Reunited With My Elephant After Years Apart In Chiang Mai, Thailand + Group Trip Announcement!

Reunited With My Elephant After Years Apart In Chiang Mai, Thailand  + Group Trip Announcement!

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We haven't seen a sunrise in months I think that's Pangwat Pangwat come here Pangwat is so healthy and happy it's so nice waking up to this view yeah did you  have a good sleep last night yeah it was quite   nice it's only about maybe 4 a.m. when there there  was an orchestra of frogs that lasted maybe 30   minutes but it's quite interesting it's just the  sound of nature and then the roosters yeah around   was it like 7:00 mhm which was the perfect time to  get up anyways because we wanted to see a little   bit of the sunrise so the resort we're staying  at in Mae Taeng here is called LaePhu DooNa and it's a beautiful teak house there's only  four rooms in this building here and in the whole   resort but it's in a beautiful location in the  middle of the rice fields here and you don't see   many other resorts or hotels in this area I think  Mae Taeng is a bit not as popular for tourists   um you can come for like a day trip to the famous  Bua Tong sticky waterfall which is only 15 minutes   from here or where we went yesterday there was a  newly renovated temple yeah called Wat Ban Den and   that was gorgeous when you walk into that temple  it feels like you're walking into the Grand Palace   in Bangkok it just everything was so colorful it's  so grand and it's free entry and I think more and   more people are coming to Mae Taeng to see that  but yeah Mae Taeng is an upcoming destination in   Chiang Mai for sure [Music] you ready ready let's go toward the coconut plantation first   because the guy here told me that we can get fresh  coconuts there yeah let's do that wow this feels   so nice and fresh in the morning yeah perfect  the coconut farm should be just ahead of us I   can already see it yeah but then this one here  is a banana plantation all the baby bananas here oh it's all green here it's all green these  are young rice they grow them here and then   they will collect them and transfer them  into the field so they have to first   clear this right and then turn it and then move  this over there mhm beautiful beautiful and you   can see our hotel right there mhm you know  if I was a rapper uhhuh you know what   name I would go for Young Rice that's such  a cool rapper name Note AKA Young Rice we are here we're here they are harvesting the coconut  right now babe wow they're doing   it by hand cuz these trees are low  so how did they do it let's go see good thing the coconut floats huh so when  they drop it in there they can still get it I've never seen such low coconut trees that  you can just harvest just like this with a   normal kind of size stick because in Samui the  trees are higher so they have these extra long   sticks to harvest them or of course sometimes  you also see them um have monkeys to go up to   get them but the real boss of this place I think  are the dogs you see that dog watching them and   making sure that they're doing a good job and  he moves with them after each tree it's super   cute you want to the coconut mhm she said we can  try them I just have to go get the the machete at   her house oh you need to use the machine no I'll  go get the the machete okay here you go got it she said choose the one you like oh yeah mhm  okay maybe that one that one over there you   know how to open it though I know you know I  I think I know you don't know sound very confident nice this is so neat sometimes they say the uglier  the fruit the sweeter that one's pretty ugly oh I don't know if you're doing it right but you  look like you're doing a great job so uh I had   a chat with the lady she said that they collect  200 to 600 coconuts a day isn't that insane yeah and they they send it to hotels around Chiang Mai and what they  usually do they use that machine in the front and   cut the coconut and they immediately soak it in  water so that this white spot doesn't turn brown she said peel it from the bottom God damn it I thought I know how to do it wow so quick wait that side doesn't  really oxidize as fast oh wow it's so heavy so if I peel it  from the side that I did you have to go   so deep to get to the meat but on the other  side it's thinner but technically it's not   wrong it's wrong it's just a harder  way to do [Music] it that's so yummy wow that is so delicious it's so interesting that  they have a coconut farm here but they also have   tilapia farm oh and there's a lot of fish you  can see just so much action on top of the water   here we saw a few locals come in and just get  fresh fish from here it was 70 Baht a kilo yeah   she got four big tilapias for 300 I think it was  300 Baht 310 Baht or something and you know how   much the coconut cost here if you come and get  it from the farm 13 Baht each 13 Baht each and   then this is like 80 Baht at a restaurant  yeah fancy restaurant would be 100 or 120   Baht probably maybe we should just sell coconut  such a good profit margin we know the source now the lady said her dog can peel  the coconut better than me just have to throw the coconut  and he will chase after it wow look at this babe he finished the whole  coconut now he just needs to learn how to crack   it and drink it yeah that's pretty crazy  I want that dog home wow we have a quick   and exciting announcement we are planning our  first group trip for later this year or early   next year and we want you to join us for the  last 3 years you have seen us eating our way   through Southeast Asia meeting a a lot of  local people along the way and find the   most beautiful places to stay and maybe at some  point you thought I would like to travel like   Flora and Note so that's why we're planning this  group trip to share our joy of traveling and also   to meet some of you who have been following our  journey and supporting us the last couple years   whether it's revisiting Thailand Vietnam Nepal or  discovering a completely new country together we   are so excited to go on this adventure with  you but to make this trip possible we need   your help to fill out a quick survey which  will take less than 2 minutes to let us know   where you want to go with us what is your budget  and when is the ideal time to go the earlier we   have this information the better prices we can  secure and get this trip rolling we'll leave   the survey link in the description box below  please fill it out sooner rather than later   as we'd love to pick a trip next week we are  so curious to see where you want to go with us so a lot of people come to Mae Taeng because it  has a lot of elephant sanctuaries probably the   most elephant sanctuaries in the province  of Chiang Mai and the one we are going to   specifically is called Kanta Elephant Sanctuary  and there is a very special someone that we want   to go meet there that's why we are choosing  this one in particular and they also are very   ethical sanctuary um and you'll see more  once we get there are you excited yes I'm   so excited to see my sister I haven't seen her  for years we used to be so close back then when   my Mom and I used to live in Pai so I'm very  excited to see her and she's been living at   Kanta for quite a few years now at  least a decade yeah yeah and they have   been taking good care of her and yeah I want  to see her I want to see if she remembers me you can see them from here already yeah can  you tell which one is your sister I think I   know I think I think that's Pangwat she's tall  and she has freckles on her nose like a lot of   them have freckles but Pangwat has specific pattern and her ears are like sloped up like that I think   that's the one she looks like the biggest one  yeah but she used to be so well not skinny but   she used to be smaller so they definitely  fed her well and she got a lot bigger they even wrote here Kanta Elephant Sanctuary it is  for seeing feeling and touching the elephants   in the wild open space and their mission is  to provide as many elephants as possible with   good health freedom happiness they deserve and  definitely no riding yeah no riding no hooks no   ankle chains they're trying to educate not just  the tourist but also I think Thai people of how   to have a relationship with the elephants but  yeah this is what the sanctuary is trying to do   is to show people how we should be treating  the elephants with care love and respect we   got a locker to put our bag and you have to  change into this cute elephant outfit it's   so cute yeah both um your top and bottom look at  that nice and this say Kanta Elephant Sanctuary wow it's a beautiful place yeah I'm so glad  she has all the space Not only they have   this but they have banana plantation there so  they have unlimited bananas to eat yes that's   her [Music] so well loved because I remember her  she's the most gentle elephant I have ever met and she's also the cleanest  now cuz everyone loves her Pangwat do you remember me wow she's so big she's so much bigger you're beautiful like I'm a bit cautious going too  close just in case she doesn't remember me wow I wonder how old she  is now would your Mom know probably 43 definitely your sister then  yeah she's 5 years older than   me I'm your sister-in-law I'm your  sister-in-law hi oh see see see her freckles she's the most  beautiful one Pangwat this is Flora wow you can see like emotion  in her eyes elephants are so majestic do you like me is  that why you're coming closer oh you have um the other ones  coming out now yeah these ones   are much smaller than Pangwat is  she the oldest one here you think yeah she's the oldest one your Mom would be so happy  to see her I should FaceTime   her I should FaceTime her before our group arrives Pangwat is so healthy and happy she's very happy she's very happy  and she's very gentle and she's   very popular everybody loves her she's  happy look happy yes and she loved being   with people too she not shy oh yeah  and she have 16 other friends I was  still feeling like um guilty that I leave  her there no they take good care of her you see that one mm tossing the dirt onto the  back is that for cooling down to chase away   the flies oh and also protect them from  the flies biting them so he's not being   naughty no no he's just it's like their  own mosquito repellent that's so cool nature is amazing wow it's like how did they know how to do  this hey you hit me he just threw a rock at me babe catch you didn't catch it oh it's  super dry oh my good I thought for sure   you're going to catch it I was going  to hit it back to you like that we're   going to go grab our bags with uh  different food to feed the elephants who you want to feed first of course Pangwat  but there is a cute one there that has like   flowers on the head I think it's pretty neat  that we're here at the elephant sanctuary but   visiting your elephant from your childhood  it's like extra special do you think I'm   cool now I always thought you were cool I  think the first week I met you you already   showed me photos of your elephants I was like  woh very exotic man you can feed her like this she doesn't like sugarcane Pangwat you don't like sugarcane I'll go get watermelon for you wow she loves it so I can't tell you exactly how much they can eat  in one day cuz you're not going to see them stop   eating even those we're not going to give them  up yes they're going to try to find more food to   eat by themselves more I learned quite a few  things just now that was very informative did   you know that elephants are pregnant for almost  2 years yes that's a long time and then the baby   stays with the mom only for 3 years and then is  independent what else did you learn I also   learned that they eat 10% of their body weight so  most of the Asian elephants are roughly like four   or five tons or 3 to five tons so that's 10% of  that so what we were feeding was so little it was   not even a snack and they only sleep for 4 hours  isn't that interesting they spend most of their   time eating eating and then they eat and then they  poop and then they poop while they're eating and   then eating eating eating and sleep for 4 hours  that's so crazy we're going to feed the elephant   um with the banana trees now they said because  the temperature is cooler now there's moisture   in the banana trees so it gives them like helps  with their digestion because I think the number   one problem for Elephants is their digestion  when they have problems with that then they   get constipated and then the staff here would have  to like go in and grab their poo out I have done   that before you did yeah stick my whole hand in Pangwat you want to do it again no and the   baby elephant Joy yeah she passed away because  of stomach problem as well oh yeah they said   that's the biggest concern is is the digestion  of the elephants this is the elephant protein   producing from many kinds of bean as you know  elephant they doesn't eat meat but they still   need a protein we're going to make some protein  balls for the elephant so you have to uh   remove the peel from the banana but you leave the  peel back in there and then there's also um some   salt in there some of their other supplements and  then tamarind is what kind of glues it together so these balls are just full of fiber and  supplements and important minerals that they need   like sodium they say that in nature the animals  will know where to go to get sodium but because   these elephants it's not their natural  habitat you know what I mean to be like in the   wild they have been taken care of by humans for  so long so they don't know how to intake enough   sodium or maybe too much sodium so they control  the amount of sodium they consume basically   everything is just to help them be regular there's  actually only six elephants here and we have seven   power balls so one for each and we save two for  Pangwat okay this one right so the guy said to say   bon before feeding uh the elephant and you have  to feed it into their tongue just like what I did   before but bon means up okay so that way they  just lift their head up and open their mouth bon bon okay we move to this one one each one each so slimy my hand bon bon okay we have  our two for Pangwat let's go last one must be  yummy right no more sorry no more so did you   have fun I had a wonderful day here it was so  nice to be able to spend time with Pangwat and   her friends and if you wanted to do the same  kind of elephant sanctuary tour we had it is   um 1,500 Baht per person for a halfday tour so  you can choose morning or afternoon or they also   have a full day package and it includes pickup  from your hotel in Chiang Mai and drop off as   well but yeah we love the afternoon like it  was just a couple hours but it was really   wonderful spending time with my sister  yeah and we hope that you will add Mae   Taeng to your list when you come to Chiang  Mai next time it's just an hour drive away   but it feels like you were just surrounded by  nature and it's very beautiful here as always   thank you for watching and have a wonderflo day we'll see you in the next one bye bye

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