Motorrad Adventure Touring- Moto Guzzi Tour auf kleinsten Strassen im Welzheimer Wald /Ebnisee

Motorrad Adventure Touring-  Moto Guzzi Tour auf kleinsten Strassen im Welzheimer Wald /Ebnisee

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[Music] Hello dear people, welcome to one Video from motorcycle tour, today is May 19th 2023 and the temperatures are good, God knows Not so much spring yet or at all summery but I'm really happy about it very much that you have it here with us Swabian forest and the beautiful ones Get to know the routes here I accommodated her in the hotel zlzbacherhof in sulzbachm and we drive Today we first take part of Route 51 call it the idyllic one The street of the city is where we drive then towards Schorndorf and then over small villages Berglen to Viewpoint and to the first stopping point At Ebnisee we continue overland very small and beautiful caged streets to Schwend where we got a permit have from the mayor to hagbturm to Observation plate to raise half tower to take a few shots here and also a few pictures and reports how we like it, it stays simple Just go along here and take a look maybe there is something for you So have fun coming along this morning We started in Sulzbach and are now driving via Welzheim schndorf on the idyllic road to Bulbron Berglen and via redsburg to after that we drive to the Viewpoint BG and enjoy [Music] [Music] Area okay, everything photographed and documented so it can continue We are now driving from the lookout point back to the idyllic street and then However, we still head towards Lake Eden a short detour to Rudersberg to drive back up to Oberndorf idyllic road to old because that just a great route where we are test the lean angle of the motorcycles [Music] can [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So here we are now ice lake also called the pearl of Swabian Forest as cold as here with me who is as cold as you here really yes g well the ebisee will be Surely many of you also know whether from Stuttgart or Halbron it is located pretty central and is from all Times are good to start and in the Warmer season is always here really powerful something let's just talk about the weather today and then We already have temperatures in the video seen that we sometimes mess this up about the temperatures and yes the ones that were delivered early this morning They really had it quite fresh, I have Claudia above picked up on the highway and yes that Starting from Lake Constance yes the temperatures are Wirich single digits and even now even though the weather report is actually on us In any case, double-digit temperatures 16 17° is currently 7° and we're heading towards direction now tur up there there will be another one be a bit fresher with wind so yes you can do one or the other I tolerate the sweater today but that's how it is [Music] come [Music] you [Music] come i you come me [Music] me [Music] come down to me me me I W you feel you feel you around come down me down me [Music] I [Music] [Music] so the Bluetooth via a short Distance already worked, well if good you are already a few 100 me away from me but that's okay That's me so much better and [Music] That's seeping everywhere and the coffees see that [Music] and [Music] So the next step is now hackbergtm the landmark of gchwend 585 m up and that's where we're going now there [Music] [Music] The access is actually paved the mayor has given us this Permission granted to drive there because we do a bit of advertising for it and That's okay too We actually only want a few Take pictures and then it will be fine everything we have now arrived at hagbergturm 585 m high Rolf uses his weakness wisely I also said parking here We want nice shots here do another travel report will take place in the near future This is also easy to do in writing surprise but I think it will be one but you can find wide emptiness of course on my homepage read if so me and him wrote [Music] is [Music] Something here about the area So here we are now at 585 m the highest point in our area I live in the exact same community below and I was at the top for longer with my grandchildren and found out that we from here 158 wind turbines see a total no, we're behind them here We are behind the motorway bridge here that in that in that S in there we drive still below through yes the aob the highest in Europe I think that's just it so yes so back then was [Music] So now we were in Hagbergt and Now drive on to the high Lor da is heading now szbach walk and then we drive on after iersberg to have more um worth seeing [Music] see [Music] [Music] seen one apple take [Music] two [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] great route here please great route here yes and nothing going on it is [Music] keep it I will F for this you can [Music] give [Music] so let's continue on really small ones Streets with really hardly any Traffic to Läenburg where we stop do one at the castle in Läenburg very nice city here in Langburg Yes, really many highlights of the year and events and on the right Page here you can see right away Visit the car museum too value [Music] is [Music] [Music] Recording [Music] [Music] [Music] Then we continue via Braunsbach I'm sure many people still know it was there a few years ago this extremely heavy one Flood and the local area was largely redesigned or had to be redesigned will be designed and then drive we direction Highway bridge Recording fresh gestt on the income does it work now [Music] further [Music] So that's it again for day 1 We have now driven around 320 km it was still this morning really fresh and this evening Temperatures are very pleasant We already have driving this evening 15 16 1 ° we are now driving back from swabby sound where we are on the Einkorn had lunch via Oberrot to the hotel in Sulzbach the m and enjoy the beautiful evening and Tomorrow we're going on a great tour then goes towards high and in the afternoon on the Swabian Alp at a lot better weather so thanks for watching thank you for being here EU motorcyclist [Music] [Music]

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