Rameshwaram -Travel Guide | Tourist Places, Tour Budget & Itinerary

Rameshwaram -Travel Guide | Tourist Places, Tour Budget & Itinerary

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Hi guys, welcome back to distance between I am Shubham and at this time I am in Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram which is also a pilgrimage city, which is also one of the Dhams, which is also a Jyotirlinga and such a strong wind also blows here. So at present I am standing at Pamban Bridge here and you must be seeing how beautiful this bridge is, so how can you come here, how can you roam, what will be the itinerary, what will be the budget, you will get every information in the complete video, so for complete information, definitely watch the full video. Don't forget to Subscribe the channel and like and share the video. You can also follow me on Facebook and Insta.

So come explore with me this beautiful city with blue oceans, Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram is located in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu and there is also the facility of railway station here, hence it is easy to reach here, but at present the railway station here is under construction and you have to get down at Mandapam railway station located before it, from where you can take private bus for only ₹ 25 and an auto for ₹ 500 to reach Rameshwaram. The distance from Mandapam to Rameshwaram is about 22 kilometers. Whereas the near by airport is Madurai. There is also a bus facility from Chennai, Bangalore, and Trivandrum till here.

To explore in Rameshwaram, if you are doing solo travelling so you also have the option of bike and scooty rental. I have come here, you must be seeing names etc. is written and I will give you the contact details, you can contact and here they do many types of scooters for Rs 500, 600, whichever you take, it is available on per day basis here. You should have your DL, helmet is provided here and you just have to deposit your Aadhar card, which you get at the time of return. Like there is a month if Savan at our place similarly here is also a month for it which is of about 70 and today is his last day, that is why festivals etc. are going on here. At the back also, an elephant ride is also coming here, the celebration of Goddess Kali is also happening here, means, worship, etc. like there is a vigil at our place that is happening here, then in the morning, they take the pot to the sea, after circling the temple, all these things happen, let's move ahead there. The sound is coming, the tune is coming, an elephant is coming. Let's see.

Here, on this day, the Lord's procession is taken out with the elephant and the vigil continues throughout the night and after this, the Kalash Yatra of women also takes place and it is very pleasant to see all this. In Rameshwaram, the best place to stay is in the vicinity of the temple. In the vicinity of the temple, you will get a lot of Hotel, Lodge, Dharamshala, and every facility, it will be available in every range, meaning from the lowest category to the highest category will be available. Some hotels etc. are far away from here, so I would not suggest that you should stay there, the location would be good because when you come here in the evening, then the strong wind that blows, sitting near the beach, walking around the temple, roaming and shopping in the market, it has its own pleasures, it has its own fun and vibes. At Rameshwaram, I started my journey next morning from Shri Ramnath Swamy Temple, which is one among the 4 pilgrimages. The most famous temple of Rameshwaram is the Ramnath Swamy Temple, and if you see it here, then this is one gate here. Similarly, there are 4 gates here, if you are looking there, then a gate is also visible there,

then this is how 4 gates are made and if you look at the carvings here, then there is Lord Ganesh. There are also idols of different Gods and Goddesses made here, so this temple is one among the 4 pilgrimages and if you visit here then your sight (darshan) of 1 pilgrim is completed. We will go to the temple we will do the darshan and after the darshan, I will tell you how much time does it take to have darshan here and what are the things inside because the camera is not allowed inside, in the temples of South India. It is not allowed here as well, although in the courtyard it is allowed at some places, so we will show you there. Shri Ramnath Swami Temple is the temple of Lord Shiva and among the four pilgrim temples, this is the only temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

According to the Hindu textures, Ravana was a Brahmin and after defeating Ravana in the war, Lord Ram came here to get relief from the murder of a Brahmin and wanted to worship Lord Shiv but there was no temple here, so Lord Ram asked Hanumana to bring Shivling from Mount Kailash but Hanumana was not able to bring Shivling on time. So Mother Sita built a Shivling form the sand of the sea and then Lord Ram Worshiped the Shivling and the same Shivling is worshiped here today in the form of Ramnath Swami temple. After having darshan, my exit happened from here. There are 4 gates here and your entry is done from anywhere. Now how much time did it take to have darshan in the temple, and how was the darshan I

can tell you. It took about an hour here to do the darshan and there was not much rush. And I mean, at any time, I have come here, I have not seen much rush here, that is, there is a normal crowd outside too and you can comfortably get darshan here. If it comes during the time of Sawan etc. then it may take time to get darshan, otherwise the rest of the time here don't think that you will find a lot of crowd. Even if you look outside at the gate, very few people will be seen at the gate itself. Let's talk about how was the temple here? As soon as you go inside the temple, you

will see a pond inside. There is a tradition of taking bath in the pond. People take bath and after that people go ahead even when they are wet, but you don't have to do darshan in wet clothes. You have to change your clothes. Then after that you will go inside the temple courtyard. If you go inside the temple courtyard, you will see a structure like the one here. You will see a structure of this color, although gods and goddesses are present in it and in it you will see a lion like the one I saw in Meenakshi Temple. Similarly, there was a structure of a lion on the pillars, there was something like that, then after that you reach in the temple and in the temple there are very systematic lines etc. and gradually everyone gets to have darshan comfortably. You can have darshan by walking

slowly from a distance for 1 minute, and it is very easy and the darshan are done in a good way and here as I tell every time in the temples of South India, here God is there in the dark and lamps are lit around them and they are sitting amidst the lights and you see them. So, I had a very nice darshan of Jyotirlinga and it was very easily done and after that you can have darshan of Lord Ganesha also here. Our Godess Parvati is also here so everything is there, if you come then definitely do the darshan. After darshan in the temple, you just walk for 5 minutes and reach here on the sea shore where you forget all the troubles of life and take a dip in the ocean of peace. By the way, there is a lot more to see in Rameshwaram and I reached the Villoondi Tirtham temple here. If someone asks me what is famous in Rameshwaram, then I will only

say that the air here is very famous because here you will find a different air. It flows continuously and keeps giving you freshness. At present, I am at the Villoondi Tirtham temple. You must be seeing a bridge in my back side. I will take you and I will tell about it and this place. I have come right at the corner through this bridge, you must be seeing it and I have come to the corner, the wind is blowing very fast, so I am holding the camera with both the hands, by the way, what you are looking behind in the shape of a well and there is water in it too, so let me tell you that this is the place where Lord Ram had quenched the thirst of Mata Sita, he had dipped the tip of his bow and arrow here and had quenched the thirst of Mata Sita. So this

is that place, it is a holy place. A temple is built here on the corner and you can see a little beach as well and the rest the ocean is there, so visit here as well, if nothing you will get a lot of photos etc. clicked and it is good to feel the cool breeze. Feel it and tell me in the comment box how did you like it. In Rameshwaram I am now going for Dhanushkodi and Pamban Bridge but before all this, I reached a place which I came to know after coming here. There are not only temples to visit in Rameshwaram but also there is also a memorial and you guess whose memorial it is? The residence of former President of our country APJ Abdul Kalam was in Rameshwaram and if you are seeing this in my back side, then this is his memorial built here. He was born here and if you go here inside, you will get to learn a lot, you will get to know them more deeply. So if you are coming to Rameshwaram, then

visit here also and see how it is and the there is no mobile camera allowed here, so you can keep whatever mobile etc. you have in the locker here, otherwise you can leave it at home or in the hotel, you can also do this. So definitely visit here. You will definitely like this place. It is said, do such a thing that whether you live or not, people will remember you and people come here only to remember him. House of Kalam. This used to be the house of APJ Abdul Kalam and is still his house. It also belongs to him and you can read it here.

Dr. Kalam was born here on 15 October 1931 and if you go inside, you will see his books. The two Padma Bhushan awarded to him are also kept here. Bharat Ratna, is kept here, so you will get to see all those things here. You will get to know about him. So this house

is quite developed now, I don't know how it would;ve been at that time, but the house is like this. Be a part of visiting a President's home and you will feel it, you will feel proud. There are 64 pilgrimages in Rameshwaram and out of which 22 pilgrimages are in Shri Ramnath Swamy Temple and the rest are at other places. Among these, I reached the Lakshmana Theertham here. There are many pilgrimages in Rameshwaram. And one of them is Lakshman Theertham here. Lakshman Theertham looks something like this, here you will see a big pond in the middle and there is a structure like a shed and water is visible all around and if you come inside here, you will see something like this.

There is a temple here, there is no mobile camera allowed in the temple and, you can see the outside area, it is something like this. So from the Ramnath Swami temple, it is at a distance of only 1 km and you can easily come here on foot from the temple. And if you want, you can come by vehicles etc. but you must come here. As you all know Rameshwaram is a pilgrim destination, and Lord Shiva lives here, so I have worn Lord Shiva's T-shirt here. If you also want to buy such a shirt, then you can take it. You can get a shirt with the name of different Gods and Goddesses and also with the name of the pilgrimage place, you will get a t-shirt with the name of Gods, I have given the details in the description and given the link. Just go there and you can buy them. You will get a lot of designs which will be hoodies and shirts for both male and female. Whatever you want, you can take it.

Please check once. Here, I have come to a restaurant and have ordered this roti and chana masala. In the afternoon I had eaten pulses and rice here. Price wise you will find very genuine restaurants in Rameshwaram. I got chana masala of ₹ 100 and roti is available for Rs 10 or 15, whereas you get pulses, for Rs 80 I got Dal Fry. So rate wise

it is genuine here and that means with good surroundings and Right in front of the temple, you will find many such restaurants and the special thing is the North Indian, food you want, if you are from North India, then that too is available. Rest, Gujrati, Marwadi, Rajasthani, every food is available here. After enjoying my meal, I went right for the Pamban Bridge. Welcome to the Pamban Bridge of Rameshwaram and the bridge that you are seeing behind, is currently under construction, this is the railway bridge which you must have seen many times in many videos that a train is running on it. Currently it is under construction and the wind blows so fast here, so it is necessary to rebuild it. By the way, this bridge is very beautiful and right now it is a motorable bridge and when you look back here, this is a railway bridge which is under construction. Here you will find a very strong wind blowing and along with it, if here

you see the view of the sea, you will see the sea water here as green. And the birds will be seen flying at a low height here, here you look right below, that is, side by side, you can see them flying. This is a very beautiful bridge, you must come here and if you come here, you will see a different view. I love this bridge the most. The one which is being built next to it, when it will be built, it will be even more beautiful. Camera is now going out of control because of the wind. Pamban Bridge is at the starting point of Rameshwaram whereas at the last point is Dhanushkoti.

I am heading for Dhanushkoti which is about 20 to 22 km from Ramnath Swami Temple. The road is very good. It is very flat. I am going by road only on Scooty, buses are also available and autos etc. are also available till there, at present I am going by Scooty and Dhanushkodi is the same place from where Ram Setu starts. Let's go and see very interesting point Ram Setu.

You also get to see some other places on this 22 kilometer route, including the temple where Lord Ram handed over the kingdom of Lanka to Vibhishana after killing Ravana, but on these routes because of the flying sand, you will like Jaisalmer and sometimes like Goa. It seems as if I have come to Jaisalmer. The only difference is that there is an ocean this side otherwise just like Jaisalmer the sand is blowing from here to there, I have the scooty here, so the sand is collecting here. It has collected here in just five minutes and the sand is blowing very fast. Means I am not able to handle the scooty and I am facing a lot of difficulty in driving it. Look, it is there on my shirt as well. Rameshwaram is a place where you get every vibe. You also

get traveling vibes, Spiritual vibes is also available here, beach vibe is also available here because this is such a place that you can visit it, it is a place full of all virtues and you should definitely come here and it is the place of Lord Ram, Lord Shiva, and all Gods reside here so just go and visit here once and enjoy the natural beauty of this place, you will have a different experience, you will get a different kind of fun. On going a little further you will also find Dhanushkodi Deep Stambh i.e. Light House. So I have reached at the extreme top I don't know if you can see it or not, but sand is all over my face Let's leave it, enough talking about the sand. Let's look at the views. Look at this again... The wind is blowing is very fast, and the shape of a bow is visible here. We are at the top floor and I don't know the top, I think there are stairs to go above.

After Dhanushkodi Light House, now we are heading towards Arichal Munai I don't know what it is, I don't even know, I'm just going on. I am moving ahead because that is the last point visible where there are sign boards. Let's go there. Actually, Arichal Munai is the place from where Ram Setu starts and the distance from the light house to here is only four to five kilometers. Now I will have to go home and take a bath because I have already taken a bath in the sand. Here I have come on Arichal Munai, behind me, you must be seeing the Ashokas PIllar, and this is the same spot from where Ram Setu also originates.

My camera is out of control because I am not able to hold it in my hand at all, the wind is very strong and the sand also blowing. by the way, you can say that this is one corner of India, in fact, it is actually a corner. And Sri Lanka also falls in front here, so it is from here that Ram ji created the Ram Setu and then after reaching Lanka, there was a war with Ravana. That means this is a very divine place, you all must come

and when you come here, you will get a different feeling. You must have seen the video of Rameshwaram and I will quickly tell you the budget and itinerary here. Before that I will apologize for one thing that there was a lot of noise in the video because the wind was blowing very fast and nothing could be done for this. Well, first of all, if we talk about the itinerary,

then if you want to visit here, then two days are enough. In 2 days, you can explore the place here. On the first day, you can roam here or have darshan. You can go to Ramnath Swami Temple, Lakshman Teertham, Ram Teertham, apart from this, there is Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji temple, you can go there, you can go to Villoondi Teertham, APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial, you can go there and you can go to Pamban Bridge, this is the first day's itinerary. On the second day you can go to Dhanushkodi and in Dhanushkodi you can go to the lighthouse there, explore the beaches there and then you can go to Ram Setu and in the evening you can visit the market etc. You can do all the places in one day also but I would suggest that you stay in Rameshwaram for a little evening and enjoy the air there and then come back. Okay, so you keep two days

with you. So I have given as much information as possible and if you want any more guidance then you can contact our travel consultancy for guidance or itinerary of any place or visa or if you want to know anything related to travel then you can go to the link in the description the box. Now what will be the cost after this here. You can get hotels for Rs 1500 per night for two adults. The meals here will not cost you more than ₹ 500 per day, cheap food is available here and for transportation if you book a car or travel by auto then your expense will be Rs 1200 to ₹ 1500. Whether 4 people sit in it or even if two people sit, I will consider that two people will sit. I will tell you the budget per person. Hotel Here, if two people stay in a hotel for two days, then it will cost around Rs. 750 per person, which means Rs. 1500 for the hotel. The cost of your

two days' meals is ₹ 1000. For transportation, I am considering 2 people are there so it will Rs 750 per person. If we total it, then how much will it cost you? You can visit Rameshwaram in 3250 rupees but If you want to travel more cheaply then there is an option for that too, that is, for cheap option, you can take a cheap hotel. A hotel of ₹ 1500 is good for family etc. but dormitory is also available for Rs 200, 300,

400, 500 means a hotel is available for less than Rs 1000. etc. for non- AC. they are also available So, I would say for those with a budget, if you are going with your budget even with ₹ 2000, then also your work will be done. Now when the Pamban Bridge etc. which is being built here is completed, it will become very easy to reach here directly by buses etc. which are currently at Mandapam Railway Station, means as soon as the train reaches there, buses etc. will reach there on behalf of the government. And the government

has made complete arrangements, which means even if your train is reaching at 3:00 in the night, then also you will reach main Rameshwaram comfortably. Now there is no problem of mobile network etc. here, it is safe place. You can comfortably come with your family. So make sure you keep the nature clean and green. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

and like and share the video. This was the information for today. Jai Shri Rameshwaram. Jai Shri Ram.

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