Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 @ Chinatown

Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 @ Chinatown

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Good day! It is the Mid-Autumn Festival today so I came to Chinatown for a walk. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple had some event going on. I happened to run into the lion dance troupe when I reach the area at 7pm. Managed to get to the front.

Okay, that is really short. Maybe it is an opening act or something.. The full performance will be inside the temple. Now is the dragon's turn. I may be a little close to the front. I cannot zoom out to fit everything in the frame.

And there are people behind me so I could not step back. I am way too close! Almost got whack by the dragon's head numerous times. The dragon is also going inside the hall now. The temple is having the "Usnisavijaya Blessing Ceremony" "Usnisavijaya Blessing Ceremony" and "Offering of Ten Thousand Lights". The lanterns fascinates me.

The volunteers are lighting up the "ten thousand lights" each bearing the name of a devotee for blessings. It is not everyday that the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple light up. They only do so a couple of times per year. I am in luck to witness the splendor of the temple in its grandeur. I will now begin with our Mid-Autumn Festival walkabout. Let us start from Sago Street.

I get a little nervous doing this because I do not do well in crowded places. People give me anxiety. You can see that my other videos are usually in the morning where there are less people to deal with. We are now at Trengganu Street.

We are approaching Smith Street. Was contemplating whether to turn left to New Bridge Road or turn right into Smith Street for the food fair. Food fair win. I have tried the chicken kebab (one for $4, three for $10.)

from the previous visit for a dry run to plan my route. I also wanted to have "The Original Vadai" but both times, the stall is closed. Why rent a stall but not open for business? I was hoping to get something that is easy to eat with one hand so I could eat on the go.

That is South Bridge Road in front. I had forgotten to press record for the walk from South Bridge Road, passing by Sri Mariamman Temple turning to Upper Cross Street. I only realize it at this point when I am at Upper Cross Street heading towards New Bridge Road. There is a giant White Rabbit Candy inflatable outside Chinatown Point.

Ther rabbit is holding a mooncake while sitting on a white rabbit candy in front of a moon with a passing cloud. The centerpiece at the junction of Upper Cross Street and New Bridge Road never fail to draw flake with the public. This year's theme is “A Journey of Love and Celebration". This is the other side at the back. Eu Tong Sen Street.

I am taking a break from all that walking with a vanilla ice cream in rainbow bread. Thank you, Uncle! The rabbit, an animal associated with the festival, dividing Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road. Up on the Garden Link Bridge linking Pagoda Street and People's Park Complex. The Garden Link Bridge comes very much to life at night, buzzing with activities for the elderly folks.

From karaoke sessions to mass dancing, the elderlies are much better at socialising than me. I have run into this umbrella uncle at Clementi, Redhill and now Chinatown. It is a nightmare trying to navigate Pagoda Street heading towards Sri Mariamman Temple at the other end of the street. Sri Mariamman Temple is also having an event on the same day with lots of drummings and music. This is what I love about Singapore. Two different faiths co-existing without conflicts along the same stretch of road.

Heading towards South Bridge Road. Back to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Did I mention that I am fascinated by these lanterns? They are so mesmerizing to watch. I went up to the twentieth floor at the nearby block to take this shot. My hands were trembling while holding the camera over the railings. The full moon.

Walking along the corridor of the rental flats. One last parting shot of the lanterns before we come to the end of this video. Thank you for making it this far.

Please comment, like, share and subscribe. Have a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I will see you in my next video!

2023-10-08 04:21

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