Our Favorite City in Kyushu!

Our Favorite City in Kyushu!

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Nagasaki! we sound tired! I'm excited! Nagasaki.... I'm Trevor I'm Juliana and we are searching around the world for the best place to call home for our second day in Kyushu after visiting the oldest city in Japan we arrived in Nagasaki our Nagasaki Hotel it's all ready to step up, and a step up in price as well Oh we're at the end oh but this means we're farthest from the ocean yes but we were already not gonna see it oh! Wow where's the toilet oh it's different this is a walk on the carpet place oh the toilet is separates wow I'm glad oh no, nevermind. Its a no shoes on the carpet place Uh oh, love. we are in Japan Have to take off. Oh like that. I'm happy its a nice room and the toilet is separate Always a plus. Yes.

Good. I'm happy. Just about to Chinatown what is this the second, third, largest Chinatown in Japan? This is third. Maybe second. Wait the Kobe one is famous... Ah Yokohama, Kobe Nagasaki. Oooo. Things look good I haven't had one of those in a long time.

really? I never tried. What's this? Its like s niku-man but instead of putting meaat totally inside... Its like a taco Wow Really good Wow, Its beautiful! Lets be like this Do one of those...

It looks pretty far Oh. Should maybe down Like this? This is Chinatown Nagasaki it doesn't look like it's actually that far if you... see the number of lights but let's check it out we were really excited to eat in Chinatown but nearly all the restaurants closed at 8 pm fortunately we were able to find one shop that was still open oh yeah You put the...

Mustard? Yeah Wanna try without? No you can put. Maybe put, like, half Not all the way Alright Right side has mustard Okay? Its good? Spicy mustard? No. Its good I took the meat from that part Awww! So try a bite. It was an accident... Its okay Its good Woah Oh. Beautiful

After dinner, we headed out into the city the downtown area was kind of small but seemed to be pretty busy for a weekday with lots of little restaurants and bars even though we had just eaten I had to stop for one of my favorite Japanese street foods Yeeeees! Niku-man! [Meat Bun] Buta-man! [Pork Bun] Buta-man? Buta-man is niku yes. Here. Gonna do this one handed. Good? Good.

You look happy Its pretty good! after that we ended up finding a great little foreigner friendly bar but we had so much fun we forget to film the next morning we woke up early for a day of sightseeing starting with the Atomic Bomb Museum and Memorial so this is our second day in Nagasaki and we just finished going through the atomic bomb Museum Which was... intense pretty intense and now we are here at the Peace Park which is located at the hypocenter, underneath where the bomb was released I don't really know what to say right now, other than... that it's a pretty important thing to think about and know about really can't put my thoughts into words well right now so o we're probably going to process and add some comments later but yeah, if you're ever in Nagasaki, you should definitely come we will be doing a whole separate video for the museum now that we have had some time to process Sea bream? It's wasabi? Or shoga [ginger] Good? Have a... texture, like... not crunchy, but... Ah, like firm...

Yes. Firm? I don't know what this is... The English was like "sardine rub", it said Maybe like some croquette Or, no. Its fish. Its like deep fried sardine... ness Sardine stuff its good? like karaage? [fried chicken] Its like fishcake like a deep fried fishcake I like fishcake but not everyone likes fishcake Yes For me its good all right all finished. I'm full. You full?

yes. Got some seafood next to the ocean and now it feels good now feel good? Good. Me too. After a few days of just walking all over the place it feels good to just relax a little bit but now we're in for some more walking we're heading to Dejima are you ready? -yes let's do it So, Behind us is Dejima Which is technically not an island anymore but it was, for a long time, an artificial island Isolated artificial island so I believe they started work on Dejima in the early 1600s as a way to keep the trade going between Japan and Western countries while maintaining the isolated policies of the Tokugawa Shogunate so all of the Portuguese and later Dutch Traders had to basically stay on the island if they wanted to do any trade with Japan they was like only allowed to stay here but not to go another Japanese land yes hey they couldn't even... where we're standing they wouldn't be allowed so the only connection would be that bridge right over there of course you could probably tell it's not much of an Island right now and it's kind of in the middle of Nagasaki City but they've kept this reconstruction of what it might have been like to live there 400 years ago let's check it out Dutch party of the winter solstice we both had a great time going through the different buildings and learning about the unique history you can check out more about Dejima and it's history in another upcoming video next we made our way up to the summit of Mount Inasa ah we come to see the sunset and see the night view they say it's one of the best three night view in the world I hope so Its a beautiful little shrine yes.

Surprising This is just the entrance to the ropeway Yes! Oh! Beautiful Nagasaki city The stylish exterior of this Gondola and the view of Nagasaki from beyond its floor to ceiling glass windows please face the direction of the city wow it's beautiful Nagasaki is a somewhat small city tucked into a narrow bay on the western coast of Kyushu from the top you can see the whole city and some of the islands near the coast it was absolutely stunning the convenient thing about these chairs is I don't need to use my hands to move Very convenient We are in the... how to say... So, we're at the Night view point? at Inasa-yama? Inari-yama? Yes, We're on the summit of Inasa-yama which is a night viewing point and, I don't know, for some people maybe like, "night viewing point" isn't as popular in America I think this is a Japanese thing it's pretty common here but this is apparently one of the best in the country yeah, they say Monaco and the Shanghai and here Nagasaki in 2021 get the best three night views in the world yes so we just finished watching the sunset and came back inside to get warm and have coffee some coffee and some castella with ice cream Its already bited but... its good and uh now we're gonna once it gets a little dark we're gonna head up and see how the view is the sunset just passed so it's not dark dark outside to see the best night view so we're getting a little warmed up. Its a little windy outside and there's a lot of people already though, so we do have to get going soon Yes.... Soon...

The view was even better after dark see if you can spot the heart so we just got back from the ropeway the line was super long but we made it and now we're on a mission so during our research for Nagasaki we were looking at what food to get and we found the video that was seemed kind of like a local not quite local yeah. uh he's, like, I think from... Yamaguchi guy -yes -He travel a lot around here in Kyushu and he recommends Turkish rice Turko rice Turkish rice which we we've seen some restaurants but I think we found the one he went to but it's been closed every time we try to go so now we're pretty sure it should be open and we want to try it and we'll try and leave a link in the description below to that video as well uh what is Turkish rice? we don't know. The guy doesn't know too Nobody knows How that dish get famous or why its called Turkish Rice... No related with Turkey No turkey, like, food. Yes. So its kind of interesting and you know what? I think the place is open Oh yeah! Just it.

Nama beeru! [Draft beer] They have Omelette Turko, they have Turko Rice Yakiniku Turko! Yakiniku Turko? Sounds really good But I think the traditional is... We should get one of each right? Not three, but... Not three... Ah! Smells good! Yeeees -Wow This looks good I'm excited want to try love? Oh. Looks good good? Looks like theres some curry on the rice? The rice is, like, curry flavored Good? Good? Turko Rice? Its pretty good I'll try Looks hot Its a little spicy Rice and pasta We don't... we... um... I don't know what to say it was delicious that was delicious that was delicious I was like suspicious -yes like you what I knew it was like mixed like rice and pasta and some like fried thing was really good it was really good and we asked the...

the why the name yes, we asked about the name the Turkish rice and I was surprised by the answer yes they said that it's like because the pasta is like European style pasta but the rice is this Curry Asian style rice they just chose turkey which is in the middle yes and they say start like some small like coffee shop like a restaurant and this... they put whatever they want like but like pasta and rice and something on top and they get famous here only in Nagasaki City and get some like local and many restaurants serve them own. now like even the top of the mountain has Turkish rice yeah yeah so yeah if you're ever in Nagasaki you should try, it's something I think only in Nagasaki you can have yes yes it's recommended the next day we got up early for our trip to Kumamoto and its famous castle so thank you for watching and we will see you at our next destination

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