Nature at its best in Meghalaya | Laitlum | Nartiang | Tyrshi | Shillong Tourism Ep 3 w/ eng subs

Nature at its best in Meghalaya | Laitlum | Nartiang | Tyrshi | Shillong Tourism Ep 3 w/ eng subs

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The 51 Shakti Peetas? This is one of them. -Oh, is it! Looks like they have sacrificed a lamb here, its blood is still here. Kannada everywhere... Hail the Kannada Goddess! Today is day 3. The time is 7:40a.m. The sun rises early here, so you can cover more places if you start your day early.

Yesterday, travelling in the bike was pretty difficult as there was heavy rainfall in Mawphlong Sacred Forest. And Google weather is predicting rain for today as well. So we've booked a private cab. We'll visit 3 places today and get back to shillong. Let's see how the day goes.. We have now reached Laitlum Canyon.

It took us around 45 minutes to an hour from Shillong. Our cab driver... well, it's his own cab.. Sudeep, He is providing a lot of information about the places. He was also chit chatting about his family here etc. So it's nice here at the canyon.. a beautiful view. It's looking really good to our eyes, but through the camera the quality is just so. I'll try to show you as much as possible.

These are definitely places you need to come here and explore. Best time to visit would be November to first week of April, they can definitely say that you won't be caught in rain. But after 15th of April, unpredictable weather - it can rain at any time. Come, let's check out and enjoy the canyon view.

It's written as selfie danger zone here, probably someone fell over here while taking a selfie! A caution from Meghalaya Tourism We came here at the perfect time - no rain and a clear sky too. Looks like we can walk till there. My wife is singing :P If we go down the stairs from here, we'll reach that point down there.

Below that is the untouched village. People only go there via these mountains, there's no road connectivity, no steps. But that's ok, we don't want to go there now. We don't feel like leaving after seeing this beauty. We're near the car parking, and saw another viewing spot here.

Why miss it.. let's show you another angle of Laitlum Canyon. Pretty dangerous at the cliff here, there are no railings. Going further down from here would be very dangerous. So I'll just zoom in from here. There's a waterfall there - you can barely see. You should come here and see firsthand.

City bus in Shillong The city here is quite unique. I vlog in Kannada, but it'll have english subtitles, so if your children watch it - they'll understand easily. These are potato farms. Potato farms.

That road comes from Shillong, and we're leaving the Laitlum Canyon turn. Next we're taking this road, um.. what's it again? Monolith? -Yea, in Nartiang. -Nartiang Monolith Along with us is Sudeep Bhaiyya, our driver. He's been driving taxis in Meghalaya for 25 years now.

So he's very knowledgeable about the local stories, local languages etc. Along with that, he also watches a lot of South Indian movies! So much that he's fully updated about all latest movies like KGF 1 and 2, RRR, Bahubali His name is also Sudeep, so I told him about the superstar actor Kiccha Sudeep in Kannada industry. So he got very exited that he can now say he's got a famous actor's name. Nartiang story: The Nartiang king got a dream once that he had to build a temple for Goddess Durga.

You know about the Shakthi Peetas? The 51 Shakthi Peetas. This is one of the 51 peetas. -Oh, is it! -Yea, I'll take you to the temple there. A Durga temple where, long ago, even human sacrifices took place.

Back in SatyaYug. -We call it 'Bali Peet' By this, you mean sacrificing / ritualistic killings right? We call the sacrificial altars as 'Bali Peet' Now this is the only place around here where beef is not sold. In this temple, during Durga Pooja, 100 lambs are sacrificed.

Back when Congress govt. was in power, this place was neglected. Now the BJP govt. is building a lot of facilities here like guest houses and washrooms. They are renovating the temple with central govt. funds.

Around the temple area, even other buildings are being renovated. I'm sure you'll like the place. After that, if we go further down the road, we see the Nartiang monoliths, Big rocks where the Nartiang kings had their assemblies back then. -Just like how assemblies take place in our parliament now? -Yes, very similar to that. This was created long ago, now I don't think even elephants can lift those stones. Not sure who lifted them back then..

He's given us some really good information. It's all written there too. But it's not maintained as before. Many stones have now gone crooked, or fallen down. Only the king's and queen's stones are huge.

It's written there that one shouldn't damage the stones. And if they do so, it is believed to be bad luck for them. -So we can't touch or try to move them? -No, that's fine. You can freely road around, sit on it, no problem. You just shouldn't damage them. -So this was all the details about the Nartiang Monoliths. Let's go visit it later. He has explained it all in Hindi. I hope you have all understood it. Let's check out the places now.

We are now going to the Nartiang Durga temple. Let me tell you the story behind it. Lord Shiv holds Goddess Sati's [dead] body and does Tandav [dance with rage] This threatens to damage the entire world. Fearing his anger, all other gods pray to Vishnu to stop Shiv. Vishnu uses his Chakra/wheel and divides Sati's body into 51 pieces.

The places where those 51 pieces fell are called Shakthi Peethas. We have now visited one of those Shakthi Peethas. It is said that this Shakti Peetha is where Godess Sati's thigh fell. Sacrificing rituals still take place here, looks like lamb sacrifice was done recently, it's blood can still be seen. This is the temple. A very peaceful place.

This temple is location in Nartiang, Jhaintia Hills. Let's go inside. This is probably the sword used for sacrifice.

This was where human sacrifices were done before. Their blood would flow through here and join the river next to the temple. We are now at Nartiang Monolith garden. Let's check it out. Nartiang monoliths are in the Jhaintia Hills. Just like how we now have assemblies and parliamennts, this is where Kings, Queens with their ministers etc held meetings long ago.

Monoliths all around us. It does look like even elephants couldn't lift all these stones now. How these were set up back then, only they know! There are so many monoliths here! Have they really set up similar gardens for kings in other villages too? You can see which is the tallest stone here.

Yesterday a guide told us about a massive earthquake in 1897 that shook all of North East, India. It toppled and damaged a lot of such monoliths and monuments. Like this female monolith here, it's broken in the middle and fallen down. I think that's the tallest stone, of the king. His seat, or throne may be. There was a giant here called Marphalyngki who lifted and set these stone up.

It is written here that he lifted the king's stone all by himself! But the size of this stone.... so huge that even an elephants couldn't lift it. As high as the tree next to it, and very thick as well. So this is the seat / monolith where the King sat down.

Imagine how huge that giant would've been! I'm standing at the King's seat, look at the view from here. The entire assembly and all the people present can be seen from here. Erecting these many huge stones is kind of a mystery itself.

Now we are at Tyrshi Waterfalls. Pronounce it yourselves :P We are still on the way to the falls, we'll reach it after a short walk. This looks like a paddy field / marsh land. We are above the falls still, we need to go walk down to the bottom for the view. This is also a 3 step waterfall like Elephant waterfalls.

We just saw the first step. This is the second step. With all the rains, look at the water pressure. We are at the second level of Tyrshi waterfalls. The water is pouring with pretty high pressure, and you can see the winds too. After the second step, we need to go further down for the third step. The driver told us to go all the way down and not miss the beautiful view of the falls.

Few minutes of trekking stetch. We have now come all the way down. Check out the beauty of the falls! Ooh, it's getting cold here. Just like our driver told us Not that unexplored, there are lots of positive reviews on Google by other visitors.

But there's one called Khrangshuri Waterfalls. Our driver says that it has more crowd even though Tyrshi is prettier. There's a heavy flow of water as it rained for 2 days here. A festival for the eyes. You should definitely come here once and check it out. I'll shoot some videos of it now for you guys. Enjoy :) Since Mawphlong Sacred Forest yesterday, we are meeting a Kannada family everywhere we go. That too, they are from Sakleshpura [my native].

Kannada everywhere, hail the Kannada Goddess. They have also told that they'll subscribe to our YouTube channel ;) Now look at this view that you probably cannot get in any other falls.

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