Pakistani Invited Me to the Islamic Food Street of Chinese Muslims ️

Pakistani Invited Me to the Islamic Food Street of Chinese Muslims ️

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-I am from Pakistan. -This is an octopus. The grocery shopkeeper Gave me this as 5 Yuan. Scam in China! They have applied Tilak. Most of the inhabitants in this area are Muslims. These are very weird foods.

I just Scanned this. -Does this taste like Indian food? Now, I got to know why this is so famous. Hey guys, welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu. Currently, I am in Xi’an City.

In the last video you saw, I came to Xi'an from Beijing on a bullet train. Currently, I am with Anu. She had invited me to the city to explore the city. Where are you from? -My name is Anu and I am from Pakistan. -I am a student in Xi’an City. -I am doing PhD in law.

Which city in Pakistan? -I am from Islamabad, the capital city. Today, we are going to explore Xi’an City. The weather is very cloudy and we are living in this society. This area is near my campus.

This looks like a concrete jungle. There are high-rise buildings and skyscrapers everywhere. You see skyscrapers everywhere. This is not a posh area.

This is a very highly developed. -Today we are going to visit some historical and traditional sites in Xi’an City. We are going to the metro station by walk. -We are going to the metro station.

-Three lines of the metro stations are very near here. You can also call Xi’an City a very historic City. China had 4 ancient capital and Xi’an City was one of them.

Xi’an City was also the first capital of the country. -This is a very historic city and has a high value. There are many historical places and monuments in the Xi’an City.

Xi’an City is also known as the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Before this, I was in Beijing which was a very different administrative division. Now we have come to another province. What is the name of the province and how do you pronounce it? 'Shaanxi Province' What is the name of the neighbouring province? 'Shanxi Province' Only the letter 'A' is different.

The province name is very similar. Two different provinces but the name is the same. One name contains 2 'A' and another name contains 1 'A' It is pronounced as Shaanxi. -There is also Shaanxi University which is one of the top universities. -The Other University is Xi'an Jiaotong.

-I am a student of it. Are there any Indians in your university? -There are Indians. -There are Pakistani and many other nationality people. -People from across the world study at my University.

The one which you are seeing here is the metro station. 3 tier flyover has been constructed here. 1 Tier 2 Tier and 3 tier.

This place looks very lovely at night. -This is also known as the City of Lights. That is why there were lights under all three flyovers. This flyover was very lovely! Before coming to China, I had assumed that the place is very crowded population is very near to India. I thought there will be traffic everywhere and the places will be crowded.

I did not see traffic in all the places where I travelled. Hardly I saw any traffic jams. China is very controlled. -The reason behind this is the infrastructure developed by the Chinese government. You were telling me that changes happen overnight.

-If you have been to a place and if you visit the place again after a week, -You feel like you have come to a new place. -People's perspective change after they visit China. We come to the metro station.

I have taken a single journey ticket. The city is small compared to Beijing which is why the metro fare is very cheap. The fair starts from 2 Yuan which is 0.30$.

This is a metro. I can see many people in the traditional attire. They are not able to understand because they know very basic English. They have applied Tilak. They all have different designs of Tilak.

You see people like this in Xi'an City. -This is the traditional dress. -This is known as Honshu, and you see people in this attire in all the famous tourist attractions. -You get this attire for rent.

The Tilak is known as 'Quatia' and they are different in design. These girls are also wearing many pieces of jewellery. They are wearing jewellery. It is a Chinese word. What do you tell Pakistan in Chinese? -It is known as Bahijistan. What is there here? -Live Tik Tok shooting is going on.

People are very fond of it. -Tik Tok is very famous and you see people making Tiktok videos in every nook and corner of the city. -They make Tiktok even inside the metro because they are crazy about it. Their Tiktok is very different from the international Trend. You see people shooting Tik Tok videos everywhere.

Are they police? They are Chinese police on the bike. -Security is very high because a Summit is going on in Xi’an City. There are many police officers, I think everybody is a lady. They all are Chinese lady police officers. These all are superbikes.

They are waving their hands. Xi’an City is the tenth largest city in China. All the cities in China are very highly developed.

Even small city is very highly developed. The Chinese Tower which you are seeing here is known as Bell Tower. This is there in the centre of the Xi’an city.

In the year 1939 in Japanese bombed the Chinese Tower. This was used as the alarm station in the Japanese Times. People sell the Papad everywhere in China. This comes in various flavours. These are made from corn. The corn which is hanging is the artificial corn.

She is making us taste all the flavours. The small child is wearing the same traditional attire which I showed you just now. She is looking very cute. Meaning of you might have heard Silk Route or Silk Road.

Definitely have heard about it. The ancient Silk Road was started in Xi’an City. Xi’an City is also known as the starting or the ending point of the Silk Road. This is a very historic place. The Silk Road started 2000 ago.

It was started for trading between Europe and the Chinese country. Everybody has a phone in their hand. They might be watching a video or doing photography. But everybody has a phone in their hand. Everybody has a phone in their hand.

I have never seen a camera-friendly country like China before. Nobody is worried if you point the camera towards them. Even the police officer and security officers don't tell you anything. Muslim Street has started from here.

-Officially, Muslim Street start from here. What is he telling? He is asking for money. We have come to the popular location in Xi’an City. The name of the place is the Muslim Quarter. This is the hub of Muslims in Xi'an city.

All the roads here are known as Muslim Streets -This is Muslim Street and particularly you find traditional and Muslim food in the street. Most of the inhabitants here are Muslims. You might get to know them by looking at them. There are shops for street food and souvenirs. You see street food or souvenirs shop everywhere.

This is a very popular place and people across China come here for roaming. The place is very crowded and there are many local Chinese travellers. This is the most dense area of the city. As she is telling, this is the most densely populated area in the City.

On an estimate, the population of Muslim Street is between 50,000 to 1,00,000. If you are wondering how the Muslim community is existing in the part of China, the history is related to Silk Road. 1000 years before, many Muslim merchants came here to sell items from Western Asia and Arabia. The sellers got married and got settled in the City. All the Muslims you are seeing here are the next generation of merchants. All the traders are their ancestors.

After many generations, today also traders are still living in this city. There are narrow streets everywhere in these Muslim streets. This is another Street. There is another Street on the other side. We are thirsty so we thought of drinking pomegranate juice. Let me ask the price first otherwise, he will charge more.

If you don't ask the price first, they will sell the items three times more expensive. -After seeing the tourist they increase the price. Let me first confirm the price. Is already done before? What kind of juice is this? Is it cold? We can bargain on everything.

-You can bargain in the street shops. This is pomegranate juice. If you come here as a tourist, sellers try to sell the items more expensively. Even the food items will be expensive, we have to bargain. Other items are three times more expensive.

He told me 15 but now he has given it 10. -When you come here, do try this pomegranate juice because this is very delicious. This is very tasty because this is fresh and Ice chilled. I am enjoying this pomegranate juice. There are so many Street foods and it's impossible to cover all of them in a single video. This is a sweet dish and I had also seen this in Sweden.

-These desserts are sweeter than our sweets. -These people eat a lot of sweets. Is this Naan? Bread is called Naang? You should add 'G' after naan.

-They have added many seeds to this. -These are sunflower seeds. -There are also some local spices.

These are different types of Naans. It is in different shapes and contains different seeds. There are many varieties of naan.

-They Purchase Naan from here and take the Barbeque from the next shop. They take naan from here and then select their favourite meat and bbq it. What are these? This is bare.

Chinese Eat a lot of bare because it's included in the culture. Is it available in Pakistan? -It is available, but not in this form. This is Chinese bare. It is in their culture and they eat different types of bare. They are of different sizes and shapes. This is a very big bare.

This looks like noodles. This is potato and this is tofu. -Yes, this is tofu.

There are varieties of tofu. -Tofu and soya bean are very famous. What is this? Is he cooking? No.

What do you want to eat here? -I want to try the dumplings. This is a Chinese momo He is writing Chinese on his phone. We found him randomly.

He was clicking photos, we are giving WeChat ID so that he can send the photos. This is common in China. The first name is the surname. His name is 'Tong Tuan li' 'Tong' and 'Li' surnames The middle name is his name. He is taking photo after photos You eat momos and I will eat this.

This is jelly. These are very weird Foods. I just scanned the language...

to understand and this is jelly. She is adding salt to the fried jelly. She is making Fried tofu.

She has added Chinese masala. There are two types of dumplings. This has vegetables and this is meat. There are options.

She is making Tofu like this. This is a very huge quantity, my stomach will be filled. She is frying even the dumplings. -Chinese use a lot of oil in almost all the dishes.

-Sesame oil is used a lot and it is healthy. -Chinese eats a lot of spicy food. -We have a mindset that the Chinese don't use spices. -But the Chinese eat a lot of spicy food.

-Especially in Xi’an city, spicy food is consumed a lot. -Even in the Shaanxi province. This is a spicy fried tofu. It is spicy and has a lot of pepper.

Does it taste like Indian food? -Yes, a little bit. This is the dumplings. Taste it and tell us the review. -You can see the fillings. What is there in the fillings? -This has some vegetables and paneer.

-There are cheese and vegetables. How is the taste? -It is nice it has a very mild taste. Both of them are 15 yuan [2.3$] The total was 30 Yuan [4.6$] Chinese also use this Scanning System. People don't use cash.

When I pay in cash, they don't have the change. Chinese also use a payment method which is very similar to India. I told her that even India uses the scanning payment method. I told her about the payment and she was shocked! This is being used in India from very long. -India is advancing a lot in Technology.

This place is getting crowded since the evening. This place will be crowded at night. Today is not a weekend.

When you come at the weekend, you will not have place to stand in the street. This is not even the weekend but still, this is crowded. This is a seafood stall. Can you explain the menu? -This is the octopus. Other than octopus? -Jellyfish. -This is part of the octopus.

What do you call this? Everything is octopus. I think this is Squid. What do you want to eat? -I will try this. You can just choose closing your eyes. -I don't want to do that, but I will try this.

This is the part of the Octopus and she wants to eat it. They have mixed with masala. -You get a lot of spicy food in the streets. -When I taste the food here, it feels like I am eating it in Pakistan.

There are many types of street foods and I have shown you this in Beijing... when I went to a Buddhist restaurant. This is a very hot and spicy red gravy. It will be very spicy. There are items such as tofu, potato, meat and chicken. Look at this ice cream shop.

There are so many varieties of ice creams. They are giving the Ice Cream in the bamboo cup. A lady was eating it here.

There are so many varieties and quantities. Octopus is ready and she is drinking other juice. How much juice will you drink? Octopus and juice are ready. -The weather is very hot in Xi’an City.

This is the fried octopus. Your mouth will burn. -It is very crispy. The cost of this is 20 Yuan [3$] This is rice and dates. There is brown rice and dates in this. I think this is the traditional dessert.

This is a sweet dish of dates and rice. So many varieties, one cannot eat them. I don't think anybody cooks food at home in China. -People don't cook in China.

People are busy at work and don't have time. -Most of the people eat outside. She is wearing a traditional dress. Is this a traditional dress? -Yes, this is a traditional dress.

You see these types of dresses in the province of Shaanxi. People come in traditional dresses to tourist places and take photos. What is she telling? She works in a skincare company. Finally, I can find something desi, This is sugarcane juice. This is sugarcane juice. This is sugarcane juice.

It is green in colour. This is coconut water. Everything is fresh but they pack it. -People write different wishes and their loved ones' names. -You can also write a wish here. -You can write a wish stating you can come to Pakistan.

She wanted to take a picture of her child with us. All the local shops in the street are operated by local Chinese Muslims. The presentation is very good. Is this the local yoghurt? -It is organic yoghurt. How much do you want to drink? I just asked for 1 but he has packed 4.

This is the local yoghurt and I will Taste this. This is for 12 Yuan [12$] This is the brand name. This is fully made of glass.

How will I insert the straw? This yoghurt comes in special packing. I don't want to get spilt. It is very thick and it is very tasty.

This tastes exactly like lassi. This is a shop here. There is a big queue for this shop. I will ask her, she might know it. Why is the queue so long? -This is a very old shop. -This shop serves special dishes in the City.

This looks like a Chinese hamburger. This is a very old and famous shop on the street. Do you want to eat it? -Yes, we will taste it.

Were you talking about this? This is 'Rojamo' the traditional burger in China. There was a big line so we have come to another shop. Same item but from another shop. This is the toaster in which they are roasting the bread.

He is adding sauce and meat to the bread. He will not give it to you. He will give it to you after 15 minutes. -I got to know why this is so famous. The cost for this is 15 Yuan The cost for this is 2$.

This is how it looks. This is 15 Yuan, I gave him 10 Yuan and 5 Yuan. He is telling that this is not 5 Yuan. There are 10 divisions in 1 Yuan.

It is known as Jiao. There are 10 divisions in 1 Yuan and this is half Yuan. This was given to me by a grocery shopkeeper. -You have got scammed in China. He is not accepting it if I am giving it to him. Why are you counting it so much as if I have given 5 million? The places get more crowded as the evening passes.

The crowd will still get increased. This is a local delicacy made from rice. I can see Jelly but this is made from two types of rice. This is very hard. What is this? This is made from sticky rice. This is something different, what is this? There are different dry fruits and fruits.

This looks like a local dessert. I will taste this. They have given this for a 10 Yuan [1.5$] This is Jelly and they have given it to me. They have added dry fruits to the jelly.

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