Paris Disneyland Experience | How Beautiful it is? | Europe travel vlog Hindi

Paris Disneyland Experience | How Beautiful it is? | Europe travel vlog Hindi

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[GETTING CALLED BY A DISNEY PRINCESS] -Come on Let's go. -Namaste -I know about Namaste. [MUSIC] -Have you been to Beijing -Yes. Look how fast we became friends. [INTRO] Hey guys welcome back to the Channel. I hope you are doing amazing, today we will be experiencing something special and you can guess it by seeing my hoodie.

I am wearing a Disney Hoodie. Today we will be going to Paris Disneyland. When I went to Hong Kong and Japan, we went to their Disneyland. The same process we will follow in Paris. So, today we will be visiting the Paris Disneyland. It's going to be a fun video, [GREETINGS] There are so many vehicles that ride with a siren.

From the City Center, Gare du Nord it will take an hour to reach the Disneyland, and I need to change 2 trains. The metro charges may be around 2.10€. As this is a long journey, we may need to pay extra. From here we will go to Les Halles. From Les Halles, we will take 'A' Metro Now we will go to Marne-la-Vellee. It has a Disney symbol too. It will take 41 mins more to reach there.

The Paris's subway system is very convenient. You will understand everything easily. Google Maps works perfectly fine, use it as per your need. When I have to plan my tickets, I use the WeGo Travel App. It is very convenient and accurate. [PROMOTION] The summary is, Wego searches across the web and offers you the cheapest price.

Download now, the link is in the description. They have amazing offers. We got a Double decker train to take us to Disneyland.

[MUSIC] We reached the Disneyland Station. [UNABLE TO PRONOUNCE IT] Sortie means exit. From here, I can see the Disneyland. This is my third Disneyland tour.

You get too see some Disney shops at one end which is common in every Disneyland. I have no reason to go there. I have already covered the Disney stores in my previous Disneyland Tours.

You must be knowing that, I had bought This hoodie from a Disney shop. Let's go inside and experience some adventurous rides. Today the theme of Disneyland is Happy Halloween. When I went to Hong Kong and Tokyo, there were different themes. Whenever I go to a Disney land, I get to see different themes. Wow look at the decoration.

The decorations are so colourful and beautiful. Keeping the rides aside, I feel just coming here makes it worth all your money. Some people come here only for rides.

Whenever I see this infrastructure, I fall in love with it. Speaking of the Disneyland's Fare, For adults it is around 51€. During their peak season, the tickets are doubled too. [MUSIC] Once this Disneyland used to be the World's Largest Disneyland.

Now Shangai Disneyland is World's Largest. -What happened??? -There's a rodent out there. Feel free to get involved in this madness, After all, you have come here for fun and enjoyment.

[ENACTMENTS] -Do, I have to clap? -Carefull, you will fall. -I am a really good climber -Oh Hi, what's your name? -She's Pennywise from UK. I thought the weather's gloomy and there will be less crowd.

Disneylands are always crowded. Finally, my chance came to enjoy this Elephant ride. You can control its flight from this switch. You can feel the cold breeze. As I said, I can control the flight from this lewer. I did not get a chance to go on this ride in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

I thought it to be less scary so didn't go in it back then. This Time I started my tour with this ride. [MUSIC] We are in this Dark Cave. From here you have to get down, and get on the boat.

Finally got my seat. [SOUNDS FROM THE RIDE] -This is amazing. -Honestly, it was boring in the beginning. Now it is getting interesting.

Look at him sitting on the treasure. We met with an accident. The ride was okay. I had to stand in queue for 40 minutes, I thought it to be boring in the beginning. Suddenly a slow ride began to look interesting.

[MUSIC] This is the #1 ride of Disneyland. You must be wondering where's the queue, it's there, we have skipped the line. If you want to skip a queue for a ride, you have to pay 18€.

For 1700 INR you can skip one ride's queue You can go like this in the Premium line like me. I did not pay extra for this ride, the total waiting time for this ride is 90 minutes. I had to talk to the management, I told them about my channel. {\an8}They gave me entry so that I can cover more places.

So this is the number 1 ride. This looks similar to the Riyadh monument. -Superb ride till here. I can't express how wonderful this experience was.

The weather is cold and the lights have dimmed out. Let's have some snacks. I got snacks, a power bank, a water bottle, everything in this fanny pack. These are homemade Khakras.

[NIGHT SHOW] -Hi, what's your name? - I am Pratik Jain. -Are you here alone? -Yes. - I am Sonia, from Taiwan.

-Sonia is common name in India. -What's your name? - I am Ellie. One is Korean and other is Thai.

[TAKING SELFIES] -This is nice. - Nice to meet you. to say Thank You, you need to say Dhanyawad. Ni Hao translates to Namaste.

I will go on this futuristic ride. -We will sit here soon. Honestly, it looks exciting. HERE WE GO I can change the flight of this Jet ride. The cold breeze makes this ride even more memorable. It has tilted to its potential.

I will go to the maximum height I can push the pedal to go down. It feels fast when you are down. Now we will go in another roller coaster. It is the #2 ride.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain ride. The last roller coaster ride went through open surroundings this will go through packed surroundings. This is the fastest Disney ride. It is very tough to record this ride. It is very risky to shoot so I won't be shooting. I thought this ride to be similar to Hong Kong's and Tokyo's Disneyland ride.

This is the fastest ride of this Theme Park. This is the greatest ride, must-do ride of Disneyland. -How was your experience? -CRAZY -You're from? -China -Names Cities. - I am from Beijing -I have been to Beijing -Suddenly we became friends. -What's this? It recalls of the Bobby Deol movie Soldier.

He had the same hairstyle. It was only 25€. Therefore, I didn't buy it. This Disneyland opens at 9.30 AM and is open till 11PM.

Other Disneylands close at 10PM The fireworks start very late around 10PM. It won't be par to the Hong Kong's Fireworks as it is best in the World. 10 PM is too late, public have started to move out.

Now it's 7.30PM, they should have started it by now. I won't be staying here till 10 PM. I have already seen Hong KOng's fireworks show. I bought these water bottle

and popcorn for 8€. That is around 750 INR. That was too expensive.

You have to afford this expense when it comes to food and drinks. [MUSIC] It's getting colder and colder with time. It's literally chilly out here.

I guess it is time to say goodbye to this place. I had a good time on various rides, in some rides, phones were not allowed. Some rides, I had already completed in other Disneyland videos. I shot some of the rides and gave you information about this Theme Park It's almost 2 hours for fireworks to start, I can't wait that long. I'll use that time to reach my Hostel.

If I sleep on time, I can wake up early and explore other places tomorrow. So let's end this Disneyland video here. The weather was gloomy and cloudy, so sorry for the video quality. I hope you liked this video. Rest all, I will leave it to you. -Thanks a lot for watching this video till end love you all.

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