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Thought I’d post here, posting via mobile. My older brother (35) was stupid enough to fall for a pretty picture on a Facebook dating chat page, chatted via snap chat and messenger, before stupidly sending nude photos and lewd videos. The whole pickle. 35 & stupid lied that he was a CEO and the scammer, obviously missing some braincells because looking at my brother, the grotty sink in the photo, and the clothes definitely did not scream CEO, fell for it.

Now I love my brother. He’s got the ability to be the sharpest pencil, but freak me, he makes some of the dumbest impulsive choices. This brother of mine is panicking, calling me with “I’m being blackmailed, they have my nudes and they’re gonna send it to people I know if I don’t give them money and I can’t pay them” I told him he was an idiot and said I would handle it.

To be fair, he was craping himself in case our mum got messaged by these people—fair, she’s to be feared. Our mum has accidentally received one of his dick pics meant for one of his special friends before, and if she got this, his butt was gonna be turned inside out. The account messaged me and I told them they were brain dead if they believed he had money.

They said I should pay them or they’ll leak the nudes “Do it. He’s got no money to give you. I don’t have money to give you.

Nobody knows who he is. Nobody cares and at most my mother is gonna whoop his butt for being this stupid” “He’s a ceo and we will ruin him” then they sent me his nudes, which I deleted because ew. I sent a video of my face laughing and telling them they’re dumb af for believing him after seeing a picture of him with his prison tats and messy bathroom.

I then created a group chat with 2 of my mates, who I explained the sitch too, and we bullied the freak outta the account. They kept removing themselves and we kept adding them back. “Please stop re-adding me to this chat. Leave me alone” I said : no, You pay me $5000 aud and we’ll stop being bigger jerks than you were Then another account messaged me saying they were the chick’s boss and that they would make good on their threat if I didn’t leave them alone. So I added them to the bully chat too and we continued until the accounts went dead, which took like an hour, maybe 2? They both threatened to share the nudes on Swedish chat sites and I was like, ye okay dummies, we don’t know anyone in Sweden so enjoy no money and looking dumb.

They had to block me and my mates because I kept re-adding them, and eventually blocked my older brother too because he told them he was gonna add them back to the chat. I was a broke bartender and out having drinks, with a lot of anger. I got time to get even Steven, even if my older brother was the bloody idiot who created this mess. And my mum never found out. I should remind my older brother he owes me a beer for being a top notch c*nt of sibling.

It was the 1980’s, Pennsylvania. I grew up on a big farm and my Grandparents were very involved in Agricultural groups, and one of them was an exchange, hosting farmers from all over the world. Well, my Grandparents ended up getting these white colonial farmers from Zimbabwe, and they were straight up apartheid racists.

My Grandfather never suffered racists well, and wasn’t super happy about hosting them, but was obliged. His kids (especially my Mother) were furious about hosting these types of racists, so she executed some of the best petty revenge I’ve ever witnessed. The center of life at the farm was our big swimming pool.

And that summer weekend, there was an event for my extended family to meet the farmers. Well, my Mom made sure to invite her friend Ruth to swim. Ruth happens to be black. When she arrived with Ruth, the apartheid farmers were already up at the swimming pool with my Grandparents.

Their jaws dropped to the floor as my Mother and Ruth introduced themselves to go swimming. While they were in the pool, the racists had a fit about sharing an area with a black person, and my Grandfather told them they aren’t in charge, people are people. After continuing their fit, he let them know that the racists do not belong staying with us. He kicked butts out mid stay! Just as my Mom had planned, she got the jerks off our farm and taught them a lesson they didn’t think they’d learn in America! So I live in a quite rural part of the world.

Theres lots of logging, hunting, trapping and mining that happens all around my neck of the woods and honestly I’m fine with it. I work in a field that’s affiliated with this kind of industrial work. However I’ve worked hard to make sure I live far away from other peoples BS so I don’t have to deal with this kind of stuff but of course my neighbor changed that. I moved to my home about 2 years ago, in the early summer.

I’d always wanted to live here and it was perfect until the middle of my first winter here. While we were outside working my younger dog ran off into the woods (not uncommon for her, she likes to explore) but just after we started looking for her, we heard the sounds of an animal in distress not far from us. We went as quick as we could to find the source of the noise. Thats where we found our dog caught in a wolf snare, the only reason she survived was because she had put her leg through the snare as well as her head. So her leg protected her throat from full strangulation. We were able to free her and she recovered quick.

I know the guy who set the traps as it turned out, hes my neighbour. When I spoke to him about he refused to take it down (even though its very close to the property line) Now for context, me (24M) and my GF (23F) love this dog so much, shes the sweetest pup and shes been through a lot (medical issues and injuries) she is a huge part of our world. My gf would be destroyed if anything happened to her.

The dog did well for another year until today. I was at work when I received a call from my brother. The same dog had gone exploring while him and my gf were outside working, they heard her making sounds of distress not far away and rushed to her immediately. They found her again in a wolf trap, set by the same guy in the same place.

For more context, this guy has never said anything to us about where he puts or when he sets up his traps. But its along a trail near my home that people walk and ski on, often with dogs. These traps are baited with meat to attract wolves so obviously it would attract dogs too.

My brother and my gf with the help of my mom were able to free her just before I managed to get there from work. They had also run into the owner of the trap on their way out of the woods. When the confronted him he simply said our dogs shouldn’t be so dumb and it was his trapline. We told him if he didn’t dismantle the traps we would. He simply replied ‘Oh Ok’ and left.

Our dog is ok and due to how close his traps are to our property we have reported him to authorities but so far we have heard nothing. So as a group me and my family have decided that if they want to threaten the safety and freedom of us and our loyal dogs, we will take it into our own hands. Starting this week we will be going up there daily to trip every single trap by hand so they can’t catch a dang thing. Dont get me wrong, I have huge respect fir hunters and trappers, but not if you’re irresponsible and trapping in what is essentially peoples backyards.

I’ll make sure you never trap a wolf or anything near my home again you Ahole. Dont f*ck with my dogs. I work in a professional services industry in a city that is small enough that pretty much everyone knows everyone in our industry.

I’m a consulting scientist, with a particular specialty in the consulting field. I had spent several years working in another country before returning to my home city to settle down. While looking for work, I was basically door knocking on consultancies to hand over my CV and speak to someone about any potential opportunities with the organisation. Ultimately, this worked and I’m still working for the same company 20 years later.

Most people were polite and helpful, even if they didn’t have anything going. They’d take my details, share some tips on who might be hiring and provide some advice where possible. But one guy was a total arse.

Let’s call him Joe. Joe was the manager of a consulting firm that specialised in a particular type of scientific consulting. It didn’t necessarily fit with my particular degree, but at that stage of my career, the degree didn’t matter so much as I’d shown I was adaptable and able to work across many different specialties.

I asked the secretary if I could speak with Joe and handed her my CV. Secretary went and got Joe while I was waiting in reception. Out comes Joe, grabs my CV, has a quick glance at the degree I have listed. Looks at me and says “what the freak would I want a (specific degree type) for? Pee off and stop wasting my time!” By far the most disrespectful and demoralising response I had from anyone during that time. Anyway, I soon landed a job, and as I said, I’ve been working my way up through the ranks ever since. Several years later, I was in my manager’s office and happened to notice Joe’s CV sitting on his desk.

I was kind of mid level by this stage - respected member of the team, but not in any position of leadership. I asked boss what the CV was doing there and he said he was thinking of bringing him on board. I straight up told boss that if Joe joined us, I was leaving.

Told him Joe was a disrespectful arse and didn’t fit the culture of our business. His CV went straight the bin. Another several years later and now I’m running the show. Times are tough and people are being made redundant throughout the industry.

I knew that Joe had been let go. We’re advertising for someone of this guy’s calibre so naturally he applied. CV was sent to me by our HR team. I let them know that as long as I worked there, Joe wouldn’t, and to discard his application.

This story would probably be better if Joe knew what was happening and why, but it was hugely satisfying to be able to return the favour and deny him an opportunity. Twice. As a result of my experiences all those years ago, I always make an effort to respond to people that reach out for work and offer some advice where possible. No matter how busy I am, it only takes a few minutes of my time. You never know when the tables might be turned. I live in Queens, NYC where parking can be difficult on occasion.

There’s a guy around the block from me who keys your car while he walks his dog at night if you’re parked in front of his house. I live in a garden apartment complex around the corner from this guy and many of us have been keyed by this a-hole. When my lease was up on my last car, it needed a $4000 paint job before I could return it. We’ve called the police, taken the guy to small claims court but to no avail. Anyway, one night at about 4am in the middle of winter, all 4 of his tires were slashed beyond repair. He has a Lexus suv.

Does that even up a 4K paint job or is he entitled to more? So I'm (45f) going to get straight to the point no need for logistics... Last night my ex (51m) takes our son (8) and every one of his family members out to hibachi and this place also serves sushi (remember that). Well our son absolutely LOVES SUSHI to no end. I started this thing where he has a 'no thank you bite' where if he doesn't want to try something he can use his 'no thank you bite' for anything.

Well he never used his 'no thank you bite' for the sushi (little dare devil lol) I had and fell in love lol. Now you also must know that my ex and his family (ie grandmother) NEVER say no to him to ANYTHING it drives me CRAZY (the struggle us real when I put my foot down and the answer is No). Well onto the petty revenge... The restaurant they go to I've been before and it's not cheap by any means. Well talking to my son I casually mention that they serve sushi.

"Really?!!!" "Mmm hmmm" and say "now that you're reading so well just check out the menu" Lmao to myself and off he goes excited knowing he can also get Sushi and Hibachi!!! It's like a win win for him!!! Go him!!! Well they go out to dinner and he comes home full and ready for bed. I ask about dinner and what he had. Well (I love this) he orders not only a sushi dinner BUT a kids hibachi dinner and that crap was expensive!!! Not only did he get left overs (and was cute enough to say I could have some too I swear this kid kills me) I also got a lovely call from ex asking to teach our son the value of a dollar... Uh what? Sorry I'll be busy that day lol (I will be don't worry). After him leaving us for oxi when our son was a month old you can go f*#% off. And yes it may be petty but it's the little things that count.

My best friend an I rented an apartment together in 2006. They'd do crap like show up for inspections unannounced, charged us for a bunch of crap that wasn't broken/cleaned/needing repair, holding our deposit for months while they tried to find more things to charge us for post move out, and so on. We were both 20-21 at that time. Working paycheck to paycheck.

Clueless on laws. We didn't have as much info at our fingertips as today on the internet. Smart phones weren't even out yet (at least not at an iphone level).

The little "know it all" crap that I was... I took crapy cell phone pics with my flip phone. Documented everything done wrong. I planned on taking them to court.

I just looked at all the costs etc and just gave up. Didn't have the time, resources, or spirit to push the issue. Fast forward to 2019. I have a filing cabinet with stuff going back to 2003. I pull out the lease agreement from then and see the notes I took on all the ways we got freaked by this property management company. I re-read it all... the memories come back... as does the rage/anger.

I have the property management company info on the top of the lease. I grin... fire up google/yelp reviews and look them up. I find them. Address matches the document from 2006. I say "freak it lets cook".

I begin to write a long butt review with date/time stamps, evidence, interactions, and so on. Talk about how they freaked us out of 1200 dollars basically. Tell people to avoid doing business with them at all costs.

They private message me saying I have them confused with someone else. I almost buy it. Then I verify by calling, getting them to confirm their address, and so on.

I go back and add on the review "They also told me I had the wrong company and said I may be thinking of company x... they lied to me and almost got another business a bad review. They private message me again on Yelp. They threaten legal action and try to fear monger me. Back then I was making 12/hr. I make lower 6 figures now.

I'm not worried about legal action and wouldn't mind hiring lawyers to see how it plays out. I call their bluff. I say "That's fine... you screwed me over when I was young, poor, working 12 hr shifts. I'm no longer poor, working 12 hr shifts, and young/dumb.

I have the time and resources. I'll await your legal contacts to reach out to mine". They back pedal hard core basically replying by begging.

"Please please please take down those reviews. They've been viewed by so many people. It'll ruin our business.

Please take it down!". I reply "Nope. See you in court". They don't reply. I leave the reviews up and figure they'll do nothing. They never did anything.

The HILARIOUS part is my post gave others the courage to post their bad experiences. Their 4.5 star rating went to 2 stars. There are at least a dozen posts by others who experienced similar things from the same property management company.

So now they have 2 stars and at least 12 reviews going into length at how their company freaked over tenants. Revenge is a dish served cold. I inadvertently played the long game and got triggered after finding old docs from the rental agreement. Call me Petty Mayo.

About a decade ago, I worked an early morning shift at a fast food restaurant. We opened at 6am, so I had to be at work at 5am. I would leave my house at about 445am every morning. My management was pretty relaxed about the opening shift.

Clocking in up to 10 minutes late wasn't really an ordeal, as long as you showed up ready to go. I came outside at 445 to find that a local police officer has pulled someone over and is now blocking my driveway. This has happened before, but normally in the afternoon, and normally I just ask the officer to move forwards or back a couple of feet and then I pull in or out of the driveway. No sweat.

This officer, however, angrily informs me that I will have to wait till he's done. I snap a picture of his car, text it to my manager and explain my tardiness. 40 minutes later, the police officer FINALLY moves. I scramble into the car and head to work. I get there 15 minutes before we open. I frantically start to brew tea, fetch ice, having to condense my 50 minute routine into 15.

I almost forgot to brew coffee. Opening time rolls around, and the first group of customers come in. It's a group of our local police officers, led by the captain.

I guess they're about to do a shift change. One of the officers in the group is the one who blocked my driveway. Anyway, the Captain orders coffee, and I regretfully inform him that there's a five minute wait on coffee because I got to work extremely late. Captain asks why, so I pulled out my phone and explained that one of his officers blocked my driveway for 45 minutes for a routine traffic stop. Captain proceeds to chew out that officer in front of all of his colleagues and exclaims that nothing short of a life or death emergency should block my driveway if it will interfere with him getting his morning coffee.

It was never blocked again. And the Captain always got his coffee at 6am, without interruption. I used to frequently walk to and from work (6km each way) for exercise. On my way home sometimes I used to pass a bus stop on a very busy road.

In the afternoons the bus stop was inhabited by a bunch of private school boys who would cover the entire footpath with their bags and sports gear. Passers by either had to carefully navigate step by step or step onto the busy road. The boys thought it funny and always had a chuckle and made comments at people as they passed.

I was walking home one afternoon after a hard days tech support and cracked when I saw the blocked footpath again. Rather than tread lightly I played hopscotch across the bags feeling many things crunch and break in the process. A huge uproar occurred behind me . When they yelled at me I just said this wouldn't happen if you left a path through.

I continued on my merry way feeling happier than before. After that they usually left a little path through. I (20 F) live in student housing where I share a room, and in the other room are two other girls who we’ll call Sasha (22 F) and Summer (21 F). I share a room with one we’ll call Bee (19 F).

At first Bee wasn’t an issue and we all got along just fine; we were all friends and would go on fun adventures together, but the issues arose when she brought her boyfriend to live with us. At first she said he was visiting for the weekend, but somehow he never left. He’d leave for work and come right back and she expected us to sneak him into student housing after hours for her because Sasha and I had cars we could hide him in and drive him past security. This made us extremely uncomfortable, because if we got caught we could get academic probation and whatnot but the kicker was that she seemed to be aware of all the housing rules and regulations around what she was doing.

Later on, she started cat sitting for her boyfriend as well… or so that’s what we thought. The cat would go to the boyfriend’s house from time to time but for the most part she kept it at the dorm but as we could all guess even more problems started to come out of it. She claimed it was an ESA registered through student housing, so we couldn’t get in trouble for her bringing her “boyfriend’s cat” over. Since none of us really knew the process for that we assumed it was fine and minded our business until one day the RA caught wind of it, but because Summer, Sasha and I are friends with him, he let it slide because we were all under the impression it would only be there temporarily.

Once again it never left, and she never cleaned up after it, making the apartment reek of cat crap, it destroyed the carpet, one of my uniforms, and when anyone scolded it, she lost her crap because she read online that you’re not supposed to say no to your cat if you want it to love you or some dumb bs like that. Anyway, naturally we were all tired of her crap, so Summer asked the RA for advice, where we found out there was no way this cat was documented through housing meaning she broke the lease and we could get in trouble for the damages and it let alone being there. He said the cat had to be a minimum of 2 years old, fixed, and up to date with vaccines to be able to stay, which it had none of.

We confront her kindly, and she turns it into a soap opera scene with screaming and crying (which has been a pattern throughout all of this). She left messes everywhere and when we asked her to tidy up after herself and respect others common room items she took personal offense to it, etc. Our last straw was when she brought an ant infestation into the dorm bc she left basically all of her pantry items open.

When we called her to let her know we were tossing it all she got mad and said she’d be over in a few (which to her I guess a few means three hours when she was literally 20 mins away at her parents house). We had a few friends come up and keep us company while we cleaned and when she got there it was immediate crying and yelling about how we only blamed her because she’s the youngest. Quite frankly we were all sick of her and sick of the fact that she was downright unapproachable, so we set up a mediation with our RA which got changed to the Community Director due to the bias we had by being friends with the RA. Well that didn’t do crap because she went and had her own meeting where she told a whole sob story and said that we tried to poison her with raid and that the RA gave her permission to have the cat (which he didn’t) in attempts to get him in trouble. So, collectively we all decided on petty revenge after she moved back with her parents. We had my mom send a text on Facebook as a concerned parent to both of her strict parents of everything she did wrong and asked them to consider having a “talk” with her so she could see how dangerous it is to have a strange man living with a bunch of girls far from home with nowhere else to go for safety in the event that he try to do something.

Since doing this, she has not been active on any social media, which she normally eats, sleeps, and breathes on, and has left any and every group chat we had as roommates or with any mutual friends. I know what I did was petty and childish but the three of us needed closure after the crap show we lived through this semester, and I hope her parents rip her a freaking new one for what she pulled. This happened about 20 years ago. Mum (retired) was a nurse and finished her shift.

She took the bus home but it was busier than usual. There was a seat available next to a woman but her bag (small enough to put on her lap) was on it. Mum politely asked her if she could move it so she could sit down. The woman ignored her.

Mum asked again louder and gestured at the woman and the seat. The woman looked at mum then ignored her again. Mum was ticked off and nearby passengers could see this unfold. She needed to sit down. She'd been on her feet all day.

She knew the woman wasn't going to move her bag so she sat on it. All of a sudden the woman stopped ignoring mum. She tried pulling her bag from under mum. However, mum ignored her until she got off at her stop. I asked mum if any of the other passengers said anything. She said that 2 guys were laughing and someone said "good on you" Mum has a few petty revenge stories.

I might post them later. She cracks me up. Love her For lunch a group of my coworkers, our foreman, and myself would sit and each lunch in the foreman’s little hut everyday. My seat was an empty lidded 5 gallon bucket and everyday as I was getting ready to sit one coworker would kick it across the room before I had a chance to sit down. Everyone found it hilarious.

It was funny the first couple times but it got old. So one day I thought it would be hilarious to cut the bottom of the bucket off and then fill it with nuts and bolts and put the lid back on. That day at lunch we go in he tries to kick the bucket, of course it goes nowhere and he angrily picks it up and tosses the bucket across the room. And of course as he picks the bucket up all the nuts and bolts go spilling out of the bottom. It was hilarious and everyone in the hut was laughing. I had brought in a camping chair pulled it out and sat down and said, “Dang man looks like you have a mess clean up!” I worked in a metal fab shop over a decade ago.

I was in my mid 20s probably. There was a guy (Ray) that was a notorious prankster. Often times they were funny pranks other times they crossed a line. I happened to be the target of one of his pranks.

He had put red penetration dye in my gloves the day before so they were dry the following day. I put on my welding gloves and as the day went on my hands got sweaty and eventually turned my hands pretty red. It stayed like that for days and while Ray denied having done it, he definitely acted like he was the responsible party. And to be totally fair I had no proof he had done it but the probability was extremely high that he had.

My BIL at the time was in to making home made fireworks, so I asked if he could make me a smoke bomb. This kid brings me back a film canister with a fuse. Next day at work I wait until after lunch when Ray and his crew are climbing in to the tank they were working on. Yes this was a confined space, but they all had fresh air supplies, I wouldn’t have done this otherwise.

I lit the fuse tossed it in the tank and walked down to my area and turned around to see all the guys scrambling out of their tank and the whole end of the bay filling up with a thick cloud of smoke. I knew I freaked up so I ducked in to my tank in hopes I was not suspected of the prank. A few minutes later I hear the super yelling my name to get the freak out of the tank. He tosses the remnants of the film case and asks if I knew anything about it. At this point I figured honesty was the best policy as I’m sure someone probably witnessed it and told him it was me.

I tell him it’s a smoke bomb and he asks if I set it off, I admit that I did and he tells me to pack my crap up and get out. On my way home I’m sitting there freaking out how I’m going to tell my wife who’s sitting at home with our toddler how I just got fired and kicking myself for not thinking crap through. My phone rings and it’s the superintendent, he tells me to come to work in three days that he’s turning it into a suspension. I got back and he told me the reason he was so ticked is because a multimillion dollar contract had been touring the shop and fortunately had not been anywhere near the smoke bomb.

When he told the owner what had happened he laughed and told him to give me another shot. Definitely learned my lesson. It was probably the last prank I pulled. But at least it’s something I can look back on now and laugh about it.

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