Pourquoi le tourisme de l'extrême a-t-il autant de succès ?

Pourquoi le tourisme de l'extrême a-t-il autant de succès ?

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We are in Indonesia, on the Indian Ocean. This group of 8 French been gone for 30 hours, but no one is considering to close your eyes. We haven't slept all night, but we don't feel the fatigue, with the adrenaline starting to rise. An objective : Approach Krakatoa.

A mythical volcano known for having killed 40,000 people, during an eruption in 1883. The guide is Guy de Saint-Cyr. He has been traveling volcanoes for 58 years.

From now on, if it blows, we see it! According to his information, the volcano is active. But will they see an eruption? Awesome ! It sucks guys! The volcano spits plumes of gas in the distance. For 3 days, these enthusiasts will try to go closer to the crater.

There it rises to 300 meters, 400 meters. The boat arrives just at the foot of the volcano, close to danger. That's it, he speaks to us! Did you see the glow? We could see it there! There are rolling blocks. Blocks or bombs that fall into the sea, it is solidified lava. Night falls quickly, and the incandescence of the blocks is increasingly visible. They amount to several hundred meters and fall at more than 200 km/h.

If they hit a man, it is certain death. But that does not prevent our team to dock. Did you see ! It farted well! The volcano is lost in the middle of an uninhabited archipelago.

Officially, it is forbidden to approach at this time. Too dangerous. But they go to sleep in a tent or in a hammock, on this active volcano. Suddenly, the earth begins to shake. It's not far, it is behind the forest.

But it's terrifying to sleep next to it! Yes, but you have the atmosphere there. You feel the living earth! Every 20 minutes, you will see your little smash that will keep you awake! But that doesn't impress Isabelle. It's more fun than work! On the contrary.

I have friends who tell me: "You're crazy to leave, it's useless. It's just danger. Why are you doing this ?" They do not understand but that's our thing.

I think everyone here... If everyone hasn't shed their tears but really got a big chill. Moreover, for the big thrill, the group is too impatient.

Despite the fatigue, everyone getting ready to go up. Gas mask, helmet. A professional ritual more or less controlled. But don't be fooled by appearances, in this group, there are only regulars.

Everyone wait. Because to climb a volcano in activity, it takes experience. Never get too close one another. always leave between you at least 3.4 meters,

if ever there are fallouts of bombs coming towards you, Above all, don't run away! Tonight, these enthusiasts, to get as close as possible to an eruption, will risk their lives. For some years, tourism is developing. It is called extreme tourism. Volcano or tornado hunter, adventurer in war zone and ultra-sporty traveler, They are all in search of adrenaline. We accompanied these vacationers ready to come close to death, out of passion and for fun.

There, if it blows up... We'll all be dead! In Afghanistan, we followed an intense ski competition. I have my shoulder dislocated. In the middle of a country in chaos. Between Kabul... They look at us and they don't have don't seem happy to see us.

And the remote mountains of Bamiyan, adventurers will discover A world apart. In Indonesia, Guy de Saint-Cyr does not hesitate not to explore active volcanoes. As if I snatched something to life. An obsession, get ever closer, and bring back unique photos.

Volcano hunters want more. We may be a little masochistic, but we still want hot iron marks. In Chernobyl in areas the most dangerous. Romain and David are going to live an experience independent survival. We have no water! War tourism. Nuclear tourism.

Disaster tourism. Travel with extreme adventurers. Back to Indonesia, 160 km west of Jakarta, on the still erupting Krakatoa. The group is just coming out of the forest which is at the foot of the volcano. Lava bombs or blocks can crush them at any time.

Here is a bomb that fell not long ago. She broke in two. The impact on the ground dug craters everywhere.

Look ! This one is quite recent. And that's blocks which can weigh 2 or 3 tons. 2, 3 tons sinking over 200 km/h. Some blocks even started fires a few meters from the group. For the moment, the intensity of the explosions, allows us to continue to climb again.

Now, if it escalated, if the bombs came closer, then, we'll see. Behind the guide, it's the same fever. No one plans to turn around. I am very excited! And amazed! We are so lucky to be here. It's a little bit of adrenaline but with Guy I feel really safe.

He knows when to stop. Eventually they reach a ridge a few meters from the crater. They are 30 meters away! If they touch you they massacre you! Take a good look above! This crackling, these are blocks crashing together, all over the cone a few meters from the group. But Guy is still not worried. Frankly, that would be really bad luck, that there is a block that leaves of the crater that arrives here! Just where we are! And yet, a few seconds later... A large eruption bombards all around the cone.

A shower of bombs falls on the group. In this image, Sophie, on the right, pulls out just in time. She has just come close to death. Blocks are over 600 degrees leaving the crater. But they cool quickly.

Sophie will even be able to catch a small chip of the piece, who could have killed her. You have to keep smiling. She fell so close to me! Everybody is here ? - Sophie? - Yes, I am here. When I felt the shock wave, I said to myself "Oh"! And I turned my head and saw the rock incandescent in three pieces next to...

There, I was lucky! It's because my time had not come. But this last explosion cooled Guy all the same. No, we are too close there! We're still watching an explosion and if it's like that, we go home. Why are we watching another one? Everyone here wants to wait for the next explosion? Yes ! As long as we win, we play! Adrenaline shot, the team decides to stay a little longer.

Again, they are bombarded. How are you ? Didn't one go behind? The group is surrounded by incandescent rocks. Fabrice's camera didn't go far. Fortunately, it still worked. She is magnificent ! There, I confess that we have entitled to our fright.

We laugh about it but in my opinion, tomorrow, we will take a step back. It won't be the same story. We don't realize that we missed something...

A bit hot. See the show up close, it is also taking risks. And tonight the hunters of lavas have had their dose.

At Krakatoa! He was still really nice! Thanks to Krakatoa! Thanks Guy! To leave with Guy, the agency imposes insurance on its customers. And for this kind of adventure, they only take regulars who know the dangers. extreme tourists are in search of cold sweats. And for that, what better than war zones? Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, in Central Asia. One of the cities most dangerous in the world. The Taliban are threatening to regain power.

And the attacks are on the rise. In 2018, nearly 4,000 civilians died in Afghanistan. A record. The terrorists are targeting Afghan institutions, diplomatic missions especially Westerners.

Go on vacation in Kabul, this is madness ! However, Hélène is ready for this adventure. At 52, this American loves a challenge. She has already tried to climb Everest three times.

A few hours before his flight, she sent us a video. This is the first time I have to take kidnapping insurance. I learned that I was worth $1 million! A colleague told me that I had to rather worry about it... Leaving the airport, Hélène is immediately taken care of, by a specialized agency in war tourism.

I think I would be lying if I said that I was not afraid. There I tell myself that something something serious can happen to me. For $2600 for ten days, the agency supports travel and accommodation.

Behind a discreet and armored door, our car enters a hotel. No exterior sign, just barbed wire and guard dogs. This week, Hélène will be with 2 other tourists, William who arrives from New York, and Inge, a 22-year-old Norwegian. As soon as they arrived, the two men have already had their first scare. We got stopped at the checkpoint. the military, it made me a little nervous.

He raised his voice and looked pissed off, I wondered what was going to happen. By way of welcome, their guide puts right away warns its customers. The problem is the suicide bombers. And with the suicide bombings, Armed guards are useless! It's like pressing yourself on the trigger.

So the best attitude, is to be discreet. That's why we don't sleep not in a big hotel. Do not take pictures. If you do it,

They start shooting and then they talk. Kahuzar even planned clothes for these tourists. It will be fun to wear this! Dressed for adventure, the three tourists are ready for their visit to Kabul. A city damaged by wars successive passes before their eyes. After the war against the Soviets in the 80s, Kabul has known the rule of the Taliban. Since 2001, the city has been managed by the international coalition, then by the Americans.

Every place in town recounts a particular era. This is the famous swimming pool where the Taliban were executing people. I can tell you about it, but off camera don't film me, it's too political! In this pool in the late 90s, those sentenced to death were executed by the Taliban.

Some were even thrown off the diving board. Today, with the American presence and the threat of the Taliban, Kabul is still a city at war. So, in front of the eyes insistence of the Afghans, Inge is uncomfortable.

They watch us a lot, they don't have don't seem happy to see us. They even look angry. I feel like they are staring at us. You feel that you are not of theirs, that's for sure.

I don't wanna stay here too long. Hélène, she does not feel no danger at all, and often stray from the group. Can we share the tea? I can try ? Thank you so much. I sit down.

You are so kind. And his companions travelers get impatient. Helen, we have to go. Despite the misery, the balloons and kiddie rides, amaze the American. Helen is delighted. They will ask me for money but I can't resist! Go fleas! A quick visit to a city marked by poverty.

The next day, tourists leave Kabul at dawn. Direction the Afghan mountains, in Bamiyan, west of Kabul. The purpose of their trip is to participate to a ski race in 5 days. An extraordinary competition.

And out of time. We are in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. Romain and David are 22 and 20 years old.

And their passions is the urbex or urban exploration. They are looking for places abandoned by men. So no visits tourist in the program. The two students are waiting nightfall at the hotel.

It's midnight, the day can begin. I believe we have everything! To celebrate the end of their exams, they won't go to the beach or in a nightclub. Their destination is more radioactive. Chernobyl forbidden zone.

The place of the worst disaster nuclear in history. It was April 26, 1986. Reactor number 4 of the Soviet Empire explodes, causing huge plumes of radioactive particles all over Europe. More than 9000 dead and 200,000 people evacuated.

Today, the area is still dangerous and guarded by soldiers. Young French people will enter there at night to avoid the Ukrainian police. For the safety of our journalist contacted a Chernobyl regular.

Igor, dressed in military attire. This atypical guide takes tourists in prohibited area for 300€. The forbidden zone is located 2 hours drive north of kyiv. The two friends leave for the unknown. I am starting to have a bit scary actually. I am enthusiastic. We'll see !

Thanks to the full moon, they reach to walk in the dark. They enter the militarized zone 30 km radius. But Romain and David have a problem. The guide does not speak French and very poor English.

Communication looks complicated. They will walk several hours in silence, without knowing where they are going. In survival mode, we don't think too much to drink water, to eat, nothing at all. There is fatigue.

After 3 hours of walking, when day breaks, the atmosphere is more and more tense. The French are visible, and police patrols can be anywhere. In case of arrest, they will pay a fine. But above all they will be expelled. We walked all night. We try not to make too much noise.

We heard dogs in the distance! Communication with the guide is still so complicated. In the middle of the forest, in absolute silence, rare vestiges of the time Soviet appear. Here, nothing has changed for 33 years.

Break into a militarized zone is risky. But for the two friends, that's all the pleasure of urban exploration. It's illegal. So much the better, otherwise it would no longer be Chernobyl.

Will want to take the risk too. We could have been caught by the police several times already! But luck says no. We are lucky and it is a bit like a Disneyland, but empty! The other risk is invisible, radioactivity.

Here the trees are contaminated, at least for the next 20,000 years. But against all odds, the area has become a refuge for biodiversity. As these photos show. Nature takes back its rights. It's 8 o'clock. We need to find a place to sleep.

With this Roman dosimeter check the radiation. 0.27. It's 3 times more than in Paris, 3 times more luck than in Paris to have cancer! Romain and David will pass 3 days in complete autonomy, in the Chernobyl Forest. Meanwhile on Krakatoa in Indonesia, the atmosphere is calmer.

Adventurers Emerge after a dangerous night. The weather is clear. The group goes to observe the volcano from the boat. The first ridge, did you see it? The ridge where we were that night! The big scare of the day before is still in everyone's mind.

Guy wants to be more reasonable. If we go up tonight, we'll go up at the exit of the forest, no more. We are aware that we were lucky. No, I don't know if you are aware, really. Today, our group is wiser. You must not approach of the crater during the day.

Sunlight makes it hard to see, the blogs blush and the danger approaches. But there are less cautious than them. Covered in ashes and scratches, Anton, a young Russian is overexcited. He climbed almost to the top of the volcano. It was a great experience.

I like stuff like that, with adrenaline! This is my first time on a volcano. Be careful, it's dangerous. Yes, it's dangerous but I like. Anton seems a little oblivious. And his casualness shocks our group. I think his videos will end on YouTube or something like that.

Yes, maybe it's to make pictures strong to put on the networks. He will make his views on YouTube. We are not the shelter that there is a dead soon here.

Unlike Russian, they go wait for the light to dim. But the group cracks before nightfall, and allows himself to approach beyond the forest. From there, take a good look. As soon as there are explosions. Look, don't move. Look ! This time the state of mind of the group has changed.

behind guy, It's not careful! Some stand still. These regulars know the risk. I don't ride myself, I do not feel it. It's not safe because... It farts a lot more than yesterday.

Half the group refuses to move forward. We secede, we love it, but I don't feel it. Yesterday, we had a lot of fun, we were lucky. I prefer to stay roughly at this level there to avoid unnecessary risk. Guy had promised that he would not go up not on the ridge, but here it is... Right where we had been bombed the day before.

The guide walks the volcanoes for 58 years. He already got burned feet in the lava, and has been close to death several times. So when he comes back, it's relief. Sorry for this time! We had some emotions, it's true.

And that's not bad either! I explained to you this morning, that from here, there is a definite risk. So you did well not to go up. You will tell me but why did I go up? I can't explain to you. It's a moment of life... A moment... I don't know. Like I'm tearing something to life, something strong. At 80, the guide seems blinded by his passion.

I had friends who died on volcanoes, following an eruption. It's a death which is quite possible, and I would even say that I wish this death rather than dying of a disease, in a hospital bed. Volcanoes gave me so much of happiness and joy, that the day they go take me back, my faith... They gave me so much which I think is normal. It doesn't matter. Today I didn't go up because I know the limits.

It is this experience that also makes try to take less risk. You have a little Emma and a little woman too. You just got married it also plays that. When I went to bed last night, I immediately thought of my daughter... Again, volcano hunters had big scares.

But it is also what they come for. I charged myself with energy on the volcano. And now I'm relaxed. I am well. We are branded with a hot iron. It's big moments of happiness and we want more. We may be a little masochistic, but we still have hot iron marks! We want more, we are going to be scared! You look younger all of a sudden! Adventurers plan to come back soon.

But the Krakatoa will not look like never again like that, because a disaster will upset the geography of the region. Change of atmosphere. In the mountains of Bamiyan, in Afghanistan, the international competition is approaching. The army is mobilized.

With the presence of tourists, the risk of attacks is higher. Bamiyan west of Kabul. Is known for its huge Buddhas dating from the 3rd century, destroyed in 2001 by the Taliban. 18 years later, the niche of the great Buddha is always empty, and very poor area.

But our tourists are not here for that. We find our group who leaves to train for the competition. And they are not alone to prepare. Their competitors are also there. Sajade, our guide, even told them found salvage skis.

As these old skis are not used no longer anything in Europe, they are given to Afghans and they have a second life. For us it's always better than wooden skis. Here, no track either.

We put on our skis on the road and we improvise. We're just getting started by a long warm-up. No wonder here! just one day like the others in Afghanistan. The Bamiyan Mountains are located at the end of the Himalayan range. With 40 peaks to more 4500 meters above sea level. The race at which tourists prepare themselves, consists of going up and down a peak.

The climb is difficult. At this altitude, oxygen is rarer. But on the descent, the reward. Make your mark in the snow completely blank. This is absolutely insane man! In Afghanistan, there are all the same a real trail.

This year, Sajade, the boss of the local ski club, started with his friends in a little experiment. It is the first station skiing in Afghanistan. We thought we had to a big budget for a lift, but we succeeded just with a motorcycle! A motorcycle, a rope around the wheel, another wheel at the top, and let's go for 280 meters uphill at full speed. Helen, our American, appreciates.

In fact, it's very fast. It's hard to stay on it. Another unlikely test for the country is preparing. A skiing championship reserved for Afghan women. Problem, most competitors, have only just learned to ski.

But there is a champion, Fatima. She was among the first to ski. And she is very ambitious. I want to be the first Afghan woman to participate in the Olympics. After her, a few brave ones followed. The team is united because we have to stick together, in the eyes of Afghan society.

People called out to me. They said you're a girl, why do you ski? It's not for girls. But I continued. I tried not to pay attention to them. Once she was dressed like a boy.

We passed by a group, they tore off his cap and pulled off his glasses. This is the big day. It's 6am. We find Fatima at home, on the heights of Bamiyan. My hat. My mask, my gloves.

I will see if they are dry. Her older brother supports her. Since the death of their father, he is the head of the family.

Women represent half of society. If we prevent them from progressing, society will be paralyzed. It's time for Fatima to leave. But before... An important call. Hi Mom.

God save you my daughter. Thanks Mom. Pray to Allah to give you victory. I pray for you. Ok mom, thank you.

More than 3 hours before the championship. At the ski club, Fatima is overexcited. That's mine. And yes, they are mine! Number six, can't you see? For this eighth women's edition, the spectators are numerous.

Without surprise, there are only men. A few women observe from a distance. And all the tourists are obviously present.

It's weird. We don't expect to see a ski competition here, especially for women. But it's cool! The discipline which is in its infancy in the country.

The layout of the giant is very simple, and the participants are all amateurs. The event is to see women Afghans engage in a championship. Fatima wants to win at all costs. The departure is approaching and its concentration is maximum.

When you're at the door, you do like this, you go straight and then like this. You know the route. You are the star today! No stress ! The ten participants begin to scroll. It's our champion's turn.

I was too slow! False impression! With 38 seconds 58, she holds the best time for now. After the arrival of his sister, the last participant, I won! She is sure to have the title. I am the champion! Fatima is officially the champion from Afghanistan in alpine skiing, for the third consecutive year.

THANKS ! The faces of others girls are concealed, to protect them from fundamentalists. You have to ask questions if you want me to talk to you! Fatima, she, is displayed on all televisions. My message is that women Afghan women are all heroines. We need to believe. You have to tell yourself that you can try anything. When we want we can ! Tourists watch.

Soon it will be their turn to embark on a unique competition. The great international race. Americans, Swedes, Canadians, Australians, they are a dozen to have come, to compete with the Afghans. Back to Chernobyl. For our young French people, no competition in sight, but the alarm clock stings a little.

I fainted from fatigue, I really fell asleep for a long time. Instantly, I fell asleep. Gotta get used to the noises from the forest but after that it's fine. After 4 hours of sleep in this radioactive forest, friends must hit the road again towards the nuclear power plant.

They have a goal. Approach the remains a nuclear reactor at Prypiat, near Chernobyl. But the army patrols are still there. The friends were afraid, and maybe they will soon find themselves alone.

It was agreed in advance. Igor, the guide, must leave them there. Before turning back, he shows them the way to the city of Prypiat, right next to the central.

The route on the phone, indicates a 5 hour walk in the most dangerous area. Pripyat is there. There is the red forest. Very heavy radiation.

You have to run very fast. It's doable ? Trying to dodge the patrols and the police cars, when we arrive, there won't be many left. We will see them coming from afar at night. For David, it is unrealistic to continue without a guide.

With fatigue, tensions begin to be felt. - No, but it's stupid! - No way. - You will die ! - No, it's walking. It's the full moon overnight, it happens! Even the guide is skeptical, he looks for all the arguments to discourage them. Go to Pripyat...

it's a bad idea. No, but I'm passionate about it. Wild animals, police, the army... Without experience, the two young people expose themselves at a lot of risk. Is it worth it ? can i take a tour operator at 80€ per day, then just go there for a day? Indeed, to browse this huge area of 2600 square kilometers, there are easier ways.

Yes, the two French prefer clandestine adventure, in Chernobyl, you can also take a bus for 80€ a day. Tourist agencies are allowed because they work with the army, and follow very strict rules. We are far from the nights under the stars. We can't eat outside. 'Cause outside you might swallow particles that are in the air. Don't put your stuff on the floor.

Don't sit down. If your belongings are contaminated, we will have to leave them. In fact, Chernobyl is the activity most popular tourist attraction in Ukraine. A real amusement park. How many tourists do you have per year? A lot is hard to give a number.

There it is about 500 people per day the week, and the weekend, it's 1000 to 1500 people. It is enormous ! It's twelve tourists of all nationalities, come to see the remains of the most great nuclear disaster in history. All are aware the magnitude of the tragedy. When the human species disappears, it will probably look like this. The houses have been deserted overnight.

When they left, the inhabitants did not think only be away for a few days. Most don't have survived the radiation. It is estimated that at least 9,000 people, were killed directly by disaster.

It is an important place. People should at least one times in their life Chernobyl, and the concentration camps. The great human tragedies. Here you can see all the destruction of which man is capable. But the risks are still there.

And the most popular attraction, this is the measure the level of radioactivity. Metal is particularly dangerous. There it is at 92.

The limit in Ukraine is 0.3. It means that you should not stay here too long. Here too, we like his small dose of adrenaline. It's a bit terrifying! But radioactivity can also be buried in the woods. Moreover, a few kilometers away, our French continue to be exposed to it.

They've been gone since 3 p.m. I'm not supposed to pick this up! I'm a bit of a jerk! The guide agreed to accompany a little more, but the situation is complicated. We have no water. It is true that factually, if there is no water...

We're not going to come back. They are now in the middle of the Chernobyl forbidden zone, but can they go all the way? three weeks later our departure from Krakatoa, on December 22, 2018, a geological event extremely rare has happened. An eruption caused the collapse of the volcano and a tsunami.

More than 600 dead and 40,000 evacuees. In the following days, the eruptions continue, raising great clouds of ash. But Guy, he has only one objective.

Take a group to the collapsed volcano. He made an appointment to other regulars, who know Krakatoa well, they did not hesitate to leave urgently. I have booked two boats. And I told them you want to go there! The Indonesian government prohibits to approach Krakatoa, five kilometers around. The group is not sure to be able to reach the volcano. But he rushes to take the boat, without even worrying about the weather.

And while some are sick, the crew realizes that the boat has a small problem. We take the water... And we have an engine failure.

Finally, the boat restarts, the tourists are soaked, but in a good mood. And it will take 5 hours to see finally appear, the new Krakatoa. Everything collapsed. A century-old forest that has disappeared. The crater whose mouth peaked at 318 meters, is now at sea level.

More vegetation, more beaches, only a huge pile of ashes. I never would have imagined see Krakatoa like that! Guy can't wait... I really want it there! Take the first step on the floor still hot from the volcano.

Victoire ! The French defied the bans. I can not believe. We made it! They are the first to walk on the new Krakatoa. Looks like the first men on the moon! I just attended...

To a phenomenon that I dreamed to see one day. And for 56 years now that I frequent volcanoes, This is the first time that i see this ! We got it! The last eruption was only five days ago. Enthusiasts still attack to the mountain of ashes. The terrain is complicated, and you have to find your way in this huge maze. arrived at the top, We're above there.

Guy can't believe it. Fabulous ! Fabulous ! Do you know how I feel? Like the first time that I made love! The same thing, the same happiness, the same concern! We made it! When I see that, it moves me a little. I don't see it but it is very beautiful, and then it hits me, in the guts. You have to live with it. Come on, health to all! And in Krakatoa! And it blows! As everyone relaxes, The guide remains suspicious.

We are happy, we are happy. Everything is going well. But in a few seconds, it can go wrong there. - You will resist going down. - Yes. Because I am not alone! But Guy will still do the opposite of what he says. He decides to venture A little lower. And everyone follows him.

In fact, to follow Guy, I think a little twice. We see it, when it starts to prowl a little, it itches! And we say to ourselves that's it, he is planning a blow for us! There, if it finally blows up, we'll all be dead! - That makes you laugh ? - Yes, it's a little funny. We hope we will come back alive! In front, Guy does not look reassured either. We are absolutely crazy! It's madness what we're doing! Eventually, the group settles down to a hundred meters from the crater lake. Guy's addiction won out again. I really have a hard time letting go.

Normally, I would have already hung up, but I can't! But if the natural spectacle is fabulous for tourists, the volcano remains deadly. 50 kilometers away, in the fishing village, the tsunami caused by the Anak Krakatoa destroyed entire families. Returning to the coast, the French are faced with reality. Her four month old son died in the tsunami. He was in front of the house when the wave came, and the wave snatched the baby out of his hands and took it away.

Some adventurers take suddenly aware of the drama. The contrast is hard to bear. This lady who came against me, she was completely starting to cry and showed me that this was his home. We start from a wonderful place, we'll be back in a few hours at the scene of the disaster...

The inhabitants of the village do not even have did not receive first aid. I'm very afraid of this volcano, I fear it will happen again. I'm traumatized sir! It stresses me out a lot! Look at the water below, the wall who collapsed, who fell on him. Faced with the magnitude of the disaster, Guy is embarrassed. We will try to make a case, to send them some money.

I thought about it, but you know, as long as you are not confronted really up to the situation, when you don't see people's misery... But frankly, you can't stay indifferent. Something has to be done.

Guy and his friends are the first to have set foot on the new volcano. Their adventure caused a scandal. Indonesian Minister of Energy, even said they were banned stay in the region.

NECK- RA- -GE! COURAGE ! In Bamiyan, it's day competition for our tourists. But we will have to compose with local constraints. Blocked by snow, dozens vehicles are immobilized. The participants will have to finish on foot. Great ! We will see what it looks like now.

We are equal. Everybody's stuck downstairs, we all have to walk there. It's just ! This is Afghanistan! I didn't expect less! The organization is a little precarious, but for the Afghans, this race is important. The 44 participants train for months, to beat the foreigners present. And especially for the first prize. 10,000 Afghanis, or €110.

More than two months salary average in Afghanistan. From the start, the difference is made. Afghans are running in deep snow. The pace is impossible to keep for foreigners. In addition to the 350 meter climb height difference at 4000 meters altitude, the difficulties multiply.

Quickly, the weather covers itself. The strangers hold the pace hard. They are still a long way off when the first Afghan reached the top, and begin the descent.

The champion of the Afghan Ski Challenge 2019, completes its course in 26 minutes. Meanwhile, at the top, the first foreigners still have to prepare the equipment for the descent, in an icy wind. Inge, the young Norwegian got way behind schedule.

I wanted to go to the rhythm Afghans at first. I lasted 100 meters, but afterwards I was too tired. But suddenly he collapses. Inge seems stuck. With fatigue, an old wound in the shoulder reappeared.

I have my dislocated shoulder. Call the organizer. The young man cannot no more movement. Luckily, Helen the American, is a doctor. She has just arrived.

Helen manages to replace the shoulder quickly. But Inge will have to find the strength to come down. Without help.

The Afghans parade on arrival. Quick... But not very technical! And finally...

The first foreigners to cross the line are only fourteen and fifteenth. It was hard ! We did it ! What a race! A quarter of an hour later, Inge joins the team, weakened. It was hell going up there! I didn't think they would be so fast. A few ok, but not all Afghans like that.

The Afghans have deserved their victory, but tourists also have the right to their hour of glory. Their presence gives hope to this very poor region. Despite the country's instability, Bamiyan plans to attract more and more adventurers in the years to come. Others are not at the end of their troubles. Romain and David are exhausted and without water. The obstacle course continues in the Chernobyl nuclear exclusion zone.

After more than 15 hours, a new step has been taken. They see one appear symbols of the soviet empire. Duga. 2 huge antennas that have been used, over-the-horizon radar during the Cold War.

It's a bit of a reward after 40km of walking. It is a truly exclusive place. Issue, this time, Igor wants to leave them there.

And his advice is incomprehensible. There are more than 20 km left to their final goal. But alone, it's dangerous. You don't continue to the village? It's probably going to be difficult given our resources.

We almost had extra water, but in the end we won't have any. And what we have left, it will allow us just to do half... The two friends decide to give up. There discovery of Chernobyl ends here. But for others, the journey is far from over. It's the turn of the agency's clients to tourism to discover the Soviet antenna.

That's what we call be under the radar! Very funny ! For them, the city of Prypiat, it's a 20 minute bus ride. And they will have the right to the full turn. Soviet cinema, the gym.

The amusement park that was supposed to be inaugurated 4 days after the disaster. Prypiat was a new city, model of soviet architecture. Today, trees are everywhere.

And there's only one ghost town left. We are in a big city, but not a sound, just the birds. The highlight of the visit is to go to the closer to the origin of the disaster.

Reactor number 4 of the nuclear power plant. It is covered with a containment dome as big as the Stade de France. It's no worse than flying! Tourists are won over. For the pictures, they don't say "cheese" but... RADIATION ! And before leaving the premises, mandatory passage through the security gate, with detectors that verify the level of radioactivity, especially on the hands and feet. With nearly 100,000 visitors per year, Chernobyl has become the symbol disaster tourism.

But what will be the next step for our extreme adventurers? Space, no doubt! From 2020, travel agencies will offer stays, in space station.

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