prologue. If you have battery trouble while touring! ? Resolved Honda NT1100 battery trouble.

prologue. If you have battery trouble while touring! ? Resolved Honda NT1100 battery trouble.

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hello. Recently, my NT1100 ran out of battery while I was away, and I couldn't restart it. After that, I received various advice from the viewers, talked to my acquaintances, and considered various ways to deal with it. Well, the preparations are almost complete, so I would like to introduce a little about what to prepare.

I think the video will probably be divided into about 3 times. The first is the mechanism. I didn't understand the mechanics of modern motorcycles very well, so I had to relearn that first, and I 'll do that later. Including pushing. It's winter, but I have to prepare for such maintenance in the garage . First of all, prepare the service manual.

This is quite expensive and is something that a general mechanic would use. I bought it this time because I would need it. After that, it is divided into three parts. First of all, this group has equipment for maintenance in the garage.

Here are the tools for that. Also, when I have to do something on the go, there are three groups. Well, this is a booster cable. I don't think I will ever use this, but I bought it just in case.

It is an extension cable because it takes power to the vicinity of the motorcycle in the garage. The reason why I wanted to make it red is that I plan to hang it from the ceiling of the garage, and if I crawl on the ground, it will get in the way, so I plan to hang it in red from above. This is magic tape. Velcro to secure this cable to your garage. Also a red rope, this will hang it in the garage. Well, this is also red so you don't hit your head.

There are two of these. Two 3m ones. black rope. Two rolls of 6m are included, and we plan to use this as well. Also, when not in use, it will be used to fix luggage, so I don't think it will be wasted.

Then there's the carabiner, something like this. Well , I'm thinking of using this when fixing ropes or hanging equipment and machinery from the ceiling , so there are quite a few. As for the carabiner, I'm thinking of buying a slightly different one. I need this.

Also, a simple battery charger. I bought this before, but it seems that there are various restrictions, so I will leave this one as well. This is the new one I bought.

It's an Optimate battery charger . This is fully automatic. It automatically detects the type and capacity of the battery. After that, the battery will be trickle charged all the time, so you can leave it for a week or something like that to maintain the battery while it is connected. It's a fully automatic battery charger.

The good thing about this is zero volts, you can start charging from almost zero battery. In the case of ordinary battery chargers, it is almost impossible to charge when the battery is dead. Battery NG comes out, but this has a low voltage start. Very good. The state of charging comes out in order, but I will do PULSE charging. After that , it's very good to keep running in maintenance mode . After that, it will do sulfation removal and recovery charging.

This is the most important thing. Batteries usually last 2-3 years. Well, the biggest reason is that the electrodes get dirty, and as the dirt accumulates, the conductive electrode part of the electrode itself becomes smaller, eventually shortening the life of the battery. By doing this PULSE charging, there is a function to remove the dust on the electrode. I will experiment next time.

I bought this because I thought it was very good. Also, this is the case with the NT1100, but I have to remove the front seat to charge the battery every time. I was in trouble because it was difficult, but this kind of extension cable is attached, and this is a connector. This is the power supply side and this is the battery supply side.

If you connect this to the motorcycle battery all the time and connect the connector when you want to charge it, this is all you need, which makes maintenance very easy. This is excellent. I also have a fuse. Well, there is such a thing, and the viewers also recommended it , thinking that this would be good . It also comes with an alligator type, so you can use both. I have two motorcycles, so I bought this battery connector for the other one. And this is an extension cable. This is surprisingly short, so I extended this connector and put it in the seat.

I'm going to connect this, but when it's short, it can be extended by 4.6m . This is also a battery system tester. Without this, I have no idea if the battery is really in a healthy state, and that's why I need someone who is accurate, so I chose it even though it's a little expensive . By the way, it's a borrowed one (laughs). It's an experimental battery, but I borrowed a similar YUASA sealed battery that was about to be scrapped.

I would like to experiment with this. There is almost no voltage because it is for disposal. I'll give it a try to see what happens. What happens is that the voltage comes out. Can you see it? CCA setting 235, that's good.

It says battery charge no. I wish I had 235 CCA, but I only have 152. This battery is also useless because the results come out in the wind of recharging . because it is not zero. Also, the most important thing is when you call a tow truck when you go out and it really doesn't work. Even if you borrow a power supply nearby or have a booster cable like this, it's quite difficult to ask a passing car to borrow a power supply. In case of battery trouble in the absence of people.

i bought this It's PHILIPS. Well, it's what people call a jump starter. It has a capacity of 12 amps. I would like to explain this matter on another occasion . It's a usb charger port. Power connector to connect.

It has an LED. Lights up for use in the dark. There are two USB terminals, so you can charge 1 ampere and 2 amperes in an emergency. There was a cheaper one, but since I had trouble with it, I chose this one because it has a proven track record and is used in countries around the world. There are many cheaper products out there, so you may not be able to go here. Also, it's a usb car charger for cigar socket.

I'm buying this too. At worst, when you are running, if you charge the jump starter, it will become a jump starter. It will continue to the next. Thank you for watching.

2023-02-13 02:18

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