Najszybsza kobieta w Polsce | BMW E46 M50 1000 HP + #dragproject

Najszybsza kobieta w Polsce | BMW E46 M50 1000 HP + #dragproject

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You finally get to drive a decent car right after the Opel Corsa How do you feel that a strange guy will drive with your wife? jealousy it's easy to get out of the way after what I felt this is how she danced on the road like me after alcohol Hi, first of all I would like to say sorry for the sound quality we had a problem with one microphone welcome to the video starring Kamil, Ela and their 1000HP BMW you can turn on the subtitles feel free to watch, regards Hi everybody, we are in Ciechowice in K64.PL Why K64? Because the house number was 64 and actually I was interested in computers and there was a commodore c64 I was nicknamed k64 because my name is Kamil That's K64, and that's how it stayed After that the computers did not like me anymore and there are cars from computer science to automobiles - yes - big change - yes - ok, but this is not a topic about computer science and you could we're here today to talk about cars Kamil builds, Ella races Currently it is Kamil is building a racing car for himself We will tell you about it in a few years Yeah, I'll be old the hero of the episode is a BMW is this the original M Power? no, no it's not even styled as M Power and it wasn't meant to be although this is not that important ordinary 3.0 petrol imported from France actually, this is a project that I did for a client, the first "serious" client he then sold it back to me the engine was already modified the first engine that was in the car was from my first BMW that was the beginning of my 1/4 mile career 10 years ago turbocharger went out and actually, it's still the same engine now that's another edition but the base is that engine Did the owner want to sell it or did you want to buy it back? she left with the option to sell he wanted to own a normal car again his life has changed and the price was attractive so we bought it back was it going to go to Ela straight away? no, Ela was against the idea at that time we bought a house it was not a good time for me related to our private life We had to think about it, I had to sell my private car it was a difficult decision for me Today you do not regret this decision? no , not today In retrospect it was a good decision but at that moment, I was hesitant It was hard then, but now it's OK ok, you bought it already modified, it was made by you? yes, it was my engine, from a previous BMW model that I was racing back in the days of the SSS, the sprint car association Warsaw, Bemowo It was about 10 years ago, maybe 12 and I put this engine into this body but the equipment was different smaller turbocharger it was actually one of the first BMW E46 street car with M50 engine tuned to "EMU" Lukasz Lamik added the finishing touches This was the beginning of the K64? yes It was the beginning of our activity one year earlier, we established our company the economic activity was in my name Kamil was working abroad yes and it was a year before he started his business then you made this car It should be mentioned that the K64 was invented by Ela Ela said it would be a good choice You will not go to Austria we will trade turbochargers the beginning was just ridiculous because I was the one who ran the business for the first two years I was in Poland, I was working full-time in an office and after work I was packing parcels I took care of practically everything Kamil was helping technically what to order, how to order I was preparing the ground in Austria to return to Poland I wanted to help Ela In Poland, the starts are hard for the young generation It was not too bad for me abroad but now it's here and it's OK so this car, this engine has sentimental value yeah, it's been with us forever he disappeared for a while, maybe 0.5 years maybe this sentiment made her come back when Kamil was cutting the bodywork of the E30 I was the one crying Yes, I started in the DRAG class the old bodywork was cut out as much as possible from all sides to accommodate the large wheels This was the beginning of parallel racing in Poland it was beginning to be popular We've got a body theme, we've got an engine theme so why don't we just talk about engine specifications You or me? who's taking the question on himself ? How difficult is it? How difficult is it for Ella? engine specifications we can mention the 2021 season and possible changes for the 2022 season for this season there are no changes to the previous year the turbocharger is the same GTX42 a hybrid has been made a larger compression wheel was fitted I bought this turbocharger, bargain was once fitted to a Mitsubishi Lancer This is probably the Lancer that has the V8 now with this 2.0 engine, he got up too late an opportunity arose, I bought it I installed in an engine that was then assembled an unfortunate situation happened my vacuum hose got caught from the MAC valve to the turbocharger intake impeller and now a larger intake impeller is fitted Did it help? I don't know. It is assumed that the turbocharger should be sufficient for 950HP How much power did you get then? it was infinite it pulled the hose into the impeller it was about 850HP 2 bars of boost And now the power is? Now the power is A fresh result from a week ago 1012HP 2.2 bars

Interestingly, this was on a 65% alcohol concentration we didn't finish we wanted to increase because we see the potential but the pulley came off because it wasn't tightened at all Well done me nothing happened the car is still in working order on a higher landing it should be mentioned that Ella has already started with a 2.4 bar charge last year even two years ago ok, and what kind of times did ella achieve with this boost? 10.2 10.3 10.3 I think it was 10.229 was

What is your personal best? 10.3 just in the STREET class on a homologated European tyre with what speed at the finish line? 249 km/h fast very in general, in brief If we were to describe the intake system, the intercooler turbochargers, engine fuel, injectors how was it built? so that the audience can know where the power is coming from Please also describe how difficult or how easy these modifications are modifications are easy for us, because we build the cars we make and sell turbo kits we like and love it and these modifications are not difficult for us it is difficult for us to find the time to put it together the way we want engine modification, intake system no different to what we offer our customers for lower powers it's just all bigger here bigger compressor, 3 inch intake system intercooler, 600X300X100 and 4 inch outlets re-education behind the turbocharger the intake manifold is a modified chinese product That was it, now we make our own manifolds This one was modified, it was easier for us it works, nothing happens to it there is also NITRO 100/150 HP to the start, as I mentioned before What fuel mixture is he running on? we are running on ethanol 50 / 80 % ratio then this power is generated and it is safe the power increase may not be great It is known that it is better to have 50HP more than less or even 100HP but low exhaust temperature yes, we lower the EGT yes, that's correct a head that likes to crack on a BMW lives longer is there a power pump? there are 3 pumps walbro hellcat at 1000HP in the fuel tank then 044 x2 they come on above the boost of 1.5 bar for safety so as not to run out of fuel that's it, the system is simple Do you have a SWIRLPOT fitted? - no - there is no problem with the fuel, are you not afraid? we're scared although we always fill up too much it's hard at the back a lot of traction actually, SWIRLPOT would be useful there is still the question of assembly and the conditions to comply with the street class regulations I have dealt with this subject, it has to be outdoors changes to the 2022 regulations say it has to be outside Are you talking about the regulations from SCS? yes I understand King Of Poland did not seem to make any changes in this direction if you want to go to both race events then we have to find a compromise what is the size of the installed injectors? The injectors are a long story, they are 2200cc Bosch you have already asked in other interviews about these injectors yes, yes it also happened to us last year we refuelled with BIO fuel from the supermarket, for fireplaces, ordinary BIO we mixed it with fuel It had a high concentration of about 90%.

and the injector just jammed burned a hole in the head to be dismantled again And next week the competition, new head Then I said to myself that I've had enough of these heads But again, just bad luck it was "just" an injector, it wasn't our fault it almost caught fire the hole in the head was big during the passage ? yes during the drive for King Of Poland I was with a 5 year old child He stands at the start with me, we cheer crowd of people Ela is driving, I already had my suspicions about this engine, it was running roughly she went full power Before the finish line, fluid spurted out onto the exhaust manifold luckily there was no fire were you scared? Yeah, a little bit. but I wouldn't let the firemen put the car out if there was no fire they can open the engine cover but as long as there's no fire, they can't destroy anything I was worried what my son would think that he would get scared he got scared! How they arrived at the finish line he looked at me to see if everything was alright Mum, is everything OK? I think your car was on fire it was such a situation that anything could happen the car is on fire, the fuel system, there could be an explosion me with the child we're watching the car burn mum in the middle it's my weakness, my fear Your black scenarios yes Fortunately, nothing bad happened nothing happened I think I behaved well I pulled over I extinguished the vehicle, I moved away to a safe distance I made a phone call that something was happening and they're coming but everything's OK this is where I appeal to all firefighters don't eat a hamburger while someone is racing don't smoke a cigarette in the back room do your own thing I' m oversensitive about these things my dad was a fireman for over 30 years and it' s better for everyone to do their own thing and everything will be fine because before the firemen arrived or before they can arrive it could already be dangerous What do you feel when you step on the starting line? Adrenaline positive happy to say so Is there any stress before the first start? Do you relax afterwards and find it easier to take off afterwards? Yes, exactly The first start is always stressful. Especially after the winter season The first starts are more stressful there are always small modifications to the car and I don't know what to expect to unscrew the pulley for example ! These are the details these are the details that influence me it's definitely the stress at the beginning After that it's the competition, the fight and the desire for better times must that comes out on its own if someone denies it, they don't want to talk about it And how did your motoring adventure begin? a woman in a 1000HP car is not a normal sight I've always liked cars as a little kid, always preferred to play with cars with my cousin than playing with dolls with her cousins it was like that, it was inside me I met Kamil at a car rally no, it was illegal racing I didn't want to say it out loud That's where we met I' ve always liked cars as soon as it was possible I' ve turned 18 it was, mum please, a driving licence then, Kamil took off I always rode with him I was with him at practically every competition and I cheered for him and when the E46 came out in our family, so to speak there was no other option She tried it in Slovakia Exactly, who gave the idea that Ela will get in the car and drive? yes, we went to Slovakia he didn't tell me that I would be able to race Kamil must have said, get in, go. I wanted to, it was my wish it was never said "Ella, you can" the car is fully STREET it allowed me to feel safe As for the DRAG class and the E30 that Kamil drove it was my fear of this car that was big it looked terrible it's streetable I felt safe in it This allowed me to take off Kamil said, you have the keys, now you How much power was that? the engine was modified 580-600HP Supercharging 1.5 bar Was it already fast? Yes, it was fast then And now it's very fast?! It was also very fast then It was cool then because it had a manual gearbox Every single driver error resulted in a loss of time Now there is more repeatability there is this automatic gearbox to have two hands on the wheel it's no joke with this power That's right, still RWD this is the most stressful for me Ela says that she is stressed before the first start What I am experiencing, it is terrible I'm not worried about the car I wonder who is more stressed? I think Kamil I am very stressed out If I could do everything as safely as possible I will invest all my money to keep Ella safe now if Ela will progress and achieve times of 9 seconds according to the regulations, she will have to build a ROLLBAR is required from 9 seconds ? 9,5 ? I don't know Under 10 seconds you have to have ROLLBAR parachute only later ROLLBAR is not a problem I am going to do it anyway regardless of the starts This car is already too fast If something happened, I wouldn't forgive myself 250 KM/H at the finish line is already too fast As I say, the back end of the drive - a small mistake - no kidding. That's right! back to the engine we know what the turbocharger is is that a 2500cc engine? M50, 24 valves as standard 2500 cc the crankshaft is from a 3000cc engine for the start, we have a 3000cc larger piston size 84.25 mm

It is important that the walls between the cylinders are as thick as possible so that the engine will last I've already broken engine capacity records I know that it's getting revenge especially at high power Piston and connecting rod , forged sharp shafts Interestingly, this year, OEM cylinder head no machining, serial hydro tappets not touched channels not cracked because it's a flaw in these heads they are 20-25 years old in many cases, they're just trash with such high temperatures, loads heads are cracking Will it remain as standard? Will you be modifying it? It has a lot of potential Okay, what about the collectors? exhaust manifold it's ours of our production twin scroll one wastegate I could improve it, I wanted to check how much power there is it turns out, nothing needs to be changed it is 1000HP my success, it worked was that the intention? yes, this power was already there 1000HP from a 2.2 bar boost You can still boost to 2.4 bar yes, we can blow it - Is there a NITRO? - there it is. - used? - 0:24:33.739 used? It needs to be used at startup the compressor is big it wakes up late with the current camshaft settings before it inflates We will lose a lot of time at the start that this car just won't start there's an automatic gearbox here on the controller from the TURBO LAMIK oem converter, from Mercedes cannot to induce more revolutions than 3000 we won't make the LAUNCH COTROL with 3000 revolutions so there's no boost Of course, a second turbo or a compressor could be fitted or a more efficient new turbo there are some on the market that will generate a boost we know that this can be improved give up the NITRO by fitting a sports converter the time will come the nitro can also be dispensed with Currently, we only use it at the start up to 1 bar of boost the jets are pumping about 100HP on which ECU? EMU CLASSIC ( ecumaster ) Polish good product The best Are you using RACE TCS? Yes, we do interestingly enough, we have the first version we got it for free while the project was developing Jacek proposed Kamil took You will test it, you will see, you will be satisfied.

if it's ok, we'll cooperate And in fact, Lukasz was the first to fit it to Tomek's BMW M3 then I fitted it The power was big, I was afraid for my wife's health And I did it, I did it! thanks to this controller no wheel slip at all we can set it like this it will not add power as long as it is in the slipstream. super device it's really safe You can also lose hundredths of a second at the start, this is important - even more so with an automatic gearbox - exactly RTC has a discount for our viewers link in the description full information - check - super - very cool power transmission We have an 8HP gearbox? 8HP70 after strengthening there are more discs the converter is from Mercedes it is smaller and can generate a higher RPM standard with 8HP from diesel wakes up 300-400 rpm worse Have you experimented with the shaft? Drive shaft long story really nothing special crossed shortened original shaft and shaft start from an 8HP or F10 BMW all philosophy Balanced, new crossmembers and that's it no problem with the drive? there are problems the differential we have is original to this BMW E46 in which it was It puts up with a lot of daily stress We have already shifted gear ratios a few times depending on which engine version the gear ratios on the E46 are different we already know which one is the best and we are investing in a real differential this is the specification that was used in 2021 yes the compressor will change for 2022 compression wheel same turbocharger The impeller was already installed 5 years ago aaaaaa OK So what are the changes for this year? I understand that there should be a progression changes really more power more power, because it can still go up now we know what gear ratio we have There are a few changes little things that will give you peace of mind I hope the head will hold everything should add up to the final result yes, there is that much power now the little things will allow us to get what we want we want it to have little breakdowns we want to enjoy it we want it to run, we are not pressured for time anymore although it would be nice but we want to have fun with it we don't want to go crazy to race for cups we want to ride like we used to, the moment we met Ella will ride and in time, maybe I will join and it will be fun right, with a relaxed head unexpected results are coming in the form of personal records yes, yes we talked about safety brakes? the subject of brakes is important is neglected no exaggeration the original brakes from engine 3.0 are fitted nothing concrete but nothing bad either I always say, if someone has oil in his head, he'll brake for everyone I already told myself once, I will not go to a competition where it is dangerous are you driving a series E46 that has 200HP and you brake from 200km/h to 0km/h do you drive a 1000HP which goes 200km/h and you brake to 0km/h braking distance is the same nothing changes In parallel racing you do not accelerate and brake, you accelerate and brake yes the brake kit could be changed to something better It will come in time Kamil, tell me Did you race this car? I don't really want to race this car the car is only prepared for Eli I would like to keep it that way There was a trial in Germany It was a form of testing Ela could not go, she had to stay with her child we had a date arranged, a hotel we went to Unfortunately, I did not make it, it was worse than Ella You don't know how to do it. - I don't know - weakling I weigh 40 kilograms more And weight is important How did this affect the time? It was 10.9 10.8

Was it with automatic transmission? yes with an automatic gearbox, but it was not very efficient at that time Blame it on the poorly performing gearbox the thing about this project is that we're playing with it we have had it for many years every year we change something, improve something and it brings results of course, the pressure is to do worse times and Ella is very nervous The first, second run will do 0.2 ; 0.1 seconds worse times than last year I was just about to ask if Ela is shouting at you ? oooooooooooo, she's got nerves what's going on here at the competition because you haven't prepared the car, something's not working?! - Yeah. - I'm getting a kick out of it it's actually mostly my fault Ela usually does what she is supposed to do and we change the traction control settings another NITRO nozzle someone spilled the oil, it started badly or the light barrier did not work properly I am the tester of these ideas Do you have an interesting anecdote related to this? I don't think I have one. Something based on, you get in the car, you start it and you think something is wrong yes, that's normal notoriously They're setting the traction control nobody says anything And then it turns out that the car is dancing on the track I have to brake or let off the accelerator I go out and they get hit there was a situation last season she was riding, she said oh dear, she's not riding times were at 10.6 / 10.7 seconds It turned out that she was running on a small charge and I told her everything was fine I don't know, you can't take off, it's all your fault and all you had to do was switch the button We know you started parallel racing 10 years ago yes, even earlier You don't drive this car now Did you drive an E30 before? - E36 it was - OK, now we have an E46 but you are also building a project I would like to build, I just don't have the time Shoemaker walks without shoes Yeah! you have to look at your family, your dog, your cat, your wife, your child, your employees and the company we are not bored I would like to find more time OK ! I would like to find more time to do this ok Ela please tell me when did your adventure with the 1/4 mile start? The first time I went 5 years ago about 6 years ago One off ? or did you start the whole season then ? I went a few times And then it turned out that I was pregnant So when I found out I was pregnant I didn't get in the car for safety reasons There was a break I had a break during the whole pregnancy phase and the first year of my son's life So you have been racing for about 3/4 years Yeah, yeah but already so active? yes, season after season How is it going? I think it's going well I'm in a difficult class with only men Yes, in one of the strongest although you could say that about any class yes, exactly this is a difficult class rear-wheel drive, the cars dance around the track it's difficult to keep them in line in parallel racing, they would go straight and I think I'm doing very well Considering that I am in second place in my class on the list of DRAGRACELIST POLAND ooo, very cool Please tell me what are your goals? As Kamil mentioned Do you want to play with it? Or is there something you would like to do? achieve ? Definitely go 9 seconds Is it in your head? bright he won't come out of it until I reach it once it's done, I think it'll be more relaxed and fun It's OK now anyway I'm having more fun I don't take it professionally it's not like I don't sleep at night before the competition I don't think that someone will be faster and win with me This is more fun fun, adventure, other precisely pity it's so expensive and so it should remain although she said the same thing when she did 11 seconds We'll do 10 seconds, then we'll leave it at that We're going to have fun with this. From 11, it's now 10.6

Then 10.4 , 10.3 And now the pressure to do 9 Now 9, but maybe 8 one day no chance I won't let you go - never say never - 0:36:57.014, no, it's a dangerous sport right, once in a while something has to happen it had better not happen in Poland in my personal opinion there is not enough fire brigade during the competition and ambulance I have this dark vision after 200 metres, where in some competitions spectators are standing at the gates and let it happen that he locks the front wheels something will happen to the differential it will go to the right and something bad might happen - black vision - it's better to have a black vision and protect yourself thinking about black visions we might think about why we get in the car - no fun - Yes, of course adrenaline is what drives us Ela is driven to do 9 You have to make an effort everything depends on it right now who gives the budget for the car? we have a common budget, there is no division everybody takes as much as they want it's easier this way at least we think so ok since we've been living together it's been like that but wait, wait, wait something's wrong you have a common budget, but you don't drive I don't drive Is that fair? I enjoy it this car is getting faster and faster Ela qualifies in the front group And this is the best Sometimes the men's group is surprised even nervous that a woman is sitting on their arse, or vice versa favourite question at the end, for the audience Also mine and Daniel's Of course, we encourage you we do all this to promote the 1/4 mile we encourage everyone to participate in parallel races Meanwhile, we ask the question what is the budget to build such a car It turns out that by encouraging the common man to compete the athletes are throwing in amounts of 100000 /150000 PLN 200000 spent on a car Of course you can come and invest in a good tyre at the start come here, check it out whether you like parallel racing over a 1/4 mile distance but a question for you guys, do you have a common budget You guys have already said that there are no secrets how much did it cost to build this car for today you can compare it to buying a new car counting it all has stopped making sense 5 years ago I also stopped counting then He's been with us a long time to count it all even then the amounts were in the order of 200000 PLN and actually this project all the time we're doing it on the cheap even though we are improving, refining, making from scratch because something was ugly, weak why did you buy something the cheapest you could have bought something more expensive it would have worked now, for today, to build a car like this if I had to make it myself, from the beginning on the same parts together with the body painting, suspension I think the amount is almost 200000 PLN To make it work, look If the spectator decides to build it, you will if a spectator decides, you will build with a discount it was an amount which did not take into account the construction costs if I had to build it myself ok parts cost a lot yes, the market is going wrong very bad this car 5 years ago exceeded 200000 PLN - Yeah - what could you buy today? for that 200,000 five years ago.

counting what we put in I think maybe Ela will know She can choose, sure, she won't go wrong Porsche 911 new model That's the money we spent I watched it on TV recently what was cool about it? all black not Lexux McLaren, McLaren it was these are sums of money? Yes We are slowly approaching these amounts as a married couple, it's very easy for you to talk about it past, gone because we don't count it anymore We stopped counting and the car has been with us for a very long time we didn't spend that money right away gradually month by month I have to buy this part, and this is still it we need to replace the seats and I would like some nice rims because I'm taking a visual approach to it maybe we could paint it, dark blue is not a cool colour and that's it there's one more thing about the budget When building a car like this, not everyone writes everything in detail for example, with a valve for 5 PLN or the fact that you have to change your tyres at the vulcaniser's the smallest expenses make the largest amounts colossal amounts were if someone says they put a turbocharger on a BMW He bought a kit from us He paid 20000 PLN to us, he put it together himself It was supposed to be cheap, but it ended up being 40000 PLN A friend of mine used to say Kamil it was supposed to cost 40000 PLN, but it cost 100000 PLN If you count in detail you do it the way you want it comes out a lot more, unfortunately Good thing I have an understanding wife and she doesn't ask questions you can do it cheaper but first you have to realise one sick idea in order to know where not to make a mistake Yeah, yeah This is a long-term building on mistakes no, this will be replaced, we will sell it cheaper and we will not make money yes, yes this is what builds the cost now we compare that to buying a McLaren and building that car is 200,000 PLN huge difference - Yes, that's right. - this is learning from mistakes because of the specialisation of the business that we do this is our science what components to use how many times something we have used has failed we withdrew the product maybe something else not this valve, maybe another one it makes the cost, our cost is high we tried it on ourselves the product we will be trading we will sell to someone else we need to be sure of that sometimes we had to apologise to the client we did something that worked and it turned out that it didn't we could have done something better for the same money or cheaper it was our science and it came out that we do what we do So what's it going to be? Are we going to ride again? We can very nice From here I wish you success in building a very fast car for Ela Ela will break records of her own or her rivals Will it go to the top of the list - I understand that Tomek is in first place? - Yes, Tom. Ela will beat him, Tomek will aim for that Tomek is cool, you can steal horses with him As I say, Tomek will try to beat Ela The competition will get tougher There is a group of Mustangs, other drivers They will all contribute to the progress of the discipline individual progression of each athlete I wish you to continue in this to grow and enjoyed it thank you thanks to Thank you very much, shall we go for a ride? I'll ride !

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