Motorrad-Adventure-Touring- im Schwabenland, Löwensteiner Platte, Kochertal, Alb und Albgedöns

Motorrad-Adventure-Touring-  im Schwabenland, Löwensteiner Platte, Kochertal, Alb und Albgedöns

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[Music] hello recording recording says so so press once longer then yes but there It's the battery, oh no, you can't hear it then back up and then catches it to resume at some point or What's going on, show them at some point camera OK, good morning, now I hope so that the passengers all slept well Once we're ready and rested, we start Now in the hotel and driving for the first time idyllic road further towards Löwenstein, here we come first in addition There are new passengers today and stuff So we're a little more exciting Have fun today too [Music] [Music] watch [Music] [Music] t [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now it's about hey brönland [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] wrong or what, yes, no [Music] f [Music] [Music] [Music] So WE drove it once and not but Coffee is a must, we're up now the way to the plate in Löwenstein certainly very many of you Term because they are far beyond that Borders of Schwäbischhall or also is known here from Halbronnerland That's where motorcyclists really come from approached in all possible directions is pretty centrally located, you can get good Having conversations always hits home poet and can do really great things motorcycles Check it out this morning of course relatively little going on but that will change Certainly change and change over the course of the day Some days I don't even get it with motorcycle in Parking lot so we're drinking it now Coffee and then we'll continue So maybe we'll see each other [Music] just [Music] Recording [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] us [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] fascinating [Music] [Music] next stopping point is high Lohekreis Franconian strong The city of Waldenburg is part of the Region semicircular franconia and is also It's always worth a visit [Music] himself [Music] after the return journey from We're going to Waltenburg again now back to the idyllic street and drive over liemersbach rßerlach grave until after Upper red [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Now we really have lunch deserves a good lunch and now drive to Unterrot ins kocherbinle where food is served which everyone will definitely enjoy so let's move on [Music] Unterroti the bays are full now Let's raise the motors a long route to red hair then drive down again suzbach am ker and the B19 am Kocher Follow along until ABS mün and then It's slowly heading towards Ostalp those of the mountains and the views of the Swabian [Music] Alp [Music] [Music] breaks [Music] [Music] and [Music] [Music] [Applause] hope [Music] don't [Music] chosen please go please [Music] please [Music] drive to the kofengehen in the Kochertal we now continue to follow Derischen Straße about the castles and key locations below Gröningen Laubach Schönbrunn and Hohenstadt up to remained come down me me me [Music] I you [Music] [Music] come [Music] [Music] actually we wanted the bolomer Unfortunately, it was impossible to drive out of Hubach this Saturday so we can get over Lautn and Laudburg in 641 m high polom raced and we continue in that direction Geislingen is already right here in the middle of the [Music] remained [Music] We have now here we are at the top in the bartolom that means we have the tour albgedons reached and now move on Direction geislingen [Music] [Music] now we have the southernmost point reached our tour today and the Claudia will leave us now now drives directly from here to Lake Constance and we drive far across it awesome climb direction [Music] Degenfeld [Music] How quickly time passes have now driven further from geistlingen from the geistlinger Steige up and now drive direction Swabian flows past the ski resort We then drive over Treffelhausen Hamlet in the mountains where a few quite acquaintance women's ski jumping rings come here we go up the fortlepass and continue Rechberg then we will be on that back up take a short break at a some nice pictures too [Music] make [Music] nice here on the [Music] aisrüer [Music] Now let's move on to maitis Lorch and then the Walgersbacher Talhoch That's another very nice one kiln-rich route and then reach it we finally find the place where Rolf is today all day long is looking forward to Welshheim because there is the best chocolate bananas like him [Music] says [Music] [Music] one apple take [Music] one [Music] yes, every day or every tour is possible It's over and now it's that time again the i will now drive away to the right the other to the hotel in Suzbach an der drive, it was another great day the weather was really a free for Hal It was also on the Swabian Alp really quite nice and warm too Today we are around 300 again km driven and the posts don't have it suffered from it, it was just completely Great and thank you girls and boys for that It was just a great tour, I'm happy I'm already looking forward to the next tour together, get home safely and arrive everyone who watched it, thank you He was there so see you soon [Music] Motorradtour

2024-02-06 01:56

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