OTRWNicoD - Trip To Holland in 2022 - Leaving home to Bruges

OTRWNicoD - Trip To Holland in 2022 - Leaving home to Bruges

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Hello everybody. I am NicoD. I'm ready to leave on another trip. So today i'm  going to Bruges, the capital of my province... Today i am going to Bruges, and then  from Bruges I'm going to Holland. So I'm gonna first stay for two days in Bruges, Everything is packed, and I'm ready. I'm feeling  good, so it is only about 50 kilometers.   So I've got time enough. I will do it at ease. I haven't trained anything this year. So I have done one trip of 35  kilometers, and that went okay.

So I think it will be okay so here we go. It is a very windy day today. I  didn't expect it to be so windy. So now I'm in Newport. Here it was constantly  headwind, so i hope it will be more sidewind.

Because another 40 kilometers  like this, and I will be dead. I will eat something. I didn't eat  anything, I thought it would be an easy day. But it isn't. But that's okay too. I've  got enough time, and the weather is good. I can see the moon.

Can you see the moon. It's two o'clock in the afternoon. That's strange! Can you see it? That's strange! Well... Taking a break. Drink something, eat something. We are on our way. The first 10 kilometers are done.

Oh my god. It is incredibly hard. It is constantly headwind. I'm over halfway now.   But my legs are so sore. I am completely done. And it's still 20 kilometers.   The wind is really way too heavy. It is crazy, crazy, crazy. I'm just not in good shape for this.  

I can't enjoy it much like this. It's just too hard.  I'm gonna take a break, eat something, rest a bit.   And hope that the wind will go down a little bit, because it is way too much wind. It's crazy. So i've got some food. I ate a burger at the Quick,

and i've got some left to eat tonight. I've got some beers...   so i've got everything i need. Now i'm going back to the campsite and i'm gonna have a great night. It was so hard on the bike today. There was so much wind. My legs hurt so much. I never was so tired after doing 50 km. I done five hours over it. I left at uh 1 pm and I arrived here at 6 pm. So 5 hours for 50 km.  That's crazy. I never had such a bad day.  Well actually, I didn't have such a bad day.   

I'm not that good. My form isn't that good. But it  was just a hard day. Such hard wind. And now the wind has gone lay down a bit. And the last hour was the easiest of all the hours. So, I'm almost there.

So see you later. I so much love my PineBook Pro. It does a great job, it is exactly what i needed. It doesn't consume that much, so i'm still at this battery. And it's the second day that i'm using it.   And it's still charged. So now I'm copying some movies from my usb stick to the sd card.  

The only problem i've got with this PineBook Pro is that the sd card reader is so slow. It's only 20 MB/s and that is...  yeah, it takes long before things are copied.   And while copying, you can't do anything else. Because there ain't no bandwidth over.   So I've done some shopping today.  I went to the Lidl.    I've got a whole bag full of food, but I didn't pay that much. So the Lidl is great for that. It is cheap.  

So I'm eating as much as possible, and make sure i replenish my fluids.   So that is good. I will stay here one more night because tomorrow i have to upload my video for the the Khadas VIM4. Well it is already uploaded, but i've got to release it. So i will have to advertise it on Facebook and Youtube  and Reddit and Armbian and all those things...   So I've got internet here, it ain't great internet. But there is internet. so.

And my legs are sore. They are very sore. It was heavy yesterday. But I slept well, so all's good. So I made a walk. So I'm here somewhere. And i went into the city, so these are the walls of Bruges.  That was the defense of Bruges for many battles. So Bruges was a very important city.  

So I went into the city like this to here, I went here. I went here somewhere, and then i walked back. I think here. I tried to lose my way, but it's a too small city to lose your way. I didn't lose my way. Now i'm watching some cycling. The giro d'italia. Oh, and it stopped playing. I have to go to another stream.

Stupid that they don't play the giro on Belgian TV. I hope I didn't do too much. Because my legs do hurt from it. At least i've done something. So I released my video about the Khadas VIM4. I have checked actually since i'm back.  So let's see how many views it has got.  

Well, my videos don't do well. So I don't expect many views. 283. That ain't much, but well... It is what it is... I really wish my youtube channel would do better. I sometimes doubt if i should continue making youtube videos. Well, for the review videos if i get a board for free then of course i will make a review video.

But the other videos doesn't have sense actually not many people  watch it and not many people comment. So. I don't know! I did put a lot of work into it. People seem to like it. 18 likes.  That's not that many likes, but well... it is what it is as i said Thank you all for watching. Subtitles by NicoD

2022-05-28 20:21

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