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Here with Eleni Nota We are hosted by the studio of Minas Charonyktakis MCH studio Minas is a well-known manufacturer for snares and drum kits I am here with my beloved Eleni She is my favorite friend In our last interview my very last question "What do you wish from now on?" and you said "i wish this corona virus will be over" "because i'm bored and i wanna go touring" so now we are at a point that you already had a European tour and also a North American tour with Nervosa and there is one more which is at It is in autumn in South America before that we have also a mini European tour and festivals So you have a lot of work in your hands From my heart i wanna ask you, How do you feel about it? I am very glad that i live all that because it was my dream for so many years and I'm glad to experience it and i was not repulsed when you live it you see it in it's reality both good but also tough and i am very grateful for have this the experience because it is beautiful to play music for ppl ever day you are definitely tired sometimes but despite how tired you are it is amazing many people(musicians) who have not done extensive tour like you do right now they think it's an easy job Is it really an easy job? Αre good things balanced let's say with the pressure of this job? Are there moments that you say "i wish i had a day off"? or the opposite? "I wish i was on stage tonight instead of relaxing"? Yes of course there are. It's not an easy job. You are away from home for so long time You miss all your family, your home, your bed, your bathroom It's not easy. Even the best bed, it's not your bed plus, if you live in a tour bus like 3 months you still sleep in the same space with 10 or 15 ppl depends on how big is the crew so you miss your comfort Ιt is very tiring cause there are much days off You play 6 shows on the row or at one point we did 11 on the row.

It is indeed tiring and it is not like a job that you have some pain and you won't go At one point we all got sick due to temperature and time changes from one country to another. but still we carry on the gigs and the crew worked Not time off unless you are really sick. You are gonna play. Thats the hard part.

but in any way you play for the fans and you make them happy and you see it and then you meet them and they tell you nice stories. Υou see beautiful places that you would never have seen otherwise and in the end, you become a friend for a lifetime with the ppl you are touring with. It is impossible to live with ppl so much time, and not make a bond with them I feel that i've met beautiful ppl from the other side of the planet and many of them, now are my friends.

One issue about touring is also to manage your body One year and a half ago when you finished recording the album I remember you were happy and alive I meet you again now and you have lost weight They don't feed you? What's the deal? I state directly that I do not like it. No I don't. Because all the years I have been accustomed to you a little differently Yes that's true Plus that i'm jealous cause i can't lose weight Indeed i lost a lot of weight during the tour It is logical. I eat more than ever the last months. Do you behave to you body in a good way? Get enough sleep; Some i did good and some i did wrong I slept for many many hours After the first week i adapted in the tour bus bed and i was sleeping too much but i don't do any exercise, not at all. I smoke, and those are my two mistakes. Smoking and no exercise Of course touring by itself is a significant exercise. But you lose weight anyway. Every day you set up your kit and then play.

No matter how much you eat you lose weight. I ate like for 4 ppl and like that i stopped losing weight but i didn't gain either. Obviously you burn your calories.

Let's talk about your experiences while in Europe and North America First tell me about the European tour Was what you expected? What was it that you experienced? More or less? From yourself or from the audiences? What was it that you saw? Tell me how is it to play everyday in front of many people, and what was the response you got? The European was as I imagined it because i already had some clue about European audiences They were great. Especially the Mediterranean audiences from Spain, Portugal, France were amazing. And also Czech Republic and Poland were great. Germany and Austria they are trying hard England also amazing audience and i didn't expect that. Though they might be cold, but they were great Αttendance of the ppl was amazing but to perform every day is tough However, I believe that the distances in Europe are not so great Yes and we mostly slept so we were arrive to the next location while we wake up the tough part is to perform every day, psychological and physically .

It's not like your practice room despite the excitement you get tired a lot Because it was my first tour, the first week i was "dead". but they told me that after the first week you get used and they were right Second week i found my steps and i didn't felt like i am in pain all over so it was hard to play every day for six weeks The European tour was 33 live performances but as i said the ppl were amazing European tour was better than the North American Lets talk about the American tour. Which were the differences between the two? But in the same lines. What was the responce of the ppl towards you and the band of course

I 've read the critics but i don't know if you had the time to read them No i don't have the time Want me to tell you? Are they bad? Not at all oh very good right he opposite perfect. I ll read them when i can So lets talk about the American tour You were at New York We began our tour from New York then we went Canada and then we went ... ...well i can't remember where we went but we end up to California playing 4 gigs Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Texas(3 cities), Seattle, Portland, Cleveland Yeah right Chicago I hope to say it right and not crap No it's ok. You said it like....

but it's ok The American audience tell me Very warm. Especially California very good. And Texas i didn't expect that, very warm In terms of quality, Europe excels when it comes to venues European venues are much more better that the American ones Our American tour bus was way much better than the Europeans Very different people. I 've never been to U.S and i didn't know how it is Everything is bigger, more noise and dirtier way more expensive you can't even pay for a souvenir yes it is expencive America is very interesting but i love Europe way too much Now you are in Greece. Are you between tour dates? What is the deal?

Yes. I leave again i 6 days for a small Spain tour, 7 gigs How do you feel about it? I feel good and joyful I am not joyful about fly with a plane again. So tired of that. I want to radiate. Other than that i am happy. We have a full summer. Now Spain and July some festivals and August a small European tour again to Germany, Belgium, Denmark some venues we left out before and then it's the big one End of September to the end of November, Latin America. If i told you right now, in this time frame and 6 days to go back on tour What would you like to do most of all? Now here? Yes. Most of all. To go to sleep I have appreciated sleep and food more to see my friends, some i did and some i didn't yet and what i realize that i truly miss, because for 3 months i played the same setlist every day Is to study something new.

You don't have the chance to study while on tour Usually i don't feel to play more after the gig so i want to play something different just to improve my self Can i ask you something? Perform the same playlist in the whole tour are you a little "naughty" while playing? (change drum parts in songs) Little ones, yes, but no one can pick it up except me Is it allowed to do your own thing within the limits of the songs? Yes. I have total freedom especially to the old songs to change whatever i don't like. S o you have that freedom From time to time i do my changes and i will do more in the future gigs Maybe i do a mistake and sound different Some new drum fills i found them through my mistakes and i liked it more and i kept it. i consider that very important to play a little different so you won't get bored and stab your self with the stick For the end, and i don't want to keep you more here you know that i like you a lot and i don't want to tire you What do you expect from Latin America tour? I ask that because all the years i am in music and watch the bands when they go to play to Latin America It's like their world is changing Everybody wonders, are they gonna be so good as the audience Yes i've heard that So... Do you have a clue or you will let it flow? I have a clue and they have prepared me that i never see such a fanatic audience before Also the band is from Brazil so i believe it's gonna be a warm welcome and they prepare me for stage divind and crazy moshpits and jump in the stage and all of that and i get some idea in Portugal at Savana with a huge Brazilian community there and 80% of the audience were Brazilians and it was a panic situation close to break the stage so if it's gonna be close to that, i know what to expect. How many tour dates you have in Latin America? I's not all out, but they are many. Like 45

It is a huge tour. I am so tired just hear the days Now i wanna sleep too So it begins at September and goes till... mid November Every music have it's demands,so you must have the right tools We wish to travel in the end of the world with the cheapest car Not gonna happen That applies also in music We need the right tools especially the music you play with Nervosa you must have the right drum set or else you get tired you don't listen good Lets talk about that Which bands you played in the European tour Nervosa and... Burning Witces and support Warfect and Systemhouse33 Very good bands Lets talk about the drum set I played with Lala's drumset, the drummer of Burning Witches It is a custom drums company They made from aluminum, very light weight Lala plays with two bass drums , i play with one (double pedal) one rack tom and one floor tom cymbals? Two crash, ride , hi hat , china and splash and of course my MCH snare. I am not changing my snare My two things i am not changing are my snare and my bass drum pedal Pearl Demon Drive. without those i go nowhere Tell me. Was it easy to play with this drum set?

In the beginning i was comfused to play with a second bass drum that i did not use, because it was right there. but then i found my steps. Also it was my first time to play with a rack system and that was also tough. but i figure it out and after sometime it was pretty easy Lala also is close to my body form and the distances were pretty close to what i used to. Plus to that i used m y own clamps for my cymbals and i had my positions ready.

and everything was ok. In the American tour i played with the Drumkit from Destruction What kit was it? Pearl with two bass drums and again i used the right one(double bass drum pedal) That was a huge drumset. 2 rack toms and 3 floor toms That was tough for me. A huge set and also Randy drummer of Destruction, a great drummer He is not like Lala, he is a big guy so the distances between the pieces were far It was a little bit tricky to find my ways playing and i wasn't so comfort to that tour because whatever you do it's not your drumset In the end i found my way but if i had to compare i prefer my European tour as it goes for my comfort. About Latin America is it possible to have your own drumset? Yes because we are headlining. Still, the distances are huge and we will travel most by plane.

So they will try to bring me what i want from venue to venue So that's all. I am so glad we've met. You are a very good friend and thank you very much and of course special thanks to the crew with the moving cameras Thank you very much. Bye!

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