Nepal Scram'd | 3 week Motorcycle Adventure Tour | Full Movie | Royal Enfield Scram 411

Nepal Scram'd  |  3 week Motorcycle Adventure Tour | Full Movie | Royal Enfield Scram 411

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There's been a Rockside and we've just had to  clear this track it's a long way down he goes   hold on to your helmets folks get ready to join  the ride of a lifetime with four adventurers as   they kick convention to the curb and Hit The  Road Less Traveled in the heart of Nepal on   top of the world in the Himalaya this is not  your typical Bike Tour it's a roller coaster   of Epic Proportions picture this challenging  trails that make you heart race a dash of   history and culture and encounters with the kind  of people who redefine the word inspiring we're   not just talking about scratching the surface  we dove head first into the very soul of Nepal   Nosh loves these mountains from the jaw-dropping  Majesty of upper Mustang to the a inspiring views   of Everest and yeah we even swapped exhaust notes  with working elephants in Chitwan National Park   hold on to your hand handlebars though the real  kicker the monsoon decided to throw us a curve   ball extending its stay and bringing challenges  that had our hearts in our mouth whoa whoa watch   out watch out so rev up those engines buckle up  and get ready for a motorcycle Adventure that's   not just about the destination it's about the  thrill of the journey in some serious altitude   now Nepal here we come the road's waiting and  so are the unforgettable stories we are about to create we rock into Kathmandu and begin the  hunt for our accommodation the Mayor Manor   we're going to start the trip a little fancy and  this hotel is steeped in Tradition but the first   task is to find it but a little more daunting  is knowing that in a couple of hours time we'll   be riding in this crazy City traffic you sure  we at the right place doesn't look like the   brocher does it certainly not looks like the  back streets of Kohlkata says here here here   we go that's crazy hello good morning good  morning we've chosen a hotel called theMayor   Manor that was built in 1935 by the chief of  the Nepalese army Toran Samja Rana at the time   of its construction it was located close to the  king of Nepal and now it's tucked away in the   lane at one time the Chinese Ambassador  resided here and for a couple of months   it housed President Jimmy Carter I'm Nugget  Nugget Nugget oh my real name Tony yeah Tony Tony hey nugget he looks like I thought we're  doing I thought we're doing adventure tough   this is making the Cutting Room floor this  we'll have to edit this out we're hardened adventurers Nosh what are you eating tell me  what you're eating um Puri and alubaji along   with sausage and a scrambled egg which is  very Western this is very Eastern should I   should try some of that you should certainly  try some of that we'll be getting more along   the way but nothing as fancy as this okay  first job after breakfast pick up the bikes   and meet up with our nepes riding buddy  BJ he's somewhere around here his name's BJJ hey how are you great to see you welcome  to Nepal beautiful nice hot weather too bought   my this is the field shop yeah it looks flash  everything in this town's flash so far so we're   scramming we're scramming Nepal are we come and  show us what we got SC from scram okay okay for   the right yeah who's helmet with that one BJ I  think he thinks he's going to have that one now   I Black Beauty although blue ray but he doesn't  know our selection solution he he doesn't know   the game he doesn't know the game we select  our bikes through a lottery 1 2 3 4 four all   right he's got the you got the Bits of Paper all  right okay yeah you grab your bit of paper d it   until we we and then we look there you go you do  the honor okay here we go so you pick one don't   open it until we all got one all right you're  ready set go go a he's got four I've got four   got one I got three number one one one two three  got the black one the black beauty there you go okay starts that's a good start you ready to do battle with the Nepalese  bikes are going everywhere and whilst the traffic   was daunting what was just plain scary was  knowing Nugget and I were going to share   a room for 3 weeks 5:00 in the morning we're  just about to get ready to go to Pokhara oh. Jesus now that's one thing different about this  room I've never seen anything like that oh mate   we'll just keeping that robe on will you oh no  no no no the night before we leave for upper   Mustang the evening cloud formations make it  clear the monsoon is hanging around much later   in the season the North normal we didn't know it  at the time but this interesting Sunset meant we   were heading into trouble 6:30 big J heading to  pokra yeah guys hold on hold on go let's go you go bye-bye thank you see you bye-bye all right now I got to  convert the subcontinent riding Style which actually when your head  gets around it it's actually a   lot better the smooth movements  nothing radical everyone kind of   knows what you're going to do the minute  you start turning sharply though you got problems well that's what I mean see sorry sorry it's BJ up there this has been absolutely  crazy coming down this there bits of mud it's   like a motorcross track what really surprises  me with a Scram and you'll see it later is how   many bumps and dips we're hitting and it  soakes it up yeah it's been amazing fun   but you got you got to keep your mind  to it it gets quite scary sometimes you   come around a corner and there'll be a bus  there now normally you see that in the pole   you know on your side of the road on TI road  but this is slippery mud with B holes and all   sorts of stuff so it takes it to another  dimension it's right up there anyway this   is really what I call an adventure this  really gets you on the edge it's a great start it's early October and usually by this  time the wet Monsoon has been replaced by   less humid hum and dri weather but Mother  Nature has other plans and the monsoon is   continuing to dump Heavy Rain on the Steep  Mountain sides of Nepal in these conditions   land slips are inevitable frequent and at times  just bloody dangerous time for some lunch before   we finally hit the dirt Nugget it's good to see  you adapting to the subcontinent food you doing   well it's just like a fancy KFC to me yeah  here so that's the suspension bridge we've   got across yeah yeah yeah yeah um and there's  a trail we can see right up there on the left   side yeah goes up there W all the way woohoo Up  Up and Up snakes up there's a Temple up the top   that's where we'd be going wow uh day one our  first Swinging Bridge to infinity and beyond nugget he comes no here he comes woohoo oh no so Dave you've got the Black Beauty I've  got the Black Beauty and we've had a bit of   a little bit of bad luck so side stand just  went and now I got a flat tire the sad thing   is Bijay has the tools all right and the tube  so so I'll have to go up ahead and yeah you   have to go up ahead and I'll just wait here  in the serenity of this look at this St view   though if you if you're going to have a flat  tie you couldn't pick better than that I don't   reckon and look what I found under the seat  a marvellous toolkit there we go I can remove   the axle with that I can remove the chain  adjuster with that there got it and whilst   the rain is warm in The Valleys at the top of  those Hills it can get cold and windy nugget   hates cold and as he waits for me he's looking  like a miserable Hobbit yes it's going up isn't it big drop down there on the side it looks like never never land of milk  and honey have a go that beautiful River and   the clouds and looks like something out of uh  Switzerland doesn't it crazy is it trying to   find a spot on well maybe just there the rain  continues to Pelt down as we spend the next   couple of days heading towards Lette our launching  pad for the spectacular Mustang and upper Mustang valleys you're kidding me Nugget nearly got hit by a  rock from a landslide right he comes up come on hello yep here boys come that was unbelievable  what a man how was that are you all right   what I fell over you're all right guys SP me  out a little bit yeah yeah yeah he crashed   be that's a beer that's a beer he was causing  pandemonium he took the right line I took the   left and yeah his was like BS that there under  water mate aren't we we thriving adversity we   that get covered people were running there  Mass oh you would have seen that yeah the   water coming down woohoo that's Adventure we  came to a spot and the locals were looking up   and no one dared to go further I could  see some small rocks falling but after   what we' just been through was time to  get out of here let's let's get out of here now the rocks are falling  there now get just right where we are falling you see the Rocks falling there  get yeah let's get out of here fortunately   there was a go round on the other side of the  river that kept our goal of reaching Lette achievable in a twist of fate we stumbled Upon  A group of of Kenyan Riders who had narrowly   escaped death mere inches away from the Peril we  had just dodged the firsthand account captured in   the courageous lens of YouTube channel the grin  machine paints a vivid picture of the perilous   Dance with Destiny we all narrowly avoided so  one of our Riders went through the landslide   yes and the Box started falling again and he  rode the way out and he started running the you   guys were coming the bike was left there then  the other Rider he called he went back walking   looking up waiting for the stones somehow  he picked the bike started it and pushed it across oh my God it happened to ask when  we waiting moment I got there let's get   out let's get out guys this is for you guys  give it a country flag but in motorcycle   Adventure I've always found an upside  to adversity this rock slide that went   within inches of sending someone to Heaven  had forged a lifelong friendship with our   Kenyan compatriots take byebye good riding  safe riding thank you see you again take care God it's got a swing up on it so we've skirted around that  big land slip you can see it over there after a day's ride like that there is nothing  like chowing down on some Hornet lava for those   reluctant to try it tastes kind of like a  handful of mixed nuts and the added benefit   it's regarded as an aphrodesiac we arrived  at Lette on dusk Mission achieved but would   the rain ease up for the next couple of  days I'm eaten so many of them TR this now I've eaten mine nug your turn no it's actually a frozen because  of they they don't go for the hunting right all right ice cream do it's for you know  the it it's kind of you know yesterday I told   you AF yeah oh well that's always makes what  else can do hang on so it's an aphrodisiac   so we're going on the road of bonus again  again the road of boners we arrived at the   Village of Lette our staging point for the  upper Mustang and the rain wasn't letting   go so we decided to down tools and wait it  out for a day it would be fair to say that   Cabin Fever set in very early a Nugget  was in fine form if this weather's going   to clear up the boys are starting to go  rain crazy I wonder what they're up to in there we're heading to the top  of the mountain doing on that time that was terrible absolutely terrible  I made it up as I went fortunately by the   afternoon the clouds lifted and revealed what  we had been chasing rugged snowcapped Peaks   and with a week's worth of sunshine  forecast things were looking up God   it gets a bit of a wobble up after being  the fourth one I can tell you look back there today we're riding from Lette  to Kagbeni no easy route for us we're   going to do it the hard way but I  just didn't appreciate how hard and   crazy this day's riding would become it  was certainly A Memory Maker that's for sure here we go PID is giving us a little climbing  practice before the main event after   lunch where we will hit a touch over 4,000 M or  a little over 13,000 ft in the old money before   riding into Kagbeny in the late afternoon  look at that pulling up this hill like no tomorrow but there's a Twist he didn't  expect a pinch Point created by a recent   Landslide a pile of rocks on one one  side and a huge Cliff face on the other we get through there hey boys we'll get  through there bit of teamwork my inclination was   to go up over the rock pile but the others wanted  to smoother route with the Cliff face go figure   no I reckon you can go up to the right Nugget  there off to the right am I missing something Nugget I start making a path to the right  over the Rocks but Nugget is not so sure   he's worried about the height of the rock  pile and its instability losing control and   going over the cliff here just get this  one out of the Road that's going to hit   our brakes after that that's smooth look oh  another little complexity to add to the mix   was that Nosh notice small rocks continuing  to fall you're breathing hard nugget is the   altitude yeah but about o there's rocks  falling so let's let's move quick just   reflect for a moment on how many times you've  seen someone topple over at slow speed at the   risk of putting too fine a point on it toing over  here meant death you just can't sugar coat it get that and if we're going to go to  the left this rock had to go how   many times have you seen Riders  pushed over from their luggage   getting caught on either a rock or  a log no that one that puppy had to go can't BJ just worried about  our bags hitting and you go I think we're through you need a little bit of momentum but every now and again in life there are  decisions that you make that you later reflect on   and think to yourself well that was Bloody  stupid today would be one of those days for me yeah Nugget's coming through he just sofly softly who he's break wow he go ni here they got they going up oh nugget we're at another spectacular location   another pile of rocks the  last time this didn't end well oops oops Dave you got confidence in me  I got confidence in you Nugget I've   bring I been training have you come on  you can do it is it structurally sound   it seems more sound than the last  one you're not going to just drop it Nagwa Y what did you do to me nugget we're heading  off this mountain range for lunch over the past 4   days the brakes have copped a caning and for a  couple of us we've noticed rear brake pads are   wearing thin the beauty of Nepal is you'll find  a handy motorbike mechanic in just about every   village we've been giving the bikes a bit of a a  flogging so what we found here is a bike mechanic   and you go through and it's a restaurant as well  not just being gentle on the brakes absolutely   as good as new beer bike but doesn't need any  and it nugget you been a bit hard on The Brakes   oops I was wondering why it was start to squeak  have a look at it there's nothing left help you go come on little donkey up you go chug chug chug  chug chug chug chug see that's it in second gear   like it just keeps chugging so can all see the  Piston going up and down there woohoo there's Nar bikes are just losing their Edge in terms of oxygen have a look down there  it's like we're in a bloody helicopter we're still climbing oh no keep it up keep it up 4,300 or can it be 14 13,000  I reckon it's a bit more than 13 yeah ni loves these mountains don't you push me off there net I  really wouldn't like that that is a long way   down oh oh wow on the way down into Kagbeny  my curiosity got the better of me when we   stopped to let a large herd of goats cross  the road the Shepherds told BJ their entire   flock of goats were already pre-sold and  that the larger goats fetched a price of   40 to 50,000 rupia each the gats were sold  in either Kathmandu do or Pokhara and four   dogs accompanied the flock to control it  and to protect it Nugget's been on the   hunt for evidence of snow leopards and he find  finally hit the jackpot ever see a snow leopard yeah oh yeah he's saying there lot of  snow leopard over that side yeah and   he's saying that snow leopard has eaten lot  of mountain goats of his oh really yeah it   was nice to know there was evidence of snow  leopards where we'd been riding earlier it's   believed the population of this endangered  species in Nepal is now around 500 animals   climate change appears to be pushing them  higher into the mountains as their habitat shrinks in the valley below the small town  of Kagbeni is nestled where two huge rugged   valleys intersect it's hard to get your head  around the size of this landscape but if you   look carefully in this shot you'll just  manage to pick us out these valleys make   this town vulnerable to flash flooding and  just 8 weeks ago the town was inundated with   a one in 100e flash flooding event we ared  in the town in the late afternoon and it   wasn't until morning that we would  comprehend the devastation of this event the makeshift Bridges at the entry to  the town gave a strong hint of devastation looks like they've been hit by a flood or  something something seems to really taken   out some of the buildings our accommodation for  the night was a funky hotel called Yak Donald's   and in the morning we caught up with the owner  well uh I'm luxm Grom and I'm from KAG bini and   I we have a hotel called Yak Donald's yes which  is quite popular we had a flash flood yes on   13th August 6 weeks ago yeah 13th August and  it was a nightmarish and lots of houses have   been uh destroyed repaired went through those  windows yes those all inside and check this   also close to the river that ran through the town  a wall of mud large rocks and water over 4 metres   High destroyed everything in its path over 50  buildings were wiped off the face of the Earth   including many shops and hotels Seven Bridges  the medical clinic the police station part of   the school and a temple with accommodation see  the level of the the deis is this much yeah   and then the water has to go a little bit still  One More Story down oh my goodness Yak Donald's   narrowly missed destruction so like this it  goes like this my hands you can see my hands   it goes like this that's how deep it was yeah I  I don't understand how no one was killed yeah no   because early uh we get early from other Village  yeah they it will take two 1 to 2 hours to reach   here yeah and by the time the villagers will  inform us you know from there and then we we   run away but you can't help leave this place  with a really positive feeling these Nepalese   are tough resilient people and they're not going  to get knocked down and she was determined about   that she said we're not going to get knocked down  because once you're down you're down and that's   how she explained it so the key message from  Luchme was keep coming to Kagbeny even though   they're still recovering you know they're  only 6 weeks from this Devastation but they   need the tourism because it drives the whole  community's well-being and Welfare our ride   out of Kagbeny drove home the enormity of the  devastation of the flash flood we left with a   solemn respect of the power of Mother Nature  but equally the power of community spirit   and resilience I think the strength of the  Nepalese deeply embedded in their spiritualism   there such a positive bunch of people cohesive  Community it's something that many many of us Envy we go oh there's my goats  again this goat oh God the smell on this day we would move  into upper Mustang and finish at   the ancient wal city of Lo Manthang close  to the Chinese border the landscape would   be a highlight of the day's ride the sense  of moving into a very different region was palpable beautiful apple orchards over here  beautiful in the middle of Norway   in this really arid dry landscape along the  kaligandaki river it's an absolute Oasis over here this is our longest swinging brid well look at that P Rock okay we got to get across up we go as we climbed into the mountains the  tracks became increasingly challenging   we were taking these bikes Way Beyond their   intended purpose as Street oriented  Adventure Tours but they were doing okay watch your bag oh God but on the open roads time for some fun the  gravity games engines off in neutral seeing who   could get to the bottom the quickest followed by  some Full Throttle hill climbing and Nugget had a   little trick up his sleeve the no he's getting  away on us what's happened to Nugwha what's happening oh no I'm catching him I'm catching him   big time you're going down  Naga hey don't cut me off hey to the uninitiated I get it it's  as interesting as watching paint dry   but it also can be spiced up with  a Full Throttle blast up the next   Hill getting the best out of these scrams up the hill nuggets going over okay guys going down what  turn over what ni goodness where   you racing and he's gone over ni I  to pull him now nugget stop crapping on we are moving into an area of religious  significance where the Blood Red Cliffs   help tell the story of good versus evil  and are a tangible record of the demon   blood and intestine spilled by an enlightened  Buddhist monk who was protecting a temple and a Village looking down there I can just see the boys they are we arrived at the ancient 8th  Century LoGekha Buddhist Monastery   at a very interesting time for nugget the  Narine roofer restoration Works have been   completed hours before we arrive and  we catch up with the project manager wow the Temple of Lo Gakha is located a tad  under 4,000 M or 13,000 F feet and is the   most significant cultural and religious site  in the Mustang district and is packed with   Antiquities that up until these new Renovations  were not on display Namaste my name is sonur I   was born in jarot uh in the lower Mustang  region and here since last year I uh I've   been working uh to restore this uh Monastery  that gets back to the 8th Century so this is   the second year and then officially we are uh  finishing or completing tomorrow October 7 now   is it true we've got a big scoop here we have  it opens tomorrow it's true we opens tomorrow   yeah yeah officially you know like we are uh uh  tomorrow is the official date of our completion   of this two years project so that means been  renovating for two years yeah yeah people like   you are most welcome to visit uh so I got like a  VIP treatment today preview yeah yeah yeah yeah   we have our art historian from Austria yes  yeah his name is Christian Lantis so he did   everything documents and then you know like  this was his idea you know like to put it on   display yes so that everyone can see yes 1683 84  yeah the panel is in memory of Mustang King Aon   Sam rap husband of Nida GMO so it's again like  connected nid GMO she was the queen from ladak   and then the artist the artist who build this is  as the discussion moves to the roof restoration   nugget the adventurer transforms into Nugget the  super roofer from Narabeen Nugget the roofer is   approved your roof 800 year old yeah I'll be  proving it so out out of out of 10 what's your   rating give it I'll give it a nine I would have  given it an eight but I'll give you a nine cuz I   love the safety feature of the The Fortress  I'll give it a nine yeah it's great only oh wow on unfortunately the monastery is a bit  difficult to get to like the main road is   just over here and it's the path a little  bit less traveled and you know it's more   than deserving of you know a visit it's it's a  Once in a Lifetime thing to go to a 8th Century   Monastery for goodness sake you know oh by  the way there's this this is the landscape   that you're going to ride through I don't to  get yeah you don't want to get your feet wet oh well you know you stand on the pegs of  these Enfields and they do that well go go nice come on what a way to finish the day a  little bath with the infields is that Yamaha hey Yamaha what is it oh XZ W 250 RR  looks great looks smake woohoo he we come right up this Valley and up in the afternoon sunlight the landscape  and colors and contrast etched lifelong   memories as we steadily made our way  along this huge and stunning Valley   wall we were heading to the ancient city of  Lan Thang that up until 1992 was forbidden   to foreigners it's regarded as one of the last  strongholds of traditional Tibetan life in the world I just have the pinch  myself like we're in the Himalayas you can just see it down there out of the wind hello hello this is our accommodation  this is we had a cracking day today nugget   a no didn't we day Brant day some cbies and  and this is our very flash accommodation with   a yak in the middle eating flowers  got a stuffed dog you got a stuffed   dog as well I think it's a live one  but anyway he act looking good what H here you you lose you you snooze  you lose this is what happens when   you start talking to people are straight  up here straight in the double bit got   to go meet some Nomads Nuggets hunger to  see a yak is insatiable and today we're   heading out to hopefully find and catch  up with some nomadic Yak herders and gain   a small insight into the way they live which  hasn't changed much in centuries there we go Nugget but the first job is to find  them and that's a little bit tricky   we kind of roughly know where they are  but they do move about as the seasons change got it's smooth cross country that is  on the road on these Nomads is uh a little bit   harder than we thought we'll track them down  though we're got to track them down there's   a reason they're called Nomads we'll find  them so we came up this Valley and uh this   doesn't look like the valley they're  in this is good riding though lots of fun just got to be wary of those r rocks just Bri accordingly hi doggy hey nugget I think your Yaks up  there that's what they're telling me but   hang on well let's see if I can zoom  in and find you a yak they yeah they y so she's she's uh this is cheese made from  Yak milk and this is just from the morning   milk that they've gathered gathered from the  Yaks yes yes uh so they put this here to dry   becomes harder you can see those pieces over  there already starting to harden up they sort   of change color like that and um when they're  laid out here so uh it's not that easy to make   this cheese first up they've got to milk all  the Yaks then they've got to boil the milk for   about 2 hours then that has to cool down and then  that coagulates as well into this thing yeah um   they sort of have a yeah yeah shaking they're  shaking they they Churn it with a churner and   that's how this becomes this paste which she  then lays out to dry up yeah so she invite us inside so this uh tea is prepared for  this high altitude it just helps people   recover very quick helps them keep  hydrated and it's good for health over here this green very very light thin yeah could you ask her do  she heat with cook with the yak oh yeah yeah usually they use only  Yak dung and Goat dung small one p and uh   before 2 days before it's rain yeah okay  not dry Dr so they're going to took some   woods from outside that's all there's  not much wood out there no no much it   burns really hot yeah she name is Chon  Chon ch ch yeah CH yeah uh she going   to prefare you local pure our like a yog  pure y card I'll drink it yeah it's quite warm yeah could be any worse than was Booker shots it's like a very sour Greek yogurt  taste it U right on the top of your pallet   you can feel it yeah it's nice though no  sry put hairs on my chair put more hairs   on put hairs on your head I reckon I  was hoping oh we're going to Cheers Cheers nugget what are you doing I  was helping him just drying out all   the the the Yak dung cuz that stuff's  dry and this stuff we turned it over in   the to dry out for their fuel but he's  left me he's left here yeah but I feel   obligated to help him being a farmer  I'm used to playing in cow dong good job Jon continues to live a traditional nomadic  lifestyle and successfully managing the herd   is essential for survival but walking the  land also provides other opportunities where   mushrooms berries and herbs are picked for food  and medicinal purposes and the excess is sold in   town for additional income on this day nugget  would get pretty close to a yak but there was   more to do we were heading to the world's highest  golf course at 4,200 M or 13,800 ft in the old money at 4,200 M this is the world's highest golf  course if you don't believe me there's a tea   off plate to the left of the screen granted by  the way the suspension is working on the bikes   it's a rough course but an annual competition  for those dedicated to chasing a small white   ball is held what are we doing nugget they told  us there a Tru that can get us up to over 5,000   m but it's not easy and he wasn't willing to  give it a go yeah typical Dave nugget fashion   we're going to give it a go we'll give it  a go we're not going to slip the clutches   though the second the clutches are slipping  we're not doing it we got a long long way   to go yet we don't want to blow a clutch but  we also don't want to die wondering no if we   don't make it we don't make it but I've got  my phone on so we'll know if we've made the   elevation or not all right all righty now let's  pick a line any let's hope let's go see if we can   find I reckon there nugget I reckon there see  that Ridge let's go up that along that Ridge okay better get up there a going to win on the  Flor it's you told me that you B now there's two   things working against us at this altitude  there is about half half the oxygen in the   atmosphere compared to sea level you can't burn  fuel efficiently without oxygen and the power of   the bikes drop significantly secondly the enormity  of the landscape where a tiny little rise in front   of you is actually three times bigger when you're  up and close and personal we got to get the speed up TI as a rock we're up we're up we're up we're up we're up well when we look I reckon we'll get to that  point there and I reckon that's pretty close to five to overcome the reduction in power  of the engine we're using the undulations   of the landscape to gain speed for  climbing similar to a slingshot and   for the most part it's working well  provided you pick the right course oh ah no no it's getting a slingshot now  away like losing a bit of power now with   the altitude but not too much they're going all right yeah what are you at boss 499 4950 4,950  M and they said it couldn't be done we blasted   our way up here slingshotting from Hiller Hill  on two street bikes you could ride to work on Monday what's you saying about filters keep your  filters clean and your throttles on W never a CL as nugget and I saved our very small  achievement we turned to the direction   of the Chinese border and wondered if  the Border guard stationed at that Green   Building in the distance were observing  us through binoculars and celebrating   with us after all they wouldn't  have seen too many scrams at this altitude woo we we're using l m thong as a base for  the next couple of days but while we're out   and about we pay a visit to the mysterious  Chhosa caves just kilometers from the Chinese   border God I hope nugget doesn't get stuck in  this tunnel or we'll end up in a diplomatic   incident we'll have to dig him out in the  hills of upper Mustang there are hundreds   of ancient man-made caves where's Net G the  five-story high Jong cave is one of the best   examples with 40 rooms and multiple levels  and skylights that provide ventilation light   and a cracking view of the valley below oh  well will nugget fit I don't know so that's   why I'm saying it's like the mines of Moria  nugget where are you where are you nuget NWA yep I love this place nugget has a theory as to why the caves were  dug out and how they were used by villagers which   is pretty close to the mark this is awesome and  what a fortress back in the day when like people   genas car and all that were come and this is 800  BC and like once you block downstairs there's a   you got to come you can't come from the top you  got to come in from the bottom so see these nice   they just have them out the windows those little  Windows just them down it's nugget Fortress they   probably got rooms full of these and no matter  what helmet you had on meate that crack your skull   so no one's going to break into this Fortress  that's how they survive for so long here I suppose   800 BC yeah wow I actually got a connection this  I feel like I'm I'm Relative look they must have   been my height too I can feel I should have been  one of them one of the hobbits all right let's go Dave next time take your  shoes off before you come in my house an early start with a walk  through the ancient city of Lo   Manthang felt like stepping back in  into a captivating Journey Through   the corridors of time as we strolled we  found ourselves immersed in the heart of   the former Kingdom of low unraveling the  mysteries of its Rich history and cultural tapestry the worn cobblestone streets whispered  Tales of a 14th Century City that once thrived   as the heartbeat of trade along the historic  salt route connecting Tibet and India protected   by weathered walls the the city revealed its  resilience through intricate mud brick structures   and narrow alleys that bore witness to a cultural  heritage standing the test of time over the   centuries this city had evolved into a sanctuary  for Tibetan Buddhism adorned with monasteries and   religious institutions that to this day tells  the tale of this City's profound spiritual journey today we're leaving Lo Manthang and heading south  to the Luri cave Monastery we've picked a pretty   challenging route through some spectacular ancient  landscape but we need Fuel and in this ancient   city that is purchased by the lemonade bottle  who W woohoo how's that beautiful day for riding stunning thanks for visit thank you L manang that magnificent there the boys go keep your toes up those little tiny  bushes are as hard as a rock what a brilliant trail what has happened oh I can see a front  wheel wash out there now's a rear wheel rear wheel where are I up we go if you can see it but there's a  little Peg right up on the top   of that Hill that's where we're  going now got to get the Reps up how one nice oh I don't want to Slick  the cutch if IU can help it DJ had to push it oh yeah all I think the infields will get there BJ yeah off these Enfields they've chugged up this  hill Enfield to in this hill I'd say so Enfield   scramming it where're scramming it scramming it  I guarantee you in will be upy yeah well doesn't   make me feel so bad now I'm just a few meters  down there upside down up no he's up downside   up he's the right way up now that's them there  you reckon we could have got the bikes up here no way yeah but there Cloud yeah  that's Dave filming this is is   what we do for views like this get your  motorbike Adventures from the top of the world the enormity of the landscape look at that  little motorcyclist over there he's come up this Gorge go nestled in the breathtaking Landscapes of upper  Mustang the mystical Luri cave Monastery dating   back to the 11th century in the Tibetan Empire  is a sacred site for Buddhists as we approach   the first thing to steal our attention are the  Lamagai big birds with a 3 m wingspan riding the   air currents along the valley Cliffs Nosh makes an  incredible Discovery two nests in the cliff wall   each with baby Lamagai a rare find considering  the declining global population of these Majestic Birds ah there he goes into the nest comes another one but what strikes  me is the familiarity of the birds with   the monastery's routine as we climb towards  the temple one bird flies in for a closeup   seemingly inquisitive about our visit the Lively  comings and goings of the monastery appear to be   a part of the bird's daily life and we were  about to understand why a cave Monastery yes   it's name as a lri gumba yes so we're heading  towards the you can see the up there yeah wow   I need to see hey Wi-Fi password oh not a w I'm  going to order an Uber how that there we need   an Uber you don't have to use the camera  as an excuse nsh me now you're tired come on we spoke with Buddhist n lap who amongst  other responsibilities is the guardian of the   Luri monastery Lapa committed to becoming a  Buddhist nun at the age of 12 and is now 35   years of age her hope is to stay at this Monastery  her whole life the life and responsibilities of a   Tibetan nun are intertwined with the pursuit  of spiritual enlightenment community service   and the preservation of cultural heritage  Lapa confirmed the Lapagaia's role at the   monastery they snacked on leftovers from pussa  or religious ceremonies and they played their in   Sky burials where the deceased family members of  The Local District are placed on the valley floor   to be consumed by the birds and remains that  aren't taken a later burnt but another great day it's not just the landscape  of Nepal it's the culture it's the history it's the spirituality of the  place you know it's it just has so   much to offer and then to do it on a  bike that's really laid back it's not   a racer it's immerses you in the landscape  look at that we pop up near those ancient ruins yeah I feel privileged coming to Nepal  but I feel doubly privileged doing it on a   motorbike and just taking my times you know  and Bam you come around a corner there's a   stooper there's there huge landscape a  water crossing you know it's just got everything that's what we need  there's the boys they're heading away we're heading to the revered pilgrimage site  of profound significance for both Hindus and   Buddhists Nosh is eager to explore the  main Temple a Sacred Space dedicated to   Lord Vishnu what a beautiful day getting  up to Muktinath now here's the eagle as well uh-oh another Swinging Bridge  got a steep entry into this one down God those rocks move nugget don't you saw that on the  way up looks pretty steep exit too okay so they we are at this Temple called  Muktinath uh it's supposed to be a very   Holy Temple uh in the sense that MTI means  Liberation from the cycle of birth and death   yeah um and you know if you believe in  reincarnation everybody is striving for   MTI as in to stop coming back being born  again and again so this Temple and this   spot represents a place where you can achieve  that there's 108 Taps uh that correlates to 27   constellations into four sectors so the number  12 108 so the 108 number holds quite a bit of   significance in Hinduism so we've got to go  through these 108 Taps and then there's two   little ponds over there that you can see and  we've got to go through there as well and that   apparently purifies you and uh grants you MTI  all this water is coming from a glacial stream   so it's pretty cold and uh yeah I'd like  to like to take a run through it DJ is off go I'm not going to come back  again making sure of that yeah I got pilgrims hold a deep belief that  immersing themselves in the waters of   these 108 spouts purifies them of sins and  guides them towards spiritual ual salvation   the sanctity of this ritual underscores  the reverence attached to this sacred location well done boys you're cleansed with a mix of emotions we say goodbye to  the desolate yet spiritually Rich Mustang   District Nosh has two more bucket list items  exploring Chitwan National Park and taking a   two-day break from biking for a trek  aimed at capturing Mount Everest from   a mountainous Vantage Point 60 km away  however a single obstacle stands in our   way the world's second highest swing  Bridge a challenge that simply must be   conquered there he goes up there go all  right you go BJ let's set this little go hello that is a suspension bridge as I  moved out onto the bridge Mother Earth   fell away spectacularly I was suspended  hundreds of feet above the valley floor   and I felt as if I was in a helicopter but yet  I was strangely reassured by the demeanor of the   villagers and school kids as they made their  way across the bridge with less concern than   if they were walking down the foot path  suspension bridges play a crucial role   in Nepal due to its challenging topography  they are beautifully designed and in this   example improve connectivity between  the villages this bridge slash travel   times by over 2 hours and made schooling  goods and services accessible hello hello hello go hey what out um Mount Everest sorry  where are you going to Mount Everest Everest   Everest Everest yeah he use that as a berm  as we venture towards Pikey Peak perched   at an impressive altitude at just over 4,000  M the promise of an unparalleled view awaits   us on a a clear day the Grandeur of Everest  the world's highest mountain majestically   unfolds before our eyes a mere 60 kmet  away from the iconic Everest Base Camp   a view so dramatic and lifechanging it's  a spectacle that has left many in awe but   there's a catch the notorious unpredictable  clouds that have left their mark on countless Travelers w oh I slid right out in these Final Days of our Nepal adventure  we find ourselves on a track that's more about   exploration than a well- trodden path and amidst  this adventure a loyal companion emerges my trusty   Enfield a street oriented duel sports bike that  has defied expectations from extreme altitudes   to muddy terrains deep water Crossings to  steep Rocky climbs this little Powerhouse   has embraced every challenge without complaint  comfortable and reliable my Enfield has been   a steadfast partner though I must admit the  thin air at 15,000 ft did make her struggle   a bit but as they say at those Heights even  the mightiest bikes feel the pinch of oxygen deprivation nice tell us to go this is  your gig this this is my Gig this is my   element Welcome to My Playground here on  there's a 2-hour walk to base camp uh we   spend the night there because you can see  what's happening not much of a view over   here with the clouds coming in and then tomorrow  morning Sunrise we head up for Sunrise to [ __ ] speak up boys we're ready we PID off me okay  r that I don't know but it's been said said   I don't know but it's been said treckers dicks  are made a lead treckers dicks are made a lead   I don't know but I've been told I've been know  but I've been told biker dicks are made of gold   bikers his dicks are made oh [ __ ] sprained  my ankle I don't have to carry out of here   after nearly 3 weeks on the bikes Nosh finally  gets us walking and is promising us a view of   Mount Everest he says he's going to deliver us  a cloudless view but I'm not so sure that pesky   Monsoon is hanging around can't talk you know  leadership's about getting people to do what   they otherwise wouldn't do and Nosh has been  determined to get nugget and eye on top of a   mountain and he's picked a great one Pikey Peak  now doesn't look much today you summited nugget   yeah I realize now why I'm not a Tracker yeah  feels like I've been kicked in the guts by a   mule plus I was up at 4:00 walking in the dark  no promis this clear skies in a view of Mount   Everest I can't even see a nose in front of me  it's so windy up here blow a dog off a chain I'm   hiding behind this pray it's all ice it's all  ice I can see the ice on it I know I'm sitting   in it it's all ice I'm dying of new pneumonia  No movement there would be no view of Mount   Everest today for nugget and I we headed back  out of the cold but Nosh persevered and was   rewarded with a tantalizing Glimpse although the  clouds denied him the summit but who cares this   trip had been far more than just riding bikes  or spying a mountain peak we had absorbed the   spirituality of the mountains and nothing told  that story more powerfully than the expression on   Nugget's face time to head home but not before  we visited the world famous Chitwan National Park Chitwan National Park is huge and we were on  the edge of the park where working elephants still   played a key role in Nepalese life a poignant  moment between a mother and daughter awoke   memories of my own granddaughter it was tugging at  my heartstrings and I was missing home it was time   to leave this magical place beyond the motorcycle  Thrills Nepal's culture and Landscapes had woven   a rich tapestry of Adventure this had been a  cracking trip and we were definitely coming back you kidding me on top of the world life inside slow down DJ good excent

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