Rafting on the Buotama River. Yakutia. Water tourism

Rafting on the Buotama River. Yakutia. Water tourism

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Are we done? We're done. Yeah Let's go inside, it's so cool in there. This morning when I was counting those dirty waistcoats, the life jackets, the mats. I thought, fuck it, never again!

But now I'm so excited. We're all counting now, all sweaty, dirty. The road hasn't even started yet and we're already dirty. So, well, here we go, the fun continues. Rafting on the Buotama River Okay, I'm alone in the van. There's a lot of gear in here. We're on our way to the bus station, people are already gathered there.

It's Chuwie's first time on a bus He got scared when the doors closed. You're my little scaredy-doggy. We're going rafting now! Put it here to make room. Well, the traffic cops might get us there... Everybody has masks, right?

Yeah... Ah, well done, great! Everybody's here, everybody's here! Are you airing your armpit? I'm airing it out. Everyone's so lively.

It's so hot in here, everybody's in the water. Here's the ferry. Our PAZ and our UAZ-loaf. I feel like I just got out of the bathhouse, actually, no...

...out of the PAZ :) Anyway, we're all having lunch at Cafe Legion. I'll show you what it's like. This is what it looks like. It's so standard. Someone is refueling with a beer Calories and vitamins. Yeah... :)

VITAMINS :))) Vitamins in beer is something new. By the way, you shouldn't... Marathon runners drink a big glass of beer before the race Wow. Here, it's all loaded in the UAZ-loaf.

Here, it's all full. There's more on top. Yeah, there's more up there. Now we're going down this road.

And the rest of us will walk. Soviet car industry. The doors open like a Lamborghini. Beautiful And we're stuck... bad petrol. It's hot, the engine's overheating. people have gone ahead.

Well, maybe we can outrun them. The road, of course... You can touch the ground...

It's a scary machine, it turns out. Now we're driving, the doors are tilted, look. Well, shall we go? Yeah. It's been going for 40 minutes. There's a cloud.

Let's unload and pack up the catamaran. Thunder rumbles. Whoo! Whoo! Ugh, we're walking 8 km, I don't know how much more is left. People, there are Muscovites walking, sweating. And I stopped to pick some lingonberries. It's turning red after all.

There's the storm cloud... I'd like to freshen up now... it would be good... cardio... Max took the bottle from me Said he'd use it as a dumbbell, sweating, pushing weights. Mammoth tusk! All right, we need to get it on video! Listen, can't you sell it? No, the quality is bad...

No, see, it's fossilized, which is bad. That's because tusk is used to make... the Chinese make a lot of tusks... bone... They came to the island and became millionaires! Cool! And they say there are diamonds underfoot. There are tusks underfoot. I found a souvenir for you. Seriously, a tusk? It's fossilized and not of commercial quality. I don't think the airport's going to be able to get a hold of it, by the way...

If they do, we'll pick it up and send it to you by DHL You just have to haul it yourself. Let it sit there, I'm cool with it... Relaxed? Well, yeah, at least take a picture Like you found it.

Oh, Max, don't you want to keep it? You don't want it as a souvenir, Muscovites refuse to carry it. No, I don't want it either They've got natural resources under their feet, they don't want to take it. They're lazy... Muscovites are overeager, yes.

All right, that's it. I snapped you too. So, tomorrow you'll pay the fine! For what? For a tusk? Yes. For plundering Yakutia's natural wealth! I'm deaf in one ear! And what was that? Rocket Where is it? Oh! It's raining! You blew a hole in the cloud!!! Aikaaaah! Hail! It's hailing! Lenya! Come here! Ooh, how are our foot soldiers? That's it. We made it So is Lena squeezing... panties or what?

No! I don 't seem to be able to In general, everyone got soaked to the skin while walking here. The catamaran is ready. Angelica, what's the news? Very heavy rain. Everyone is soaked to the skin There will be something to remember... yes Yes, Chuwie? Wait a minute! Wait, where are the oars? I didn't bring the oars for the catamaran. Are they special or something? They're separate. I didn't even think of that.

We should leave two oars in each kayak. On each kayak? On each kayak leave two oars, and here (on the catamaran) will be four oars Two on one side, two on the other That would leave four more paddles. Girls, cheer up, it means we'll be rowing less. We'll sit and enjoy the view. While we were loading the kayaks and catamaran, securing our gear and supplies on them... the weather changed again.

As soon as we lowered the boats into the water Ancient storm. A real, merciless... and beautiful Thunder! Lightning! Hail! And we were frightened and hid under the tarp of the catamaran Here we all are on the catamaran... under the tarpaulin. And there's Chewbacca with us. Chewie! It was great! And scary.

I was really afraid of lightning hitting me in the head. The light... THERE IS! There it is. Aha... The clouds are moving away. Ah, it's hardly dripping any more! Guys! No, just a little bit more. Good morning. People are up at seven in the morning We're a mess after last night's...

storm. It's just... Barely escaped. Fortunately, our things... is still alive. The boxes didn't spill out. We're about to... cooking... Why are you up so early? Well, like this.

I look something like this. I washed my hair, but it's no use. By the way, my super rashguard, thanks to which my shoulders will not burn But here I will still wear a kufiya. In fact, I had such a stressful day yesterday, it was horrible.

Yuri Vladimirovich suddenly turns out not to be coming with us and different nuances with kayaks. Yesterday all 33 pleasures: both storm and thunderstorm while hiking ashore. Phew, I hope all will be fine with the weather The river spirits accepted the sacrifice Now let's hope for a successful outcome The girls are making lunch I'm going to take them on video now all, fortunately, are adults you don't need to control anyone but my internal controlfreak doesn't let me relax seal rookery Tagan was made for nothing, because we were warned that the rangers were passing through at lunchtime and they're watching. The main condition is the absence of bonfires. And we use gas burners We will have stew, hodgepodge, pickle soup Who needs what? Like Lagman It's probably going to be a menestrone Yes Everything is delicious in nature Yes, the most important thing is natural products, fresh vegetables And the good mood of the chef, right? Yes The child is hungry, just woke up. The time is 12 days!

How can you sleep in a tent until 12? Doe. Taking a steam bath. Is there a Gazenwagen at all Stuffy air Yura, haven't you taken a dip yet? No Go take a dip! You'll want to live right away Yum-yum How much? Two two hundred and fifty five grams Eagle-eye! Pay attention, the gills are pink Nothing stuck together there Everything is absolutely clean What's there to talk about, huh? Here is the purity of our river Chewbacca, let's go. I'll show you the hoof of a musk deer You can't have a Chewbacca! Here, see? Just really hip And where is samo? Well, where-where? In someone's stomach, you know... It's like a hoof, isn't it? Fu-fu-fu! Ugh, you can't! Well done Just look! Fresh, huh? Mmm..." And here's to the rain, because one tail left and one hoof I'll take a picture And we put all the guys on a catamaran. We had castling One cylinder is deflated and it is impossible to control it at all They burned all the gas :) And everything...

I got caught so fast Hungry You mean it's empty? Yes, her stomach is completely empty In general, the river is cool: at home, scales fly everywhere, and here scales fly everywhere, but this is not a house, you don't need to clean up Can we let her go? And where is fishing? Fishing? Here are the thickets Oh, by the way, listen. The story of the pike that turned the kayak around that's where it happened Yes, in that backwater. There is a backwater All right, calm down, Seryoga, calm down :) The wind blows, yes, in general super Well, Anya, what do you think? Very cool!!! Thanks to Irina & Lika we have such a beautiful, large, spacious comfortable tent Here even here we have landscaping of the interior Here are the flowers And what a view from the tent! That's how I got up in the morning — and such magnificent view River Rocks Trees Beauty So on this side we have a forest Visible? Yes, we will watch this video in winter Yes, and bask in the warmth of summer God, it feels good So, we save a plastic bag A man and a ship! Hurray! Buotama Resorts And where's my spoon, Petya?! I'm already filming Oh, don't get wet, don't get wet Today is the third day And we have a bathing party today We must eat all the supplies We're going back tomorrow Tomorrow we only have breakfast and lunch Today we all allow ourselves 33 pleasures But the people want to go to the rock Here's the deal. Everyone wanted to climb the cliff And we're going up So exciting. I've never been up myself.

And here, it seems, there is even a path And there are so many of us We go even higher Everyone, guys, we are at the very top Petya!!! Viiikaa!!! Chewbacca!!! Oooh-oooh!!! Oooh-oooh!!! Tail wagging! Oh, let's do yoga Do we have a teacher? Yes, there is one here. Diana is here. Diana is here today The Yogi Let's brush our teeth and get ready And this is an off-site fitness event Ah, the beauty Another rescue of plastic waste Toss it to the trash can What's there? Lost, probably Khrustalnaya Water. Ours, I think. Come on! And how did she end up upstream? Oh, vodka! What?! Vodka! Vodka?! Oh, it's a bottle of guys who went upstream Ahaha, that's what they were drinking:) And here is the Buotama estuary Where Buotama flows into the Lena River Oh, oh, now I have to drive a kayak We landed on the left bank of the Lena River [Actually to the right] Right now, the most frustrating part is — disassemble the kayaks still ahead of the disassemble of the catamaran. And already

in less than an hour motorboat will pick us up motorboats

2022-08-12 19:26

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