Most Beautiful Place on Earth Our Thailand Life | Krabi + Railay Beach Tour

Most Beautiful Place on Earth   Our Thailand Life | Krabi + Railay Beach Tour

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last time in delightful travellers we visited the  crazy Sunday night market in Old Town Phuket the   street food was delicious and let's just say  unique in this video we're headed to Krabi   to visit one of the most beautiful places in  Thailand relay Beach this place is heaven on   Earth and you're about to see why I'm  Anna and this is Trevor in the series   we're finally experiencing one of our bucket  list dreams living in Thailand make sure to   hit subscribe and click the like button so  you don't miss a single video a huge thanks   to our channel members and patrons for making  these videos possible welcome to Railay Beach well today we just might be standing in one of  the most beautiful locations we've ever been   in we are not in Phuket anymore we've come over  to Krabi and we're in an area called railay it's   absolutely stunning but throughout the course  of the video we're going to be talking about   what we've liked about living in Thailand this our  general thoughts I suppose and what we liked and   what we didn't like first off we have to thank  you guys for recommending crabby we knew this   place is pretty special coming in but so many of  you left comments saying this is one of the most   beautiful places in all of Thailand that is wild  now we are on a beach right now in Railay called   phra nang or phra nang I'm not sure of the exact  pronunciation this place is over the top special   and beaches are one of the things we really want  to talk about today because there's no shortage   of them in Thailand so if you've been following  along you'd already know that we haven't really   had the best weather while we've been here in  Thailand we are in High season kind of at the   end of rainy season into my season but it's not  been good at all we'll talk about that a little   bit more when we're talking about our pros and  cons of being here but we've definitely got some   good beach days in thankfully we had you know  a few good days here and there we really took   advantage of it that's the thing about Thailand  is that it's known for its amazing beaches I mean   it's one of the top beach destinations in the  entire world and can you see why so for those   of you that do not know we spent the last month  and some living in Phuket and it was amazing   but the weather didn't cooperate but we still  got up to some things yeah basically whenever   the wet weather was good we tried to go to as  many beaches as possible we did some island   hopping went to some local beaches we went to  some different towns we saw some really crazy   beaches so we tried to do as much as we could and  even though those beaches were spectacular nothing   comes close to this we were just surrounded by  these enormous Limestone Cliffs and turquoise   water with white sand everywhere you look we knew  it was going to be amazing here but not this good   we've been to some pretty amazing beaches around  the world and a few different places that have   pretty amazing Limestone Cliffs as well kind of  reminds us you know a little bit of like the in   the Dominican Republic we went on some epic epic  day trips one where we actually lost our drone I   think because of the interference with these Place  crazy types of cliffs so it kind of reminds me a   little bit of like a Long Bay in Vietnam but they  don't really have the beaches there they just have   like crazy crazy Cliffs but I think most it  reminds us of El Nido in the Philippines if   you're somewhat new around here you might not know  that during the pandemic you got stuck there for   four months so we've spent a significant amount of  time there and those of you might also know that   we spent a significant amount of time in El Nido  with another couple not just our friends some very   special friends some other fellow YouTubers that  we haven't seen since then it's been how long two   and a half years two and a half years we're about  to see them before we meet up with our friends 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think so going around here  yeah it's gonna be fun similar to where we were   last time yeah it's very it's like we probably  picked the most of those in the world yeah that   wasn't intentional no we're not we're Beach Bums  let's face it yeah so it's pretty neat there's   all these uh rock climbers climbing up these  Cliffs it's absolutely insane to me but a lot   of people come to relay to specifically climb  these crazy crazy rocks but what is this over   here all right well this is uh this is something  this is one of the more interesting things we've   ever seen on a beach there are a bunch of caves  around here this one there's two of them here is   a shrine I think to fertility you guys can sort  of see what's around um it's a penis cave we can   just say that I think it's okay to say that word  hopefully we don't get demonetized for saying that   but yeah you can see all these uh well I  don't know what the floral is a good question I honestly can't get over these Cliffs they're  actually dripping a little bit there's like water   coming out of them but they're also looming  above us they're so like domineering and just   crazy looking probably no big pieces like fall  off onto us but we do need to talk about another   topic and that is the weather we've talked about  it a lot but I've talked about it a lot but it's   been like kind of the overarching thing of our  time here we expected to come in High season and   get good weather usually what we hear is at  the end of October start of November is when   High season starts and usually the weather is  really really good people have told us the last   few years it seems to like push up basically the  wet season is pushing into November and this year   into December I don't know if it's going to become  a regular thing or not like we're well well well   into December as we film this and it's just it's a  little bit better here in Krabi but it's still as   you can probably see overcast you never know when  it's gonna rain sometimes it just randomly starts   to rain it seems like typical wet season stuff to  us but it's supposed to be it's nice and funny so   if we're being completely honest the weather has  been the most disappointing part about our time   here in Thailand so far it is unfortunate we  didn't get to do all the things we wanted to   in phukem we were here for well over a month but  that's okay we're still having an amazing time in   the country and on rainy days we're still having  a lot of fun water's feeling a little bit chilly   surprisingly I don't know if I'd say chili but  compared to Phuket which was basically like bath   water it's slightly cooler but it's definitely  refreshing because it's hot I know this actually   is a good angle for the clips and the GoPro kind  of picks it up a little better look at this you   guys like I can't even capture it all there is  Cliffs everywhere you can see these islands off   in the distance it's so so amazing here it's epic  one thing we're really happy about is the decision   we made to come to the south of Thailand because  we were this close to going to Chiang Mai and we   still want to go to the north and see Chiang Mai  don't worry and we'll probably do that at some   point but coming to the South is exactly what we  needed this is just over the top there's not too   many places on this planet that look like this  I mean you guys the sun is isn't even out at the   moment and this is still over the top we just  can't stop talking about what we're looking at   all the time here in Thailand so you guys know  we've been trying to like really slow travel and   just stay in a place for a while and get to sort  of get a feel for it we can find a month now it   doesn't feel like long enough and we're loving it  clearly but these guys jump around a lot that's   why we have the channel name they don't play food  yeah so we usually do like uh four or five nights   yeah in each Place we've never done like you  guys where it's a month would you ever think   about it yeah we're actually planning to do that  in maybe February so we're we're still not sure   where we're going to be but we want to stay for a  month like I just find it so I don't think I could   do it anymore like four or five days like after  two weeks I'm like yeah yeah we still now we seem   to do it for like a month or so at a time but then  in between places we jump around like jump places   yeah every what like four or five days yeah it's  been like a month somewhere and then a few weeks   like going to a bunch of different places and then  spend another month somewhere but now that you've   gotten used to like doing a month probably if you  do a shorter thing it just seems way too I believe   in a month doesn't seem like even here like six  days here I could be I could live here for a month   this is awesome the pathway to get to that beach  is just crazy you guys look at the Rocks like look   at this let me know if you can see them I have  to put the camera down like really really low   but when you're in town it kind of when you look  over in this direction it just looks like it's all   clipped so we actually thought maybe we'd have  to like hike up something but now it's all like   the paper look at this stuff it's it's everywhere  you walk well there's a lot of people down here   also on the way here there was monkeys so we're  hoping we can kind of uh catch some monkeys not   literally catch them just catch them on camera  well we found them there are a lot of monkeys   around here they seem to be in various places  generally when it seems to be When there's less   people but there are quite a few people walking  through here but during the season up there this   guy's super Brave he's just kind of uh hanging  out checking everybody out don't see this too   often he's looking for some bananas or something  to steal do you have a banana girl there's a sign   back there that says don't be the monkeys ah  you're being very brave I'm surprised or I'm   not grabbing your GoPro you just don't look  at them in the eye ah if you do eyes contact   we've just come out now to the east side of  Rayleigh Beach so basically the way Rayleigh works   is there's a beach on one side and then across the  way once you go through town which we're about to   do there's another Beach of course you just saw  the beach we were at so there's so much to do   here I can't wait to show them town I know it's a  really neat town so I don't know if you explained   kind of the lay of the land it actually feels like  an island here even though we are in the mainland   you just can't access because of the cliffs that  are around us you can't access it by land you have   to come by boats there's no cars or anything here  I know so that's why there's all these boats and   there's extra people here right now because some  of them come for day tours a lot of people come   for day tours yeah and they all leave at night and  then it kind of quiets out and we're staying here   so it's pretty cool speaking of boats that is how  you get here it's the only way to get here since   there are no roads in and out and once you're  here you're on your feet maybe you could get   a bike perhaps but most people just walk around  the town itself is very very small so very very   walkable as well so let's discuss transportation  in general there is lots of public transport here   in Thailand it's probably your cheapest option you  can hire taxis you sound up to actually be quite   expensive more so than even taxis so be aware of  that we actually found it was a lot easier and   cheaper to get a taxi there's no doubt though that  scooters are king not just in Thailand but like   all of Southeast Asia not not where we're at right  now though everyone's yeah nothing motorized here   everyone's on foot but if you're wondering where  we are we're in kind of like the main I guess   some call it like the main book path where all the  restaurants are yeah this is where everybody goes   to eat most I think I say the majority others in  the hotels the restaurants are along here so this   is definitely where you end up if you're coming  to it well there's tons of restaurants there's   lots of little shops to buy things you can buy  clothing you can buy jewelry it's got everything   you need book your tours it really doesn't seem  like there's a lot of uh people here huh I know   what I wonder if today's a Friday that we are  filming we got here a couple days ago it hasn't   been too busy I wondered if it's going to get  busier for the weekend just like people that   live in Thailand coming for the weekends we'll see  right now it's not bad I know it's cool like you   got these like little stands you can get coconuts  there's these kind of like raster like Jamaican   bars yeah there's a lot of them around they used  to be really really common here definitely come   alive a little bit more at night but we're  usually not out late so imagine once we head   back in it gets a little bit livelier but it has  been really really quiet it's a nice thing we've   really enjoyed about Thailand so far because I  know I don't know if like tourism is entirely   picked up but the nice thing in Phuket we stayed  in were why it was pretty quiet but then you can   get busier places like Patong and here hasn't been  busy at all so Chris and Carol just headed back   over to their Beach it's called tonsai Beach so  make sure to check their video out they'll have   one you'll see a bit more of that beach and a  little bit of today and we're hoping to get out   with them one more time while we're here so we'll  see but we're coming up on the Main Beach here in   relay now it just kind of keeps getting better  and better and better you guys look at the white   sand again these enormous Limestone Clips huh  yeah so this is Rayleigh Beach West so this is   the West Side before you we showed you the east  side it really is like one little area beaches   on or like water on each side and then Cliffs on  the other two sides it's really not a big area   very very walkable like we said before it's kind  of hotels on one side then we have that walking   Street then you just have another Cliff over there  and I think where Chris apparel are staying is   just beyond that Cliff there it's like the second  Cliff over how about these boats though you guys   so we mentioned that you can do island hopping  tours from here these are what you normally would   take these are the long tail boats you can also  hire a speed boat so fingers crossed again hoping   for good weather we might get out to one of the  islands I know there's the famous peepee islands   are here but there's also so many other islands  like Hong island sounds very attractive to us   but I need to bring up one thing so far Rayleigh  relay Beach you've been hard on my travel gear   and I'll explain why first I broke my suitcase my  luggage that we travel around with is busted not   sure what we're gonna do because there's nowhere I  can buy any luggage at the moment also the scenes   earlier I broke the GoPro the GoPro is broken I  mean I didn't do it somehow water got inside of   it and it almost blew up basically it overheated  and it's all burnt marks the battery is gone so   now we're down one GoPro and down a suitcase  so one of the must-do things here is to catch   the sunset you probably heard me say we're on the  west side so supposedly there are amazing sunsets   I've seen some videos some photos but the sky is  just super cotton candy last couple of nights it's   been really cloudy so it hasn't been the most epic  Sunset so I think now the plan is going to take a   little bit of a break go relax and you get some  work done for a little while then come back out   for Sunset and fingers crossed it will be a good  one well we found a great little spot here to have   a beer and wait for the sun to go down just know  that there's not a lot of like restaurants right   here on the beach where you can kind of wait for  that to happen if you want to get a beer there's   the main street we showed you earlier but at the  end of the main street there's only two kind of   little places you can go then there's a few hotels  but some of the hotels don't have alcohol so know   that most people just sit on the beach bring their  own drinks and they wait for the Sun but I think   it's time we talk about safety you guys asked  us just in general did we feel safe in Thailand   this whole time all the way from Bangkok all the  way down to Phuket and know that we most times   feel safe anywhere we travel in the world but  here it feels extra safe so if you're worried   about that don't be there's a whole different  level of respect when it comes to Thai people   in general it just we just feel safe as Taurus  they treat foreigners with respect and I think   that's a lot of Asians in general are like that so  if you're ever ever concerned about that don't be   we're having a great time in this country as you  can see it just keeps getting better wherever we   go and now I think the uh well the main event is  about to happen well that was a spectacular Sunset   we know it can be better here in Raleigh but it's  still amazing to see now it's dark out you can see   all all the lights in the town we're on the hunt  for something special I don't think we can do a   video talking about how much we've enjoyed or the  things that we've liked about living in Thailand   and not talk about Thai food and how delicious it  is so maybe we go find somewhere to eat the place   we chose is called local Thai food I love the name  look at this we got some massaman Curry can't wait   to eat it and then kind of like a yellow spicy  noodle dish and uh we're so excited to eat this   we already said this has been the one thing that  has not disappointed us at all in Thailand the   food just keeps knocking it out of the park here  we absolutely love it let's dig into this so first   off I want to try this massaman Curry one of my  favorites it's not overly spicy and I do tend to   gravitate towards spicier things but this is one  of my favorites in terms of non-spicy grease it's   usually really rich very Curry Ford this one's  like a weird thing to say kind of peanutty we   got chicken in there I see some potatoes peanuts  onions it just sounds really like rich and Hearty   it's uh loud in the background a lot happening  and that is absolutely incredible it doesn't   disappoint basically everything I just said about  it being really rich really flavorful but it's not   too spicy so this is the way to go if you want to  come to Thailand you want to try a really really   flavorful yummy curry without the spice it's so  good all right I'm going for this spicy noodle   dish look at all the veggies on here you guys  I think that's zucchini there's some tofu red   pepper I think there's a carrot on here as well  this is what we come to Thailand for [Music]   this is superb he asked us how spicy we want the  spicy noodles to be when we were Frank with them   we said we like spice like a lot we let you guys  know you watch this we like however we said to him   we don't want 100 spicy like you would have been  but way more than anybody else any other tourists   in this place and he said like 80 and we said  yeah I would say this is a solid 80 it's spicy   first bite was spicy by the time we're done to  this I'm gonna be sweating I'm gonna have sweat   under my eyelids but it's so good I love that  we have chicken massimon in one that it's like   a smooth creamy really good and then this one hot  peppery lots of veggies lots of crunch can't be   food and Thailand you guys you just cannot beat  the food in Thailand well what what a day this   was being in Rayleigh beach has been one of our  ultimate goals of travel for a long time and we   made it here and it did not disappoint me I  know so many people recommended us and as we   are posting or as we're here and we're posting  Instagram stories also seeing a lot of people   saying oh that's my favorite place in Thailand so  it's a very popular loved place do you get what I   mean I totally I totally understand now that we're  here it's beautiful I love the Thailand has this   is magical and to be honest the best part of the  day isn't just a great location we're in we got to   get back reunited with our good friends Jumping  Places we've talked to them for so long over   the past two and a half years and the gangs back  together what a day finally we've been trying like   seriously trying to get it's not like we haven't  tried we're always in contact with each other and   it just never works out and it finally did so we  think we're gonna have another video with if the   weather holds we're gonna go out and do some  fun things that is the plan at the moment if   it doesn't you'll probably see us somewhere  else we're not quite sure yet probably back   in Bangkok but this has been such a great day but  back to the topic of the video yeah so do we love   or like living here in general it's been amazing  unfortunately the weather has just been harping   on about the weather but it's just been such a  downer it is so unpredictable so hard to plan   everything the weather isn't perfect we would be  so in love with this place yeah we we have to be   honest like you know sometimes you guys are saying  to us like you just show the highlight reels and   sometimes you're like just be honest about things  and we are like the weather has been the pits   we'll call it that if I were you guys and it was  you were coming next year I would probably come   anywhere from like mid-December and on that seems  to be what the locals are saying now but it's not   it was not supposed to be raining mid-December  now as we film this late December even and it's   still a little better so maybe January February  will be wonderful but everything else has made   up for it like honestly being in Phuket Bing  in Bangkok being here all of the food the Thai   people yeah honestly all you guys watching don't  think for a moment we don't appreciate each and   every one of you watching everyone knew that  picked us up thank you so much everyone that's   not new you guys mean so much to us especially  all the patrons patrons and channel members you   guys are the absolute best but thank you so  much for all of your support so I'm going uh   to edit a video now we're gonna head back home  I need to find a coffee and we'll see you guys   in the next video all right guys that's it from  railay wishing you delightful travel see you soon

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