Ninjala Anime -Episode 37-【Touring Oedo Town】[Available Until 9/29 7:59PM PT]

Ninjala Anime -Episode 37-【Touring Oedo Town】[Available Until 9/29 7:59PM PT]

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"Touring Oedo Town" No classes today. All are free to go out. However! The use of Ninja Gum is forbidden outside the Academy. What a splendid harvest. Oh! Well, goodness me! Wanna do something today? Yeah, let's do something fun! Morning! Jane! What do you say we two adults go out shopping? Really? A warrior gets his rest. With clear, blue skies and a refreshing breeze...

This is the greatest day off ever! Goodness gracious... Is something wrong? Silly old me, I knocked over this poor Kuroko. It's been broken ever since. Oh my! Is it all right? Huh? What are the rules for our day off? The use of Ninja Gum is forbidden outside the Academy. Oh, thank goodness! You really saved me. You really saved me.

Oh, hang on a moment. This is to say thanks. A little something from Oedo HQ sent. The red bean paste is delish! Go on and take both. That way you can share with a friend. Thanks.

Glad to see you up and running again. All thanks to little Naomi! Naomi saved me. What are we gonna do? Cut it out, you'll mess up my hair! - Stop it! - Gonna ruffle it up! Hey Naomi! I've brought some treats I got, care to share with me? Thanks, just leave 'em over there.

Here? Sure, yeah. Look at you, even on our day off. Oh... Why do you have to play HERE?! Naomi spotted! Oh, what's wrong? You saved me. Oh, you're the one from before. I must repay the favor! What? No, it's fine.

Won't take no for an answer. Favors must be repaid! Really, you don't need to. Don't need... You don't need me... That's not what I said! Ah! You don't not need me! I will repay the favor! Sheesh, fine then.

Naomi, do you face any troubles? No. Is there anything you want? Nope. Hmm... Is there anywhere you wish to go? Where do I want to go... Oedo, maybe.

Oedo... It's across the sea. Oedo... Oedo... I have located a place called Oedo Town. "A town built by immigrants from Oedo." "A booming tourist spot decorated with Oedo style shops and buildings."

According to my data bank. Ah, I've heard mention of it. Shall we visit Oedo Town? I'd like to, but isn't it pretty far away? I will lead the way! Mhm! Mhm! Well, if you insist. Wanna go out somewhere since the weather's so nice? Good idea! Huh? What's this? It's origami. They make these in Oedo.

Oedo? How about Oedo Town? What's that? A place with lotsa Oedo shops. No idea what that means, but sure! Oh... Hey, can I invite someone else? Huh? She's usually here...

She's nowhere... I don't hear that biwa music, either. Maybe she went out.

This is no place to play! Oh, Dan! Training even today? I like your commitment. Glad I found you. Do you like Oedo snacks? Huh? Yeah. Naomi gave this to me, but I don't really like red bean.

No? Then I'll gladly take it. All right. Later! Okay, now what training comes next... The spitting image of a ninja. Spends every moment working to perfect herself. You want some of this? There's only one, though...

Okay, this should be the right way. Lucy? Emma. That's not the right way. There's something weird over here! You're right! This river flows towards Oedo Town. Does it? Thank you. She is very quiet...

Is she bored? How does one cure boredom...? With interesting conversation! Naomi, let's chat! Huh? Why do you want to go to Oedo? It's where I'm from. Is it a nice place? I suppose so. Where I lived there were mountains all around us. Flowers blossomed and danced in the spring winds.

Deep green foliage blanketed the area in the summer. Colorful leaves painted the ground in fall. And the world was painted white come winter. It was a beautiful place.

Why did you leave Oedo to come to Eagle City? To join the academy, of course. I come from a family of ninja, you see. The most talented of us are sent abroad to study here. It is an honor for those in our family to be selected. Something we take pride in.

Or so I was told. Did you want to be a ninja? Who knows? There was nothing else I wanted to be instead, at least. I simply went with the flow.

Is that so? It's just delish. You certainly should make this pumpkin soup again. Glad you like it. What is this splendid fragrance? This is it! Now for a taste. My goodness! Bring out the chef. That would be me.

This is incredible! A flavor smoother than the ripest of fruit, and hints of umami worthy of the golden shine it offers. Oh, how the muses of heaven have blessed me with an unending wisdom of taste allowing me to pursue such joys as this which humankind now creates... What's that mean? Can you translate? Put simply, he likes it. Well... Délicieux... We're here! Let's eat lotsa Oedo snacks! Yeah! We can start over here.

Okay! This is supposed to be a shortcut. Hmm... Hey there, girlies.

Huh? Go on and hand over your purses now, eh? You gotta be rich kids, coming out here all alone. We're really not, though. Go on then, try and take mine.

Oh yeah?! Got an attitude, huh? Why you! Hey now! I hear Oedo pancakes are super good. Let's get some! You little punks! You ain't gettin' away! I want some shaved ice, too! I'm thinking dumplings. Is this the same as your home? Not quite, but similar.

Now this is more like it! Talk about fancy. It's been so long since I've had nice ham and expensive cheese! I wish we had some wine! Let's make do with this Muscat grape soda! No no, let's pretend this is simply sparkling wine. Watcha doing? That looks good! Can we join? Are you sure you fit in? This is a sophisticated gathering, see. It is? What's up with that cup? It's so skinny! I like to think it brings out the mood. What mood? This soda is really good! Not soda, today we're calling it a sparkling beverage.

What's sparkling mean? It's just regular soda... Cheers to sparkling drinks! This is no place for games! A sophisticated gathering calls for tales of romance, right? Wait, it does? I first met him at a shot bar outside of town. A what, now? But it turned out he was an enemy spy. No way! Look at these pretty snacks, Naomi. I used to love these. They bring back memories. I wonder if she'd like them, too.

Will you snack on them in your room when we return? No, I think I might share them with my friend. Won't that mean there is less for you to eat? Well, probably, yeah. But it's more fun to share something together with friends. Snacks like these taste even better when you're happy. Happier and tastier? What a wonderful treat. I wonder if she likes stuff like this.

With every date I started to feel like something was off. But I didn't want to believe it. Can't escape a harsh reality, though. In the end I wound up exposing him. It was a difficult battle...

I wanted to ask him, did he know who I was right from the start? Was everything a lie? If I had to die by his hand, so be it, I thought. But he couldn't go through with it. Couldn't do what a spy should. The last time I saw him, it was the place we first met.

We both pretended not to notice. I swore I wouldn't cry, but the moon that night was just too much a sight. That's too bad. Can't get married to an enemy spy, huh?

You're such a doofus. That was all made up, y'know! What?! She'd have to be a grown up to do all that! I bet she saw that all in some movie. R-Right, I knew that! Was all of that true? Come now, let's go home. As you wish! Talk about some bad luck, sheesh.

Bro! Huh? We got another rich looking kid. Alone, this time! What's that other weird thing? Some sorta robot? Bet it'll fetch a pretty penny. Heya sweetie. Empty those pockets for us, eh? Hand over your little pal, too. I shall defend you.

Stand back. Who do you think I am? Ah, that's right. Just hand it over! - Run for it! - Running! Naomi, are you all right? I'm fine. Ah! Your snacks! I'll get them! Gotcha! Fell right into my trap! Serves you right! "Your" trap? Naomi! Run! I'm stuck! Don't you move! Unless you want this thing to-- It weighs a ton! Naomi, I may be unable to run... Alrighty, let's have that money! Naomi is in trouble! Naomi is in trouble! Mode change! Battle mode! Wha?! Naomi is in trouble! Must defend her! Naomi is in trouble! Naomi? What's up? Was that a Kuroko? Does that mean...? - I shall defend her! - Enough already! You... I need to get out of here.

You ain't gettin' away with this you hunk o' junk! I shall defend her! Stop! Yeah right! - What are you doing to my friend? - Yeowch! Emma... Dang it! Hmph! Thanks, you really saved me. You okay? Yeah, I'm fine. This is my fault. I got in the way. Apologies... You saved me, too.

And showed me to a good time today. Naomi... Thanks for returning that favor. Favor returned! Favor returned! Oh, Ron? Was feeling a little peckish. You head anywhere? Nope, just hung out on the roof.

Sounds like a nice day off. Done at last... This is so good! Thank you for this. I like it a lot. Hey hey, can you make these? I sure can.

Really? Make me one sometime! Oh wow, and me too! That'll be no trouble at all. Naomi is happy. The snacks are now yummier. All is well.

Sweepipi! "The Land of Gumchi's Dreams" What's Gumchi dreaming of today? Meemee toooo! Fashionaboo! Looks like it's a good one today, huh? Late one night in a classroom at the academy... eerie footsteps echoed down the dark halls... But what did the children find when they took a look? Next time on Ninjala, "Fright Night at the Academy" Don't watch this one all alone...

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