Our First Time In Udon Thani Unveiling The Beauty Of Isan Thailand

Our First Time In Udon Thani  Unveiling The Beauty Of Isan Thailand

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this video is brought to you by Squarespace  oh my goodness we are now in the middle of   the flowers it's pretty incredible where  are you taking me it's Rocket's first   off-road adventure that looks like the Sydney  Opera House okay we should go see Mom first good morning good morning from Udon Thani you  just can't help yourself with this Isan music   right yeah the Isan in me is coming out and you  got to get the hips moving Isan people   party really early yeah it's 9 not even 9:00  a.m. right now we are here at the Talay Bua Daeng or the Red   Lotus Lake when we first moved to Thailand maybe  six seven years ago now we already seen the name Talay Bua Daeng and we've always wanted to come check out  this lake because it is like a hidden gem but   the timing has never been yeah cuz the season  for when the flowers are blooming is actually   quite short it's uh December until March but  right now it's the perfect time to go so let's   uh find ourselves a boat to go check out the  lake I think you can just go and grab one here   there's a ticket booth here it says big boat  six people Max 500 Baht and then the small boat   is two for two people Max 300 Baht that's pretty good price yeah let's get a small one about an hour oh okay he's getting his  camera ready they're taking a photo of us   we've done these kind of boat tours before and  they just love taking a photo in the beginning   of the tour and then at the end they have  it all ready framed for you to buy that's so cute wow this looks cozy babe wow you want to go   to the back or you want to stay  at the front uh I'll go to the back is it comfy yeah you can sit here wow that's perfect I'm sorry I think this small boat is a really nice  choice because you feel closer to the water it's   a lot lower it's quite cozy isn't it babe look over  to your left oh my goodness wow I can just see   like just pink all on the top there and we're not  even out far yet uh that's beautiful oh look look look wow what kind of birds are those they look  like half bird half uh turkey just don't have any   sudden movement because it tilts yeah so easily  the boat look they stand on there like it's such   a firm patch of land or something you can see  in a distance you can see in the distance all of that   is pink it's not really the Red Lotus Lake it's  like the pink pink Lotus Lake actually it's not   even Lotus I read online that these are tropical  water lilies so someone completely named the lake wrong oh my goodness we are now in the  middle of the flowers it's fully Bloom   it's so beautiful they're prettier than  lotus flowers cuz they have more what   you call leaves mhm but that's why you  have to come early in the morning because   they're only open I think from the morning  until 12:00 like when it gets too hot they close oh you're right they close at 11 he said 11 not even 12 so right now it's   still nine it's perfect and how big  is the lake again it is 8 km long   and 3 km wide like I can't see the  end of the pink flowers it's pretty crazy so our Boatman he is from this area and he  said that when he was young there weren't   that many flowers growing from this Lake it  was only maybe in the last 10 years where a   lot of this green plants started floating into  the lake and it caused a lot of shade so then   that's why why a lot of flowers started to uh  bloom from this lake like they were able to   survive and bloom and a couple years ago CNN  also did an article and called uh Talay Bua Daeng here one of the strangest lakes in the world  I think it was ranked number two and then that   also started drawing more local tourists but  also foreign tourists to visit so it's become   sort of a hidden gem in the northeastern area of  Thailand that people love to come to visit and   we are back you excited to see our photo yeah  and they still partying parting hard   all day all night oh I think uh our photo is  the only one left so oh it's actually really   cute it's not bad it's quite cute it's  100 if it was 500 I would say no okay oh it's for the for the community oh okay   so the money goes into this  Boating Association oh that's good can I see it again it's  actually pretty good yeah we both look great oh my God so hot did you think it was  worth the drive yes it was only around what   45 minutes from the city center of Udon Thani which  is where we stayed last night and if you were   also wanting to come here um of course we came  with our currently still trusty Old Rocky but   you can also come by taxi I think you wouldn't  be wanting to pay more than 1,500 Baht return   for a taxi so they they'll wait for you while  you go on your boat trip but you can also check   with your hotel to see if they can arrange  some sort of tour that they could pick you   up and then drop you back off and I think those  ones probably start early like uh pick up at 7:00   or 7:30 but it's worth a visit if you are going  to the city of Udon Thani but this uh Red Sea I   mean Red Lotus sea is not our main destination  for today so we are driving from here uh all   the way to Nakhon Phanom which is where Note's Mom  and her husband lives for the winter months of   the year and we are really putting Rocket to the  test yeah it's going to be about 4 hours maybe 4   to 5 hours yeah we'll give Rocky a break I think  for part of the trip but this is going to be the   longest driving day for Rocket since  we got everything fixed and checked good   luck everyone You Got It Rocky real quick once  again thank you to Squarespace for continuing   to support our channel and for making it super  easy for beginners like us to create a beautiful   website whether you need a portfolio website  an online store or a personal blog you can   use Squarespace's award-winning templates to  get started there is so much you can do to   your website you can add videos at your social  media manage a store and they keep rolling out   with new features and with the easy to use drag  and drop editor you can design your page exactly   the way you want it to look just head over  to squarespace.com for a free trial and when   you're ready to launch go to squarespace.com/floraandnote  to save 10% off your first purchase of   a website or domain now let's get back to the  video you hungry getting there let's uh grab   something to eat I look on Google Map and I think  there's a grilled chicken place up there grilled   chicken Isan grilled chicken chicken and som tam nice we haven't had that yet we have to have   that are all these yellow signs leading up  to the chicken uhh what does it say it said wow it's a real street style just park right here nice let's go are those real or a fake  chicken they're real oh they're nice and hot 120 Baht each that looks so good  and it's like golden brown that looks so good this is real street food   yeah look this is Highway food you hear  like cars and trucks go by in the back oh my God it's so tender and it's not fat at  all it's like the crispy skin it's so thin how   how is the chicken so perfect and this is  not even like a a famous place or anything   literally just on the side of the highway  Isan food just hit different which means um very what's that it's delicious  and spicy yeah it's so spicy that you go like that hi guys you wiggling your tail here  over here over there you go this one for   you okay if we have left over then we can  share with them too yeah yeah you guys are   so cute my only concern about eating this is  that I will get sleepy sticky rice get sticky   rice coma yeah when I was in the Army I used  to eat sticky rice every day for breakfast for   lunch for dinner I don't know how I survived  that and not being sleepy and be able to train where are you taking me this is  another Hidden Gem you found mhm I'm not exactly   sure where we are I um was just zooming zooming in  on the Google Map and we were pretty close to this   White Lotus Temple and it looked amazing it's  certainly another Hidden Gem of Udon Thani because   not not many reviews or anything but the Google  map directions to get there seem a bit confused   yeah so I don't know how we ended up here but  we are literally 7 minutes away apparently we   just don't see anything that looks remotely like a  lake around here just a lot of dry rice fields and   a lot of starving cows because there's nothing  to eat it's so so dry around here it's supposed   to be a floating temple right yeah so it needs a  lake or some sort of um man-made body of water I guess I don't know we have to turn around we came the wrong  way oh there's a bike there this might be it we made it finally made it it kind of appeared   out of nowhere it's huge it  looks like the Sydney Opera House we're at the entrance of the temple now  and protecting the temple are two nagas and   nagas are mythical creatures they are serpents  that basically don't let any of the negative   energy the bad energy to enter the temple so  they're here to stand guard and protect it   and you know in Udon Thani people believe that here  is the origin of Naga this is where Naga lives   there's a place in Udon Thani where they consider it  a gateway to the underworld where Naga lives so   people here worship Naga is this where um you  told me on the news one time that someone said   there is a Naga under their house so uh they  dug up their house is it there's the lady   in Isan somewhere I'm not sure if it's Udon Thani but  she went to a fortune teller and the fortune   teller said there's a Naga living under your  house you need to like release it release it   release the bad luck so she dug up her house and  they didn't find Naga but she now she's homeless yeah shouldn't laugh but then well they take it   very seriously yeah hopefully the  community helped her rebuild her house this is beautiful oh the echo is so strong the  details are incredible like all the ceiling is   gold but then the walls are full of colorful  probably stories of Buddha yes and teach and   even the shape of the windows you can see they're  like Lotus shape yeah Lotus petals and there's   eight eight Windows here so the symbol of this  Temple here the White Lotus is quite important   for Buddhism because a White Lotus symbolizes um  resilience and purity because the flower normally   grows out of like mud under like murky water  and it rises up above all of that and becomes a   beautiful flower quite like the human nature  like humans we are grown to go through like   suffering that's like the murky water the mud  and then we can rise above that and become a lotus can you believe it we made it we  made it to Nakhon Phanom just in time for dinner yeah   I got to say that my Father did a good job  fixing up Rocket it was so smooth 4 hours nonstop and here's my Mom's place is it the  one here with the Christmas tree still yeah   she still have her Christmas tree up maybe she  wanted to light it up so we can recognize the   house yeah I'll go park right beside you did a  great job babe Rocket did a great job it's so   funny because I think your Mom's house is the only  one in Nakhon Phanom that has both a Christmas tree and a   Canadian flag on it she said during Christmas all  the villagers around here came to take photos here   she also put like a huge Santa Claus or something  like a blowoff Santa yeah okay let's go see Mom   hello who is that is that Jasmine are you Jasmine  you're new last time we were here you weren't here   are you Jasmine where's Mom do you know where  Mom is huh okay we should go see Mom first you scared me good to see you we were  afraid that you you won't recognize   the house that's why we turn on  the Christmas light oh that's   actually said to Note I was like  I feel like they turned it on for us cheers to reuniting to uh to Rocket oh to Rocket  making it here oh yeah congratulations to family to all the cats

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