, this lake is there It's name is Hirakud Reservoir Hirakud Dam and Hirakud Reservoir are built on the river Mahanadi If you want to know more details about the dam there is a video on it on my channel, you can watch it if you want After seeing Hirakud Dam and Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary you can enjoy some water sports activities on Hirakud Dam Different kinds of water sport activity are available here like speed boat, slow boat, water scooter, cruise etc There is a video on Hirakud water sport activities on my channel where I told what water sports activities are available here what are the charges, what is the location of this place etc if you are interested, You can check that video It is not possible to give all the details in a single video hence I have made different videos so that you can check as per your requirement All these links are given in the description box and also at the end of today's video There are two observation towers on both sides of Hirakud Dam one is "Gandhi Meenar" and the other one is "Javahar Meenar A very beautiful view of Hirakud Dam and Lake can be seen from both these towers After enjoying Hirakud water sports, you can come to Jawahar Minar There is this Kalash shape water tank here This minar remains open from 8 AM to 5 PM there are chairs to sit see the view from here You can see Hirakud dam from here Now let's see what kind of view we get from this tower the stairs are in circular style be careful The entry ticket price for this tower is Rs 5 This is the first level of the tower From here such a view is visible Now let's go to the top of the tower See what a beautiful view of Hirad Dam and surrounding areas is visible from the top of the tower Our next stop is Gandhi Minar This minar is on the top of a hill and to reach there you can either take your car or take the ropeway There is a ticket counter The price of entry ticket here is Rs 5 per person All Ropeway tickets are sold for today oh ok, then how to reach the minar you can take your car to reach gandhi minar if you go by your own car, there will be a car charge of Rs 20 This is the car parking area in front of Gandhi Minar This minar remains open from 8 am to 4.30 pm This is the boarding point of the ropeway at Gandhi Minar There is a a huge rush of tourists today so all the tickets for the ropeway are already sold out so we couldn't enjoy the ropeway ride Ropeway ticket price for one person is Rs 84 for round trip The stairs here are also in circular style This is the first level of the tower such a view can be seen from here Let's go to the top now and see what the view is like feeling a lot of happiness after seeing such a beautiful sight the park down there is Jawahar Udyan which is our next stop This ropeway connects Jawahar Udyan and Gandhi Minar So if you come by ropeway, you will reach Gandhi Minar from Jawahar Udyan while seeing the beautiful view of Hirakud Dam and this lake Our next stop is Jawahar Udyan there is the ticket counter and there some small food stalls are present The price of entry ticket here is Rs 5 per person The park timings are mentioned here take a good look As I told you before this ropeway service connects jawahar udyan with gandhi minar So there is a boarding point of ropeway in this park also There is a children's play here And if you go this way then there is the ropeway boarding point There is a statue of Nehru ji inside this park and Gandhi Minar is visible above It is evening now, so ropeway services are closed Our first day's sightseeing ends here today our first sight seeing place is leaning temple of huma This temple is situated in Huma village situated on the banks of Mahanadi This temple is inclined on one side This temple of Lord Shiva is one of the few inclined temples in the world. That's why its name is leaning temple You will get material for puja just outside the temple This temple remains open from 6AM till 6 PM This temple was built by King Balaram Deb who was the first king of Sambalpur The angle of inclination of this temple is 13.8 degrees

The priests of the temple and the people of the nearby villages believe that this inclination has not changed in the last 40-50 years. There can be displacement of the rocky bed on which it stands, either due to flood currents in the river Mahanadi, or earthquakes. due to which the temple became inclined like this But what the actual reason is still unknown A path leads right behind the temple to the banks of Mahandi From where a very beautiful view of Mahanadi can be seen.

We have come to our second sightseeing place today which is Maneswar temple This temple is situated in Maneswar town, about 15 kms from Sambalpur This is a very old temple of Lord Shiva You will get material for your puja just outside the temple. There is a pond next to the temple where turtles live So if you spend some time near this pond you might see some Our next stop is Maa Ghanteswari Temple There is a small town at a distance of 30 kms from Sambalpur It's name is Chiplima The temple of Maa Ghanteshwari is in this town There are shops outside the temple from where you can buy materials for puja The price of the bells are Rs 50 and Rs 100 The temple remains open from 4 AM to 8 PM People offer bells to Goddess Ghanteshwari after their wishes are fulfilled You will see around many bells tied up This temple situated on the banks of Mahanadi is called lighthouse without the light Because the ringing bells would alert the sailors about how strong the wind is blowing Walk a few meters from the temple and you will find a narrow iron bridge This bridge is going towards the Chiplima Hydro electric power plant A very beautiful view can be seen from this bridge This hydropower plant has been built here in Chiplima town with the support of Hirakud Dam We have reached our next stop which is Sambalpur Zoo there is parking area There is a booking counter of Debrigarh Ecotourism in front of the zoo gate From where you can book Jungle Safari or cottages in Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary The timings of the zoo are mentioned here entry ticket price of this zoo is Rs 10 this zoo remaines closed on monday I had never seen such a huge cashew tree before A detailed video of Sambalpur shopping is available on my channel If you want you can check The link of that video is given in the description box and also at the end of today's video This is the food of the deers there is a children's play area some birds are inside this cage but it's dark inside, so I am not able to capture any footage you can surely hear the chirping of the birds The eyes are enough to get scared Our today's sight seeing ends with Maa Samleswari temple This temple of Maa Samleswari situated near the banks of Mahanadi is a very old and famous temple of Odisha This temple remains open from 6 am to 11.30 am and from 3 pm to 7.30 pm You will find the material for your puja inside the temple complex Here Maa Samleswari is worshiped in the form of Jagatjanini, Adishakti, Mahalaxmi and Saraswati Many festivals are arranged in this temple among which the most special festival is the Nuakhai festival or harvest festival This festival is mainly celebrated by the farmers of the villages here who offer the first harvest of their fields to Maa Samleswari Another important attraction of this temple is that in the evening time a light and sound program is arranged on the ground behind the temple A single ticket price of light and sound is Rs 50 and you can book this ticket either from the temple or from Orissa Tourism's Hotel Panthanivas This show mainly depicts the history of the temple and Sambalpur through beautiful light display, soothing music, poetry. I liked this show very much Do watch this show when you are in Sambalpur So did you like today's informative video? If you found the video useful, then don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. see you very soon in another new video till then stay tuned bye bye friends. Be Happy and take care

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