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hello everyone once again here from Turkey so  in this video we're going on a bit of a road   trip so the last video was in cash a beautiful  beach town and we just rented a car from there   so the car is 45 Euros a day but then we have  to pay an extra fee because we're gonna leave   it in Antalya we're not taking it back to the  same place and that's pretty expensive so the   drop-off fee is uh 60 Euros so drop it off  there but yeah that's what we're gonna do so   we're just driving along the coast now really  a beautiful drive before it was mountainous   but yeah right now it's a coastal one and  every now and again a little beach appears   and this part is pretty empty because we're kind  of in the middle of nowhere so yeah kind of empty   beaches really nice empty beaches so right now  we're heading to a spot called Olympus and then   after that we're gonna go to a place called  adrasan which is where staying and from there   we're going to be doing a boat tour tomorrow to  an amazing Island that's the main reason that   we've come here so from cash it's about a two  hour drive but a two-hour beautiful drive oh foreign so we've arrived in Olympus now looks really cool  really different so we're kind of surrounded by   Forest everywhere cool Cliff similar kind of  clips that we saw in like all of Denise so   this place also has uh hostels it's more of like  a hippie Backpacker place from what we saw you   can definitely see that from the appearance  of the the guest houses and uh restaurants   it's hard to even know uh what's what gets all  covered in trees yeah that's a restaurant I wanted   to stay in one of the glamping places there are  many options here but since it's so hot I thought   it wouldn't be a good idea at least not in this  time of the year it's a lot big summer yeah so we   just had to pay 25 liters to pack and this is also  an archaeological site Olympus so we got these   tickets here for 90. so it's cool you get two in  one it's a archaeological site and if you keep   walking you arrive at the beach so I'm gonna get  Beach and uh history all in one yeah so this place   is an ancient Greek and Roman City from around  the third Century BC now the ruins are still   standing pretty well some sites that we go through  are just a bunch of rocks on the ground right   yeah but it's nice when we find the ones like  this that are a bit more it says here that it   was a church church number one so probably going  to be seeing a lot of churches and it says that   it only collapsed in 1969 because of a flood  there is a river behind here right now it's dry foreign there's still a bit of water down there there's  no water at all I don't know if this comes in   from the sea got some ruins on that side too  so the water at this pot is still flowing this   looks like a man-made River because there's  rocks on either side doesn't look natural yeah oh yeah over there he goes up to the top  oh yeah all the way to the top I wonder if   that would have been like a fortress or a  castle okay it gets bigger and bigger than   yeah definitely so in this building is the tomb  of a leader that was called Marcos Aurelius from   Olympus from this city and he served as the head  of the lithian league I said his family is also   in here so yeah there's like two tombs can't  really tell which one this is maybe that one so   here we have a sarcophagus which is exactly the  same kind that we saw in cash we saw in quite a   few spots pretty much identical so I did mention  Lithia in uh some of the other videos so that that   was this region at the time I think it's from  like Dalian to modern day and Talia that was   all called Alicia and this was one of the six  major cities in the lysian league at the time oh that is extra nice and cool I like  it yeah this thing seems to never end   you go exploring more and more in the woods  and other buildings up here like this one thank you so now we're bathing like the  ancient Greeks and the Romans   the water is very very cold it's ice cold  yeah it's not just cold because something you know I have something so swollen yeah  swollen like a big lump is that how you   call it yeah big one and yeah I just needed  a knife some kind of eyes to make it less   um golden and this is this is what I have right  now yeah this is definitely how they cool down   back in the day because if it's like this in  the summer I can't imagine how cold it must be   in the winter so we come to a much nicer part  now so this is one of the ruins with the tombs   cows falling all over the place you okay with  that cow yeah just get just get right in like me   no too cold I just wanna put my legs should I  go in well it's okay it's gonna be all numb yeah   just go you won't feel anything it is ice cold swim house foreign look at this for a cool entrance to the beach so  you have the river here incredible backdrops there   and here we go the beach so we only decided to  come here last minute because Carol saw a picture   of the beach mainly because of that backdrop  she saw a picture kind of like this this was   the picture so we checked it out and then we found  out that there were some ancient ruins there as   well uh the water on this beach is super beautiful  though really transparent water you can see it's   a huge beach though so even though it's super  packed here it looks a lot emptier down there   looks like some boat tours come here as well  because uh yeah there's a boat there maybe   that's from where we're going to be staying  yeah probably oh that is quite the view though foreign on the beach so we got a nice spot in the shade here so  those are the castle ruins that we could   see before it's either Castle or some sort  of Fort my guess is a castle we saw a gate   but it was closed you're not allowed up there  anymore would have been cool to check that out foreign foreign which is about 20 minutes away driving from  Olympus and this is where we stayed so as you   can see it's a completely undeveloped area you  still get the same like mountainous views just   like Olympus and right now we're just heading  to the beach because we're gonna do a boat tour   which is the reason that we came to this region  and the deal that we got is 250 per person which   is good because it's a full day tour and that  also includes lunch so yeah pretty good price and   here's some of the glamping spots can do glamping  around here pretty common and this right here is   the main beach in adrasan so it doesn't look as  nice as the one in Olympus but we still got the   amazing mountainous view Carol said that almost  looks like a volcano yeah yeah it really does look   like a volcano also the good part of this beach is  that it is Sandy oh yeah it was a family beach so   this one is ending it's not white today but still  is better to to swim and to lay down yeah to walk   yeah I didn't I didn't notice that it is all  Sandy so maybe yeah you would prefer this I   think the water's still the same and the boat  that we're going on is just over here somewhere so we've stopped at our first spot took about  50 minutes to get here and we're going to be   staying here for about an hour and a half  two hours from what the guy said it's like   two little rocky beaches and we have no  idea what's included in this store do we know there are a few stops before that and  yeah but it's funny that we don't see any foreigners yeah I think this is  still like a bit of a Hidden Gem   for foreigners anyway obviously the Turkish  know about it quite a lot of boats there thank you so the guy said we're only staying here so long  because of the conditions very wavy right now I   think we're supposed to go to some other place a  cave or something because that's why we're staying   here all this time but yeah I'm not complaining  good spot to hang out for two hours definitely   it's Beverly beaches hurt don't they yeah   yeah some of the rocks are painful to walk on  yeah we definitely like the sandy beaches more   now it is food time so the food is pretty similar  on all of the tours that we've been on to either   get the fish or meat option this is just the  chicken here and it's pretty much been the same   isn't it like sometimes rice instead of pasta yeah  we got loads of veggies too and bread and flies thank you all right now we're at beach number two  this is a big beach hold this wobbly plank   so they call this beach American Beach unusual  name so the guy in the boat said it's because   many years ago some American warships ended  up on this beach they came to so ever since   then the locals call the American Beach and  he also mentioned that there's fresh water   coming out of this rock that green area you  can just see there's a green area all dry Rock   then just this little green area that's  funny they have like the pipe yeah   the pipe and then the water's coming out with that  as well all right freezing isn't it it is safe   you can drink it so this is the first time that  we're gonna have tea and biscuits on the beach I like the biscuits Carol mm-hmm tasty biscuits thank you foreign thank you so this is the island that we mainly  did the tour for it's called suluwada and that   kind of translates to water Island because  there's supposed to be a fresh water source on   this island didn't realize that we'd be stopping  in the cave though so the guy said this spot is   exclusive for him we're going to be here for an  hour and then later on we're gonna go to one of   the beaches there's like two main beaches around  here he's just waiting for more boats to leave so   it's more relaxed yeah the blue is so intense  here isn't it yeah awesome yeah the guy said   that the rock around here is kind of white on the  floor so yeah that's why it's a different color oh yeah I'm not doing that I don't even know how   he climbed over there that's  some impressive rock climbing foreign pool you can see like light rays yeah I saw that  once in a Cenote yeah I just reminded that to let   me in Mexico yeah it's like we're in the Cenote  here almost and now we have arrived at what I   think is the last stop of the day and they saved  the best till last I think yeah wow look at this   place so we had tea on the left Beach and on this  beach we got some fruit I think watermelon is one   of the best fruit for beaches I've been using it  every day here in Turkey yeah all the breakfast   they have at home very good so the Island's very  different to the mainland it's like orange kind of   brown over there you got some weird color  it's like a greeny gray a bizarre Island foreign so I'll put the contact info on the screen of  this guy's door not doing a partnership with   him or anything but it's just a really good  tour his whole objective is to try and avoid   the other boats since it's such a popular place  like this place now when we arrived he said in   10 minutes all the other boats would be gone and  yeah that's what's happened now so we're the only   boat here and if it wasn't so wavy at the start he  would have gone to some other areas where all the   other boats didn't go yeah so it's a good tour  to do if you want to avoid all the other people foreign so we live in address and now we're on our  way to Antalya which is where the next video   should be I really enjoyed our time here  if we knew it was this cool and laid back   and probably spent less time in cash and more time  here really enjoyed it and one thing that's amazed   us so far is just the mountainous scenery I know  we've commented on that but we just really didn't   expect it to be so much I mean basically after we  left boardroom it's just this constant mountainous   scenery until now and that's like seven hours  over here driving so it's like seven hours of   just epic mountains and maybe even going towards  antaly is still going to be like that it looks   like it so far so if you like this video just  drop a like as usual to 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