Never seen such a unique place in Africa || Travelling Mantra || Ivory Coast Part 5

Never seen such a unique  place in Africa || Travelling Mantra || Ivory Coast Part 5

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A cost of a single bike is around 1 lakh. We should take permission for that bike which is another 50,000. He is trying to pull me.

This is oil. Who knows about this oil? This animal can harm us. I have never seen a tortoise which is this big! I had not done this.

I had not done this before. Jay Hind, Namaste. I am Manoj Malhotra, and I welcome you all to a new video. Currently, I am in Abidjan situated in Côte d’Ivoire.

This is the biggest city and also the economic and commercial capital of the country. This is my third day in Abidjan. I am going to visit some tourist places today. We will learn something new about Abidjan.

We will try to take on some new experiences. So let's start the day. Aslam Walakum. The weather is very hot. I have my friend with me. He is everyone's favourite person.

We are going in Rahul brother's car. Uber and yango apps are very common here. Government buses will start operating here in 2023. A lot of changes will happen in this country. The biggest football tournament cup is also held in the Ivory coast.

There are no beggars on the street. If there are some beggars, they are not from the Ivory coast. I hardly find any beggars on the street.

Driving a motorcycle is not an easy task. It is also very difficult to ride a motorcycle here. You get bikes for 1 lakh rupees. You also have to take permission for that bike which is another 50,000. If you don't have permission, you will get caught.

That's why there are very less bikes on the road. If there are any bikes, police have stopped them for permission. We have come to a special place here in Abidjan. This is a restaurant. They have kept some animals in the restaurant. The unique animal here is Chimpanzee.

This restaurant is managed by a person. Before this, he had kept these animals in his house. He had made this a personal zoo.

Now, he has shifted the animals to the restaurant area. Look here. He is trying to pull my hand. He is very strong he is trying to pull my hand. He is very strong.

Let me go. You will get hurt! Let's look at some other animals. There is also a peacock.

This is a monkey. They are very dangerous. There is a goat with a donkey. Don't kick me. Other than that, ducks are also there.

There is also a restaurant. This is the menu of the restaurant. 9000 CFA is 1100 INR. This is the menu of the restaurant. They have made this farmhouse. They have made a restaurant so that people will visit the restaurant who have come to visit the zoo.

My friend told me that all the French people who were living here, they used to keep chimpanzee as a pet but now, it is not allowed to do so. Before this, they use to keep it in their houses. This is a very beautiful place. There is also a lagoon on the back side, we will go there.

There are parrots. There are parrots inside this cell. There is also a lizard. There are varieties of animals here. There are crocodiles. They will have kept their mouth open, it looks like artificial crocodile.

This is a real crocodile. They will keep their mouth open so that they can feed on the fish. It is looking like a statue.

Everything is written in French. The official language is also French. There are so many crocodiles. Chacal.

It looks like a fox. It looks very clever. This is Hyena. They have kept so many animals.

This looks very strong. Children have come to see Hyenas. There are so many ostriches, I have never seen so many ostriches in a single place. People eat ostrich eggs. There are so many ostriches. Do you find white peacocks in India? Yes, you find all animals in India.

Look at the rabbits, they are so cute. Different colour rabbits are there. Will they open this? These rabbits are very cute. This rabbit has a moustache.

It also has a beard. I guess this is a different breed. I guess this is a different breed. Hey rabbit, how do you do? This rabbit looks very weird.

They've also made some areas for the activities. I don't know whether they have made it for children or for animals. This is a very good place for children. If you are coming to Abidjan, you can come here.

Children like this place because this place is not crowded. Children can stand and look at the animals. Animals are visible. Unlike a zoo where animals are not visible. You can spot the animals and there are also many activities.

There is also a restaurant, you can spend an entire day in this place. This is a very beautiful place. These are Saara hardwickii. This is Saara hardwickii oil. Saara hardwickii.

These are tortoises. They are very innocent. This place smells a lot. Kangaroos are there. This is an Emu.

There is Emu and an ostrich in the same place. The small neck animal is Emo and the big neck animal is an ostrich. Look at the leg, it looks very dangerous.

I have never seen so many ostriches in a single place. If you have seen them, comment on this video. That too, this is a private zoo. There are many animals in this zoo.

I like kids. You might also like, everyone loves kids. Kids come near me. You might think children are coming near me because I am giving them something. But it's not like that.

Children come near me. I always like kids and kids also like me. I love kids. I pray in the god, may your kids lead a successful life.

This looks very dangerous. I am seeing this from close for the first time. This animal has a strong head. This animal hunts with the head.

This can even hunt a big animal. Don't open your mouth, this looks very dangerous. I am seeing the big tortoise for the first time.

This tortoise is very big! This is very huge. I had never seen something like this before. They are doing some other work! I thought that there are no snakes here. There are all animals and I thought snakes are only not there, but snakes are inside this building.

This is the name of the place. If you want to come here, you can search for it on Google. There are a variety of snakes here. It cannot be seen in the glass because of the reflection. It cannot be seen in the glass because of the reflection.

Shedding has been done. Rod also looks like a snake. Snake is sitting in the water. Now, try to pull me. You will get hurt.

This is very clever, everyone is trying to pull me. They trying to cut the chain. Look how fast they are. They want this band. They are very strong.

If you come near them, they will try to catch you. They're trying to catch me because they want the camera. Don't bring kids near the gate, they might get harmed. This is a very good place, I enjoyed playing with chimpanzees.

But they are very intelligent, they come and hold very tightly. If you are simply standing, they will pull you. You might get hurt. You should be very careful here.

They want something that they can play with. They wanted this band from my hand. If you are wearing a watch, they will try to snatch it. People have started to come.

Now, the time is 12:15 p.m. The place might get crowded. Vehicles have started to come inside and some vehicles are parked outside. Parents and kids have started to come. They are enjoying it. This place is very good The entry is from here.

We had entered the place from here. I had not experienced this in my life. I had not experienced this in my life. This is the reception. No one is there in the reception. She is standing aside. The entry here is 3500 CFA for adults.

It is around 400 INR. And for kids, it is 2500 CFA which is 300 INR. Timings for this place are from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If you are going to order from this restaurant, then this fee won't be applicable. There is a garden here.

It is very beautiful. There is a Villa. This place is filled with greenery. This place is very good.

This is very beautiful. This is the area which is outside the Villa. The area and location are very good.

What a location is this! This place is very beautiful. If you are coming to Abidjan, this is a must-visit place. If you want to stay in a place where it is very calm and you have kids, this place is recommended. I like this place.

I hope you also liked the place. There is a play area for children. If you are coming alone or with a couple, this place is very good. This place is very calm, there is a place to sit. There is also a restaurant. We couldn't see inside the Villa because the key was not available. I am sure even the Villa is very good.

Because the place is good so that the Villa will be. They have made this station for boats and yachts. This is a Lagoon. I saw this from the aeroplane while coming here. But the colour of this water is muddy. Now, let's go inside the Villa.

The key is now available. This place is dark. This is a big drawing room.

This is the bedroom, the place is a little dark but it's very good. The rent of this Villa per day is around 25 to 30 thousand INR. The location is good and this is a two-bedroom house. This place is not expensive. It is much better than 10,000 for a single room.

There are two rooms here. If you come with your family, you will enjoy this place. If you are coming to Abidjan, you have to spend a day here no matter if you are coming alone, with a couple or with a family. Nature is God's gift. When you come to nature, you feel that the plants are alive. You will feel that plants also have life. I am enjoying this place.

This is a beachside bar. It has been more than an hour coming to this place. I am not ready to go from this place. There is a cold Breeze and the view is very good. My friend told me that in this lagoon, there are many private resorts in this Lagoon and you can spend a day. There are hotels and restaurants.

His name is coffee, he is a very good boy. He works with my friend. He is helping me from the past 2 days. This is all happening because, I have your blessings. I am blessed to have an audience like you guys. In every place, I find someone who helps me with these things.

I am finding the people because of your blessings. I would like to thank you all. Now, we will go to our next distance.

2023-01-09 11:00

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