Phuket, Thailand is BACK! | Walking Tour of Bangla Road and Patong

Phuket, Thailand is BACK! | Walking Tour of Bangla Road and Patong

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Good morning, guys. I am at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. No I'm not leaving Thailand. I'm leaving for Phuket.

It's an exciting day. Back where it all started. I'll be heading back to where it all started. If you don't know. Phuket was the place that made me fall in love with travel. The place that where I decided to quit my job, sell my house, pursue travelling the world and chasing my dreams of creating content.

So I'm bloody pumped. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the journey with me. But we have an important thing. Go ahead, let's check in.

Let's go and catch this flight to Phuket. I'm so pumped. You guys can see we're heading to B one oh I can smell Phuket already from here.

The islands, the beaches, the water. Let's get it. We're here, guys.

In Phuket City. The heat, the warmth. Feels like second home.

I'm going to catch a taxi or a grab one of those. Meet you guys at the apartment and then let's go check out Phuket City. It's a good day.

We are in, guys. Off to Baan Thai Beach residence. It's a nice to give you guys a tour. Thank you.

Yeah, David. All right, we are in, guys. Nice little place. Quick little tour. I want to get out of here.

Want to get some food. Nice little sink, toilet. Your bum gun. Bathrooms not bad. A bedroom, little TV, which I won't use. Nice little place to work, you know, I need that. And a view of the streets.

I'm about a 15 minutes walk from Bangla Road. Just a six minute walk to Patong Beach, which is exactly what I want in a massive think. What, the king sized bed? That's enough for the tour. I'm going to get out of here or I'm gonna clean up, get out of here and then take you guys for a little bit of a walking tour.

Get some food, rehydrate. I'll see you guys there. All right, guys, freshened up. Changed. In a singlet.

I showered so much better. I needed that shower. But like I said, we're in Phuket, baby.

The place where it all started for me. I've pumped to show you guys around. Let's keep walking around. Make sure I don't bump it to anyone. The challenge is to find some food.

Chill by Patong Beach. It'd be nice to go for a walk on Bangl as well. Show you guys a little bit of the sights there. But I just want to embrace and I just love Phuket. Honestly it's probably

my second home, the place where it all started. So let's go on with the tour. You guys see the beach? Oh, the ocean, the sea.

That's what I live for. Let's try not to die while we cross the road. All clear. All clear. Look how nice it looks.

Not even a nice day today. It's very cloudy overcast. Pretty chill as well. It's about 05:00 p.m..

No thank you. Guys, this isn't even the best beach. This is Patong Beach.

It's not the best one, but right now, as the sun is slowly setting, there's life. It's vibrant. I mean, look at the people. When I checked in, speaking to an awesome Pakistani gentleman who actually worked at the front, and he said, Phuket's busy again. It's popping off.

Hotels are fully booked. I was lucky I was able to get that place for a whole week, which is awesome. But I'm going to shut up for a bit.

Just enjoy the views. I mean, you guys can't see it, but it's packed down that way. It's packed. Nice to see a life. So the last time I was here was in June with a good friend of mine and it was nowhere near this packed.

I could just feel the energy as soon as I landed in Phuket. It's not chaotic, it's just everyone's here for a good time. That type of energy, that beach vibe.

That partyish island, which is nice. Let's continue. I haven't eaten all day, so I would like some food. And I love the carts.

They have them here too. Hello. how are you? Good thank you. There's delicious chicken. Fish. Fisher. Fish.

This is chicken. Chicken bum. Chicken bum. Yeah. I tried last time. Where you from? I'm from Australia. You're from phuket. Yeah. Okay. Very good. Okay, I keep walking.

Maybe I come back here. Thank you. So, as I was saying, I haven't eaten all days, so pumped to get some food. There's heaps of stalls and food stalls down there. Everyone from Phuket, or at least when I've encountered, is ridiculously nice. One of the main reasons why I fell in love with this place.

Coconut ice cream. Pad thai shrimp, squid, chicken. Hello People just chilling. Look at this. Awesome. Some fruit shakes. People just drive around the sidewalk. It's popping off here.

It's life. Chicks with coconuts, not just the drinking kind. And it's awesome. So vibrant. I hate when there's too much variety. I'm actually going to get some fruit.

Hello. Can I get watermelon? Yeah. No shake, just okay. I come from Australia. Australia? Yeah.

But Vietnamese. Yeah. You guys are from Puket? Yes. Nice to meet you, too. Yes. Watermelon secured.

Just going to eat this whilst I walk. It's a challenge vlogging. Should I hire a full time camera person? Watermelon anywhere.

So many dogs. Makes me miss my little one Kobe. Hey, buddy. There are dogs everywhere. I've mentioned it but fruits in Thailand are so good. Let's go and get some proper food.

Love to walk and take you guys on Bangla road as well. Just going to quickly cross the road. I'll show you guys the other side. We've seen the beach immaculate. This isn't even their best beach.

It's just the main beach, Patong beach. But it's mayhem. All right, guys, right here.

So this is the other side, guys. This is the main walking road. You got a restaurant, people working hard. Ice cream over there.

Got tours, got an exciting tour coming up, which I've keen to show you guys. Meeting up with some friends in Phuket as well, so stay tuned. But heaps of restaurants, guys. Australasian? That's interesting. It's nice. Nice trees, palm trees and music. pub scenes, everything here.

I've missed Phuket so much. Hello. What is your name? My name is D. I'm David. Yeah, okay.

Nice to meet you. Good to see you. You just opened this store. New yeah.

Business good? Yeh business good. No, I am not this owner, but I am working. Are you working here? Yeah. Awesome. So you got indica. Relax. Yes. Sativa. Happy. I remember I was in Puket in June and they first legalised marijuana. Very good.

Okay. Thank you, brother. I might come back. Okay. Oh fake markets as well. Basketball jerseys. Hey, what's your name, brother? Nice to meet you, man. Nice to meet you. Take care. The energy is unreal. Everyone on Phuket just wants to have a good time.

Everyone I've spoken to is lovely. They're always asking where you're from, how are you? I'm glad tourism is picking back up. If you watch my pattaya video, that place is dead. It's pretty quiet. I fell like everyone comes to Phuket over Pattaya, which makes sense. There's obviously an international airport that you can get to.

That's what we did today. We got here by plane. I mean, look at the vibes here. Mint. Yeah.

Guys, let's continue on this tour. I walk down to Bangla, show you guys the place up there. All right, guys, we're here.

About to hit up Bangla, but there are heaps of massage parlours all the way down there. They all politely call out to you, which is pretty funny. So you got to be here when in Thailand. It's funny. This guys about to kill me.

But we are on Bangla. Beautiful sign. Patong beach. Let's go for a bit of a walk. I'll show you my favourite places.

Lighting is terrible, but it's all right. They've got cannabis stores everywhere nowadays. It's a good time for me to be doing this. The lovely ladies or boys aren't out yet as well.

It's about 05:00 p.m. Right now. Party starts around about 8, 9 or 10. Then the after party starts around one, two. Gets a lot more hectic.

But I do want to do a fake market hunt and show you guys the jerseys, the air forces, the nike's. Everything. The Loui bags. I think it's fun.

Got Irish pubs over there. Everyone's so kind and nice. They don't mind the camera when it's early. Might be a bit loud, so I'm going to shut up and just walk. Well, you got an Aussie bar over there as well. I am from Australia.

One of my mates got when I was in Phuket last time, one of our mates got hit, cut his eye and I remember this all where to come in, get supplies, fix his eye up. It was a pretty funny. But massive bars. Lovely ladies there as well.

I won't show them. They get iffy if, you know. Live sport bars as well. But it's a whole street all the way down there.

Bangla walking street. It's tamed right now. Very, very tamed. It's got food stores, too.

Everyone's in like singlets, everyone's ripped here. It's a good vibe to be around, to be honest. At least right now. Can get too crazy sometimes at night. Example, us trying to help break up a fight. They've got celebrity ink here as well.

I think it's one of the most famous tattoo parlours in Phuket. Thailand is known for the tattoos. It's a hell of a lot cheaper. It's a market. Gucci hat. Sunnies.

Another cannabis store. Burger Kings everywhere in Southeast Asia. This bar is pretty good too. There's a live music bar that I just love.

The last time we were here, Filipinos would do renditions or acts of famous popular songs. And you can tell them, hey, we want to play this, et cetera. It was lit. Had the best time at that club or bar.

Titanium Club as well. Tiger. It's an insane vibe at night, guys. Sugar Club.

This place is pretty good as well. You guys can see that the place tends to go off to Bangla Market. Okay. That's where I'll be going. Making a video. I do have to get some goods anyways.

Like I said, I've packed light coming here. I want to buy stuff maybe everywhere I go. Support them as well, but also have a bit of fun.

I think we cross the road. Get some street food. Love this little place here towards the entrance of Bangla road. That way. No thank you.

Yes, shooting. I discount for you. It's my first day. I'm here for a week. I will come back if I want to let you know. Okay.

Thanks. The people here very friendly ish. I'll walk around. I don't feel like a whole lobster. I will do a seafood video. I'm keen for that.

You know about them skewers. To be honest this market is a bit pricey. It is, I'll be honest. Especially compared to Bangkok. Fried rice, fruit smoothies, sushi. What was that? Japanese? You thought I was Japan, I guess.

I've got Japanese style tattoos. Let's try something I haven't tried. A bit of a blockage over there. I've found the first dish, guys, creamy omelette with rice. I can get number nine.

Creamy omelette with shrimp on rice. 150. Okay, thank you. So 150 baht for that guys.

Creamy omelette, shrimp on rice. I'll have that. Enjoy the night to myself. Maybe hit up Bangla at night. Who knows? Might be a wild night . Probably not.

Keep a low key. We'll wait for the food guys. I don't think that's ours. We got the creamy omelette, shrimp and rice. I'll show you guys once it starts cooking. Alright guys, our boy There is whipping up the omelette.

Ketchup? Just a litte bit. 150 baht, which is about $6. Keep the change. Thank you. So 150. Like I said, this place is a bit pricey. Let me set you guys up.

GoPro is almost dead. We'll try this. Nothing special. I would love an omu rice, an omu rice in Japan.

Believe it's japanese. Yeah. So nice little omelettes. Thai's do the best omelettes. I swear, if you've never had one, they do it at any high thai store, I think even in your country, probably.

With a bit of prawn. I'm not lying. That's one of the best omelettes I've ever had. Sometimes when you get omelettes that's too burnt, this is nice. Silky texture, fried perfectly.

Soy sauce coming through as well. Reminds me of my childhood. Any of you guys ever had when you were a kid, egg you mixed with soy sauce, put on top of your rice and if you had a bit of money, you'd have some spam with it. That was my childhood and some megurine.

But this is so good. It's a bit pricey. It's on bangla.

You're on an island. This in Bangkok? Probably. A dollar or 2 dollars. Where it's like $5 or $6 here. Do you guys put ketchup on your eggs, too? I think it's like 50 50.

I like it. I'm very excited, guys. Back in Phuket, where this all started, where my dream came to fruition, where I wanted to start a YouTube channel and start travelling. So I'm so excited. I'm going to finish this.

More Phuket, videos to come. Catch you in the next one.

2022-12-25 16:19

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