Romances in nature: from rescuing a poor dog to nomadic nature tourism #deoora

Romances in nature: from rescuing a poor dog to nomadic nature tourism #deoora

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Fatima, help me to give some water to the cement in the room. Apparently, the cement is dry. Wait... wait, keep

this. Be careful. Fatima, my daughter, bring some water and put it on the fire. Get up for a moment so I can get some water. Mr. Nemat, give less water to the cement. Let me arrange the household items.

No, the cement should be watered to make it stronger. Should we also spread a plastic? No - yes spread it out it's better because it's cold here the winds are strong - yes the winds are getting stronger and the nights are stronger Was it cold last night? - Yes, it was cold, Fatima, please come, give me some water, let's go to the river and fish - Where are you going? Let's go down to the river and fish and have fun today - no thanks. Stay until I cook lunch, no thanks, we'll go there - stay here, eat lunch and then go, you come too, so we can go together - no thanks. I'm impatient, Hossein, would you like to come? - No, when you have done your homework, help your mother move the stones, then we will go. Khodangadar - Go, did you say hello by the river? - Yes, first we will go to buy some food items and then we will leave. Then come here and visit us too. - Yes, we will definitely come in the afternoon

. - I don't know, I saw a very cute dog here, what do you think? Let's get off. I loved it so much come...come...come on here it's so dirty let's take it to the vet to get a needle first so we don't get sick it looks so cute let me close this door shall we put the stuff in front of the car? Hossein will be very happy - yes, I think he will be very happy when he sees this dog.

Do you remember that when we go back to see Hojjat and buy something for him, he was at work - was he himself? Yes, we will go and then we will come back to him, wait a few moments, I bought two fishing hooks, maybe we could catch fish today, please buy some fruit for Mr. Hojjat - ok now, hello, Mr. Hojjat. how are you? Whats up? Fatima is here to see you. Let's go. How are the working conditions? do you get tired - it is good. I do not have a problem. What's up Mr. Hojjat? Are you tired? Working usually leads to fatigue. Do you work with a machine?

Eat this one too. So, Mr. Hojjat, how is the vacation here? - They said I can come on leave in a week. Do you miss home? - Yes, give this money to my mother on my behalf, I will pay them myself. Put your money in your pocket. You save - No, I didn't have anyone to deliver the money to my mother. Take these.

Are these weekly or monthly salaries? - I don't know, I just got how much money you receive, you must write down somewhere that the day of the final settlement is clear, put the fruits in the fridge so that they don't spoil, we have to go little by little . Goodbye . she is the one. Saving is really difficult, maybe they can buy a piece of land in the village or city and build it little by little. I want and there is no need to worry about building a house. Let 's go see if there are fish - yes, let's go.

Let me park the car. Raise the window. Give me the baits from the bag . Be careful . And their movements are clear, let's go, be careful , the rope is too big, I hope to catch a fish for Hossein, I caught a fish again, be careful, be careful, did you burn your hand? I enjoyed it very much for you. Thank you - please. We are going to have fun again. I hope we will go early because Hossein and your mother are alone and waiting for us. Hello - Hello, welcome . You came too late. I thought you went to your own home. We wanted to go, but we brought a dog for Hossein. On the way, we found a dog for Hossein. Hossein is sleeping now,

so don't wake him up - shouldn't I wake him up? Let him wake up and be happy, he is so cute, how cute. Does it bite? - Yes, be careful, he is so cute - He is so cute , I went to wake up Hossein and tell him about the dog - OK, wake him up, Nemat and Fatima came and brought you a dog, did they bring you a dog ? - Yes, yes. They brought a cute dog and it is very cute Mr. Hojjat gave us this money and it belongs to you - no, I don't accept it. You have worked hard for us, so the money should be yours, no, this is his first salary, you should take it - no, I can't, you have done a lot for us, so take at least half of it - no, the money should be with you, Hussain. You love her?

Yeah - so enjoy your new playmate he's cute - tomorrow we have to make a kennel for the dog it was left in the trash by the side of the road and I'm heartbroken so the owner must have been very cruel yeah - poor dog I thought you bought it - No, I said that it was left in the garbage, the poor dog had a bad time, so Hossein, what should we name this dog? - Say it yourself , no, whatever name you said, we have brought this dog for you, I will also get a birth certificate for it. Hossein, what do you think? - What if her name is "Jenny"? - Jenny, okay, her name is Jenny, everyone call her Jenny - Jenny... Jenny... Jenny, Jenny is cute, bring a container so that we can give some milk to Jenny, we need to give her a vaccine - Yes, she needs a vaccine, she is afraid of us, she was in the car as well Maybe Hossein is scared, he loves her very much - Hossein, let him drink milk, then Fatima, we have to go, by the way, bring them the fish from the car, thank you, stay here for the night, we are also alone, you sleep in the room - thank you, we have to go, give these to mother so we can go - Thank you , take it for yourself . No, we have it . Keep it with your dog until tomorrow when we make a suitable place for it. Come back soon so that we can eat some corn and then go to sleep. God, help us with the right of greatness and greatness. May

God grant him happiness and joy. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds, my son, come eat corn and go to sleep.

2023-10-19 04:03

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