Riding My Bicycle From Jakarta to Bali! Bike Touring Indonesia, Episode 3

Riding My Bicycle From Jakarta to Bali!  Bike Touring Indonesia, Episode 3

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good morning from Jakarta today we're  taking off we're tired of the city. time to get out of here time to get a move on so we're heading to Bogor. we're heading to   Felix's place so we got about 26 miles, hopefully it's a nice ride, let's do it hello hello wow look at this a nice little Community Center   a little park right in the middle of this compound very unexpected because it is very nice huh got a basketball court over there futsal  a public bathroom and did not expect that  good job, well done and here we have all the presidents of Indonesia which one is your favorite president hello, down to the river not from here all right so kind of cut through this little kampung here and I   saw the river and it looks really nice and clean and I want to go check it out hello wow good job to ever uh this place is this come from   not really a river it's just a big lake but uh hardly any trash at all no trash no trash at all hello oh yeah bicycle okay we just want to make a quick stop saw this Fruit Stand Here a watermelon sounded delicious but   it wasn't that sweet it was kind of the uh looks like we're in the center of some small   little town Village got a lot of fireworks set up here like yeah is that a big mosque I'm making our way to Bogor, nice and slow not sure where we are but we are in a very very local area   wandering through some market right here hello I swear it doesn't matter I swear it doesn't matter how far you get away from Jakarta   you're still in a busy busy area everywhere  you go it doesn't clear up anywhere there's definitely not a shortage of chilis in Indonesia that's for sure hey Felix loves jencol look at that, finally it opens up a  little bit oh got some uh some sort   of farming out here I don't know what they're farming out here but, Nick hey feels like we're finally out of Jakarta out in the countryside a little bit fishing yeah hello all right I guess that is the activity of choice out here in the kampung   kite flying everybody out flying the kites this one whoa uh-huh we made  it uh-huh it's beautiful we made it ah wow a wonderful stay here thank you for everything Felix with the hats okay so we've already been here a couple days  actually when we showed up a couple days   ago Felix was still in Jakarta because he had to do some business and and so   he came yesterday we hung out and uh we're actually leaving and they're   going back to Jakarta as well but we're taking some photos thank you my brother thank you enjoy your trip yeah thank you very amazing your name   Nick will explore uh Indonesia the start of an amazing journey to Thailand everything kind of looks the same as uh as it did when I was here what was it maybe six months ago   but uh still making small improvements  on the garden and everything Felix do you have anything to say to the subscribers, everybody loves you oh yeah yeah yeah   okay Nick we hope you enjoy your journey yeah keep your health your body and most of things that you   must you know check out any uh we will take care thank you okay okay thank you thank you thank you yeah Felix the first guy I met in Jakarta  when I came here to Indonesia in July 2021 good guy good guy we have a beautiful day  today beautiful yeah one hold on hold up okay okay all right they're uh setting us off in style ready straight out to the come from nice you got a nice bike that's it good set of front rack and everything hell he's got a basket back here perfect for a dog ah yeah yeah maybe we need a flag you think nah so maybe something a little better than that but more   sturdy yeah yeah I would like to get an Indonesian flag back here though I mean I guess I have this all righty so we are officially on the road and in a way we're really starting our trip across Java   uh we started off in Jakarta we stayed there a few days and we were at Felix's uh Villa for three   nights but from here on out we're just gonna be trying to get across Java kinda as quick as we can   and so we don't have any places to stay from here on out and so it's going to be more of an   adventure from here so yeah we're uh  we're heading to a place called waterfall and uh we're gonna cut through the  heart of Bogor on the way there so let's do it that's pretty impressive the man himself, Sukarno declaring independence not bad another sukano statue an abstract sukarno statue that is kind of cool I like it one thing about Indonesia everywhere you   go you'll see monuments and statues commemorating their independence and so that's kind of what I'm   looking country out into the rural parts to  see you know just to see what kind of statues   and things like this we can see this ain't too bad this road this the whole way I think I'll be happy cutting through the kampung sometimes can   be kind of tricky because the road isn't very good and it's yeah you're just kind of worried about your  bike I already have a bit of a slight flat   tire in my front wheel hopefully it doesn't get too bad but uh yeah this isn't too crowded   and hopefully it's nice and smooth not a whole lot of traffic neighborhoods in Indonesia are   kind of crazy I mean all the businesses all the shops all the homes run right out to the street   everything you know there's really no sidewalk no shoulder at all but uh you see some crazy things here in Indonesia that's for sure   we're just cycling down the road over here and on the other side actually is a very beautiful site   and then I turn to the left and then boom  huge abandoned boat in the middle of this   little Pond right here had to turn around and come check it out crazy and you can tell they just abandoned it about halfway through it I mean they got the boat   finished and then I guess they just walked away maybe this is another casualty of the pandemic but you can tell they were almost done with  done with maybe it was going to be a huge a   huge uh food court area maybe a mini market or something but I mean look at that thing it's nice too you can tell it was done properly well what do you want to walk over I mean you don't have to babe for real I thought you want to go no you don't   have to no nothing really there no no it's  not worth it yeah no hesitation in Vanessa yeah if you're from this area and you know what this was supposed to be what they had planned here   let me know I'm curious right on the other side over here you have a house though a very small neighborhood it's like they uh were planning to build a small community here as well   they have the Gate entrance over there one Long Street with nice uh looks like there's some kind   of red fruit growing on them trees some sort of fruit tree but uh they didn't get very far   in the development process but it gives you a nice view of uh the countryside finally   finally and then let me go show you what it looks like over there you can finally   see a river some nature and uh some beauty here in Java finally foreign a boat right over here and over here you have this beautiful view finally now I'd say we're out of the city so I think the uh the fast food industry here and Indonesia is going to be our lifesaver just like   the 7-Eleven word in Taiwan where we could go and take a break and chill out for dragonfruit   smashed it with the bungee cord on the bike go ahead that's good not near as sweet as a dragonfruit McFlurry though but that'd be a lot better yeah dragonfruit really isn't the sweetest fruit  but this one pretty sweet especially the heart   it's good look at your hands now we should be able to squeeze  through Maybe we hit traffic alrighty so we're about 13 miles into today's  Journey we're kind of right in the middle of   Bogor now but I stopped at this Trek Cemetery bike shop because I need to fix my flat tire   so if you came here they got me all set up and I just want to give them a quick shout   out because they got me all fixed up and it was free I tried to pay but they would take my money thanks to this guy thank you thank you oh man so as we were getting ready to go I picked up   my water bottle and I dropped it and it cracked oh man I've had this bottle for a good year   and a half ah all good things come to an end right time for a new one banana Land Is Right hey hey yeah right oh all right it's time to eat we just stopped off at this little roadside place that is right I know like a beef soup I believe look at that one team it certainly looks good I like that color smells good don't knock it over oh it is hot out there too it is hot outside   I'm eating hot soup that is a good combination I couldn't tell you what parts of the cow this is it looks like it's all kind of fatty and super dry   and it also comes with you know somewhite rice so   I don't know there's all different kinds of community here that's kind of mushy that's all that's pretty good and in a lot of places you need a free live band   it's not really free they uh they're looking for donations wow look at this again it has the potential to be so so beautiful it's almost there I think we're still a ways away from where we need to be 12 kilometers Maybe   six miles or so so uh yeah it's already 4 50. it gets dark a lot earlier   in Indonesia so we kind of need to get to where we need to get going all right our first option is to Camp here   the gate is open we can maybe Camp back there in the back but I think we should keep going there's a there's a couple dudes that live in like a broke down   a little Hut down there and uh I don't know if I trust them we're gonna keep going and we're officially pushing the first time on the trip check it out that is where we're staying tonight I wish I wish um but we did find a really nice place we're kind of looking for a place to   crash at night finding you know trying to find a campsite and we found this place off the side of   the road and it turns out it's pretty dang nice uh we're guessing the owner of this place lives here   there's a really nice pool and restaurant over here I think we're gonna try and camp in the parking lot here after they close down maybe we can   just sleep over that'd be awesome that'd be  perfect yeah I mean look at that like they have   curtains you can just you know we can just like put it down how's that wake up with the swimming pool so it's kind of nice I know right there's a   swimming pool too and we're like oh you know can we swim they're like yeah sure go ahead I doubt anybody swims here huh I doubt it is a really nice area but we'll see we ordered some food oh man we'll see about finding a place to stay   later I got the sweet and sour chicken and it looks delicious Vanessa got boxer and I got a uh a nutmeg juice and it's legit too it has real shavings of Pala   nutmeg on the bottom I haven't had that since bandanetta it's so good I love it

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