Revving Through Norway: A Motorbike Camping Adventure to Remember [S5-E10]

Revving Through Norway: A Motorbike Camping Adventure to Remember  [S5-E10]

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Good morning guys. It is another fantastic  morning. Day 11. Today is day 11. And so far   I've had about an hour of rain on my entire  trip. Like that shouldn't even be possible.   It shouldn't happen. I don't mind it. It's just  very unnatural. Let me bring my trusty... can here   Okay, today I have a feeling it's going  to be a warm, warm day. It is right now,  

let's see, nine o'clock in the  morning and it's already 24 degrees.   Let's get out of here without taking  a swim with a bike in the lake   All right, so we are currently next to  Snåsavatnet. And now I am heading further north   on the E6, the main road that goes through Norway  from south to north. But we are not continuing on  

that road very far. I think it's about an hour and  then we are... heading west out towards the coast   again because we are riding Kystriksveien,  the coastal road of northern Norway.   Because that is definitely more scenic and today  we are going to Vega, the island right outside of   Brønnøysund. That I told you about yesterday. So,  yeah. Today is going to be a good day... I'm excited   to finally be a full day on the road again. It  seems like it's been a while. The last one was   Tuesday actually and today it's  Saturday. So it's about time   Looks like they are putting on  these marks on the road.

With the truck over there. I've always wondered how to do that.   Guess now I know. This is where we take  the left to go towards the coastal road   of Helgeland It is so good to be back  amongst some mountains again.   This just makes everything better, doesn't it?   In my opinion. As we travel further and further  north now, there will be just more and more  

mountains and flora and that kind of stuff  again. But not in the same way as you find in   southwest Norway. It's a little bit  different. And in my opinion this is   some of the most beautiful places we have  in Norway. I might be a little bit biased   since I've got a lot of family and stuff like  that in this area. So... I have just a lot  

of positive relations to this area in general  and I'm looking forward to showing you guys. I think it's about time for a coffee.   I see Snow Caped Mountains! Yeah!   Coming out towards the coast, the temperature suddenly  dropped like 10 degrees and it's quite,   quite windy. And you can see there's like a  wall of sea fog coming in here in the horizon.   That's probably why it's so cold as well.   Just hoping that it stays down  here, doesn't follow us going up.   Turns out the first ferry is already here,  but I think it's boarding now.  

I'll just hope that I'll, oh  no, is it just leaving? Come on.   So the plan now is firstly I am going back to   the little farm that I used to spend my summers  at. I'm gonna visit a relative that lived here.   Then I'm going to spend the night at a small  cottage that another relative is borrowing   to me. So I'll be there by myself. It's very  kind of him to... to lend me his place. So,  

yeah, that's the plan for the evening. It's about  five o'clock now, so I guess I'm gonna have to   find some dinner eventually as well.  We'll take that as it comes. Although   you have to do a little bit of planning  when you're in smaller places like this,   because usually the stores closes pretty early.  I think these are actually open until 8 o'clock  

in the evening, which is for smaller places,  that's actually pretty late, believe it or not.   On Sundays they are mostly closed all over  Norway, except for a few stores of a certain size,   and also gas stations are always open on Sundays  as well. So that's some information for yah! This has been a long time you guys Take a look at this paradise for a holiday, for a kid.   Alright I'm gonna leave you right  here while I'll go and say hello   up here and then I'll see you in a little while.   That was that. Always nice.  

Now let's see if we can find this little  cottage that I will be spending the night at.   Pretty sure it's this one on the right side.  Oh, how nice is this? What a cool place.   That is so cool.   Look at this weather. I  can't. Let's go and explore this island a   little bit. Let's see if we can find  some nice little spots, shall we?  

I don't even bother to take  off any of my luggage. It's   really, it looks quite big and chunky,  but it's actually not that much.   So this is a really cool place. There's  a pair of stairs going all the way   to the top of this mountain here. I know it's,  oh, I think about 2,000 steps on this stair. And   it goes, yeah, you can see it kind of going  up in the mountainside there. Pretty cool.  

We're not doing that this evening. but it's  cool to have seen it. You can actually buy   one step in this stair and name it after yourself  or whatever you want, I guess. That's pretty cool.   There we go. Oh. Oh nice.   All right, turns out this one is  even easier to turn around on the   on the stand then my Tenere was there we are all turned around   Good evening guys and welcome to inside  of this really cozy little cottage It is   that time of the day where we go through  The route that I've been riding today.   So let's take a look at the map All right, so  last night I slept here close to Snåsavatten   I continued on E6 all the way up here and  this is where I started my way towards   Kystriksveien or the coastal route that goes  all the way around or up here to Bodø.  

Let's see, this is where I  took the first ferry and this is the   second ferry. That was almost an hour long  and this is where I am right now on Vega.   So yeah, the plan for tomorrow is taking  the ferry that goes over here to Tjøtta  and then I will be going somewhere up here where  my aunt and uncle actually have a cabin so I   will go and visit them is the plan. The ferry  doesn't leave until I think about 12 o'clock.   I think there's only two or three ferries leaving  the island tomorrow because it's Sunday so there's   less departures but that's fine. I still have  stuff that needs to be done. It is right now  

20 minutes past midnight just  in case you don't believe me.   There you can see. And this is how light it  is outside. Still pretty foggy, but that's   fine, especially when I need to sit inside  and work. I just finished episode number three   on the go. So yeah, I hope you  enjoyed that one. This will be number   ten or eleven or something like that. It's going  surprisingly well, actually. editing on go,  

I probably said that a million times already.  After tomorrow I still have two sisters that   I want to visit in Fauske, that's pretty north.  But after that it's pretty much Lofoten and then   crossing over to Sweden and starting to make  my way south, I think. We'll have to see. So   far it looks like the weather will hold off for  a few more days. I've been super lucky so far.  

Yeah, it's been a great day. It's really nice  being here again. And I don't know if I can   say this without triggering like the paid  promotion thing. This cottage is actually   on Airbnb so you can rent it. Maybe I'll leave a  link in the description so you can check it out   if you want to. All right, that's it for this day  and I hope I'll see you again in the next. Bye.

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